16 Best Burberry Perfumes For Women With That London Vibe

The best Burberry perfumes for women include London, Her, Weekend, and My Burberry. Most of these have certain qualities which make them stand out in colder weather, as their native London.

But Burberry classic and modern perfumes for women include plenty of floral notes. The brand is known for its iris, peony, tuberose, lily, and jasmine accords that are so popular among its products.

But today, the British-born brand is inspiring both younger ladies and mature women at any age.

At some point, I’m sure all women have seen their ads on buildings, on buses, or on the TV.

I still remember walking down the streets of the UK capital city and smelling Burberry My Burberry Black. For me, it’s this release that triggers memories. For you, it may be one of the following.

  1. Burberry London for Women

Burberry for women is a staple. Many ladies contrast the image to Burberry London for Women.

This is indeed an older release. It was launched in 2006.

Since then, it has become very popular. The Burberry women’s perfume is among the all-year performers.

Some women would incline to use it more during the winter months and on the cooler summer or fall evenings.

Tangerine, honeysuckle, and rose are among its most important accords. Tiare flower, peony, and jasmine are its floral midnotes. Musk, patchouli, and sandalwood for its base notes.

Classy, floral, and soft. The dewy perfume is an interesting performer. It lasts on the skin for more than 5 hours on average.

Key points

  • Strong jasmine profile
  • Floral notes but mainly useful in colder weather
  • If there’s only one Burberry best perfume this is it
  • Created by Dominique Ropion (Armani Acqua di Gioia, Gucci Accenti)
  • Recommended for casual to formal outfits

  1. Burberry Weekend for Women

This Burberry women’s cologne is a Natalie Lorson (K by Dolce & Gabbana) creation.

As its name suggests, it has a relaxing profile. It certainly works for the weekend. But it should be considered for other relaxed events such as dates or shopping sessions.

Its citrusy-floral top perfume notes include sage, mandarin, and mignonette.

The midnotes are an interesting floral addition. Rosehip, peach blossom, nectarine, iris, red cyclamen, and violet route are just a few of these essences. Cedar and musk tie the base accords for a complete scent.

It is the type of perfume for young women. Albeit, its playful profile can enchant at any age.

The most striking aspect of the perfume is just how changing its profile is. Initially, it’s all about the citrus. But it then changes to floral accords within an hour. It then changes again to a sweet profile in the second hour of the dry down.

Key points

  • 4-5 hours perfume longevity
  • Very complex and suitable for women into floral scents
  • Very feminine and playful with its changing accords
  • Not as powdery as many women expect

  1. Burberry My Burberry Black

It is a rare scent in the women’s Burberry fragrance world. It works the best from November to February but you can also use it from September as the temperatures drop again. Its cool weather performance is a must-try.

It’s simple, fresh, sweet and ambery.

Top notes include jasmine most women love. Midnotes include peach and rose. Amber and patchouli represent are base notes.

Some women would characterize it as animalic.

It certainly doesn’t resemble the DNA of any other perfume. Since it has a sensual appeal, it certainly works on occasions when you want to stand out. I instantly recognized it on a model on Oxford Street. You could tell by her attitude she was feeling confident.

Longevity is great. You will have it projecting anywhere between 5 and 6 hours.

Key points

  • This original Burberry perfume has its charm
  • It should not be your first perfume from the house
  • It has been known to be strong and seductive
  • On certain women, it has been known for its beast projection
  • Turns both women’s and men’s heads on the street

  1. Burberry Her

We’re now moving on to a spring and summer fragrance. This affordable release is rather new as it launched in 2018.

Francis Kurkdjian (Christian Dior Cologne Blance) Burberry Her is the nose behind the immersive perfume. The Armenian once said in an interview that his favorite fragrance is a new one.

The perfume is certainly new. It has a creamy strawberry appeal that is seen as inviting.

Top notes include raspberry, strawberries, cherries, blackberry, and blackcurrant. Violet and jasmine represent their midnotes.

Amber, vanilla, and patchouli are found among its base accords.

It might resemble some gourmands. However, it works for all ages. I’d even see the perfume on a man.

However, please apply it in small quantities. It has a very strong projection on some women.

Key points

  • Long perfume projection of over 4-5 hours
  • It smells like candy to some women
  • The scent has an inviting profile
  • Suitable for office wear and daytime wear for most women
  • Not to be confused with teen-style strawberry scents

  1. Burberry Brit for Her Eau de Parfum

Burberry perfumes for women are expected to be British. But the perfume is the right one for that particular Great Britain vibe. It’s full of irony but it certainly stands its ground with dignity against larger brands.

How Nathalie Gracia-Cetto (Monoi Eau des Vahines, Iris Noir) managed to encompass these feelings is beyond me.

You first smell pear, bergamot, and almond in the opening. Burberry perfume for women reviews notes the opening is not the most pleasant part of wearing it and I agree.

Peony and sugar are among its midnotes some women appreciate for their extra sweetness. Vanilla, tonka bean, amber, and mahogany are among its base notes. Since its one of the rare releases that include sugar, I’d be careful on how to pair the fragrance with other perfumes. So many women try it without much success.

The longevity of the perfume is very strong. However, women’s Burberry perfume reviews show it is a scent that may be different from case to case.

Its citrusy notes differentiate its perception from one woman to another.

For best longevity, some women still prefer to use it but they spray it on their clothes.

Either on the skin or women’s tops, it lasts up to 10 hours offering a solid return on investment.

Key points

  • Very solid performer
  • Highly appreciated perfume by professionals as it lasts all-day
  • Enhances confidence
  • The dry-down changes to wood and sweet almond
  • Its bottle matches your Burberry scarf

  1. Burberry The Beat

The Beat is fresh and spicy. It has a subtle sweetness and that makes it easy to love.

It probably gets many compliments as one of the best of Burberry perfumes. But it also has an interesting story behind it. Inspired by music, it is indeed seductive.

Its bottle design is something to print and put on magazines. I later found out it is a Baron and Bailey design.

The perfume is indeed a British scent in a British bottle. I’d say it works well during the evening regardless of the season.

Pink pepper, citrus, and cardamom are among its top accords. Iris and green tea are among its midnotes. Cedarwood and vetiver are its basenotes that still work in women’s fragrances.

The perfume’s floral-wood fragrance lasts long. It has been known to perform very well for around 5 hours and decent for up to 8 hours. Its profile is suitable for all types of professionals.

Key points

  • Available in 30ml, 40ml, and 75ml versions
  • It touches two floral accords and woody notes very well
  • It has that unique perfume vibe about it
  • I’d say its feminine and your boyfriend won’t steal it

  1. Burberry My Burberry Blush

This is the type of female Burberry perfume that makes an impression. I’ve never seen too many successful apple scents. It is different here. But it’s almost as if it’s a weird green apple and violet combination.

I see it as a signature scent on the right woman for sure.

Pomegranate and lemon are its top accords. It reminds you of summer instantly. Rose, green apple, and geranium are its midnotes. In the drydown, it feels like you’re just standing in a garden filled with flowers and apples. Jasmine and a rare wisteria smell are among its base notes.

The perfume is indeed different from most other scents. It has that feminine charm that so many perfumers try to emulate as other Burberry reviews confirm.

Since it becomes a bit sweeter in the drydown, it also pleases more women. The perfume is why most compliments are going to be expected about 2 hours after its application.

Its longevity has been rated as fair to good. It lasts at least 4 hours on the skin.

Key points

  • This is the type of fragrance you wear to avoid headaches
  • Simple and efficient perfume – it works at the office with its low profile
  • It doesn’t require another application during the day if you spray it in the morning
  • Its presentation is spot on

  1. Burberry Burberry for Women

The Michel Almairac (Bond No.9 Coney Island) creation is a classic. It has stood the test of time.

If you’re looking for a signature scent from the British house, it needs to be up there with the top options.

But if you ask which Burberry perfume smells best, it is not it. It is very divisive.

I think it’s down to its peach accords. For me, it seems very inviting.

The opening is very harsh, and it is where many women get confused.

There’s black currant, peach, apricot, green apple and pear to deal with from the beginning.

The perfume’s midnotes are dominated by sandalwood and jasmine. Vanilla and musk are among its base notes.

The perfume comes in a classic bottle since it has been launched in 1995.

But you should know that it darkens in time if you don’t use it. It is based on its vanilla content.

Key points

  • Solid longevity of up to 8 hours
  • Soft and dominated by peach and vanilla
  • It has a flirty appeal
  • I would not buy it if I owned Jessica Simpson Fancy Love as they’re similar

  1. Burberry Body Eau De Parfum 

When it was launched in 2011, it was supposed to be the best women’s Burberry perfume to encompass the brand’s appeal.

I certainly see it as a signature scent on some women.

It has that sexiness about it. But it’s not a clubbing scent. It has a warm feel to it.

The perfume is what I’d see it on career women or those who want to rely on one scent alone.

Freesia, wormwood, and peach are among its top accords.

Iris and rose are its floral midnotes with a touch of sandalwood.

Cashmere wood, musk, vanilla, and amber are among its strongest performing base notes.

Some of its notes might be just too much during June, July and August summer months for women who experience headaches on strong scents. But it certainly works in any other season.

Key points

  • Its creamy scent lasts up to 8 hours
  • Very strong silage
  • The sexiness of the perfume works well on ages 20+
  • Fantastic on key zones such as on the wrist due to its strong performance

  1. Burberry Touch for Women

This soft floral scent with added pepper marks an important time in Burberry’s history. It took some of the most important notes of the brand and turned them modern.

It is casual and it is somewhat fair to how Stella Tennant portrayed it in the media.

Its floral scent is complex.

You might not recognize most notes.

But the include blackberry, rose, black currant, cranberry, cassia, and orange in the top accords.

The midnotes are a true floral bouquet. They include iris, peony, tuberose, lily, raspberry, and jasmine.

Oakmoss, tonka, green almond, and cedar are its base accords.

For once, I can see women agreeing on how much the perfume lasts. Its 6 hours.

Key points

  • Sweet, floral, refreshing and smooth perfume
  • If you don’t like woody notes, it’s not for you
  • The woody notes become too strong during the summer
  • Excellent floral scent during spring, fall, and winter

  1. Burberry Her Blossom

I just see Carla’s Delavigne face on the perfume. I guess the advertising worked.

This new 2019 release is inspired by the 1981 Burberry’s for Men. It has the inspiration of London parks in the spring. I certainly see it as a perfect match for a walk in Hyde Park during the season.

Top notes include pink pepper and mandarin. But women note the mandarin scent is a bit enhanced or more prominent. It has a richness to it which lacks from other citrusy openings.

Peony and plum blossom are among its perfume midnotes. During the spring, they bring women’s senses to life. You may continue using it during the summer to maintain that blossom vibe.

Musk with a bit of sandalwood is seen among its base notes.

It has been reformulated quite a lot. But if you’re new to the scent, you’ll like its reduced sweetness.

Key points

  • Strong blossom impact
  • Not as sweet as the original version
  • Available in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml versions
  • I’d go with the 30ml as a blind buy
  • Don’t expect it to project more than 3 hours

  1. Burberry Brit Sheer

Made by Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann (Kate Moss Velvet Hour), it is perfect for late spring and summertime. It goes well with casual outfits.

Reviews of Burberry’s perfume show it as a fruity profile. But it’s all about litchi to me. I know my partner can’t stop eating them and this is why the perfume is going to be her birthday present.

Bergamot, pineapple, yuzu, and litchi are among its fruity top notes.

Pear, beach blossom, and the classic peony are its midnotes.

Cedarwood and white musk balance the sweetness.

The perfume’s lightweight scent projects for a couple of hours. But you’ll still feel it on your skin after 5 hours.

If you don’t like yuzu, you shouldn’t worry. After about an hour all other accords become more prominent to its detriment.

There’s certainly a playful women’s character to this perfume. As a result, I see it on teenage girls 16+. But since it’s more subtle, it may also work at the office.

Key points

  • Fresh-fruity in the opening
  • Soapy in the perfume’s drydown
  • Very feminine and geared towards the younger wearer
  • Not the best nighttime performer
  • For some, it’s too similar to Gucci Me

  1. My Burberry Eau de Parfum

This is a floral perfume by Burberry. It is part of the My Burberry line and it is certainly defined by its floral notes.

The perfume is rosy.

Sweet pea, bergamot, and mandarin are some of its top notes.

Geranium, freesia, quince, passion fruit, peach, and green tea are among its midnotes.

Sweet patchouli, Damask rose, leather, violet, and musk are its base accords.

But this Burberry perfume for ladies shines in the rain. It’s no wonder with the British weather.

I’d see it as a perfect daily companion in the spring where the temperature is rising but there still is a lot of rain to deal with.

Key points

  • Allow it to drydown for at least 30 minutes before leaving the house
  • Elevated floral notes based on the leather accord
  • Solid performance in bad weather
  • It may be a crowd-pleasing signature scent

  1. My Burberry Eau de Toilette

This is the lighter version of the Eau de Parfum.

‘I put a spell on you because you’re mine’ says the song in the official ad.

The song also features models facing rain.

This is why the Eau de Toilette version is the lightweight champion from the brand for bad weather.

It’s also the more modern perfume version of the heavier Eau de Parfum.

If you have to face bad weather and if you love floral notes, it works.

But you also need to expect reduced longevity. As the song says, it’s a spell.

It may only last about an hour on the skin.

Key points

  • Sweet pea and lemon blossom top notes
  • Peach blossom, freesia, and peony perfume midnotes
  • Damask rose, moss, and leather base perfume accords
  • A balanced cozy-sensual combination
  • A bit more seductive than the Eau de Parfum
  • Strong projection of 1-2 hours only

  1. Burberry Body Tender

Eternal youth is promised with Body Tender. This might be hard to achieve. But since so many women at the gym use it, they’ll come closer to that goal.

Launched in 2013,  this best-selling Burberry perfume has the most floral accords of the Body series. The others seem to have an extra musky presence.

Wormwood, peach and green apple are among its top accords that most women don’t have an issue with.

Sandalwood, jasmine, tea, and rose are its perfume midnotes.

Vanilla and cashmere wood are its base accords.

It’s a light fragrance for women of various ages.

Without any complications, it works for daytime wear.

It also works well in climates with cooler weather, such as in its native United Kingdom.

Since it’s a lightweight Body release, its performance is limited to 2-3 hours on all women.

Key points

  • Extra citrusy compared to the original Body
  • Fresh, rosy, and with a hint of apple to mimic women’s shower gels
  • It’s the Burberry Body you choose when you don’t want to stand out too much

  1. Burberry Body Intense

As in the 85ml Eau de Parfum version, there’s wormwood and peach in this fragrance.

But it is more floral and not as sweet.

This 2011 release is intense but classy. It is made for a lasting impression. On most women, it lasts 6+ hours.

It’s one of the Burberry Eau de Parfum reviews make popular. While it’s not 100% different than the Eau de Toilette Tender, the difference is there.

Freesia, peach, and wormwood are still its top accords. Rose, sandalwood, and iris are its perfume midnotes. Amber, vanilla, cashmere wood, and musk are its base accords.

Key points

  • Very good performance in cool weather as women say
  • Last for the entire day
  • Go light if you’re wearing it during the summer
  • Not too different from other Burberry Body releases


The best Burberry perfumes for women change and adapt. Whenever there were changes at the organizational level, a new series of perfumes was released by the brand.

Maybe it is the reason why every set of perfumes, such as those from the My Burberry line are associated with the classic trench coat.

But even the most popular Burberry perfumes are harder to distinguish among themselves. Which is your favorite? Let us know below.

If you need more perfume inspiration, feel free to check out our fragrance finder.


What is the best-selling Burberry perfume?

Burberry London For Women and Burberry Brit are the best-selling perfumes from the British brand.

Which Burberry smells the best?

Burberry Amber Heath has unanimous ratings on its smell which is interpreted as the best for winter and fall seasons.

What scents drive a man crazy?

Rose, vanilla, black licorice, jasmine, and lavender are natural scents that drive men crazy. In general, floral scents are known for their sensual and even erotic vibe and they are used in most women’s scents today.