5 Best Middle Eastern Fragrances And Worthy Arabic Perfume Suggestions

Arabian Oud Sehr Al Kalemat Black is the best Middle Eastern fragrance you can get at the moment. It smells completely different from what you might be used to and it adds that potent Arabic perfume scent to your skin that lasts.

Popular Middle Eastern fragrances don’t mess around. They are known for strong projection and impressive longevity. Most of my best Arabic perfumes for men last for at least one day on the skin.

But the purpose of this article is not to give you a list of the top 10 Arabian perfumes but to tell you about my favorites.

1.     Arabian Oud Sehr Al Kalemat (Black)

This smoky-sweet amber vanilla Arabic perfume for men is currently my favorite. Highly Middle Eastern, this fragrance is still wearable in the West and it’s currently my best oud perfume in the cologne collection.

Olibanum and basil are its top notes.

Vanilla is there in the drydown.

Oud and amber are its base notes.

A friend suggested this oud perfume to me as an uplifting or rejuvenating oud. If you know oud smell, you know this might not be the first characteristic to come to mind when thinking about it.

Highly unisex, this good Arabic fragrance lasts for a whole day. You can wear it on any occasion and in any weather. To this day, there’s nothing else that smells like it and French perfumes can’t imitate its note as well I’m sure. It can also be layered with any best Arabic perfume oil.

2.     Arabian Oud Rosewood

You can’t think about the best Arabic perfume for ladies without nominating Arabian Oud Rosewood. It also combines oud and vanilla but it adds sensual rose to the composition.

Highly addictive and seen as a gourmand fragrance, this best Arabian Oud fragrance one of the 10/10 rose-oud-vanilla Middle Eastern perfumes worth buying.

Rose and oud are distinguishable from the start.

Madagascar vanilla adds creamy sweetness to the scent.

Olibanum and white musk are its base notes.

Not as daring as other Arabic perfumes, Rosewood is presentable and it has the potential for a signature scent. It lasts 24 hours on the skin as well.

3.     Rasasi Hawas

Dominated by sweet fruits, Rasasi Hawas is the true alternative to Armani Aqua di Gio for the summer. This affordable popular middle eastern fragrance impresses those on a budget who want to smell differently.

Bergamot, green apple, lemon, and cinnamon are their top notes.

Aquatics, plum, cardamom, and orange blossom are its mid notes.

Musk, ambergris, driftwood, and patchouli are its base notes.

This perfume doesn’t have the specific beast mode longevity and projection as it lasts 5 hours on the skin.

4.     Swiss Arabian Sehr Al Sheila for Women

If you’re after a romantic oriental perfume for women, Sehr Al Sheila is among the top choices. Dominated by elegant rose, it adds smooth oud in the background to offer a classy scent to women of any age.

Wood and spices are dominating its top notes together with rose.

But rose lingers on in the drydown back by agarwood, Egyptian jasmine, and iris.

Patchouli, oud, amber, and vanilla are its potent base notes.

Similar to Guerlain Santal Royal, this perfume oozes oriental spices. But it lasts more than a day on the skin.

5.     Amouage Interlude Man

Smoky, ashy, with resins, spices, and oregano, Interlude Man is yet another masterpiece from Amouage.

Bergamot, oregano, and spices are its note notes.

Amber, opoponax, incense, and cistus are its mid notes.

Leather, oud, patchouli, and sandalwood are its base accords.

Masculine and long-lasting, this Middle Eastern fragrance lasts up to 12 hours on the skin.

Middle East Arabian perfume brands to consider further

If you want to explore the best oud fragrances further or just Middle Eastern perfumes in general, here’s a list of brands for you to start with.

Country Arabian Perfume Brand
Bahrain Asgharali

Reehat Al Atoor


Syed Junaid Alam

Egypt Chabrawichi


Kesma, Mau Perfume

Nilafar du Nil

Omar Sharif


Iran Lotus
Israel Ein Ged


Judith Muller





The New Jerusalem

The Three Arches

Jordan Zeitun
Kuwait Asama Perfumes

Dar Hamad Perfumes


Mahdi Alajmi

Ne’emah For Fragrance & Oudh

Rasht Otr

Shades of Scents

Suhad Perfumes

Lebanon Ellie Saab

IDEO Parfumeurs

Morocco Les Parfumes du Soleil

Les Sense de Marrakech

Oman Amouage


Centurion Parfums



Pakistan Junaid Jamshed
Qatar S.Ishira

S’Ishira Perfumes

Saudi Arabia Abdul Samad Al Qurashi




Arabian Oud


Majid Iterji

Majid Muzaffar Iterji



Oud Elite

Turkey Alghabra Parfums


Atelier Rebul

By Shaik

Eyup Sabri






United Arab Emirates Afnan Perfumes


Al Haramain Perfumes

Ard Al Zaafaran


Attar Collection

Blend Oud



Lattafa Perfumes



Swiss Arabian

The Spririt of Dubai




Which is the best Arabic perfume?

Arabian Oud Sehr Al Kalemat (Black) is the best Arabic perfume that can be worn all day given its pleasant sweet scent.

Which is the best perfume in Dubai?

The Spirit of Dubai is the best perfume brand to encompass all of the daring scents of Dubai.

What does the Middle East smell like?

Bakhoor is the dominant Middle East scent. It symbolizes the smoke of wood chips dipped in oud.

What perfume do Arab ladies wear?

Arabian Oud Rosewood is a popular ladies perfume for ladies that you can also buy in the West.