6 Cinnamon And Vanilla Perfumes That Are Out of This World

Vanilla and Cinnamon perfumes that smell good are comforting and ideal in cold weather. Reminiscent of winter scents and oriental perfumery, they are some of the longest-lasting perfumes.

Both cinnamon and vanilla scents are unisex. They are used in men’s and women’s perfumes. However, finding a perfume where these 2 notes are the main stars that are worth your attention is not easy. One of my favorite fragrances is sweet dark perfumes and this is why I know the cinnamon-vanilla combination well. A perfume that smells of cinnamon and vanilla is also a perfume that should last all day.

6 Cinnamon Vanilla Perfumes That Last All Day

The following cinnamon vanilla perfumes have already been on the market for a few years. There’s no direct rival to beat their performance in 2021 which speaks about their quality.

1 Million Paco Rabanne


1 Million perfume for men and women has been reviewed on this site a lot. I sampled this perfume in almost every airport I’ve been through as there are plenty of testers for you to try the sweet perfume yourself. It’s unisex scent guys wear that women love.

1 Million smells like cinnamon-vanilla custard pie. It has a gourmand smell dominated by oriental notes, mint, spicy notes such as cinnamon, attractive rose, and sweet vanilla.

This vanilla cinnamon perfume is the most complimented on the list which is why it makes it the number one choice for just about any person.

Get it here at pacorabanne.com

Coco by Chanel


The best cinnamon vanilla perfume for women comes from Chanel. Cloves and cinnamon are combined for an aromatic oriental vibe, mixed with rose and vanilla for that timeless alluring feel.

It might be one of the ideal cloves perfumes as well as an ideal cinnamon perfume for women. At the same time, these intense notes are mixed with sweet vanilla and floral-earthy labdanum to make it smoother.

As 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, you can’t go wrong with Coco Chanel perfume for women. It lasts a whole day, probably more if you apply it to clothes. This is also one of those burnt-cinnamon scents that shine on mature women even if there are plenty of teenage girls wearing it just to see what the fuss is all about.

Get it here at Chanel.com

Parfums de Marly Herod


Almost all Parfums de Marly perfumes are very good. This is a vanilla cinnamon scent with plenty of tobacco that is rather smoky than sweet. However, the combination is highly specific for wintertime fragrances men can love.

Herod is one of those sweet perfumes for men that don’t like sweet perfumes. It outshines almost all similar profile scents (maybe except Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille) to create one of the most interested and long-lasting perfumes for men.

As one of the best-selling colognes for men from Parfums de Marly, Herod is not so easy to find anymore. I’ve struggled to see it in stores this year. However, you can easily find it online. You want to buy this fragrance if you know you like tobacco and if you need a potent vanilla cinnamon perfume with a rare manly twist.

Get it here at parfumsdemarly.com

Guerlain Mon Guerlain


Mon Guerlain perfume for women is truly ideal for mature ladies. It has a very sophisticated scent dominated by a tea scent, with vanilla, and spices such as cinnamon. Some describe it as the inviting smell of a cinnamon apple pie.

This has been called a wife perfume by some guys. There’s some truth to this as it’s an ideal perfume for 30-year-old women as well as for 40-year-old women. It features a bit of lavender, a bit of bergamot, iris, jasmine, and rose. Vanilla is mixed with spices such as cinnamon and coumarin with a benzoin touch to liven up these ingredients.

As an unlikely scent that smells of cinnamon and vanilla, it can only be understood as a fragrance collector and not as the first perfume for women. Some of its drawbacks include limited originality and a rather synthetic vanilla note. However, it’s how its notes are mixed that matters most.

Get it here at guerlain.com

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille


Tobacco Vanille smells like some type of dessert with a smoky side. This scent is dominated by vanilla and cinnamon and it has a sticky syrup nature. It almost smells like a honey perfume with cigar notes which can give you a headache if you like to overspray.

However, this is of niche quality level. It can never be truly understood by men who like fresh fragrances. As a dark mysterious scent, Tobacco Vanille is a must-have (read all about the best Tom Ford Colognes here). Its price is not something teenagers can feel thrilled about. The fact Tobacco Vanille hasn’t dropped in price after all of these years says something about its quality.

Get it here at tomford.com

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot


This is the pure cinnamon and vanilla perfume on the list. Ginger is also there but you will struggle to smell it properly as both cinnamon and vanilla are overpowering. The smell of this perfume can be compared with a vanilla pudding with sweet cinnamon sprinkled on top.

The perfume is affordable, simple, and inviting. It’s often used in layering but I’d see it as a true standalone cinnamon and vanilla scent for all ages. Not too sweet nor too spicy, this is the right cinnamon perfume that somehow doesn’t smell oriental but rather French, particularly like a French bakery.

Get it here at comptoirsudpacifique.us

Final words

Some of the best cinnamon vanilla perfumes take years to discover. The combination of cinnamon and vanilla is gourmand-inspired. This is why there are so many interpretations as to what truly smells good in this combination, as with the taste of desert and food in general.

Both cinnamon and vanilla can have many nuances depending on where they come from. From Ceylon cinnamon to Cassia Cinnamon and from Tahitian Vanilla to Madagascar Vanilla, many factors influence how these notes smell. Most of these notes are synthetic in perfumes, however. Vanilla is surely getting one of the most expensive ingredients in the world and it’s going to be harder to find a more natural version of vanilla in our preferred cinnamon and vanilla colognes.