21 Best Fragrances for Teenage Guys – Cool Colognes Worth Owning

The best fragrances for teenage guys smell youthful. They often come with sweet notes such as vanilla, spicy notes such as cinnamon, and fresh notes such as bergamot.

Some of the following fragrances are purely for teenagers. Others are scents that you get away with as a young guy.

However, let me tell you that you should wear whatever you like and not what everybody thinks you should like.

But I do believe it’s an age of discovery where you tray many things. This also brings you occasional hate as you’re going to be judged.

Most teenage guys don’t know how to wear fragrance. But you can find the best options for yourself and educate yourself on fragrances.

Believe me, when I say more is not better.

You don’t need to apply 6 sprays on yourself to get girls to notice you.

Go light and choose a fragrance of value. You should also enjoy it and you can only do so when the fragrance is not overpowering.

Here are my favorite or what I think a teenage guy can wear on different occasions.

Best Fragrances for Teenage Guys to Make You Smell Fresh and Trendy

Some of the following fragrances have proven popular. Others are underrated colognes for young men.

  1. Armani Stronger With You

The sweet-nut scent of this fragrance will be with you from 14 to your late 30s. It has a high potential of becoming a signature scent. When I first smelled it, I wasn’t sure I was into its sweetness.

But then women started complimenting me and asking what I was wearing.

So I thought maybe there’s more to this designer fragrance than I first thought. I started wearing it more and it grew on me.

Today, I still have it in my gym bag in its small 30ml version as I don’t like to carry big bottles with me into the locker room.

Cardamom, vanilla, sage, pineapple are there. They come to life a bit more maybe due to the red pepper concentration.

But I’m sure you like it. It’s made in the ‘90s and I can bet it’s going to remain a top seller for the following decade.


  • Women love it
  • Sweet cardamom with a vanilla-pepper profile
  • It’s sexy

  1. Lacoste Blanc

If you want something cheap but still unique, Blanc is hard to match.

For me, this is a great gym fragrance as it smells fresh. You should not worry about its energetic profile as it should suit your age very well.

It’s not expensive which means you can go for the 100ml version. If you have a Lacoste T-shirt to match it, even better.

Rosemary, nutmeg, and ylang-ylang give it a certain attractiveness.

Bergamot and tuberose elevate it a bit more and still offer its uniqueness.

I know a couple of other fragrances with similar notes which simply don’t stand out of the crowd. They’re not bad, but they aren’t memorable.

As a teenage guy, feeling cool and fresh should not be too complicated and Lacoste knows how to do it.


  • Top choice for active teenagers
  • It works with formal and sporty attires
  • The fragrance has a uniqueness to it

  1. Versace Eros

There’s certainly not a lot of people who dislike Eros. If there’s a time to smell like a playboy, it’s now.

If you’re going clubbing, you’re going to smell Versace Eros on a lot of successful and youthful guys. They can’t all be wrong.

Even more, women love it.

The fragrance is available in various bottles up to 200ml. But you’ll buy it again once you buy it once. It’s just that good.

It’s probably the sexiest product on this list. You should not hold back if you want to try it out yourself on evening events. Whenever you have a party, there’s nothing more that you need than the fragrance and a simple white or black T-shirt and you’re off the door.


  • A sexy formulation
  • Excellent for nighttime wear
  • Both men and women like it

  1. Boss Bottled Intense

If you want to smell a bit more mature, yet masculine without breaking the bank, Bottled Intense is one of the main options.

You can rely on this fragrance for any type of occasion. I’ve even seen guys wearing it to school.

It’s not complicated as it doesn’t try to be complicated. The fragrance has a masculine appeal and you won’t feel like a little boy wearing it.

But it’s not pure vanilla s many describe it.

Supporting notes make it stand out a bit more. Cloves and cinnamon bring it to life and they are the type of notes which put you in the spotlight.

If you’re an introvert, it might not be the best option for you as people notice you immediately.

While it doesn’t have a huge projection, most will smell it on you while indoors.

Cloves and cinnamon spice it up and vanilla offer it a huggable feel. Floral notes are also there.

Its sexy vibe also makes it an excellent choice for your date night.

If you’re going to a cinema, please apply it sparingly.

But if it’s your first date, I hope you’re not going to the cinema but rather somewhere outdoors where you can apply 2 sprays and call it a day.


  • Sexy fragrance
  • Top choice for date night
  • Teenage guys love it

  1. Montblanc Explorer

Many simply compare Montblanc Explorer to Creed Aventus. It might have the same vibe but it’s certainly considerably more affordable.

You can wear this on any occasion and there’s no reason to spend more on such a citrusy fragrance.

Bergamot, pink pepper, leather and woody notes characterize the popular cologne.

It certainly embodies the adventurous spirit you might have in your teenage years. I’m certainly looking to get that spirit back myself. Even its adventurous profile is the same as Aventus. Save yourself the price difference and get this one. If you’re on a budget, the 30ml version should work just fine.


  • A fresh leathery aromatic fragrance
  • An affordable Aventus alternative
  • Made for adventurous teenagers

  1. Calvin Klein CK Shock

Another cheap fragrance with performance is the CK Shock. It might be your first oriental cologne but I’m sure you like it as I see plenty of young guys buying it.

If you’re passing the fragrance aisle in Walmart, you can even try it out yourself.

Those thinking about this being too common shouldn’t try to compensate for its original scent.

With a bit of cinnamon and oriental notes, it’s going to smell good during the summer.

You are also going to like how it transforms during the winter.

Yes, it changes with outdoor temperature. But I’m sure this change is always interpreted as a good thing.

I like to play around with it and at times when I get bored, I also consider layering it to see what happens.

If you feel playful and cheerful, you wouldn’t find a better and cheaper performance to complete your personality.


  • Made with an oriental profile
  • One of the most playful teenage fragrances
  • It only costs as much as a few cups of coffee

  1. Versace Pour Homme

With an affordable price, a cool name, and a timeless appeal, Pour Homme is the type of cologne that can easily turn into your signature scent.

If you want to smell fresh, it might just be among the top options. Some people see it purely as a summer scent (also read my complete best Versace cologne for men recommendations).

But as mentioned herein other articles, there’s nothing wrong with smelling fresh year-round.

Now, what would you wear with such a fragrance?

This fragrance works well for a simple T-shirt, jeans and trainers look.

You can also wear it to classes, to the gym or to meet your girlfriend’s parents.

Citrus, bergamot, neroli, and a bit of summertime beach freshness are all that you need in this cologne to make an impact.


  • An excellent choice for ages 12+
  • Affordable if it’s your first fragrance
  • The citrusy-fresh vibe for all occasions
Get it here on Amazon.

  1. YSL Homme

This list is going to be dominated by fragrances that can replace an entire collection due to their versatility.

YSL Home is no different. The cologne for teen boys comes with a perfect balance of sweet spicy notes. With a few citruses and spices, it is something worth spending your money on.

If you’re already going on dates, the fragrance is certainly something you can wear for such occasions. It suits the romantic situation to wear but I wouldn’t stop at dates. This scent can make an impression on any occasion.


  • A classic for any age
  • It’s more sexy than playful
  • You can wear it as a signature scent

  1. Prada Luna Rosa Black

From the Luna Rosa series, you have to consider at least of fragrance amount he best cologne for teens nominees. At some point, you should just smell all of them.

But as for now, you can find satisfaction in the newer 2018 Luna Rosa Black.

It’s not too expensive and it also draws plenty of compliments. The longevity on this fragrance is just about right and you can smell it on your skin for a few hours.

Bergamot, patchouli, angelica, and amber make their way into such a simple yet compliment-getting cologne.


  • You can buy the cheaper 50ml Eau de Parfum version
  • Gets compliments and has longevity
  • You can tell is a new formulation

  1. Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme Dolce & Gabbana

With better performance than the original Light Blue, the Intense version is a fantastic choice if you live in areas with warm weather.

It shines during the summer months. But if you decide to wear a fragrance to school, this is the type of scent you should be having. Anything heavier is going to start to annoy those around you.

With a salty aquatic impression, it is the type of fragrance that pleases everybody.

Sure, it has a slight synthetic feel to it. But women like it a lot and girls will start asking you about it regardless.

This refined modern option works well for the beach vibe which means it’s a fantastic option for those who might go clubbing and partying in the open air as well.


  • Excellent summertime scent
  • A modern interpretation of a classic
  • A fresh compliment-getter

  1. Bvlgari Aqua

If you want to smell a bit more mature but you also want to feel youthful and energetic, Aqva is the right choice.

Here’s the deal with this fragrance.

Guys rarely recommend it to other guys. But if you walk into a Sephora, almost always it’s going to be recommended to you by a girl.

Spray it on yourself in a fragrance shop and walk around the mall casually for a few hours. I guarantee those turning their heads to smell you are going to be women.

Most guys don’t understand its fresh aromatic appeal to its full potential.

But even if you look at its reviews, you’ll see women is it on themselves as they find it so appealing.

With a seaweed, salty-marine dry-down, the fragrance is a fresher alternative to Sauvage. While its performance is similar to Dior’s cologne, you shouldn’t worry about investing in it.

Its longevity does justice to your purchase. This fragrance lasts for 4-5 hours without even trying to fade away.


  • Daring youthful fresh fragrance
  • It gives you a more mature vibe
  • Women like it

  1. Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier

This masculine fragrance also gives you a more mature smell. It might not work as well at school as I think it’s quite strong.

But this masculine fragrance is something a teenage guy can easily wear outside school. You can wear it to soccer practice, to a movie, to the mall or even to a club. I can find no reason not to be able to pull it off with any outfit.

I think a casual outfit is best for it. You shouldn’t have to try to impress anyone too much anyways.

Including lavender, it’s a fragrance with masculine accords from the first minute of application.

Sweet vanilla and fresh apple complete its playful profile.

Combining elements of masculinity with elements of playfulness is certainly equaling a teenage appeal.

Feel free to test it out yourself.

Popular places where you can test it include Sephora shops, Walmart or any other large shopping mall.

I think it’s in stock year-round and you should have no issues finding it and testing it yourself.

Now, if you live in a remote area you can also order a sample online. Its samples are very inexpensive.

However, you will have to pay postage if you decide to order it from any of the large online retailers.


  • Masculine year-round scent
  • It works if you like vanilla
  • The fragrance is suitable for casual and sports outfits

  1. Dior Sauvage

I’m sure you already heard of Dior Sauvage. Even if you’re a young man, you couldn’t have escaped the hype.

Cologne for teenagers should always include it s an option due to its everyday use potential. It’s on-trend and I see it as very versatile and elevating for whatever outfit of the day you’re choosing.

If you’re wearing a school uniform with a button-up shirt, it feels at home and it doesn’t make you feel out of place.

If you’re wearing something casual such as jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers, it also feels very relaxed.

But I feel the outfit a teenage guy should choose for Sauvage is a jeans jacket and a plain white or black T-shirt. There’s no need to complicate your outfit with it.

It has a bit of peppery kick to it so feel free to be daring.

If you want to have a crazy haircut, Sauvage handles it well also.

But most importantly, this fragrance is a hit with the ladies.

It constantly gets high marks and praises wherever I go.

If you’re at the gym, go light as its very strong.

But otherwise, you can apply 2-3 sprays to have it last for a couple of hours.

Here’s a tip if you want to wear it at school.

Most teachers aren’t going to be very happy to smell you 10 feet away.

However, you can apply 1-2 sprays directly on your clothes. This tones it down a bit and it also means your clothes are going to smell like Sauvage for a few days.

Now, your main problem here is not longevity, hairstyle or even where to wear it. Your main problem is its cost.

This fragrance rarely gets discounted considerably. You have a few options to get it. You may ask your parents for the money or save up yourself.

Think about it this way, if you’re saving for a fragrance in your teenage years, it might as well be for Dior Sauvage.


  • Excellent for extroverts
  • A great conversation starter
  • It’s a winner with the ladies

  1. Joop Pour Homme

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct

Calvin Klein One Shock

Chanel Allure Home Sport

These are often mentioned by those who recommend fragrances for teenagers. I understand why this is. However, it might only be something you afford on occasion.

Here’s how I see it. If you can ask for a 21st birthday gift, ask for this fragrance.

Otherwise, you may not be able to afford it given its price.

But the fragrance works for in all seasons, for exercising or for your dates where you expect a couple of compliments.

Since you’re a teenager, you might not have your fragrance collection in mind just yet.

If you could only buy one, this could be the perfume to purchase as it’s a massive crowd-pleaser.


  • It’s trendy for all ages
  • The fragrance works if you don’t want to try out others
  • It might be a bit too expensive to buy from your savings

  1. Amyris Homme Maison Kurkidjian For Men

If you’re tired of all these designer fragrances, there’s hope in the niche market for you with this cologne for teens.

Who says niche fragrances don’t cater to the young crowd?

Feel free to try it out yourself as this scent is certainly made for those under the age of 20.

Bergamot and rosemary are in the opening.

CoconutyAmyris, coffee, iris, and milk chocolate make their sweet floral presence felt after about 10 minutes.

Tonka beans and agarwood offer these ingredients the woody depth to make them last on your skin a bit longer.

In the drydown, Tonka is going to be dominant. Feel free to smell like a man from an early age and stand out from all other teenage friends in high-school or college with it.

You shouldn’t worry about the coffee notes or chocolate notes too much, they only have a background role here.


  • An alternative to mainstream fragrances
  • Dominated by Tonka accords
  • Elegant notes throughout
Get it here on Amazon.

16. Azzaro Wanted by Night

Wanted by Night is a true sweet perfume for men. It can be the ideal cologne for teenage boys since it comes with a sweet aromatic punch. If you like cinnamon and cumin this is your game.

Cinnamon, mandarin orange, lavender, and lemon are its punchy opening notes. These notes are specific to a warm scent with a youthful teenage vibe. While it can’t be seen as a pure cinnamon perfume, it’s as close to that title as possible.

Fruity notes, incense, red cedar, and cumin are its mid notes.

Tobacco is prominent in the base notes together with vanilla, cedar, leather, benzoin, ISO E Super, Cypress, and patchouli. This can be interpreted as a vanilla perfume for men given the intensity of the vanilla note.

Leather makes it a modern fragrance close to a clubbing perfume.

Longevity is also impressing on Azzaro Wanted by Night. The cologne lasts about 8 hours on guys.

17. Paco Rabanne 1 Million

1 Milion perfume for men is already a legend. This sweet cologne for teenage guys is almost like no other. It’s often seen as a clubbing cologne for teenage men and young men. However, it’s much more than that due to its rather universal appeal.

Similar to Wanted by Night, 1 Milion is a spicy cologne for men. At the same time, it has that special warm perfume for men scent that makes guys feel both attractive and cozy.

This used to be the most complimented cologne for men. It was also ranked on the list of the best perfume to attract women.

Today, this is one of the true perfumes to attract compliments even if many men are wearing it.

Blood mandarin, grapefruit, and mint are its opening notes. These are inspired by the best men’s perfume for fall.

Cinnamon, spices, and rose are its mid accords that perform superbly in cold weather.

Amber, leather, woodsy notes, and patchouli give this perfume dewiness, versatility, and excellent likeability among teenage men.

Performance is spectacular and it’s no surprise we’ve also seen 1 Million on the list of best long-lasting colognes for men. A must-have at a young age.

18. Dolce Gabbana The One

Another best winter cologne for men with a youthful vibe and true all-season versatility is The One. This classic cologne for men impresses teenage guys as they know the brand and they fall in love with the scent.

This cologne has the same profile as Wanted by Night and 1 Million, but with more designer influence.

It starts with grapefruit, coriander, basil.

Spicy ginger, warm cardamom, and floral orange blossom are its mid accords.

Amber, tobacco, and cedar are its base notes.

Here’s the deal. This cologne for teenage guys smells great, possibly the best. However, it only lasts 1-2 hours on the skin. Still, it’s the best cheap cologne for teenage guys and an effortless way of getting into colognes.

19. John Varvatos John Varvatos

This is one of the most sophisticated fragrances for men. It’s also one of the top men’s colognes to attract females given its universal appeal.

As a leather fragrance, it goes best with casual outfits. Teenagers can also wear it with a T-shirt and jeans. Furthermore, it will work for school and other occasions as it can be worn through the year, unlike other warm spicy perfumes.

It first smells of fresh green leather. As it goes into drydown it starts to smell like amber leather which makes it as versatile as they come.

This inexpensive fragrance for teenage guys seems to have it all. Leather, amber, dates, tamarind, caramel, and out.

However, it lacks sufficient longevity to last all day. If you don’t mind re-applying it through the day, it might just be that ultimate cologne for young men.

20. Dolce Gabbana K for Men

This bright fragrance for men is very modern. Released in 2019, K is one of those colognes teenage guys love because it smells light and fresh.

Its opening is dominated by juniper berries, citruses, and lemon with blood orange.

The same harsh notes linger on as they mix with lavender, pimento, clary sage, and geranium.

Vetiver, cedar, and patchouli are all there to make it last longer.

Highly aromatic and a good citrus perfume for men, K is a work of art that doesn’t cost too much either.

21. Calvin Klein Eternity Air

This modern aquatic airy perfume for teenage men is ideal even for guys in their ‘20s. It has that relaxed scent about it which means it can be worn for just about any occasion. While not as unique as the fragrance above, it holds its place among the best smelling colognes for men.

Sea notes, ozonic notes, juniper berries, mandarin orange, and lavender are its opening notes.

Apple, lavender, and violet leaf are its pungent mid accords.

Very intense ambergris, seaweed, and patchouli are its base accords.

This relaxed fragrance lasts about 3 hours on the skin, maybe slightly more when guys spray it on clothes.

How to Choose a Fragrance for Teenage Guys

The world can seem complicated as it is for teenage guys. But a good cologne can uplift your spirit and get you noticed and even complimented. Many fathers make the mistake of thinking their sons love the same perfumes. This isn’t the case. They want something trendy.

Teenage guys love fresh scents

Fresh scents, aromatic notes, and aquatic notes go far in fragrances for teenage guys. This is not the time to test out old-school barbershop colognes for men. This is the time to smell fresh and on point with the latest trends.

Of course, there’s plenty of room for sweet notes at this age. Sweet fragrances have been shown to have an additive effect on women when worn by men. Furthermore, men love sweet colognes as well.

Perfumes for mature men aren’t ideal for teenage boys

As mentioned above, older guys rarely understand what fragrances teenagers love. High school boys will never go for a Cartier Declaration. They prefer Calvin Klein and similar brands with a similar scent formulation style.

In the old days, men would be happy to get their hands on just about any fragrance. Things stand a bit different today.

Compliments are a must for teenage guys

If your chosen fragrance doesn’t get compliments it’s not the right one. Not many teenage guys wear cologne so you should be able to stand out if you’re under 20 when wearing a good fragrance.

Final considerations

I’d also like to point out a few honorable mentions. You’d be able to find that many truly popular fragrances are very appealing to you.

My advice is to test out Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million and Invictus.

These 2 fragrances made history.

I haven’t included them on my list as they start to fade out and become a bit outdated.

1 Million is a bit too sweet for me and Invictus has a bit of a synthetic vice my nose is not friends with.

But if you want to try other fragrances outside those on my list, these 2 would be a good alternative.

Now, back to how you should wear these fragrances.

Feel free to test them out on various occasions.

If you’re into sports, fragrances such as Lacoste Blanc are not going to offend anyone.

You can play basketball, tennis, baseball, and soccer with 1-2 sprays of such an energetic fragrance

I wouldn’t push sexy fragrances such as Versace Eros to your gym class.

As a young man, you should also dress the part. There’s no point in investing in better fragrance than what you find in Costco if you’re not clean and dressed right.

This doesn’t mean you need to go and waste your parents’ money on expensive clothes. It just means your outfit should be clean and it should also fit you nicely.

A teenage fragrance is only going to be the cherry on the cake. If you’re asking yourself why you’re not getting compliments, it might be that you need to elevate your presentation.

But you should still not judge a fragrance purely by the compliments you get as I know this is a temptation at your age. Maybe you just live in a place where people don’t compliment fragrances. I live in such a place myself.


If you need inspiration for a romantic evening, you can also check my best date fragrances for men guide to see 25 of my top choices.