Best Date Fragrances For Men – Romantic Scents That Last

It can be nerve-racking to choose the best date fragrances for men. By their definition, date fragrances need to bring out the best of men. The last thing you want on a date is to smell bad. If you pull off a good scent, your date can get considerably better.

When I went on dates, picking the right cologne was as important as picking the right clothes.

Even if your date might not compliment you on your fragrance, she will smell it. My partner told me she was too shy to tell me she liked my fragrance on our first date. But she remembered it and told me all about the scent a few months into our relationship.

I think there’s a time and place for the right date.

But there’s a time and place for the right fragrance to go with it as well. The following list was probably the hardest one to put together. I love many fragrances, but most of them simply don’t work for dates.

Depending on your venue, time of day, clothes or personality, you can choose one of these men’s fragrances to make an impression. However, you should be careful if you choose an active date, I heard those are a thing now. If you go cycling through the park, for example, make sure you choose the right type of fragrance.

All of these details are going to be discussed with the following fragrances. Let’s start.

1. Dior Sauvage

When you don’t have time to research fragrance, you purchase Sauvage. It’s been found all over the place. Even shops that don’t sell fragrances now stock it.

Say what you want, but it has the vibe of a successful fragrance. Many men love it and many women love it as well.

It has a bit of pepper to it to spice things up and I’m going to say it’s going to favor evening dates.

From start to finish, it has a linear feel. Cedar, vetiver, patchouli, and vetiver work well as crowd-pleasers.

For sure, it will turn into your signature scent. The scent is a solid choice for the office or the clubbing scene.

Men of younger age are going to favor it over all other fragrances on this list as it comes with a profile they’re familiar with. But I don’t see any problem with more mature men wearing it.

What it delivers

  • An excellent crowd pleaser
  • Very versatile beyond dates
  • Easily found in stores

2. Bleu De Chanel Parfum

If you’re looking for a scent that invites your date and those around you closer to you, Bleu de Chanel Parfum 2018 edition might be the right option.

It’s fresh and refined and I’m sure you’re going to feel at ease with it regardless of your attire.

It took me a few days to get used to the smell. My nose wasn’t accepting it at the beginning. But the reactions from the ladies made me keep applying it until I now finally love it myself.

With its fresh allure, the scent is going to be the choice of those who also want to continue wearing the fragrance after their date. It may even work for office use. But I see it as an excellent signature scent which will be hard to replace, at least among other 2018 releases.

What it delivers

  • A lot of compliments from women
  • Not too many compliments from men
  • Solid performance for the money

3. Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme

My very first impression of this fragrance is that it’s made for tennis players or anyone else who is extremely active.

While it is true, I now find it a bit different, and certainly one of my all-time favorites.

Its bottle is sporty and its metallic vibe gives it that premium feel many of us feel comfortable with. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… yes, tell that to Valentino bottles.

Mandarin, mint and tonka bean are there for a fantastic opening.

Woody notes complete these notes. But the mandarin in this fragrance is a bit better than what I’d expect.

Mint and mandarin make it the perfect choice for warm-weather dates.

However, once you smell and own a bottle of this fragrance, you won’t let it go even during the winter. There’s nothing wrong with wearing year-round for your date.

What it delivers

  • 8+ hours longevity
  • Top projection in the first couple of hours
  • It’s recognized immediately as a Chanel

4. Dolce and Gabbanna Pour Homme

While this has a few years to it, for me it remains a top choice. Its sales prove I’m not the only one who likes it.

Citruses, orange flower, black pepper, and tobacco are in it. Tonka bean and musk give it a bit more depth.

But when it comes to its full impact, you need to expect beats performance. Sure, it’s not the most affordable older fragrance but it will last long.

If you’re out on a date, I’d limit it to 2 sprays. Believe me, any woman is capable of smelling it with its impressive silage.

What it delivers

  • Timeless appeal
  • Solid versatility
  • A performance hard to match

5. Aqua Pour Homme Bvlgari

The fragrance is my favorite from the aquatic Bvlgari’s. I can’t wait for the summer to wear it again.

When it comes to date versatility, as I mentioned with active dates, I think it’s the best. No matter what type of date you plan, it handles itself like no other.

While it’s not the best performer from the brand, it certainly smells better than it lasts.

For me, it smells like pure water. The type of smell you get when swimming out in the sea.

Others compare it with seaweed. The salty-mineral profile certainly reminds most men about the sea.

An advantage of this fresh scent is its affordability. You don’t have to be Bill Gates to afford it.

If you’re planning a date in the evening, I feel you’re doing this fragrance justice. Yes, it’s hypnotizing and it’s a cheaper alternative to Chanel’s fragrance if you’re on a budget.

What it delivers

  • Deep aquatic vibe
  • Very versatile date fragrance
  • Men can wear it at the office

6. The One Eau de Parfum Dolce & Gabbana

You have to try this out given its prices. Girls always rate it highly.

Basil, coriander, and grapefruit are its opening notes.

Orange blossom, cardamom, and ginger are its midnotes.

Tobacco, cedar, and amber are its very woody and masculine accords.

With considerable improvements in performance over the original, the fragrance is a must-have if you like the original.

Its eau de parfum comes with extra longevity and projection.

However, many of the fragrances on this list are a bit edgy.

It’s not the case here. The fragrance is a very safe choice.

Being a formula which is a bit more concentrated, it also lasts a bit longer.

What it delivers

  • It attracts compliments
  • Masculine with a mysterious vibe
  • It works for all ages

7. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De l’Homme

The fragrance is an impressive continuation of the original. When you walk into a fragrance shop and ask for a date cologne, they’re going to hand you La Nuit De l’Homme. Even its name sounds sexy and ready for a date.

With cardamom, cedar, and vetiver, it has an oriental appeal. Wearing it, you’ll certainly imagine walking with your date down the streets of Dubai.

But for me, that oriental appeal changes into an original scent. Can it be a signature scent? Yes, it can.

Sure, most women have smelled it before. But is it that bad? No. If you want to play it safe, go YSL.

What it delivers

  • Solid performance
  • A bit oriental
  • Made for cardamom fans

8. Valentino Uomo Aqua

The fragrance only comes in an eau de toilette version. But it’s enough to live a lasting impression on your date.

As soon as you take it out of the box, you realize you are in presence of greatness.

Its bottle is indeed one of the most attractive designs in history. I keep all my empty Uomo bottles on display as they look so fantastic.

However, you’re not going on a date with a bottle.

Patchouli and iris are added to this impressive fragrance. The added freshness to the best-seller Valentino Uomo makes this viable for summertime dates. If you’re a bit unsure about its seasonality, you could always get the original Uomo and welcome the compliments.

What it delivers

  • Extra freshness compare to the original
  • A bit of elegance to any outfit
  • A few compliments

9. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

The fragrance is one of the most popular in Tom Ford’s line. Furthermore, most fragrance fans can name it among the most popular niche scents.

With its sweetness and performance, it is hard to mistake.

However, it’s limited to wintertime use. I once wore it in the summer and I didn’t like it.

But if your date is in winter, spring or late fall, it is the time of scent that is positive among the sweet scents. Of course, its vanilla vibe and overall roundness works well at formal events.

This is the main reason the fragrance is your go-to option for wearing with a suit.

It’s not a fragrance to wear while shopping at Home Depot, that’s a given.

What it delivers

  • Strong vanilla sweetness
  • Coziness in the winter
  • A bit artistic in its interpretation

10. Mancera Purple Flowers

Now it’s time for another one of my favorites. The fragrance from the house of Mancera with a distinct purple color.

I say it’s a unisex fragrance and your date might end up taking it away from you. With a floral appeal, it is a scent to wear on summer days.

Some would say this is even similar to Amouage Lyric Man. However, it gets compared to many fragrances and you’ll get that from flower-based scents frequently.

With a citrusy-fruity opening, the fragrance has a nice impression from the start. Its purple flower scent is starting to make its way in the drydown.

For dates, I’d take it anywhere outside or indoors in large spaces such as cinemas or opera houses.

What it delivers

  • A scent like a purple flower
  • A unisex appeal
  • Potent when seasons change
Find it here on Amazon

11. Creed Viking

It might not be your Aventus suggestion, but Viking is a bit more interesting for dates.

For me, this is the type of classy fragrance you want to wear as a guy 25+. It’s not old-school, but rather a new interpretation on a classic cologne that mature man can pull off.

Both the earthy notes and the sea notes are there for a true Viking. It’s masculine and full of finesse. Sure, you won’t get as many compliments as with Aventus, but you’ll feel special wearing it. This can only improve your confidence on the date.

Its performance is stellar as well, as a Viking was. It lasts a bit more than 10 hours and its worth the investment.

What it delivers

  • For the men who don’t follow a trend
  • A beast performer
  • Some compare it to Pasha in the drydown

12. Amouage Reflection Men

For me, Reflection Me is a bit hard to describe. After smelling many cheap fragrances, I’m used to describing notes very straightforward. I associate all sandalwood and jasmine notes to be the same. Or so I used to do.

But this is a different type of jasmine and sandalwood. Amouage take them to the next level.

Most of its notes are blended skillfully. This means you’ll probably also have a hard time separating them in your mind.

However, it remains one of the top 10-20 niche fragrances for popularity for a good reason. Its lightweight floral profile will make your date a bit brighter.

Longevity is normally underlined for around 5 hours. However, its projection is a bit reduced compared to the mentions above. 

What it delivers

  • Excellent floral scent
  • A niche mysterious appeal
  • Not the most inspired choice for active dates

13. Paco Rabanne XS

This sweet performer is another scent you can confidently wear on a date. You probably know it from the shops where it comes with that very distinguishable bottle.

However, I don’t think the bottle should distract you at all. This fragrance has a bit of darkness in it but it also has sweet vanilla and some types of brandy. Other notes include ginger, thyme, and myrrh that accentuates that darker side.

Now, is it’s a daytime summer fragrance? Probably not.  But dates in the fall, winter, and spring can benefit from a bit of mysterious darkness to them.

The man for this fragrance is the guy looking to make a strong impression. There’s no reason to second guess the purchase in his mind. He sees it and he goes for it.

The performance is above average on my skin.

What it delivers

  • A bit of edginess
  • Unique
  • It lasts a few hours but not more than 5

14. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

We’re staying along with the same dark mysterious recommendations for now with Noir Extreme. There’s no point in denying it, these fragrances will be hard to pull if you’re under 20. However, as I said, a confident guy doesn’t follow what others think and want.

You build a road and you walk on it.

If Pure XS is a road your build, so is Noir Extreme. From the start, the quality of the scent impresses you.

The woody scent has a bit of sweetness in it with vanilla and nutmeg. At times, it reminds me of a solid café latte. But the added saffron takes it a bit closer to that darker edge and it’s as if you know you like it and you know that others might not like it as much.

However, others like it if you wear it right. There’s no point in reminding men to take a shower before the date. But I feel you get even that saffron fresh clean skin.

Yes, its sophisticated. And I think its price is just about right to move some gentleman from designer fragrances with an added 30-40% towards such an elegant scent.

Now, since there’s a non-extreme version of it, I would say you should not spray this before going to bed. If your date goes too well, you should not spray it again when you go to bed. It’s going to be too much.

3-4 sprays before heading out to the date, possibly an hour before, should be enough. The drydown here is among the best and it makes sense to invest in a fragrance for special occasions. Dates are as special as they get.

What it delivers

  • Suitable for those who partake in important conversations 😉
  • It attracts women from the start
  • I wouldn’t push it with daytime dates though

15. CH Men Prive

This fragrance has the same cap opening system as on the Pure XS. I don’t know why, but I don’t like it.

However, the scent itself is where the meat and potatoes are.

The boozy leather appeal of this scent is very well received. If you just read the opinions on it at discount shops online, you’ll see both men and women like it.

Its citrusy opening is an excellent source of extra joyfulness before heading out to your big event.  Bergamot and whiskey are there as well. It’s certainly not for those who don’t like that boozy vibe.

In the drydown, there’s a bit of leather and woodiness to it. It remains masculine from start to finish even if they’re plenty of women taking pictures with it on Instagram.

Sure, this boozy scent is not going to be easy to pull-off in college or high school. But if you want to wear a leather jacket and cool aviators, you might pull it off with the right attitude.

What it delivers

  • An affordable way to smell cool
  • A strong masculine impact
  • Mature women tend to respond better to it

16. Prada Luna Rosa Black

Another black fragrance to make an impression without thinking twice.

With an aromatic profile, it takes a nice turn towards a bit more femininity. Its sweetness might come from amber and tonka but it also comes with patchouli.

But I’d say you need to be attentive to get that bergamot vibe. Of course, this is the type of black fragrance which also works during the night, where most romantic encounters happen.

But the fragrance is not overly original. Its DNA is not entirely new, but it does work in other settings where you’d be wearing a shirt. For example, it might work with 1-2 sprays at your office. I know I’ve worn it for work before.

However, its DNA shines during the night. You can add it to your collection next to your signature scent. This way, whenever you’re out on a date, your partner will know that it’s an event, an occasion, something special, a time where she has all your attention.

What it delivers

  • Sweet aromatic vibes
  • Versatility in terms of age
  • Nighttime scent value

17. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Noir Ambre

I wanted to recommend a fragrance which would be useful year-round but which would have a bit of a dark side as well. I went to my collection and I stopped at the Homme Noir Ambre.

It wouldn’t be as fantastic during a date in the hot summer sun, but it works like a charm in the evening and any other season.

Yes, it has the value of a signature scent for its versatility.

Some say it smells like Black Phantom but I like it either way.

With an amber sweet sugar with a burnt wood added to it, the fragrance adds some vetiver and a bit of freshness that turns it to any season. Saffron, nutmeg, and vanilla give it a bit of that sweet mall sent you’d get at Starbucks or in candy stores.

What intrigues me here as that even with all of these notes, it has a fresh vibe to it.

Judging by its color, you’d stay away from it for the summer. But I say smell it at your local fragrance shop and you’ll be surprised.

It’s pleasant and it’s very difficult to see how you’d offend anyone wearing it. The price is right as well.

What it delivers

  • Amber-fresh scent
  • Longevity around 4 hours
  • A scent with familiar accords

18. Creed Royal Oud

A good oud also needs to be here. Creed Royal Oud is largely overlooked in the fragrance community. It doesn’t get as many mentions as Aventus or Irish Tweed but I think some noses’re going to love it.

Lemon, pink berry and bergamot are in the opening.

Cedar, galbanum, and angelic root are its fantastic mid notes.

Regal Indian oud, sandalwood, and musk are its base notes.

It has that unique feel and it’s worth it if you need a luxury fragrance. It has a classy appeal that not many other scents manage to pull off with oud as a center scent.

In terms of versatility, the cologne is still viable. You can rely on it for both daytime and nighttime dates.

With a green opening, this fragrance becomes luxurious only in the drydown. As a result, I’d only apply it an hour or 2 before going out to the date itself.

In terms of the age range, I’m still looking for an 18-year old who’d want an oud. This is the reason I see it as an option for guys 30+.

However, you should allow yourself to enjoy it for a few dates instead of testing it out directly on a date. It’s going to be different from your designer fragrances if you haven’t tested out any niche or Creed scents before.

What it delivers

  • A bit of oud excellence
  • A creamy luxurious scent in the drydown
  • Performance to match its name

19. Tom Ford Oud Wood

Too many, this is the best Tom Ford fragrance to please the crowds. It’s balanced and refined. For sure, there’s no way to avoid its impressive formulation. It does get reactions, some good some bad.

But it’s very deep and complex.

If you’re into fragrances, you need to get a Tom Ford scent at some point. If for example, the Black Orchid is going to be a purchase you’re going to guess yourself, Oud Wood is the type of purchase you won’t regret if you have the money for it.

Launched in 2007, it still inspires many men today.

If you’re comparing it to Black Noir, you need to know the quality of it is impressive in comparison. For example, I have it sprayed on one of my multiple leather jackets. After 2 weeks, I could still feel its scent on my jacket.

Since I only wear it on occasion, I’m going to prioritize it for my date nights.

What it delivers

  • 10+ hours longevity
  • Clear niche blend
  • A bit higher in quality than other Tom Ford releases

20. Enigma Roja

If I were to have a bath in one fragrance, it would be Enigma Roja. I like how this house interprets accords and how it blends them. Top notes last and you might get away with spraying it right before the date.

It has a boozy vibe, probably cognac given its color. Sweetness is given by vanilla but with a bit of ginger spice.

Bergamot and neroli last a bit long here. However, even the opening is not the freshest you can smell and I’d mainly use it for fall and winter dates.

Its booziness is also among the smoothest you can dream of. There’s a bit of tobacco here to offer it that complexity and a bit of oriental charm.

What it delivers

  • Rich cognac complexity
  • A bit of tobacco vibe
  • I’d say it’s for men 35+

21. Dominique Ropion Carnal Flower

This classic remains an interesting choice for the luxury scents category.

Rose, coconut, and musk inspire it. But for me, it’s the flowers which make it even more interesting.

It’s the type of urban fragrance with plenty of white flowers.

If you’re planning a date out at a restaurant, a walk, or a cinema date, it might be the fragrance that is going to stop people in their way to compliment you.

The eucalyptus and the tuberose are hard to describe here. It’s as if you’re standing next to the flower itself. Let’s arguably say this is the best tuberose interpretation in any fragrance.

What it delivers

  • A unique tuberose scent
  • 5-6 longevity
  • Strong projection for 2 hours

22. Men In Black Bvlgari

If a boozy-iris combination doesn’t scare you off, Men in Black can be one of your choices for the special event.

It features tobacco, rum, and spices in the opening.

Iris, tuberose, and leather are among its midnotes.

Benzoin, tonka and guaiac wood complete its mysterious side with the base accords.

Men on a date can benefit from a luxurious appeal, especially in the drydown.

It’s the type of scent that attracts attention due to its spiciness. Be prepared to answer questions if you apply too much of it.

What it delivers

  • A luxurious scent on a budget
  • 80 hours of longevity
  • A boozy mysterious opening

23. Halloween Man X Jesus Del Pozo

If you’re going on too many dates with too many girls, you’ll soon need more fragrances.

But what if you’re the type of guy who only wants to smell modern without putting a hole in the wallet?

Halloween Man is highly praised.

I find it a bit similar to 1 Million. But this is not something to put me off a purchase, especially given its affordability.

Its aromatic opening soon changes in the drydown. Whiskey, minerals, coffee, leather, and cinnamon are there in the drydown.

Planning a date out in an urban area during the night doesn’t necessarily require the most expensive scents and here’s the proof.

What it delivers

  • A fragrance for those who follow fashion trends
  • Coffee, leather, and booziness on a budget
  • It only lasts 3-4 hours

24. Armani Stronger With You

Another safe fragrance comes from Armani. Stronger With You is one of those scents which immediately sends your mind to dates. It has a sweet formulation that is not going to remember but which is very pleasant.

I wear it all the time even if I wasn’t impressed by it in the beginning. As times move on, you just like something easy to wear without having too many high expectations.

There’s a bit of cardamom in the opening but it quickly settles.

Now, how much should you pay for it? I think you shouldn’t buy the 100ml version. I chose the 30ml version which I can always purchase again if needed. If you can’t find this version where you live, you may have better luck with the 50ml version. Both the 30ml and the 50ml versions look impressive with their premium bottles.

What it delivers

  • A sweet scent that doesn’t offend anyone
  • Very playful date fragrance
  • Sage comes and goes in the drydown

25. Azzaro Wanted By Night

The fragrance markets itself as the sensual edition of the original Azzaro. It has an explosive oriental vibe which makes it hard to forget.

Cinnamon, bergamot, lavender, and lemon are its top notes.

Red cedar, fruity notes, cumin, and incense are its mid accords.

Cedar, tobacco, cypress, benzoin, and patchouli are also there in the drydown.

It can also be one of those scents which makes guys smell something else but which makes women light up. Its sexy and sweet and men on a date are certainly going to give off that sensual vibe wearing it.

What it delivers

  • 3-hours projection
  • 10-hours longevity on the skin
  • A sexual/sensual vibe

Final considerations

Going out on a date is a time when many men can experience a bit of nervousness. But the right fragrances can ease those nerves.

As seen from these examples, the best releases work with certain types of guys. If you’re planning a special night out, you should also take a moment to think about what you’re going to wear and which fragrance you’re going to use.

Since most of these perfumes give up a sensual vibe, they might not be as useful at the office or for other occasions as others. I’d recommend buying the smaller versions of each of these scents as a result. But not all of them come in smaller bottles.

If you want a bit more robustness in your fragrances, don’t be afraid to wear something bold. You need to show who you are to your prospective date.

At the same time, you might not be as comfortable experimenting with scents at this time. Any of the safe fragrances are going to work for any date without a doubt. But remember that you might get close to your date if it goes well and you don’t want to engulf her in fragrance. Go light, be subtle, and play it cool as a real man.

If you’re seeking something you could wear when the date is over, feel free to have a look at the best cologne for men recommendations. 


What’s the most attractive scent?

Channel Allure Homme Sport is rated as very attractive together with Valentino Uomo

What scent is most attractive to guys?

For men, Dior Posion is very attractive on women. What is the best smelling perfume that guys love?

How do you smell seductive?

The first step is to take a shower. A shower gel with a similar scent profile to the fragrance is going to work the best.