6 Best Creed Aventus Clones That Get Compliments

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense is the best Creed Aventus clone by popularity. This cologne is cheap and it resembles Aventus smell up to 90%. However, Club de Nuit is not a full Aventus clone as other colognes.

Have you ever wondered what is the best Creed Aventus clone? There are tens of these Creed Aventus alternatives, but only a few of them are good. Fragrances similar to Creed Aventus tend to lack a natural quality to them. They smell fake, synthetic, and even cheap. This is why a worthy Creed Aventus dupe is hard to find?

What is a perfume clone?

Perfume clones are dupes of expensive best-smelling perfumes. A perfume clone can refer to a full dupe that copies all notes of a high-end original fragrance and a partial clone that only copies the main notes of a perfume.

Are perfume clones and fake perfumes the same?

Perfume clones aren’t fake perfumes. They are made with lower-quality ingredients to mimic or copy a luxurious fragrance. Clones are made by skilled perfumers.

Why even clone Creed Aventus?

Now that we’ve seen what a perfume clone is we can proceed to understand why Creed Aventus is the perfume with the most clones in the fragrance world. This perfume sparks imagination and desire both in men and women. Here are 3 reasons why Creed Aventus has so many perfume dupes today.

  • A very appealing smell

Creed Aventus smells good according to most of those who smell it. This is a universal fruity-fresh smell that appeals to both men and women. Combined with its unique niche-level quality, longevity, and luxury perfume appeal, the smell led to the creation of most perfume clones in the perfume world.

  • To get compliments

Creed Aventus gets compliments. Arguably one of the most complimented perfumes in history, Creed Aventus, and Dior Sauvage represent quintessential men’s fragrances that are liked by many ladies when men wear them.

  • To save money

Creed Aventus is expensive because it uses natural ingredients and because it has in-depth smell research behind it to create something that smells appealing to most people. Its high price means some people will never buy it. This is what paved the way for a myriad of perfume clones. We can say the following Aventus alternatives rose to the top from the tons of best Creed Aventus clones.

1.     Armaf Club de Nuit Intense (90% similarity)

Armaf Club de Nit smells of pineapple, lemon, birch, and musk. Its smell is sweet and very fruity. Club de Nuit smells like musk in the dry down.

Armaf is one of the brands that do clones very well. Club de Nuit Intense is the best Creed Aventus clone out there. It impresses almost all of those who smell it. People smelling you on the street rarely realize you’re not wearing Creed Aventus but a clone.

I’ve already written about the best Armaf colognes before and the role of Club de Nuit in the brand’s lineup. But this role remains actual to this day.

Club de Nuit resembled Creed Aventus about 90%. It shares the same main notes which are birch, pineapple, lemon, and musk.

The intensity of these notes is a bit different. Sure, the main pineapple note is there. It lacks the smokiness of the Creed Aventus pineapple note. The citrusy nature of Armaf’s perfume is also a bit more prominent.

Sure, there are major differences between these perfumes to a trained nose. The lack of true smell depth is among the major differences between Club de Nuit and Creed Aventus. But for the vast majority of people, there is no difference between these perfumes.

The performance of Club de Nuit redefines what a perfume clone is. Creed Aventus lasts hours. The same can be said about Club de Nuit that can last days when sprayed on clothes.

Is Club de Nuit worth it? Yes, it’s a very good deal even if you own Creed Aventus. It can be a no-brainer when it comes to a good return on investment and it also represents one of the best long-lasting colognes for men.

2.     Dossier Musky Oakmoss (85% similarity)

Dossier is one of the main players in the fragrance dupes market. We’ve seen how most Dossier perfumes are made properly in our Dossier perfumes review. The brand knows how to dupe fragrances.

Musky Oakmoss is the Dossier Creed Aventus alternative. It smells very similar to Creed’s popular pineapple perfume. However, it’s not exactly similar to Creed which places it on the second spot on our list.

Musky Oakmoss is a more modern dupe compared to Club de Nuit Intense. Its modernity plays to its advantage. Musky Oakmoss smells of bergamot, oakmoss, rose, and patchouli. It turns musky in the drydown.

However, this Creed Aventus alternative also features apple and pineapple. As one of the most intense perfumes from the brand, it’s also available cheaply. Musky Oakmoss is one of the best perfumes under $50, even if it’s a clone.

But who’d buy this perfume which feels less like an independent story such as Armaf’s cologne for men above and more like a true clone? It’s people who’d like to wear Creed Aventus every day that buy Dossier perfumes. We’ve seen some of the best Dossier perfumes for women and some of the best Dossier colognes for men worn every day around the office without anyone noticing a difference.

The cologne clone profile of Dossier perfumes is not a big issue. These fragrances are increasing in popularity as niche-level fragrances keep increasing in price. Customers are willing to ditch the brand and get a similar scent for a fraction of the price.


3.     Montblanc Explorer (65% similarity)

Montblanc Explorer is often called a Creed Aventus dupe. However, this feels like an Aventus clone and more like an independent perfume that is based on Aventus. Montblanc Explorer doesn’t have that sweet pineapple note. But it has intense citruses which also make it the best cologne for summer.

Leather is very intense in Monblanc’s Explorer perfume. The leather note in this best men’s cologne is not similar to the tarty smell of Aventus. However, it adds different types of smoothness.

Explorer goes for vetiver instead of birch as well. The main notes are similar but swapped to something different. This means Explorer is a unique scent. You can get one for a 10th of the price you pay for Creed Aventus.

On the other hand, Montblanc Explorer is the most youthful Creed Aventus clone. It can be one of the best colognes for 20-year-old guys as well as one of the best colognes for men who like the outdoors as it performs best out in the sun.

Explorer suffers in the longevity department. It’s not a men’s cologne that lasts all day. It lasts about half the time of Club de Nuit Intense. However, you can reapply once during the day if you want that fresh citrusy smell on you for a full 8-10 hours.

Projection is very good instead. You can smell Montblanc Explorer from a few feet away. This makes it ideal as a cheap cologne that gets compliments. This is not a 2021 release but it remains the most youthful and playful Creed Aventus dupe which makes it actually even as we prepare to enter 2022.

4.     Bond No. 9 BondNo9.com (50% similarity)

Bond No.9 is often named among the best Creed Aventus dupes. This best Bond No 9 perfume is a modern interpretation of Aventus and it brings a fresh vibe to just about any guy looking to smell like Aventus without buying Aventus.

This perfume has similarities to Creed’s masterpiece. However, it lacks the barbershop undertone of Aventus. It’s a darker fruitier version of Creed Aventus with a lot more cedarwood than birch.

Otherwise, Bond No.9 smells fruity and modern. As one of the best fruity colognes for men, Bond No.9 has excellent pineapple and black currant notes. An intense bergamot smell is there to greet the nose with the pineapple in the opening. The profile of the best musk cologne is also there in the drydown, similar to what you can smell in Creed’s Aventus.

Longevity and projection are very good here as well. Bond No 9 is one of the best long-lasting colognes for men that also smells good. You can expect it to keep on projection for 2-3 hours. Longevity is dependent on skin hydration, temperature, and other external factors but this scent lasts at least 6 hours.

5.     Zara Vibrant Leather (50% similarity)

This Creed Aventus Zara dupe is one of the best cheap Creed Aventus clones and one of the best Zara perfumes as it seems everybody likes it. The fragrance similarity to Aventus is not linear, however. Zara Vibrant leather reviews agree that this perfume only smells like Creed Aventus in the opening, changing to a fruitier softer scent in the drydown.

To me, it smells like a combination of Creed Aventus and Mancera Cedrat Boise. Creed Aventus similarities are smelt in the opening with a sharp bergamot smell opening. Mancera Cedrat Boise similarities are smelt in the drydown with intense leather and bamboo notes. The pineapple note here is also there, even if maybe not a main player in the opening.

When it comes to the best Zara perfume clones of Creed Aventus you can’t go wrong with Vibrant Leather. Some Vibrant Leather reviews fault it for its longevity. But this men’s cologne lasts at least 5 hours on the skin, which is not a bad deal considering you’re paying a fraction of the sometimes looked upon as an overpriced perfume such as Creed Aventus. As one of the best leather colognes, Zara’s Vibrant Leather impresses with its mass appeal. It’s one of the few men’s Zara colognes that gets compliments.

6.     Mancera Cedrat Boise (20% similarity)

Mancera Cedrat Boise is often seen as one of the best Mancera perfumes and a masterful release from one of the most underappreciated perfume brands in the world. Yes, Cedrat Boise is similar to Creed Aventus, but it has its own smell.

The opening of this best Mancera cologne for men is dominated by strong citruses such as bergamot and lemon. It also features spices and black currant notes.

Sweet fruits that are hard to distinguish (no pineapple?), patchouli, and a sweet jasmine smell are there in the drydown.

Cedrat or woody notes, leather, a sandalwood smell, vanilla, musk, and moss are its base accords. As one of the best cedar colognes or a top woodsy cologne, Cedrat Boise impresses with its price to performance ratio.

Mancera perfumes last a long time. Cedrat Boise lasts a whole day and it projects for at least 5-6 hours. It’s the best all-year cologne and certainly the most versatile fragrance a person could recommend as an alternative to Creed Aventus in Creed Aventus reviews.

How to buy a Creed Aventus clones

Things tend to get a bit hyped when it comes to Creed Aventus. Some men believe they can truly get a 100% dupe of Aventus for a fraction of its price. This is far from the truth. I’ve smelt all Creed Aventus clones and none of them are truly memorable. However, the best cologne dupes listed above have sufficient smell quality to them to replace Aventus on a budget.

Be realistic about the differences

There are clear differences between these cologne clones and the original Creed Aventus no matter its small smell differences from one batch to another. Clones of Aventus are different from the real thing in many ways which include the following.

  • Clear note separation

One of the biggest issues with Aventus clones and perfume clones, in general, is the ability to separate the notes from one another. Take Cedrat Boise as an example. Few people can truly name all of its notes. Club de Nuit Intense is no different. Men can’t go further than citruses and woodsy notes in describing this fragrance.

  • Natural ingredients

You can’t make a good clone for a cheap price by using synthetic ingredients in perfume. There’s a limit to what can be recreated in a laboratory on a budget. This means all Aventus clones smell synthetic. Creed Aventus itself doesn’t smell synthetic. This is a considerable difference that can’t be overlooked.

Can a regular person smelling you on the street tell you’re wearing a synthetic cologne? No. Most people simply cannot smell the difference between a $20 cologne and a $600 cologne.

  • Tart-like luxury smell quality

When it comes to specifics it turns out Creed Aventus has a tart-like smell. Almost all best Creed colognes for men and best Creed perfumes for women have this tart-like appeal. It’s the natural aromas in it that create this creaminess that doesn’t override clear not separation. This makes Creed Aventus a must-have, at least once in our lives as men that smell good.

Compare Aventus clones to see the small differences

You can also purchase multiple Aventus dupes to test these differences yourself since they’re all considerably cheaper now. Almost all of them can be purchased for $100 which makes them a great deal to smell good for at least a few years. They can be worn in all seasons and colognes such as Club de Nuit tend to last 3-4 years easily.

You won’t automatically become more attractive

One of the main attributes of Aventus is that it gets compliments. But as you might have already read in our Creed Aventus vs Dior Sauvage post, you’ll find out that Aventus doesn’t get as many compliments. Its clones don’t get too many compliments either. Sure, men get compliments while wearing Aventus clones because they smell good. But how many of these compliments are specifying a smoky pineapple fragrance? The idea is to wear these fragrances with realistic expectations.

Creed Aventus vs Armaf Club de Nuit – Which is better?

Creed Aventus is superior to Armaf Club de Nuit in ingredient quality and smoky pineapple interpretation. It’s a natural fresh-fruity perfume that lasts long. Armaf Club de Nuit smells more synthetic, with more citruses. However, Club de Nuit lasts longer than Creed Aventus.

If you aren’t sure which to choose between these two popular men’s fragrances you should set a clear budget. Creed Aventus is superior for high budgets while Armaf Club de Nuit is a good cologne that smells like Creed Aventus available at a very low price.

Those who say Club de Nuit smells exactly like Creed Aventus need to separate these scents. Club de Nuit is very sharp while Aventus has a tart-like smell, highly specific to luxury perfumes.

Creed Aventus vs Montblanc Explorer – Which is better?

Montblanc Explorer smells more citrusy and a bit more modern than Creed Aventus. However, Montblanc Explorer isn’t a timeless scent as a result. It’s the best Creed Aventus alternative for teenage guys and young men.

Creed Aventus vs Mancera Cedrat Boise – Which is better?

Cedrat Boise is not a direct Creed Aventus clone. However, it’s a citrus-fruity perfume with the same DNA as Creed Aventus. Men who love Aventus typically love Cedrat Boise as well. Aventus benefits from having a long history and a better name. Cedrat Boise is the underdog which outperforms Aventus in areas such as longevity, but not in the natural profile of its notes.

Montblanc Explorer vs Armaf Club de Nuit Intense – Which is better?

Montblanc Explorer is the better Creed Aventus alternative for young men. Mature men can choose Armaf Club de Nuit for its aftershave-like smell instead. Armaf Club de Nuit performs better than Montblanc Explorer. Men who like to have a cologne that lasts all day in their collection will often go for Club de Nuit as a result.

Bond No.9 BondNo9.com is an Aventus-inspired modern cologne. It has a modern twist and pretty good similarity. However, it’s not a direct Aventus clone. Bond No.9’s fragrance is recommended for the urban guy who likes to dress according to current fashion rules.

Zara Vibrant leather is a Creed Aventus dupe that smells more of leather and less of pineapple. The pineapple note isn’t listed in Vibrant Leather, but you can smell it in the drydown. Vibrant Leather is a cheap Zara perfume that smells good, recommended for young guys in their 20s.

Mancera Cedrat Boise is among the few Creed Aventus clones recommended for mature men and guys over 30. This is not an Aventus clone but rather an Aventus-inspired fragrance for men. It smells fruity and citrusy which makes it timeless and ideal as an all-rounder. Its fruits don’t include pineapple, however.

Cedrat Boise is one of the best men’s colognes to attract ladies as it seems all women like its smell. Its price is hard to match as well. This is how fragrances should smell like and true food for thought as men should not pay more to have a good-smelling perfume for less. Cedrat Boise is one of the best perfumes of all time.


Final words

Armaf Club de Nuit is the most realistic Creed Aventus dupe. It smells citrusy, summery, and it lasts long. Differences include a sharper smell for Club de Nuit and a smoother tart-like smell in Creed Aventus.

Dossier Musky Oakmoss is one of the simplest Creed Aventus clones, recommended for men who don’t like complex scents. It’s available at a low price but it still costs more than Club de Nuit Intense.

Montblanc Explorer is a dupe of Creed Aventus for the young crow. Young men and teenage guys love this fragrance. Versatile and long-lasting, it used to be the sole Aventus dupe on the radar. Today, Montblanc Explorer faces steep competition for the title of the best Creed Aventus dupe.

Creed Aventus continues to inspire the fragrance community, maybe like no other cologne. This is worthy of praise. In a world where everything is getting cheaper but of lesser quality, it feels Creed’s days are numbered. If we can conclude something after this healthcare crisis we’ve all been through is that life is made out of defining moments.

The moment you buy your first Creed perfume is such a defining moment. No matter how good the competition gets with its clones, it lacks that defining moment appeal. Creed Aventus makes you feel special while all other dupes and fragrances out there make others believe you feel special.