17 Best Bond No 9 Fragrances For Men – New York Inspired Colognes

The best Bond No 9 fragrances for men include popular releases such as New Harlem and fresh colognes as TriBeCa. With a New York charm, the fragrances are mostly made for trendy men.

My experience with Bond 9 was a bit different than with any other brand. The rising popularity of the scents was something I wasn’t prepared for. I’m sure most men feel the same.

There are many floral and gourmand colognes Bond No 9 makes, but which are the best? The rising popularity of the brand has pushed a few scents forward in the men’s world.

If you walk into a barbershop today, you’re probably going to see Uptown The Scent Of Peace For Him around. But there’s more to the brand than the little blue bottle with the bow tie.

  1. Bond No 9 Scent of Peace For Him

I get why this fragrance is so popular among men. It is a fruity summertime scent that is easy to wear. I do believe it leans more towards sweetness but its dominant pineapple is one of my favorites.

You may see it compared to Creed Aventus (or Elysium and even Sauvage) here and there based on the note.

But there are bergamot and juniper berries alongside the pineapple in the opening.

Currant buds are mild in the mid accords.

Cedar and vetiver are its woody base notes.

I’d say its fresher than most of the men’s fragrances it gets compared with.


  • Made spring and summer
  • The fragrance has 12-hours longevity
  • It projects 4-5 hours

  1. Bond No 9 New Harlem

Released in 2003, the fragrance is warm and huggable. It certainly represents one of the most likable men’s colognes from the house.

It gets some hate but I think nobody can truly be against a warm syrup drink, which is what the scent reminds me of.

Lavender, bergamot, and green leaves are in its top notes.

Cedar and coffee are its excellent minutes.

Amber, vanilla, tonka, and patchouli are its base accords.

The scent starts with a luxury pancake vibe.

But that maple syrup drydown also works for layering. If you’re the type of guy who layers sweet fragrances, it might be the first choice from the house for you.


  • 3ft projection
  • A gourmand crowd pleaser
  • 10+ hours longevity

  1. Bond No 9 Greenwich Village

This is yet another best Bond No 9 fragrance that is sweet gourmand. Released in 2019, it already represents a more mature product from the fragrance house.

Both men and women can enjoy their unisex appeal.

Fresh, sweet, and a bit mossy, this is one of the best if not the leading summertime release from the house.

It has been compared to Virgin Island Water from Creed. If you’re on a limited budget, if that can be ever the case with Cred, go with Virgin Island Water.

But if you’re after a creamy alternative with floral and fruity notes which get compliments, you can rely on Greenwich Village.

Cassis, litchi, and mandarin are in the top accords.

Peony, jasmine, and water lily are its mid accords.

Ambroxan, musk, vanilla, vetiver and strong silage praline are its base notes.

It doesn’t smell particularly expensive, but rather fun and sexy.


  • 10-hours longevity
  • Made for gourmand fragrance fans
  • A luxurious unisex release

  1. Bond No 9 TriBeCa

Inspired by Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, its charming artistic buildings, and its new film festival, the new TriBeCa fragrance is made for the summer.

Cacao and hazelnut are its gourmand top notes.

Jasmine sambac and cedarwood are its mid accords.

Ambroxan, moss and sweet caramel are its base notes.

The unisex fragrance is among the caramel-dominating fragrances both men and women can wear.

It might even resemble Greenwich Village and Madison Avenue.

But I’d say it works well for dates, any type of outdoor event, or with simple outfits such as plain white T-shirts or classic shirts to bring a bit of warmth to your spring day.


  • Dominated by sweet caramel
  • Inspired by the Triangle Below Canal Street neighbourhood
  • Gourmand with bright floral notes

  1. Bond No 9 BondNo9.com

With its unmistakable QR code branding, the fragrance performs and looks like a leader.

Often compared to Aventus, it is fresh and summery, but with a twist. It could not replace Creed’s release and you shouldn’t purchase it for this reason.

It has juniper, bergamot, and pineapple in the opening.

Apple, black currant and cedarwood are its midnotes.

Patchouli, amber, musk, and moss are its base notes.

The fragrance should only be applied sparingly as projection can be overpowering in the first couple of hours. You’ll smell it 6 feet away.


  • 10+ hours longevity
  • Sunny day pineapple scent
  • Suitable for guys 20+

  1. Bond No 9 Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street is another hit from the house of Bond. It’s named after an actual street in New York when one of the brands’ stores is. I like this local spin to it I’ve mainly seen on the best Jo Malone fragrances before.

It has a green grassy feel to it and as a result, it reminds you of spring and its cool summery breeze. Maybe suitable for the hotter days of the summer as well, it’s the type of frag I would wear outside.

Violet leaf, blueberry, thyme, and cassis are its top notes.

Sandalwood, jasmine, and cedar are its refreshing mid accords.

There’s vanilla, oakmoss, and patchouli in the base notes, together with sweet caramel.

Projection lasts about 3 hours and longevity is still superb so it’s worth your money. However, it would be rare to get compliments while wearing it.


  • 8+ hours longevity
  • The clean smell of blueberries
  • Not the best Bond blind buy

  1. Bond No 9 Manhattan

The fragrances promise guys to smell like New York. Is it something you’d want for yourself? Only you can answer this question.

For me, this is sufficiently original to keep in my collection. I won’t use it too often but if I’m looking for an urban vibe, it would be among my top choices and as a result, it made it high on my list.

But there are so many notes in it that Manhattan starts to smell oriental. Yes, I’ve smelled it on women before but I don’t mind, there are so many layers to it that I think temperature changes its perception tremendously anyways.

Warm and spicy, it certainly has that fall New York vibe about it. Feel free to consider it as a wintertime signature scent from the house as well. Let’s see what you get inside.

Nutmeg, saffron, peach, coriander, bergamot and white flowers are among its top notes.

Chocolate, Indian jasmine, Moroccan jasmine, beeswax, immortelle, honey, and gingerbread are its mid accords.

Sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, musk, cashmere wood, suede, agarwood, genet, and labdanum are its base accords. It lasts more than 8 hours on the skin and it reminds me of Black Orchid I’ve described in the best Tom Ford colognes list after a couple of hours.


  • Made with an oriental vibe
  • It comes with oud
  • The men’s scent is worn in fall and winter
  1. Bond No 9 New York Oud

The main idea of this best No 9 fragrance is to modernize oud. It brings a new urban vibration to oud and I have to say it works amazingly.

Saffron, orange, and plum are found in the top notes.

Patchouli, rose, agarwood and orris root are among its mid accords.

Vetiver, honey, and musk are its base notes.

For some guys, it is one of the fragrances which might be too feminine. But I think it draws plenty of compliments and on my skin, it is among the most interesting from the house.

A top blend of oud and rose and it might work as a signature scent or it might even work as a date scent.

It might not be the best performer on the hot summer days, but I wear it year-round because I just love it a bit more than others.

The fragrance is very good at projecting a few feet away. It announces your presence before you even enter a room or a store. As a result, I recommend the oud scent for any man looking to make an impact.

In the dry-down, it comes with that pleasant plum vibe which has an uplifting effect.


  • 4-hours projection
  • It smells feet away
  • It’s worth the high price

  1. Bond No 9 Shelter Island

The summertime fragrance is one of the most interesting releases which don’t follow the marine crowd. Its white and blue stripes even transport men to the sea vibe.

But there’s oud in it and this is where it stands out. While it may work for office wear, it’s the best when its worn outside.

Black pepper and citrus zest are among its top notes. Algae and white lily are its summertime mid notes.

Amber, musk, oud, sandalwood, and myrrh are found among its base notes.

It stands out a lot and it might be best worn with clean casual outfits were it feels a bit more relaxed.

Yes, it might not be the best Bond No 9 perfumes for those who don’t like oud. But for me, agarwood is present from the first spray.

For the beach and relaxed city walks, this is a men’s fragrance that lasts and projects.


  • A unique fresh oud
  • You may find it at a good price
  • Often compared to Tom Ford’s Oud Minerale

  1. Bond No 9 Signature Perfume

After such a complex scent, it’s time to look at simpler alternatives. It might not be too easy to accept simple scents for the amount of money you’re paying.

But in some cases, less is more. Such an example is seen with the Signature Perfume with a handful of notes. Just look at Molecule scents and how popular they’re getting.

Can it be your signature? It might be best if you like rose, South-America tonka, musk, and oud.

I think I’d be happy to wear it every day. It has a large appeal and with so much molecule 01 in it, the scent works for both men and women.

However, I bet my partner smells differently while wearing it.

This fragrance smells impressive and it gets compliments. Its projection is very good so you won’t feel you’re missing out not wearing other scents from the house.

At the same time, men notice it smells seductive with its rose while oud is simply there as a supporting note.


  • 10-hours projection
  • A very simple scent for men
  • A woody sensual profile

  1. Bond No 9 Chez Bond

I love this 2003 fragrance. Even if it’s already an older release, it still is very aromatic and useful today.

But if you’re into aromatic men’s fragrances, you will need to try it out yourself.

If you’re a fan of fougere aromatics, then you must have tried Cred Irish tweed. But Chez Bond is better as it has superior longevity and it also comes at a lower price.

Bergamot, tea, grass, sandalwood, greens, violet leaf, cedar, and vetiver are the notes in this green aromatic scent.

Of course, it would smell good on any guy in the spring or during the summer. In the wintertime, I’m struggling to comprehend its appeal as it doesn’t work on the colder days.

Does it get compliments? I’m not sure it’s something for everybody. But if you’re into that botanical smell you get walking around the garden, it certainly something for you.

Of course, this also places it high on the date fragrances from Bond No 9. Even more, I’d say it’s unisex profile works well for shorter longevity, even if it still lasts a bit longer than most other direct aromatic fougeres. It can be one of the best Bond No 9 perfumes for women as well.


  • 7+ hours projection
  • Highly versatile for the warmer days
  • Made for 20+ men and women

  1. Bond No 9 Washington Square

Rose is also present in Washington Square. It’s one of the less popular scents from the house but men can share them with their partners and have an affordable and likable sensual cologne.

It stands out with its toned-down rose. This is why I think it avoids the issue of most rose fragrances, which is being too overpowering.

As a result, it’s a rose scent that you may wear to any occasion. Still, I wouldn’t push it too hard at the office or university or college.

It’s still classically-orientated and it may be best for any occasion you need to get out of the house outside work.

There are vetiver, rose, and tarragon in it. You can imagine these notes are going to be interesting together.

Bergamot, leather, and geranium are also there. As a result, the leather comes out as smooth and floral and it’s going to be different from the classic leather accord worn by guys with classy jackets. (Feel free to check out my best leather fragrances for men guide if you’re into the note).

Honey, amber, and musk are also there. These notes add depth and sweetness to the scent. I’ve been circled by a bee in the summer but I think it wasn’t necessarily due to the bee in it as it was for its mesmerizing scent which attracts compliments.


  • It lasts up to 9 hours on the skin
  • It has good 3-hour summertime fragrance projection
  • Masculine in the opening and unisex in the drydown

  1. Bond No 9 So New York

Mirabelle plum is a dominating note of So New York. I already have a couple of scents I layer it as a result. But even on its own, this is certainly going to be one of the most interesting gourmands you can count on for summertime.

It doesn’t have the projection of other fragrances from the house but men can like it because of the energetic feel it comes with. Coffee brings out the best of the plum essence. Even so, I think some synthetic notes could have been better and this is why it doesn’t make it among the very best in my opinion.

There’s bergamot, osmanthus, and Mirabelle plum in its opening notes. Coffee, patchouli, Muguet and peony are among its mid accords.

Woods, tonka bean, musk, and cocoa powder are among its base notes.

If you’re not into plum notes as much, you may skip it altogether. But I’m one of those guys who loves the note and I think it’s a good scent to have coming out of winter and for the spring.  Its coffee notes are going to symbolize the renaissance of nature as it comes with a poetic feel.

But the fragrance is not rich by any means. It stays linear and this is the main reason I’d use it in the office where there’s no room for any nasty surprises.


  • It projects for 3 hours
  • It lasts up to 5 hours
  • Heavy plum note

  1. Bond No 9 B9

Over 60 scents have been inspired by New York. B9 is one of them and one of the best Bond No 9 fragrances. Inspired by New York’s Bond Street, not London’s Bond Street, it has a musky floral profile.

It’s not as crowd-pleasing as others and I’d recommend you test it out in a store near you. Or you may simply walk in one of the company’s stores in New York to test it out on your skin.

Bergamot and white flowers are in the opening. It stands out with its citrusy opening which is rather harsh but which is still suitable for the fall, the season this fragrance is made for.

It leans a bit towards the feminine side but it should be easy to wear for both men and women.

The scent has good silage as it fills out the air around it and part of its appeal is based on its oriental saffron which is there from start to finish. Amber and musk are also there to make it last a bit longer.

But the combination of bergamot and gardenia makes it even more interesting as it starts to combine elements of summer scents with elements of winter scents.

For women, it might also be a more masculine alternative to the popular Chanel Gardenia at a better price.


  • Musky floral with spices fragrance
  • 2-hours projection
  • 10+ hours skin scent longevity

  1. Bond No 9 Wall Street

If you’re a Wall Street fan or if you like to dress up, you’ll need to test it this best Bond No 9 fragrance. Seaweed, cucumber, leather, amber, and musk are among its notes.

Yes, it’s as unique as they come from the house. Its cucumber note adds a bit of watery freshness which I’ve missed in other men’s scents.

If you’re tried Silver Mountain Water, there’s a bit of similarity here. Those who love summertime ozone notes are going to feel at home here.

But there’s a synthetic vibe about it and this is why I’m not recommending it as a blind buy.

It might even choke you out when you apply too much of it. 3 sprays to be enough on a hot summer day.

If you’re planning to wear it at the office, you won’t get too many compliments as its projection stops after a couple of hours. The fragrance has good longevity as it stays on the skin for up to 7 hours.


  • An elegant summertime scent
  • It works as an office option
  • Men should test it out first as it’s not for everybody

  1. Bond No 9 Sutton Place

This cologne is made to represent Sutton Place in New York. If the brand tried to embody the spirit of the United Nations in the area, I don’t think it’s what many men necessarily think of when they smell it.

However, it should feel masculine and extrovert-orientated with its notes, which might have a small resemblance to how heads of states who come in the quaint area might be first perceived.

With its pineapple, lily, and jasmine, the scent is going to be worn during the summer and in the fall the most.

If you’re looking to stand out and you’re tired of your Dylan Blue, it might be the scent for you.

Again, test this one out first.


  • Made for extrovert men
  • Pineapple, pepper, and jasmine are strong
  • Similar to Dylan Blue

  1. Best Bond No 9 Dubai Emerald

This is one of the fragrances from the Dubai line and needless to say, it doesn’t smell like New York. However, it has that masculine classic appeal that might work for so many guys.

Dominated by leather, rose and saffron, it also includes oud. It’s not as oud-heavy as other orientals. Orris is also in there. But amber and patchouli are also in there to make things a bit easier to digest.

But the fragrance is going to be a hit for anyone looking for a modern interpretation. I know I’ve tried a couple of oriental fragrance in Arabic shops and I walked away with a headache.


  • Masculine classic fragrance
  • Leather-dominated with florals and spices
  • Oud is tempered down

  1. Bond No 9 Cooper Square

Founded in 2003, the niche fragrance house found at 9 Bond Street released one of my favorites called Copper Square.

I’ve heard a lot about this scent. Someone told me it draws inspiration from Giorgio Beverly Hills Red for Men, from the 90s. It has also been compared to Amouage Opus VIII.

This oriental fougere comes with lavender, juniper berries, myrrh, patchouli, cashmere wood, timberwood and others woody notes.

As a barbershop fragrance, it has a classic appeal, even with a modern scent. But every man needs one barbershop scent and this might be one of those rare modern spins to those classics.


  • A modern barbershop scent
  • Superb wintertime and summertime release
  • Packed in an elegant metallic bottle

Final considerations

Bond No 9 is one of the fragrance houses with polarizing products. It stands out with its impressive packaging. I think that there has been a lot of effort put in this packaging ideas and some fragrances simply slipped before being ready to hit the market.

But any guy above 19-20 is going to feel right at home with these urban colognes. Their daring notes are among some of the most interesting.

I mean who expects chocolate in a summer scent?

Otherwise, some variations are successful, such as oud integration even in summer scents.

On the other hand, sweet pancake notes and plum notes are among the most successful in this house. Orris is another note which is integrated nicely in most of these fragrances.

However, my favorites are caramel, plum, and litchi, found in the best bond No 9 fragrances.

Their gourmand appeal is something I rarely find in any other house.

Then there’s the entire gift discussion.

Bond No 9 is one of the best brands to consider men’s fragrance gifts from. Their packaging is probably the best among all the fragrances I’ve seen. From the QR code to start-shaped bottles that are always similar, there are a few marketing tips other houses might note from the American brand.

It’s also one of the brands with frequent releases and I can’t wait to see what’s next. The latest TriBeCa exceeded my expectations and I’m going to keep an eye on the house with its 2020 and 2021 releases for sure as I’m collecting all of them as of this year.