11 Pine-Scented Colognes That Smell Like the Forest

Are you looking for good pine-scented colognes that last? This post looks at fragrances that smell like the forest you can buy today. After careful analysis, it turns out this note is not something designer perfume brands are good at. This is why many of these best woodsy colognes might be a bit unknown to you.

The smell of pine is fresh and it overlaps the smell of woods. It is typically a manly scent associated with fall and winter colognes, even if the smell of pine is superb even in the summer’s heat.

If you could imagine walking in the woods during a day with higher humidity you’d certainly start smelling fresh pine needles. This scent has been bottled to various degrees of success by different perfumes and we’re after some of the most recommended results.

11 pine-scented colognes ranked from cheap to fantastic

How do you rank pine colognes that smell good? There are so many of them. This is why this rank starts with cheap pine fragrances and it leads towards the best colognes that smell like pine.

11. Pino Silvestre Original Pino Silvestre

Launched in 1955, Pino Silvestres is one of the recommended colognes for men over 70 given its old-school appeal. You can still find Pino Silvestre today but you need to know it’s a harsh cologne with a rugged pine note that has a strong, possibly off-putting scent.

Juniper berries, basil, lavender, and citruses are its opening notes.

Pine tree needles, clary sage, carnation, caraway, and a strong geranium smell are its mid accords.

Cedar, oakmoss, musk, tonka bean, and amber are its base accords.

Strong and manly, this would be a great cologne to wear while chopping wood.

10. Fraser Fir Demeter Fragrance

Fraser Fir is one of those scents that doesn’t list a pine note but it certainly smells like pine. This balsam cologne has a lot of character and it certainly leans towards the masculine. The balsam fir cologne is ideal to begin your journey with perfumes that smell like the woods.

Fir is the only listed note here. The opening is a bit harsh, typical of the smell of the woods on a bad weather day. The drydown is dominated by a pine scent that lingers on the skin for hours. Hard to love at first, this is a rare cologne and you’ll be smelling quite original while not spending a fortune when choosing it over others.

9. Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo cologne has been reviewed thousands of times. We won’t get into much detail with it as you probably know its smell well.

If you’re a young chap, you need to know this was the cologne-rich gangsters used as a daily scent. It smells like rich pine and as a green scent, it was applied in high spray numbers both with sports attire and while wearing suits.

This is not a scent for young guys but rather a pine cologne for mature men, specifically for men over 45. You will rarely regret this purchase given Polo’s versatility and low price.

8. Esencia Pour Homme Loewe

This fougere cologne for men impresses with its versatility as well. It’s in the same league as Polo so you will love both.

Classic lavender, juniper berries, greens, tarragon, bergamot, lemon, petitgrain, and artemisia are its impactful opening notes.

Pine tree, basil, nutmeg, clary sage, rose, neroli, geranium, black currant, jasmine, and lily of the valley are its mid accords.

Fir, oakmoss, leather, vetiver, styrax, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood smell, amber, musk, and tonka bean are its base accords.

Once again, this is a cologne for mature and old men. It lasts up to 4 hours on the skin.

7. Norne Slumberhouse

Norne Slumberhouse is hard to find these days, some guys say it’s discontinued. However, batches of Norne Slumberhouse keep surfacing at various online retailers so we’ll add it to the list as well.

This cologne is Encre Noire’s bright alternative. If Encre Noire smells dirty, Norne Slumberhouse smells like fresh fir and pine needles with spicy cinnamon and incense.

Highly versatile and considered masterful notes blend, this pine cologne truly smells like the forest but without that air of mystery of Encre Noir. It gets our vote for men of all ages who love pine scents.

6. Bottega Veneta Pour Homme

Pour Homme from Bottega Venta is the Ralph Lauren Polo of our generation.

This is a piece of art.

No room for thought here as this is a straight masterful masculine cologne that smells like pine and leather.

Some see it as a leather cologne for men while others see it as a pine cologne for men.

In reality, both notes are equally-present here.

Siberian pine, juniper, and bergamot are its opening notes.

Canadian fir, pimento, and clary sage are its mid accords.

Leather, patchouli, and labdanum are its base notes.

It lasts for about 4 hours. But these are 4 hours with the scent of a modern gangster.

5. Italian Cypress Tom Ford

If you like the smell of pine colognes but you’d like the scent to be blended with other notes, you need to check out Italian Cypress, one of the best Tom Ford colognes that are underrated. 

Who knees Tom Ford can create the best perfume for outdoor fans?

Italian cypress, woodsy notes, basil, mint, and citruses are all of its notes.

This scent resembles a walk in the forest where there’s plenty of green moss, green leaves, and sufficient pine needle aroma to mesmerize your memory for years.

If you want a pine-scented perfume that lasts, Italian Cypress’ 7-hour performance won’t disappoint.

4. Cape Heartache Imaginary Authors

Cape Heartache is an original pine cologne you can consider if you also like sweet scents. It’s a bit less masculine than other pine colognes, some would say it’s even unisex.

As a perfume for hiking, it has a good profile to keep you refreshed when your body temperature starts to rise. It even works as a perfume for camping if you’re out in the woods.

Perfumes that smell like strawberries often recommend it as their strawberry note is ripe and sweet. There’s also a bit of vanilla in there.

If you’re after a versatile perfume that smells like the Christmas tree for outdoor use, this is your choice.

3. Fou d’Absinthe L’Artisan Parfumeur

This green woodsy perfume for men is unique. It features pine and other daring notes you rarely see together but it works well for our quest.

Wormwood, angelica, and black currant are its opening notes.

Star anise, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, pepper, and patchouli are its heart notes.

Pine tree needles, balsam fir, and frankincense are its base accords.

Like a perfume that smells like conifers or like pinecones, it goes the distance. It lasts around 4 hours on the skin and 6 hours on clothes.

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2. Fille en Aiguilles Serge Lutens

This solemn perfume smells like church incense with pine and fruit accords. It has an elegance or a solemn nature that keeps it from being our first choice but it shines like no other.

This is a very complex cologne that smells like the forest. Hard to understand if you don’t like photorealistic pine with photorealistic incense it might bet to some.

Its notes are listed as pine, incense, dried fruits, balsam fir, spices, vetiver, and bay leaf. This perfume smells very different from what I know to this date and from all of our listed perfumes, it gets the title of the best pine perfume for women as it’s just a bit feminine although classified as a unisex pine cologne.

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1. Vintage John Varvatos

This perfume smells like pine sap and fennel. It’s one of the most impressive releases from John Varvatos, a cologne house many men have grown to love over the past years. A non-offensive pinewood scent.

Rhubarb, quince, pepper, basil, fennel, and wormwood are its opening notes.

Cinnamon, juniper berries, green leaves, lavender, and orris root are its main accords.

Tobacco, suede, balsam fir, tonka bean, oakmoss, woodsy notes, pine, and patchouli are its base accords.

Not too sweet, not too dry, and not too daring, this is the ultimate pine cologne with cedar (not listed) influences. It gets the first spot as it’s versatile and also a sexy pine cologne for men that’s worth the hype. As with all John Varvatos colognes, you’ll need to reapply this best pine cologne during the day for the scent to linger on late into the evening. This is a future classic.