11 Best Chanel Perfumes For The Money

The best Chanel perfume is attractive, fresh, timeless, and luxurious-smelling. Some of the best perfumes out there are made by Chanel and they are some of the most copied fragrances today as a sign of their impressive popularity.

Chanel perfumes have impressed the world even back in 1921 with Gabrielle Coco Chanel. These perfumes maintained a high profile or a uniqueness about them to this date.

The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the best perfumes made by Chanel you can buy today without regretting your purchase.

11 Best Chanel Perfumes For Him and Her

While there are more than 130 perfumes made by Chanel, not all of them are available today. Some of them have even been discontinued. Here are the best perfumes the brand offers today.

1.       Bleu de Chanel – Best Chanel for Men

Bleu de Chanel is the best Chanel perfume made today. This is also the best smelling Chanel perfume with its citrusy, woodsy, and spicy scent.

Some people might argue that Chanel No. 5 is the best Chanel perfume. However, there are plenty of women wearing Bley de Chanel while there aren’t too many men wearing Chanel No. 5. This should say something about the profile of these scents. However, both are simply unmatched.

This is a sweet citrusy smell with woodsy notes and a deep blue fragrance profile. As the best Chanel cologne for men, it does come with some of the most unisex notes you can find.

A citrusy profile is best combined with its grapefruit and lemon notes which are rather sweet. The opening is continued with pink pepper and mint to liven the fragrance and to make it fresh.

Ginger, nutmeg, jasmine, and ISO E Super are its mid accords. We’ve seen how ginger perfumes are rarely any better than Bleu de Chanel.

Incense, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, labdanum, and white musk are its base accords.

While this is not the best incense perfume it’s certainly the best new Chanel perfume as it has a fresh profile even a few years after its launch. We can go as far as to say that no other top perfume would be correctly interpreted without Bleu de Chanel.

At the same time, we must agree Bleu is mostly the choice of elegancy and not of youthfulness as it loses that spot in favor of Sauvage.

2.       Chanel Gabrielle – Best new Chanel perfume

Chanel Gabrielle is often seen as the best new Chanel perfume. Launched in 2017, this is also one of the best Chanels that smell like flowers. It has a linear white floral scent elevated to that luxurious Chanel level.

Chanel Gabrielle also feels a bit more intense than Chanel Chance Eau Tendre making it a strong projection perfume.

Feminine but intense, the new Gabrielle starts with grapefruit, orange, and black currant for some fruity sweetness.

Orange blossom, jasmine, ylang, pear, lily of the valley, tuberose, and pink pepper are its mid accords.

Musk, sandalwood, cashmeran, and orris are its base notes.

Citrusy and floral at first, this is a true cashmeran scent in the drydown. It’s one of the few Chanel perfumes that feels both complex and wearable at the same time. Something that only Bley de Chanel can truly achieve.

3.       Chanel No. 5 – Best Chanel Perfume for Women

Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum is a woodsy aldehydic perfume. This best Chanel perfume for her impresses with its classic appeal. As a perfume of the ‘80s, it smells like the ‘80s. Surprisingly, it smells a lot better than many new best perfumes for women.

In essence, it smells like clean soap. But it is a strong clean soap by the standards of the era.

It starts with aldehydes, ylang ylang, neroli, bergamot, and peach.

Floral notes such as iris, jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley is its heart accords.

Sandalwood, vanilla, oakmoss, patchouli, and vetiver are its base accords.

As expected, this is also the best Chanel perfume for longevity. If you’re a woman looking to smell different and even luxurious, this is the right perfume for you. At the same time, this is the best perfume for women to buy again.

One of the common ‘faults’ of this perfume is that it’s associated with a grandma scent by teenage girls. However, this is the perfect perfume for women of any age if they’ve been exposed to various perfumes before to know they’re in the presence of a masterpiece. It doesn’t work as a first perfume, however.

4.       Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – Best Chanel perfume for summer

Coco Mademoiselle is one of the best Chanel perfumes for the summer and for that zest for life. This is a true feminine perfume that uplifts your mood. It can be that perfume you wear to a wedding, to work, or that special perfume to wear at home and uplift

your spirit.

Citruses and florals have rarely been mixed any better than in Coco Mademoiselle.

Bergamot, orange, and grapefruit are among the special luxurious-smelling citruses in the opening.

Rose, jasmine, and litchi are its mid accords.

Patchouli, vanilla, musk, and vetiver round up the Chanel fragrance for women.

There are many ways to describe the perfume but it seems the best way to wear it is with an elegant dress. Longevity is there, the wow factor is there, compliments keep coming, and attention is all yours. Yet, this feels like a very personal Chanel and a best smelling Chanel perfume for you first.

5.       Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Intense – Best Chanel perfume for fall

With a bit more sweetness and a bit more patchouli compared to the original, the Intense version of Coco Mademoiselle, this can be an excellent fall Chanel perfume. Its sweetness is going to start to shine when the temperature starts to drop.

However, Mademoiselle Intense is also a bit less feminine than Mademoiselle, so you can see it as a true fall perfume instead of a perfume for wearing with a dress at a party.

Bergamot, lemon, and Sicilian orange are its citrusy opening notes.

These are blended with rose, fruity notes, and jasmine notes.

Strong vanilla and strong patchouli are mixed with intense tonka, white musk, and the omnipresent Chanel labdanum. It’s these notes that often make it the best perfume for a 30-year-old woman as well. However, its chic artsy formulation should not be overlooked at any age.

6.       Chanel Chance Eau Tendre – Best Chanel perfume for teenage girl

Linear and very girly, this Chanel perfume is best for teenage girls. While not the most sophisticated perfume from Chanel, it’s very easy to love. It’s also a lot less intense than Mademoiselle or No.5, making it the ideal perfume for women who can’t stand perfume as well.

Chanel Chance Eau Tandre smells floral, a bit dewy, youthful, and light. It wears best with casual outfits and not formal outfits as other Chanel perfumes.

You can expect quince and grapefruit to be very soft opening notes.

Hyacinth and jasmine are its mid accords.

Musk, iris, cedar, and amber are its base accords.

The simple formulation makes for excellent versatility. But longevity isn’t bad at all with 10+ hours of mild projection. It can be your best Chanel perfume that lasts so you can be sure you won’t be wasting your money here.

7.       Chanel Gabrielle Essence – Best Chanel perfume for winter

This new Chanel perfume is put a bit more sweetness into Gabrielle with peach, vanilla, and musk. It smells white floral but with year-round versatility. If you’re looking for Bleu de Chanel alternatives or a perfume for women that smells like Bleu de Chanel this is it.

The performance of this sweet floral is very good. The interpretation of the notes is also skillful. It has the same DNA of a very versatile fragrance but with that Chanel twist.

Bergamot, peach, red fruits, black currant, and petitgrain are its top notes.

White florals, tuberose, ylang ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, and coconut are its mid accords.

Musk, vanilla, and sandalwood are its base notes.

With a bit more lasting power compared to the original Chanel Gabrielle, Essence manages to become a truly versatile everyday perfume for women. This Chanel perfume that smells the best for women who need to wear a Chanel every day is not as original as other perfumes from the brand. However, it was never going to be the most original perfume as it builds on Gabrielle’s legacy.

8.       Chanel Egoiste Platinum – Best value Chanel perfume Best price Chanel perfume

Egoiste Platinum is one of those Chanels you see everywhere in perfume shops. It simply has that mass appeal to sell in its thousands every month. You can see it as the best value Chanel perfume as it has a very good complement factor. While not as cheap as other top perfumes, it’s affordable by Chanel standards. This is why Chanel Egoiste is the best price Chanel perfume for most guys.

Chanel Egoise Platinum is a perfume for mature men. This perfume for 30-year-olds is also a perfume for 35-year-olds and 40-year-old men. For sure, it’s one of the ideal perfumes for 50-year-old men as well. It’s just not a cologne for 18-year-old guys as it has that vintage-inspired profile.

As a mature man, you will appreciate Egoiste truly. You know that its reformulated scent smells better than before. Chanel Egoiste Platinum smells like a fresh out-of-the-shower shaven face, with a bit of sweetness. The perfume smells somewhat fruity at first from the mix of fresh herbs and it then turns into a soapy-clean scent as it settles.

Lavender, rosemary, neroli, and petitgrain are its top accords.

Geranium, sage, galbanum, and jasmine are its mid accords.

Oakmoss, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood, and amber are its base accords.

Egoiste fragrance is always going to be on any list of best Chanel perfumes for him. Men simply cannot overlook it for their cologne collections.

9.       Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche – Best unisex Chanel perfume

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche is a unisex perfume with a more feminine profile. It can be the perfect Chanel perfume for summer as it does a wonderful job in high heat.

The perfume smells like the forest. Green with an almost cologne-like quality to it, Chance Eau Fraiche is one of the best smelling fresh perfumes for women. It has a magnetic quality to it like almost any other summer fragrance and it tends to get the most compliments of any Chanel as it’s so easy to understand for both a trained and an untrained nose.

Lemon and citron are there in the opening with a bit of cedar to make it smell woodsy. It’s also one of the best perfumes that smell like wood as the cedar note in the opening is sublime.

There’s a lot of ‘bests’ in Chanel perfume because the quality of the notes and the masterful blend of these accords is simply at a world-class level.

Water hyacinth, pink pepper, and jasmine are its mid accords.

Patchouli, musk, vetiver, teak wood, iris, and amber are its base accords.

This is the female version of Chanel Allure Home Sport which means it’s easy to wear both with causal and business outfits to any occasion. Longevity is more than 7 hours.

10.   Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere – Best fall Chanel perfume

No.5 Eau Premiere is a modern take on the famous Chanel No.5. This perfume is airy compared to the original which also makes it easier to wear as No.5 can feel a bit thick to some women. Part of this lighter airy feel is based on the aldehydes that are with you since the opening.

Ylang ylang and neroli are tied to aldehydes in a subtle opening.

Jasmine and rose are the 2 other floral notes of Eau Premiere.

Vanilla, sandalwood, and vetiver are its base accords.

Its subtle formula makes it one of the best Chanel perfumes for the office as it has a mass-appealing elegant scent where the notes are less intense. Still, it lasts about 6 hours on the skin which means it will make you smell good for almost a full day.

11.   Chanel Coco Noir – Best Chanel perfume for winter

Dark and mysterious, Chanel Coco Noir is ideal for women who want a Chanel but who don’t want to smell like every other woman wearing No.5. Coco Noir is the modern interpretation of Coco with intense rose and citrus. Cloves aren’t as big of a deal in Coco Noir either. However, this is a true Chanel perfume for winter and one of the best perfumes for women to wear in the winter.

Grapefruit, bergamot, and orange are its citrusy opening notes.

Rose, geranium, jasmine, narcissus, and peach are its mid accords.

Intense patchouli, sandalwood, olibanum, tonka, vanilla, musk, cloves, and benzoin give it lasting power.

Unique, mysterious, and feminine, this perfume lasts 3+ hours on the skin.

Why Chanel Makes the Best Perfumes

Some people say Chanel makes the best perfumes. This would be hard to dispute simply by looking at the 100-year-old history of these scents and their success rate. Sure, marketing is part of the process, but there are so many good perfumes for the brand to market. But what makes Chanel perfumes so special?

  • Quality ingredients

Did you know Chanel grows its ingredients in exclusive contracts with farmers? It turns out Chanel is one of the most impressive brands for the quality of its ingredients. For example, it grows jasmine and roses in areas of France that have very unique characteristics that make these flowers smell unique compared to roses and jasmine grown in different areas.

Flowers grown for Chanel are often found in Mediterranean-breeze climates. The strong maritime breeze makes it difficult for non-pollinators to reach these flower-growing areas. These are spectacular areas where seasonal workers give their best to harvest flowers which are a lot more delicate to harvest than fruits (which have a longer harvesting period).

  • Ingredients that are difficult to harvest

1.000 jasmine flowers and 12 roses are needed for each Chanel No.5 perfume. These flowers are grown exclusively for Chanel in strict conditions in France. The effort put into creating the essential oils for Chanel is impressive.

Roses used in Chanel No.5 need to be picked while blooming in 2 weeks. The essential oils also need to be harvested quickly from the flowers before the roses start fermenting.

This means a single ingredient in Chanel No.5 requires a large team that works non-stop in a short period for the best results and for an essential oil that’s unlike any other as roses in No.5 have a honey-like quality to them.

The idea is Chanel goes the distance when it comes to harvesting unique ingredients and when it comes to growing them as these can’t be bought on the free market easily. This is why Chanel perfumes cost so much. But they also deliver a lot more than almost any other perfume.

  • Masterful balancing of ingredients

Having good ingredients is just part of the process. There are so many top companies using the most natural and the most expensive ingredients without reaching the same pleasant scents of Chanel.

  • Certain timelessness to each fragrance

Chanel perfumes always have a timeless formulation. Even new perfumes feel modern but wearable for years to come. Since the house doesn’t create thousands of perfumes it prefers to bring out fewer fragrances with more versatility and higher appeal.

Final words

The best Chanel perfumes are Bleu de Chanel and a series of Chanel No.5s. Newer Chanel perfumes such as Gabrielle are also very good releases and a much-needed upgrade to keep up with modern scents. All of these perfumes are known for high-quality ingredients, masterful blending, high longevity, and a smell that always demands attention.


Why is Chanel perfume the best?

Chanel perfumes are the best because they use quality ingredients. Flowers are often grown exclusively for Chanel to create unique essential oils. These essential oils are skillfully mixed to create timeless versatile perfumes everyone loves.

Why is Chanel perfume so expensive?

Chanel can use more than 1.000 flowers per perfume bottle. This means their ingredients cost more than other perfumes made with synthetic notes. Chanel perfumes are also created by some of the most experienced perfumers around the world.

Why is Chanel perfume so popular?

Chanel perfumes are popular based on their smell first. They smell better and are unique compared to other perfumes. Chanel perfumes also feel timeless as they can be worn for decades while still smelling authentic.

Is Chanel perfume worth it?

A Chanel perfume is worth it if you love fragrances with natural ingredients. Perfumes such as Chanel No.5 and Bleu de Chanel use many natural ingredients directly synthesized as essential oils from flowers, fruits, and other herbs.

Is Chanel No.5 still popular?

Yes, Chanel No.5 is still popular. This perfume is the most timeless Chanel scent for women. It also has new flanker perfumes with a more modernized scent such as Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere.

Is Chanel cruelty-free? Does Chanel test on animals?

No, Chanel is not cruelty-free. Animal testing for cosmetics is still required in certain countries around the world, including China. This is also the reason vegans don’t see Chanel as a vegan-friendly brand,

Does Chanel perfume ever go on sale?

Chanel perfumes never go on sale. Chanel doesn’t work with fragrance discounters and as a brand image, it wouldn’t be as strong if it opted for discounts on fragrances. All discounted Chanel perfumes are probably fake.

Does Chanel perfume go bad?

Chanel perfumes can go bad but they normally have a very long shelf life. These perfumes last for years in a bottle. Oxidation is the biggest enemy of Chanel perfumes, but mainly for the perfume in the nozzle as the rest of the bottle is oxidation-free preventing the fragrance from going bad for years.

Does Chanel perfume contain alcohol?

Yes, Chanel perfumes contain alcohol. The scent evaporates from the skin when it contains alcohol making the perfume project. Alcohol doesn’t evaporate from the perfume while in the bottle.

Does Chanel perfume last?

Chanel perfumes don’t have an expiration date as others. They might even last more than 10 years. Its believed these perfumes last longer than others which have a shelf life of up to 5 years.