13 Best Creed Perfumes for Her

Creed makes some of the best perfume for her. From floral to fruity perfumes, there’s always a luxurious choice to make among the best Creed perfumes for ladies. These perfumes are normally sold in stores only. Only a handful of her’s Creed perfumes are available online. However, the following are seen as the most popular perfumes when it comes to feminine fragrances.

Creed perfumes for women can be hard to love as most are characterized by acquired taste which isn’t for everybody.

1.     Creed Love In White

Creed Love In White is the only blind buy-worthy Creed perfume for her. It smells like pure luxury soap which gives it a familiar aura but a distinct feel at the same time. Love in White is highly praised as a signature scent. Its price might turn it into a special occasions perfume for women instead.

Love in White is one of the best Creed interpretations on the smell of soap. It resembles a classic Dove soap with plenty of white floral notes in it.

At the same time, Love in White is a perfume that smells like rice. I’m not sure rice has a smell, but it would be found in Love in White for sure.

This rice note is what makes some women call it a futuristic perfume. This is a major plus as many Creed perfumes for women are vintage-smelling.

Orange peel is highly present and realistic in the opening of this excellent women’s perfume.

Magnolia and narcissus are also there. There’s a very light smokiness to the narcissus note in Love in White. This makes Love in White the perfect alternative for men’s Creed Aventus and its famous smoky note.

A strong jasmine smell is then mixed with Bulgarian rose and an impactful iris smell to complete the floral nuances in the drydown of Love in White.

Vanilla is present here turning the smell into a sweet perfume with some sandalwood and ambergris.

This white floral is ideal for all seasons. Some women embody it as the perfect perfume to wear with an all-white suit. However, this is one of the most mass-appealing women’s Creed perfumes.

2.     Creed Aventus for Her

This fruity perfume for women is Creed’s alternative Aventus for women. Unlike Creed Aventus for men, this one is fruitier, spicier, and with more ambroxan. Aventus for her doesn’t have the famous pineapple note in Aventus for him. However, it has plenty of good notes in it.

Aventus for Her is one of the top luxury perfumes for ladies. It features a light citrusy floral opening. Violet is mixed with patchouli, green apple, lemon, bergamot, and intense pink pepper. All of these notes are clearly separated but still well blended.

Rose and sandalwood are dominant in the drydown. I’d say sandalwood is a bit intense here which makes Aventus for Her a unisex fragrance. Musk and styrax have supporting note roles.

Ambroxand, blackcurrant, peach, amber, lilac, and a truthful ylang-ylang smell make up the bulk of the base accords of this Creed women’s fragrance.

Fruity and woody, this women’s perfume are all about uniqueness. You won’t smell anything like it when it comes to fresh perfumes for her, especially for spring and summer.

Projection is good on Creed Aventus for Her. Longevity could be better, but it’s still not bad sitting at 5-6 hours.

Pricing is one of their main complaints with Aventus for her. However, given this uses many quality ingredients and that it has a very distinct smell it gets high marks for worth and originality.

3.     Creed Spring Flower

Creed Spring Flower is an ozonic perfume for women. It features an ozone-like drydown which makes it an acquired scent, typically to 90% of Creed perfumes for women. Spring Flower is a type of work of art. It opens up fruity with a melon note and it dries to an ozone-like scent that only feels slightly floral and quite cold.

Spring Flower is not a sweet scent for women. It’s not a floral scent for women either. It’s a type of ozonic perfume for ladies that impresses with its overall uniqueness but which is sometimes hard to wear as women don’t know where and how to wear it.

Spring Flower embodies spring and this is where it feels the best. While you can wear it in the summer, Spring Flower certainly has that new air feel that spring comes with, as its name suggests.

Note breakdown is quite simple in this perfume. However, I feel the following notes don’t accurately describe what you get.

Green apple (particularly apple seeds), melon, and peach are its fruity opening notes. These are very intense but short-lived. They fade away in a few minutes.

The final smell or the main smell of the perfume is characterized by a thin ozone-like smell. It almost smells like air, particularly cold air you get to smell on a snowy day.

Jasmine and rose are supporting notes to this ozone quality smell. However, these are faint notes.

Musk and ambergris are also there to make this scent appealing. However, it might not be the best option for many women not used to niche perfumery.

Women that don’t like Creed Spring Flower typically associated it with a watery perfume that has too much water in it. Other women say this wateriness in the perfume comes from an over-zesty melon note.

However, all women agree this is a unique Creed perfume. It might just be one of those perfumes you wear in the spring wearing a fashionable dress and high heels. Otherwise, this will feel out of place and its ozonic smell won’t fit any occasion.

4.     Creed Love in White for Summer

Women who like Love in White and need a summer version to arguably one of the best spring perfumes for women can turn to Creed Love in White for Summer. This is an excellent flanker and a worthy fragrance for the summer.

Unlike the original, it’s stripped of that raw vanilla sweetness. It has more citruses and an overall citrusy-vibe to it which makes it suitable for the summer.

Rice is the main note in this women’s perfume as well. You might be familiar with rice as it’s part of that unique Creed DNA.

Otherwise, you will notice a prominent bergamot smell in the opening. Bulgarian rose is further mixed with a magnolia smell to create unique opening notes.

Rice is mixed with woodsy notes (probably cedar) and iris in the drydown. As mentioned before, there’s no vanilla in this perfume.

Ambergris, sandalwood, and jasmine are its base accords with a faint green apple scent.

Longevity is very good giving we’re discussing a women’s summer fragrance. This perfume lasts up to 8 hours on the skin.

5.     Creed Angelique Encens

Angelique Encens is Creed’s rehabilitation of the famous 1933 Angelique Encense cologne. This is a unique type of perfume for women. It’s a vintage perfume for her with plenty of spice. Women looking for a very different type of perfume certainly have a lot on their plate with Angelique Encens. However, this smells like the ‘90s and that can be problematic for the younger crowd.

Violet, rose, and coriander is all present in the opening.

Sandalwood, cinnamon, pepper, and patchouli make for its spicy mid accords.

An intense frankincense smell, musk, and vetiver make up its base accords.

This is one of the top fragrances released by Creed in 2019. However, it only suits mature women, much like Love in Black. It only gets high marks for its originality as there aren’t too many perfumes that smell similar.

6.     Creed Love in Black

Love in Black is an ideal Creed perfume for mature women. It can be a top gift as a perfume for moms. Dominated by iris and violet, this perfume smells like a thick jam. The dangerous-looking black bottle makes it even more mysterious.

Love in Black smells sweet. This is something you should be aware of before expecting something similar to a dark Tom Ford perfume.

Sweetness in this perfume comes from black currant and musk. Italian violet is a dominant note in the opening. If you can imagine the most intense violet flower note, this would have to be very intense even for pure imagination to match the real violet perfume smell of Creed Love in Black.

Cedar and wildflowers are combined for a rather original blend.

Iris, musk, cloves, and a type of nut (almond?) are identified in the drydown. The tart-like quality of this drydown mix makes the perfume evoke a level of sophistication.

Blackcurrant and rose complete the magic formula of Love in Black.

The blackcurrant note is dominating and you have to truly see it as a blackcurrant perfume as well alongside seeing it as a violet perfume to truly like it.

So is Love in Black worth it? For sure. This is the right perfume for you as a mature woman looking for a sweet scent with a twist. It will make you smell good for up to 12 hours with its impressive long-lasting performance.

7.     Creed Fleurs de Gardenia

Fleurs de Gardenia is a decent but polarizing Creed cologne for women. It smells of gardenia which might make it feel old-fashioned. But the gardenia smell is among the most interesting and unique gardenia you can smell in the fragrance world.

The weakness of this perfume is neither the unique gardenia scent nor its price is it’s synthetic pink pepper. Otherwise, the floral perfume is an excellent choice for mature women who want to smell like the summer.

Pink pepper, galbanum, and black currant are its opening accords.

Gardenia is intense in the drydown together with the lily of the valley. Peony, pink jasmine, and rose are its floral mid notes present in the background.

Musk, cedar, and patchouli complete their mature woman smell profile.

8.     Creed Neroli Sauvage

Neroli perfumes can be great. Just look at Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. But Creed’s Neroli Sauvage can smell just as good, if not better.

This is a fresh green Creed perfume for women to wear in the summer. It has a very simple DNA which means it’s not as sophisticated as many expect for the money. Still, it’s highly worth it as it’s one of the few sexy unisex Creed perfumes.

Bergamot and grapefruit are mixed in the opening.

An intense neroli scent is then mixed with an intense verbena smell for its green drydown.

Ambergris is the sole closing note making this the perfect perfume to cut through the high humidity which causes discomfort in the summer.

9.     Creed Acqua Fiorentina

Acqua Fiorentina is another fresh citrus perfume from Creed that gets a following. For some reason, many women’s perfumes from this house are hard to understand. However, women generally love Acqua Fiorentina. They are associated with Dolce Gabbana Light Blue. However, this lasts a lot longer and smells more luxurious.

Some of the best citrusy perfumes for women can learn a thing or two from Acqua Fiorentina. This perfume that smells of lemon comes with a fruity opening made out of apple and plum.

Bergamot is also intense in the opening, together with a strong lemon note.

Pear and peony are the drydown notes of Acqua Fiorentina.

Grapefruit, cedar, and sandalwood are its base accords that aren’t that intense.

To my nose, Acqua Fiorentina smells of peony and carnation mixed with strong citruses. It’s a fresh perfume ideal for summertime outfits and to get compliments as this perfume is very mass appealing.

10. Creed Jardin D’Amalfi

This perfume for elegant women is one of the top luxury women’s perfumes money can buy. Expectations are high for high-end Creed perfumes and Jardin D’Amalfi doesn’t disappoint. Jardin means garden in French and this is a true representation of what you get with this 2011 perfume.

It tends to have a bit of everything and its notes are some of the highest quality you can ever smell in any perfume.

The opening is citrusy with a bit of neroli. All notes are fantastic with luxury being the first word that comes to mind when separating them.

There’s a bit of tangerine with its bitterness being mixed with the smell of bergamot and spicy red pepper.

As it settles, the rose starts to make its presence felt. However, I’ve smelt this fragrance on men which means the rose here is a bit unisex, even if it leans towards the feminine.

Apple and cedar are also there in some of the most elegant woody-fruity fragrance interpretations out there.

White musk, cinnamon, and vetiver give this fragrance longevity.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this perfume is batch variation, as with Creed Aventus batches. While it’s one of the top neroli perfumes and one of the highest quality citrus perfumes, Jardin D’Amalfi isn’t exactly the most affordable Creed perfume for her.

Longevity and projection are very good, on the other hand. This is one of the highest-quality Creed perfumes which means those who can afford it don’t regret the purchase.

11. Creed Pure White Cologne

Creed Pure White Cologne smells exactly like expensive white linen in top hotels. It offers a very classy scent that is quite hard to describe. While it’s listed in our women’s Creed perfumes it certainly smells good on men as well.

Pure White is a citrusy perfume. It also features very natural-smelling neroli as Jardin D’Amalfi. The neroli here isn’t as bitter as there’s no tangerine in Pure White compared to Jardin D’Amalfi.

Grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot are its traditional opening notes. However, these are some of the finest citruses opening notes women can smell in perfume.

A soft pear note debuts the drydown together with luxurious neroli. Galbanum is also there to give it a line-like smell.

A soft rice note is also there for that Creed DNA. White musk and ambergris give it longevity.

The perfume feels powdery and very light. However, it lasts the whole day. Once again, its biggest drawback is its very high price. On the other hand, nothing smells like it so there needs to be a clear price separation.

12. Creed Erolfa

Creed Erolfa is one of the most underappreciated Creed perfumes. It has the best smell and maybe not the best longevity. While it doesn’t last the longest, it certainly has the most memorable Creed smell.

This is an ideal perfume for women who already own a Creed perfume and who want to buy a second one from the house.

It smells like the beach, similarly to Milisime Imperial, but a bit better.

The perfume smells of violet and lemon in a very interesting combination. Its fruity-floral notes are seen from the opening. Lemon, lime, mandarin, bergamot, basil, and a bit of ginger are there in the opening. This is not a ginger perfume by any standards as this spicy note is faint here.

Violet is mixed with a soft jasmine smell, a lavender smell, a bit of coriander, and one of the most realistic melon smells in perfumes.

Its soft sandalwood smell is ideal in the drydown where it meets musk, amber, and cedarwood.

Overall, this is one of the most interesting floral Creed perfumes for women.

Creed Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie

This is one of the purely old-school Creed perfumes for women over 50. It has a nostalgic vibe to it and it smells like a cotton candy perfume, but not a modern one.

There’s some sandalwood in it, citruses, and jasmine and rose of previous generation interpretation in it. Mature women love it from what I see. It’s all other younger women that feel out of touch with this potent perfume.

13. Creed Virgin Island Water

It’s getting harder to find the unisex Creed Virgin Island Water perfume today. However, this is one of many people’s favorite coconut perfumes with a boozy vibe. Women love it as it reminds them of the beach.

Unlike other women’s summer perfumes, Virgin Island Water doesn’t smell like a suntan. It has a coconut smell, lime, mandarin, ginger, and a nice jasmine smell. The ylang-ylang smell in it gives it a tropical vibe a bit further.

There’s white rum in it which feels like a boozy martini in a good refreshing summer day way. A strong hibiscus smell is also there in one of the masterful sweet Creed perfumes. The sugarcane note in it keeps on projecting for the whole day making it a unique luxury unisex perfume.


One of the most beautiful reactions when smelling a Creed perfume is that it’s rarely what you expect. Creed Viking doesn’t smell of Vikings. Creed Aventus for Her doesn’t smell like Creed Aventus for him. Creed Virgin Island Water doesn’t smell of suntan lotion.

Instead, these women’s perfumes smell very distinct, classy, sometimes even old-school. They use some of the best ingredients on the market blended in unique ways.

Furthermore, Creeds redefines perfume notes and what a natural smell smells compared to a synthetic note.

Sure, these are also some of the most expensive perfumes for women. Some women even save up for months to get one. But these are also some of the long-lasting perfumes for women that don’t disappoint in the performance department.

I’m not an advocate for expensive perfumes. I’ve just covered some of the best Creed Aventus clones on Fragrancespotter.com as good alternatives for considerably less money. However, I do think there’s a place for these perfumes in the world.

I know a few women who exclusively buy luxury perfumes even if they aren’t rich. They said perfume is the cherry on the cake for a good outfit and they only want the best or no perfume at all. Creed perfumes for women have this ‘best or nothing at all’ smell. These women got rid of all their cheaper perfumes after smelling Creed.

Of course, other women think they are overspending. It’s clear these aren’t needed but they’re nice to have. It always helps to sample these perfumes in stores. However, most Creed perfumes for women are never found in local perfume shops.