9 Best Coconut and Vanilla Perfumes For Life

A best coconut and vanilla perfume is for smelling like the summer. The pleasant mix is ideal in tropical or summer fragrances. Coconut vanilla perfumes have an uplifting sweet scent with a creamy undertone.

The essence of the coconut smell is creamy. Vanilla smells sweet and slightly tart-like. This combination creates a sweet creamy scent that is hard to ignore in perfumes.

When it comes to pleasant inviting scents both these notes are hard to match. Both have a tropical vibe which makes them slightly playful and ideal as perfumes to wear in high heat. The lasting power of tropical summer perfume sis also improved when these 2 ingredients are mixed.

9 Best Coconut Vanilla Perfumes You Need to Try

A coconut vanilla perfume can be pure or made with other scents. Some types of aromas are complementary as they go well with coconut and vanilla. There are some of the best coconut vanilla perfumes for women and coconut vanilla perfumes for popular men. The best-selling perfumes smell good and last a long time.

1.       Lavanilla The Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Coconut

The Vanilla Coconut perfume from Lavanilla gets the first spot due to its popularity, scent, and overall purity of ingredients. Made from natural ingredients, the perfume is the perfect alternative to chemical or synthetic perfumes for women at the moment.

This natural women’s perfume is dominated by coconut and vanilla. Supporting notes include tonka bean and heliotrope.

These make it sweet, but not overly sweet. This women’s coconut vanilla perfume is not the sweetest fragrance, even if it uses Madagascar vanilla.

Made from pure natural ingredients, it uses vanilla pods which are quite expensive today. This means you don’t have to spray it on yourself too much either. Lasting power is as expected or slightly better reaching 5-6 hours on the skin.

2.       LaNcome Tresor La Nuit Nude

La Nuit Nude is one of the best Lancome perfumes for women. It has appeal, a distinct smell, growing popularity, and high versatility for women of all ages. This Lancome perfume for her impresses with its performance and scent as a Tresor flanker or Tresor-like perfume.

Coconut and vanilla are very potent here. Some say the coconut has a slightly herbal undertone to it, unlike the coconut in Lavanilla perfume above which is a bit more floral, similar to heliotrope.

The strong projection of coconut recommends it as a creamy perfume for women who want to smell like they’ve just got out of the shower.

I’d say the coconut note in it can also trigger a headache in women who aren’t used to strong perfumes.

But this also makes it last a long time.

Bergamot and rose are also wonderful supporting notes in this best Lancome. You’d be hard-pressed to get any of these out of the pink perfume. A wonderful choice if you like Tresor but with a coconut/vanilla twist.

3.       Dolce Gabbanna Garden

Garden perfume is dominated by coconut, vanilla, and florals such as ylang-ylang. The ylang ylang smell makes this perfume have a more prominent floral scent that’s only made for women and not a unisex fragrance. This is then reignited when an intense sandalwood note kicks in.

One of the reasons this coconut vanilla perfume for women is different is that the coconut in it has a modern smell. It’s rather fresh than tropical making this perfume a valuable choice for almost any season.

The florals of the perfume and the reduced tropical intensity recommend it for the spring season when most flowers bloom. Lasting power is also very good. As one of the best Dolce Gabbana perfumes for women, Garden lasts up to 5 hours on the skin.

4.       Montale Intense Tiare

Montale perfume reviews always start with just how long-lasting these fragrances are. This is true. However, Montale perfumes also smell very good. Intense Tiare is a coconut vanilla perfume with a lot of potentials. It stands out among other Montale fragrances that are the best selling through its suntan lotion vibe. This perfume might smell like suntan, but it’s just as impressive as other coconut vanilla colognes.

Leaning towards the feminine, Intense Tiare is dominated by a handful of intense notes. The smell of coconut is dominating followed by the smell of vanilla. The ylang-ylang smell is also as intense as the jasmine smell in the background.  Rose is also there to add a floral punch.

Intense Tiare is one of the best perfumes for older ladies. You can consider it a top sweet best perfume for 30 year old women. Some of the best perfumes for 40 year old women’s ranks mention this Montale fragrance as well.

5.       Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion

Coconut Passion is not one of the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes as there are too many of them. However, it is the best Victoria’s Secret perfume that smells of vanilla and coconut.

The scent is marketed as a coconut vanilla perfume. However, there’s mildly any coconut smell in it. This Victoria’s Secret perfume for women is dominated by synthetic vanilla. It mostly smells sweet like vanilla.

It has sufficient versatility for just about any outfit. However, it doesn’t have the lasting power of other perfumes from this list. If you don’t mind it not lasting all day and only smelling of vanilla, this can be the cheapest coconut vanilla perfume out there.

6.       Sensuous Estee Lauder

This is a woody perfume for women with intense coconut and intense vanilla notes. Highly sophisticated and original, Sensuous is a great perfume if you want to smell like coconut and vanilla without smelling tropical.

The coconut smell in this perfume is rather creamy, not very fruity nor very sweet. This considerably reduces its tropical vibe and simply turns it into a creamy coconut vanilla sandalwood perfume. It can also pass as a coconut sandalwood smell perfume for women as the oriental sandalwood note in it is quite intense.

7.       Versace Crystal Noir

Crystal Noir is one of the top vanilla coconut perfumes out there. Its formula has been changed by Versace many times. If you’re a bit unsure about your Versace Crystal Noir vs Bright Crystal debate you can choose the Noir version for the coconut and vanilla pod notes that are intense.

This perfume has a fruity-floral heart. Blackcurrant, fig, violet, frangipani, and jasmine are its mid accords.

Soapy and intense, this is a perfect one-perfume collection example and arguably the best Versace perfume for women.

8.       Dior Hypnotic Poison

If Crystal Noir is a top Versace, Hypnotic Poison is one of the best Dior perfumes for women. Its sales starting 1998 prove it.

Coconut hits you with the first blast in this scent. Vanilla mixed with almonds is present in the drydown.

For many women, the vanilla and almond notes are prominent. It smells a bit rich, similar to a vanilla-almond cookie. The almond is there from the opening until it fades away from the skin which means you have to like the smell of almonds to like Hypnotic Poison.

9.       Jazz Club Replica Maison Martin Margiela

Jazz Club Replica is one of the best coconut vanilla perfumes for men. This boozy perfume for men doesn’t list coconut among its notes. However, it features a strong coconut impression, a rum note, intense vanilla, and a bit of tobacco. For many, it’s one of the best winter colognes for men. For a few, this is seen as the most unlikely but the best smelling coconut vanilla fragrance for men.


Some of the good coconut vanilla perfumes out there are very affordable. Others are fairly priced in the average range. Only a handful of vanilla coconut perfumes are truly expensive.

This is great news for those who love the creamy sweet scent this combination provides.

Most importantly, there are different interpretations of coconut and vanilla colognes, as seen above. Some are fruitier while others are more floral. Some coconut vanilla perfumes aren’t even too sweet. The differences between these perfumes are vast and mostly clear even to those new to perfumes.

The only decision you have to make is to choose the type of coconut vanilla scent that you like the most. It’s best to choose one of the top designer fragrances for good a good interpretation of these smells. Lavanilla The Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Coconut is a pure vanilla coconut, ideal for women. Jazz Club Replica Maison Martin Margiela is a masculine vanilla coconut fragrance, ideal for men. Those on tight budgets can choose Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion perfume as it’s highly affordable. Lancome Tresor La Nuit Nude is ideal for those who want to smell unique. Dolce Gabbana Garden, Versace Crystal Noir, and Dior Hypnotic Poison are perfumed with coconut and vanilla for those who don’t want to take any chances. Finally, Montale Intense Tiare is the best long-lasting perfume for women on the list.