7 Best Coconut Perfumes of 2023 (From $18 to $160)

Some of the new best coconut perfumes of 2023 are simple, warming, and even affordable. Perfumes that smell like coconut are some of the simplest fragrances out there.

Often ideal to wear as a signature scent or as a skin scent, these perfumes vary from simple scents to more complex and luxurious fragrances.

The best coconut-scented perfumes need to smell like fresh coconut with a zesty warm tropical vibe. A quintessential summertime perfume, the scent needs to remind you of palm trees and milky coconuts. Its longevity doesn’t need to be the best, nor does its projection due to its overall playful fruity profile.

What does coconut smell like?

Coconut perfumes smell creamy, tropical, and inviting. There’s a certain sweet nuance to these perfumes which may smell more nutty, fruity, tropical, or even beachy.

Coconut perfume notes mix well with a wide variety of warm, spicy, floral, or fruity notes.

What types of perfumes are coconut perfumes?

Summertime perfumes or solar perfumes are typically dominated by coconut notes. This is typically a perfume that smells like coconut suntan lotion and is even formulated to resemble suntan lotion skin scents.

Can you layer coconut perfumes?

Yes, coconut perfumes can be layered with spicy scents for wearing in high heat. Additionally, they can be layered with citrus notes for a fresh summertime aroma. For sweeter scents, coconut perfumes can be layered with fruity notes.

What are some of the best coconut perfumes of 2023?

Without further introduction, here are some of the most up-to-date coconut perfumes on the market.

All prices considered!

PerfumeMain notesIt smells likeIt lasts forIdeal forRating out of 100Launched inAvailable sizesPrice
Coco Paradise Bath and Body WorksCoconut Neroli SandalwoodSalty coconut and neroliA few hours projection / whole day skin scentFemales 18 to 3095/1002023236ml$18-$25
Mahogany Coconut Bath and Body WorksCoconut Mahogany LavenderSweet coconut Unisex all ages90/1002023147ml$20-$30
Victoria’s Secret Coconut Milk and RoseCoconut RoseCreamy coconut milk<2 hours projectionFemales 20 to 3090/1002020250ml$15-$25
Solinotes Paris VanilleCoconut Vanilla Amber BlackberryVanilla first, coconut second<4 hours as a skin scentFemales 20 to 5090/100201050ml$18-$25
Kuumba Made Black Coconut Fragrance OilCoconut JojobaHeavy coconut<3 hoursFemales all ages90/100201515ml$20-$30
Kayali Utopia Vanilla CocoCoconut milk Gardenia Vanilla Honeysuckle, pear blossom, Italian lemon, tuberose, jasmine sambac, musk, sandalwood, patchouliSugary vanilla coconut2 hoursFemales of all ages89/100202150-100ml$100-160
Juliette Has a Gun Lust for SunCoconut Ylang ylang Gardenia Bergamot, freesia, jasmine, orange blossom, ambroxan, white musk, vanillaFloral coconut10 hoursAdult females89/1002023100ml$140-$160
No. 1

Positive Coco Paradise Bath and Body Works

There’s one good reason this coconut-scented perfume gets the first place, it’s because it’s not floral at all.

Too many modern coconut-like perfumes try to emulate all types of floral scents and over-complicate when essentially need to be something very light, and wearable even in the high summer heat.

Its coconut scent is fruity here, with a slight salty nuance. Then there’s the neroli (some type of citrusy-orange tone) here.

That’s it!

It lasts for a few hours and it lingers on the skin for the whole day. You need to apply it again if you wear it for work and you can certainly wear it to any occasion.

Where to get itAmazon, Bath and Body Works

No. 2

Mahogany Coconut Bath and Body Works

Not all perfumes are created equal. Some coconut fragrances are ideal for the summer. Most of them, frankly speaking.

Bath and Body Works also creates coconut-smelling scents that are ideal for spring and fall. This is one of them.

The woodsy aroma means Mahogany Coconut is more masculine than Coco Paradise but is still rather unisex.

A bit darker and a bit sweeter than Coco Paradise, this is a great go-to fragrance for just about all occasions when the weather isn’t too hot.

You can also wear it as an office scent as its indoor performance is great, despite you needing to re-apply it if you’re after an all-day projection.

Where to get itAmazon, Bath and Body Works

No. 3

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Milk and Rose

The calming scents Victoria’s Secret released a few years back still have relevance today. This is one of the best creamy perfumes for women with just a faint hint of rose.

You will not feel any type of overpowering rose so that it chocks you out in the sun here. Its floral note is brief, as is its harsh opening which then settles into a creamy coconut skin scent.

You may still layer it, but there’s sufficient complexity here to wear it on its own.

Where to get itAmazon, Victoria’s Secret

No. 4

Solinotes Paris Vanille

Among the leaders in the best vanilla coconut perfume category, Paris Vanille is mostly about the vanilla note in it with a hint of coconut.

This is among those very sweet but aromatic coconut perfumes you can over-spray to last almost a full workday as a skin scent.

Its projection is minimal for about an hour but the idea here is to create that sweet skin scent more than anything else.

The perfume can also be categorized as a great cheap vanilla perfume for women albeit the coconut note is faint and it may also work on men.

Where to get itAmazon, Ebay

No. 5

Kuumba Made Black Coconut Fragrance Oil

This ideal coconut perfume oil is recommended for a heavy coconut scent on the skin, throughout the day.

Not much projection can be expected from it. However, the heavy formula means it lingers on the skin and it may just be the simple coconut-only skin scent for the summer.

Reminiscent of suntan lotion, The Coconut Fragrance Oil is highly recommended for mature women as well as a no-thrills coconut scent.

There’s no sweetness here as there are no floral notes in it either.

It’s just pure coconut, on the heavier side, as its ‘Black’ name implies.

Where to get itAmazon, Kumba Made

No. 6

Kayali Utopia Vanilla Coco

One of the best Kayali perfumes for women is Utopia Vanilla Coco. As its name implies, this is mostly a coconuty perfume with sweet vanilla in there.

There’s a heaviness that comes from the musk note combined with white florals which makes this an ideal vanilla coconut scent for the summer.

Mostly leaning towards the feminine, the perfume is a bit more complex than the standard coconut-only coco perfume but not too complex to ruin what needs to be a simple summer fragrance.

Some of its direct competitors may lack the heaviness of the musk or the simple appeal of a mass-market perfume. If you don’t want to step into the world of niche perfumes, it might be the right option for you.

Where to get itAmazon, Sephora

No. 7

Juliette Has a Gun Lust for Sun

One of the best summertime coconut perfumes comes with the new Juliette Has a Gun release. Summer vibes instantly transport you to those days of summer.

A coconut floral perfume for women, Lust for Sun has that special DNA with just a bit of coconut and mostly white florals.

It smells more expensive than just about anything listed in this comparison and it is also a bit more expensive than your regular alternative, which is why it doesn’t get the first spot on our list.

You’d like this perfume if you’re interested in summertime florals that smell expensive with a creamy interpretation of a coconut base.

The perfume is also sweet but its dominant white florals purely recommend it for mature women, maybe successful women rather than teenage girls.

Where to get itAmazon, Sephora, John Lewis