Alt. Fragrance Impressions For Budget Perfume Shopping

Alt Fragrance makes perfume dupes. The company produces perfumes inspired by famous fragrances such as Baccarat Rouge 540 (Crystal) and Tom Ford Oud Wood (Agar Gold). These perfume clones are available in 5ml, 30ml, and 60ml versions.

Alt Fragrance or Alt. Fragrance is the name of a company that exploded in popularity among the youth with their affordable fragrance dupes. Heavy social media marketing on TikTok and Facebook made these perfumes some of the most sought-after names in the US.

This is the US version of Federico Mahora and a direct competitor of Dossier Perfumes. What else can be said about a clone house that hasn’t been already said with another brand? Let’s see below.

Alt. Fragrance Review – First Impressions of Alt Crystal No 23 Perfume

Alt. Fragrance comes in multiple dupes for men, women, and unisex perfumes. The Alt. Fragrance Crystal perfume is a true Alternative Fragrance example of what this company offers. This perfume is about 85% similar to Baccarat Rouge 540, highly relatable to what Dossier perfumes offer with their dupes.

Top notes of the perfume include jasmine, saffron, and orange.

Heart notes are made from evernyl, and ambroxan.

Base notes of the perfume include cedarwood, ambergris, and fir balsam.

In terms of fragrance oils and their quality, these are highly similar if not the same with those offered by Dossier perfumes.

All Alt Fragrance reviews confirm this perfume lasts at least 6 hours on the skin. Most importantly, they confirm Alt Fragrance is legit. This Baccarat Rouge dupe from Alt Fragrance is worth it. You pay $49 for a 60ml bottle and $39 for a 30ml bottle, which is impressive. This is a bit more expensive than the alternative $29 of Dossier perfume clones.

As another way to smell good cheaply, Alt. Fragrance also offers other worthy fragrance alternatives. Santal Parfum is a clone of Le Labo’s Santal 33. This makes it one of the ideal options for all of those looking for a new interpretation of oriental santal.

Where to wear Alt. Fragrances

You can rely on all of these perfumes for any occasion except high-end events such as receptions. Sure, you can spray yourself with a clone, but this might not be the best location for such a perfume. Otherwise, you can wear these perfumes to work, high-school, or university.

Cheap perfumes for students seem to be the place where Alt. Fragrances fall into. This category would be ideal if there was a bit more clarification on some of the policies of the company, especially refereeing to shipping.

You might not know it, but you cannot cancel an Alt. Fragrance order. Even if the order hasn’t yet been dispatched, they still need to ship it to you regardless. This seems a bit counterintuitive as many of their clients are people with a growing sense of smell where they don’t know exactly what they’re after.

At the same time, you won’t find Alt. Fragrance on Fragrantica. This is impossible at the moment due to the platform’s limitations on perfume dupes. This means you won’t get any real Alt. Fragrance reviews on the busiest fragrance database. The reviews on the official website seem a bit too good to be true.

However, as mentioned in the Dossier perfume review article, you won’t need to read these perfumes for long given the affordability of these fragrances. At a low price, you pay about a 6th of the price of a very good niche-level fragrance which can be enough either to place another order or to go on and purchase the real deal.

Alt. Fragrance’s Sample Set is Ideal for Smelling Good (At First)

The standard women’s fragrance set comes with 5 x 5ml perfume bottles. Alt. adds the following to the set.

  • Our Baccarat Rouge 540 Inspired Fragrance (Crystal 5ml)
  • Lost Cherry Inspired Fragrance (Cherry Smash 5ml)
  • Santal 33 Inspired Fragrance (Simply Santal 5ml)
  • Light Blue Inspired Fragrance (Splash 5ml)
  • Black Opium Inspired Fragrance (Fleur Noire 5ml)

These are some of the most sought-after perfumes for women. They can be interpreted as the best way to start with the company. If you aren’t sure about perfume to pay a full price for it, why would you invest in a full dupe perfume?

This is why this Alt. Fragrance alternative is the main recommendation on

Is the Alt. Is fragrance hype real?

Looking at how online perfume marketing is done today and at the figures from the main search results, the hype is real. People are ordering these perfumes themselves.

Somewhere at the start of January 2019, Alt. Fragrance started to take the online world by surprise. But how is it that such a dupe brand can see a constant rise in popularity since then if nobody uses fragrance dupes?

The answer is simple, people like Alt. Fragrance for what it represents, not necessarily for the brand that is easily replaced by other perfume clone brands.

At the same time, the interest in the perfume seems to have reached its peak at the end of 2020. The way forward for the company is to get more sales and a higher presence in stores, especially outside Florida as things stand at the moment. The real challenge for all of these perfumes is to tell their story when sitting on shelves. This task is a lot harder to achieve offline than it is online where most Alt. Fragrance alternatives live today.