6 Best Arabian Oud Fragrances For Men and Women

All of the best Arabian Oud fragrances smell good. But there are 6 Arabian perfumes this house makes that truly stand out. They are normally interpreted as Westernized versions of truly luxurious Arabic perfumes.

If you’re after the best Arabic perfume for ladies or the best Arabian Oud fragrance for men, this perfume house is probably on your radar. Its Arabian Oud woody and sweet perfumes are already popular outside Asia, which makes you think at just how successful these could be if they would easily be available in stores.

For the following Arabian Oud perfumes, you’d be recommended to first sample them in stores. At the same time, their scarcity makes them almost impossible to find in the average shopping mall, which means most of those who have these best Arabic perfumes buy them online without sampling.


1.     Arabian Oud Kalemat Black Review – Best for men

Kalemat Black Arabian Oud fragrance is unisex, leading towards an oud fragrance for men. Highly versatile, it’s the company’s oud initiation perfume. It doesn’t use a natural oud note but its synthetic oud scent is still highly pleasant.

This perfume is, however, characterized by amber and vanilla. Sweet dewiness is what makes it smell so good and many would fall under its spell to consider it a signature scent, something of refinement to wear all day.

Oud is mild in this perfume and it can be a top note interpretation for those who’re not into oud too much.

Olibanum and basil notes are mild in it as well.

For its versatility and projection, the perfume gets a 10 out of 10.

It scores lower for the oud note interpretation, but this was something made on purpose to avoid cloying perfume compositions.

But this perfume shines when it comes to longevity the most. It lasts at least 17 hours on the skin.

2.     Kalemat Arabian Oud – Best Arabian Oud unisex perfume

Sweet, ambery, and a bit smoky, the original Kalemat is a top outdoors perfume, especially by a fireplace. It has a heavy profile and it’s not as versatile as Kalemant Black for the young crow. This is why Kalemat from Arabian Oud perfumery mainly works for mature women and mature men.

As one of the all-time top 10 Arabian Oud perfumes, it has an excellent fruity opening.

Blueberry, a bit of vanilla, and anise are its main opening notes.

Cashmere wood, floral notes, rosemary, and frankincense are its hear notes.

Honey, amber, and musk are its base accords.

This perfume has a sensual appeal, much like Kalemat Black. It would also work on date nights if you don’t overspray it.

Longevity is out of this world as well with more than 10 hours on the skin and 3 hours of very strong projection.

3.     Rosewood Arabian Oud Review – Best for Compliments

This Arabian rose-vanilla perfume is yet another skillful perfume from the house. It also has a sweet dry-down, but it’s much more sensual than the other Arabian Oud fragrances for him and her listed above.

Rosewood is a unisex perfume that works excellently for occasions.

Rose and oud are its opening accords.

There’s a potent sweet creamy vanilla as a heart note.

Olibanum and musk are its base accords.

All of these notes are highly distinguishable.

Projection and longevity are just as good as you’d expect from an Arabian Oud fragrance. It lasts at least 12 hours on the skin.

If you plan to wear it on dates or other formal occasions, make sure not to overspray it as it projects up to a few feet in the first hours.

4.     Madawi Arabian Oud Review – Best Arabian Oud Fragrance for Women

This Arabian Oud perfume for her impresses women who love sweet fruity scents. This peach perfume 

comes with an intense peach note backed by some apple blossom.

Pineapple blossom is its mid accord.

Musk rose, and patchouli is also there.

The Madawi perfume from Arabian Oud resembles French perfumes the most. Modern and Western, it’s a scent that is easy to love and a perfect perfume gift given its luxurious bottle design.

Similar to the smell of kulfi, this perfume is ideal if you love popular perfumes for women such as those from Dior. In short, it doesn’t seem like a Middle Eastern perfume for women.

With 10 hours of longevity, it’s worth the hype more than others.

5.     Woody Arabian Oud Review – Best as a Strong Fragrance

Made with an impactful opening dominated by one of the strongest saffron notes, this perfume is certainly recommended for men and women who want to stand out.

Its opening and its drydown are 2 sides of the same coin, but they can smell very different.

It takes about 20-30 minutes for the perfume to settle and to become pleasant when compared to Western perfumes.

The saffron fades away and it makes way for rose and patchouli. Musk and amber also give it a pleasant overall vibe.

Oud is present all the way, making it smell a bit more classic than other Arabian Oud perfumes.

If you love layering, an oud perfume oil would be ideal with Woody fragrance for that all-oriental scent.

6.     Arabian Knight Arabian Oud Review – Best Sexy Arabian perfume

Arabian Knight is the everyday Arabian perfume that smells modern and highly addictive. It can be seen as a masculine fragrance although it works wonderfully for women as well. Most know it as a sexy fragrance from Arabian Oud, which is as true of a statement as possible.

Citron and jasmine are its opening notes.

Cinnamon are rose are its mid accords.

Vanilla, cedar, and amber are its base accords.

A bit woody and a bit mysterious, the perfume is highly recommendable if you want to smell good (along the lines of Sauvage and Aventus) but different as in a bit oriental.

Many compare it to a lemon pie with strong woodsy notes. It would still be a good scent for those people and for just about anybody else.


Arabian Oud Kalemat Black is the main contender when it comes to the title of ‘best’. However, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the perfumes above. Largely unisex, these fragrances are wearable in the cold weather by oud definition but in any season given their modern twist.