9 Best Prada Perfumes For Women That Last Hours

The best Prada perfumes for women are Milano Les Infusions D’Iris, La Femme, and Candy Gloss. Floral, musky, woody, or fruity, these scents are some of the best signature fragrances for women. From subtle to dominant, Prada perfumes for ladies tend to impress at any age. Here are some of the best choices you can try when you want to smell better.

1.     Prada Milano Les Infusions D’Iris

Iris is one of the most delicate notes in perfumery. Prada knows how to elevate it and this perfume shows just how good it can be.

African orange flower, neroli, mandarin orange, and orange are its fresh citrusy opening notes.

Iris, mastic of lentisque, and galbanum are its mid notes.

Incense, Virginia cedar, benzoin, and vetiver are its base accords.

This can be one of the most elegant Prada perfumes. Dominated by iris, it has smoky undertones. But it’s not a loud perfume rather than an elegant composition you can wear when you want to feel a bit more luxurious and elegant. It lasts more than 10 hours so it can be a safe blind buy.

2.     Prada La Femme

This oriental perfume for women tends to attract many compliments. Made to wear in the cool seasons of the spring and fall, this perfume is determinant if you love Prada and spicy fragrances.

Magnolia, bergamot, and carrot seeds are its top notes.

Frangipani, tuberose, spices, ylang ylang, and iris are its mid accords.

Beeswax, vanilla, and vetiver are its base accords.

This perfume tends to be dominated by a thick (from beeswax) tuberose with spices. It has a weak projection during the high heat of the summer. But in cool weather (anywhere under 60F) it starts to show all of its faces. Applied in 2-3 sprays, it lasts up to 5 hours on the skin.

3.     Prada Candy Gloss

If you love sweet fragrances, fruits, and almonds, Candy Gloss might be the right pink perfume for you. This Prada perfume opens with sweet cherry and cassis.

Peach, orange blossom, and rose are its mid accords.

Almond, vanilla, benzoin, heliotrope, and musk are its base notes.

The perfume starts with a sweet cherry tart note. It slowly turns into an almond scent in the drydown with some floral and sweet notes in the background from peach and orange blossom notes.

Highly playful, this Prada perfume for young women tends to be very easy to wear except in the winter months. Longevity isn’t great, but you can expect up to 4 hours of mild projection.

4.     Prada Infusion de Fleur D’Oranger

This simple fragrance has been described in a few ways the most. Some women say it smells like marzipan while others say it smells like soap. However, both of these can be accurate descriptions as the perfume does smell simple and elegant. Made for the hot summer days (maybe for warm spring days as well), this is the Prada perfume women need when out in the sun.

Its limited notes are neroli, jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose mandarin, and mandarin.

Simplistic and elegant, it works best with white outfits such as t-shirts or white shirts. As a summer perfume for her, you can’t expect it to last too long. You might get up to 4 hours of longevity with multiple sprays.

5.     Prada Amber

If you need a clean, fresh perfume that lasts, Prada Amber is your choice. At its low price, it’s a must-have for any woman who loves Prada.

Neroli, cardamom, bergamot, and mandarin orange are its top piercing notes.

Myrrh, musk, geranium, orange blossom, and vetiver are its main notes.

Saffron, vanilla, labdanum, tonka bean, sandalwood, leather, and patchouli are its base notes.

Largely smelling like soap, it has the potential of becoming an everyday perfume for women. Its longevity doesn’t match its low price. It lasts 10 hours on the skin.

6.     Prada Infusion de Vetiver

This unisex Prada perfume almost feels a bit more masculine. Its vetiver makes it green and rather sporty which means you can wear it with all types of casual outfits.

Haitian vetiver, Sicilian bergamot, spicy ginger, Tunisian neroli, Turkish rose, Italian tangerine, lime, warming cardamom, and tarragon are its notes.

It isn’t as sharp as other vetiver perfumes, mainly due to its toned-down ginger. Smooth and even powder, it also smells like a clean soap and it lasts up to 6 hours.

7.     Prada Amande

If you love almonds and the smell of makeup, Prada Amande might be right for you. This simple scent is dominated by an intense almond note with hints of heliotrope and tonka. Musk, lemon, and anise are only supporting notes.

Beautiful and elegant almond scents have their place in a woman’s lineup. It lasts 5-6 hours at most.

8.     Prada Infusiuon De Rose

This fresh green rose perfume for women also has its place and time. Rather elegant and leaning towards a fresh scent, it incorporates Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, mint, beeswax, mate, and mandarin orange.

This perfume is generally gentled than other rose fragrances. It has its place on special occasions such as dates or when going out during the day. However, it only lasts a couple of hours.

9.     Prada Les Infusions Oiellet

There are other options to consider when you don’t like a rose from Prada. It’s the right carnation perfume for women of any age.

Carnation, styrax, sandalwood, patchouli, and mandarin orange are its main notes.

This isn’t the typical carnation fragrance that even seems heavy. Its scent resembles a field of carnation flowers on a cool day.

Final words

Almost all of these Prada perfume for ladies have a timeless aspect to them. They can be worn for years and many of them are excellent for layering. Infusion series is particularly appealing for perfume layering fans. But these perfumes are certainly above average both in smell and longevity for the feminine woman.