Are TJ Maxx Perfume Finds and Marshalls Discounted Colognes Legit?

TJ Maxx perfume is ideally discounted for those who love bargain fragrances. Similar discounted perfumes can also be found at Marshalls if you have the time and the energy to keep on looking for that next fragrance to add to your collection on a budget.

TJ Maxx perfumes aren’t just your classic supermarket fragrances such as Nautica Voyage. This place is also known for a few niche perfumes which might be rare, but which are also sold at discounted prices at times.

TJ Maxx perfume finds worth getting back for

First things first, what is TJ Maxx? TJ Maxx is a line stored under the TJX company. This company owns TJ Maxx stores in the US and TK Maxx stores in the UK. It also owns Marshalls which is why these 2 fragrance shopping places are often mentioned together by those into discount perfumes.

One of the best deals at TJ Maxx (if you have the stars on your side) is Clive Christian perfumes under $150. This perfume isn’t typically found at discounted prices.

Another more relatable example is Creed Aventus. This cologne is typically sold by TJ Maxx together with other Creed colognes anywhere between $80 and $310. These are approximate prices and they can vary even from store to store. Niche fragrances are a bit more expensive and they tend to be seen on the shelves longer.

TJ Maxx fragrances worth getting back for are designer perfumes. These are found in high numbers. For example, you can find Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb for around $70 and this has been confirmed by several perfume shopping fans as well.

Guerlain Eau de Shalimar is one of the perfumes that used to be sold for $30 or less at TJ Maxx. Chloe Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense was also often seen at a low perfume price, typically under $40.

From men’s cologne options, it seems Thierry Mugler A*Men Gold Edition is enjoying good sales, as well as other colognes for men from this brand.

For a bit less, you can also find a new line of perfumes, mainly inspired by celebrities. TJ Maxx celebrity perfumes include Ari Ariana Grande and Jessica Simpson Fancy. A Sephora-style perfume popular at the retailer includes Bvlgari Pour Femme Bvlgari. These can co up to $30.

Perfumes can cost as little as $12 at TJ Maxx if you have the patience to look for a bargain. A good example is Orange Blossom Body & Soul Spray Nest perfume for women.

TK Maxx, the UK’s version of TJ Maxx is a top place to find rare clothes and gem perfumes. Tom Ford perfumes are often sold here for the equivalent of $80.

Marshall’s perfumes at discounted prices

Marshalls is also offering perfumes along the same lines. However, it’s highly unlikely to find the same perfumes at the same prices as TJ Maxx here. Even more, Marshalls has been known to sell discounted Bond No 9 perfumes as well as reduced price Atkinsons colognes.

Creed also has a strong presence here. By ‘strong’ you can expect to see a fragrance from the house every second or third visit to Marshalls. Creed Original Santal and Creed Aventus have been reported at reduced prices at Marshall’s.

But Marshall’s colognes suffer from the same limitations as those at TJ Maxx and TK Maxx. Mainly, you won’t be able to test any of these perfumes out. Even if you choose one of the expensive perfumes at TJ Maxx, you won’t be able to smell them first. All perfumes are sealed and you shouldn’t even worry about buying an unsealed perfume.

A rare discontinued perfume seen at Marshalls for a reduced price is Flowerbomb Rose Explosion by Viktor & Rolf.

When to shop for discounted perfumes at TJ Maxx

The main issue with shopping for perfume at TJ Maxx is that you never know what you’re going to find. It might take months and even years to find a rare perfume here. But the fun part is these things happen more often than people think.

However, shopping during holiday times isn’t the best to find cheap and rare perfumes at TJ Maxx. For the highest chances of securing a rare perfume or a cheap perfume, you need to be there during the week. Ideally, you’d shop in these stores during the summer or right before the start of Christmas shopping. This can mean hitting the stores anytime in August when most people are on holiday or in October-November, right before the Christmas shopping frenzy.


TJ Maxx is one of the few places where discounted fragrances are sold at a lower price. The retailer carries brands such as Tom Ford, Creed, Nautica, and Viktor Rolf. However, Tj Maxx isn’t known as the place to go for high-end perfumes. This is why the retailer will never sell perfumes such as those made by Chanel.

Tj Maxx colognes are almost always similar to those sold in the Marshall’s subsidiary. Some of the perfumes from the retailer are also available at Winners and HomeSense, both under Tj’s umbrella.

Are Marshalls’ perfumes legit?

Yes, perfumes at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and TK Maxx are legit. These sellers are known for stocking genuine designer and niche fragrances. Most of them are only slightly under the market price but on occasion, they can be found at truly discounted prices.