5 Best Initio Parfums Fragrance Lovers Save Up For

The best Initio Parfums include Blessed Baraka, Rehab, and Side Effect.  There are 14 fragrances made by the Initio Parfums Prive brand. Rehab is the latest Initio perfume released in 2018.

As far as the best niche perfumes go, Initio is an unofficial king of this category. It represents a value proposition within the space.

Initio Parfums claim to have talismanic properties

This bold claim is somewhat exaggerated, but the Initio colognes have been a bit mystical but mostly sensual as interpreted by experts. If you think they come from another planet, you will find their creators are known figures in the fragrance community. They include Alberto Morillas and Alexandra Kosinski.

Initio Parfums come in different lines

Initio only makes a few perfumes but it makes them to a high standard. Almost all of them are electrifying and very different, especially if you’re used to sniffing fragrances frequently.

  • Absolutes

Initio Absolutes is the largest category from the perfume-maker. This line includes Initio Absolute Aphrodisiac (for men and women), Initio Addictive Vibration (perfume for women), Initio Blessed Baraka (for men and women), Initio Divine Attraction (for men and women), and Initio Mystic Experience (for men and women).

  • Carnal Blends

The Carnal Blends collection is made out of 4 Initio perfumes. They are Initio Atomic Rose, Initio High Frequency, Initio Psychedelic Love, and Initio Side Effect.

  • Magnetic Blends

If you like pheromone perfumes, the Magnetic Blends line from Initio is a good place to be. There are 3 pheromone perfumes for men and women in the Magnetic Blends line. They are the Initio Magnetic Blend 1, Initio Magnetic Blend 7, and Initio Magnetic Blend 8.

  • Hedonist

The Hedonist line only includes Initio Rehab.

  • Black Gold Project

The Black Gold Project refers to oud. As a result, Black Gold Project includes Initio Oud for Greatness perfume. This being said, the best Initio perfumes can be summarized by their popularity as follows.

1.     Initio Side Effect

Initio Side Effect is branded as a sensual perfume for both men and women. Some of its aspects such as sweetness might make it a perfume for women. Other qualities such as its booziness make it a men’s perfume. For me, it leans a bit to the feminine side.

But the smell of Side Effect almost eliminates these categorization discussions as it’s simply impressive. Rum, vanilla, tobacco, cinnamon, and leather are the main notes.

The final scent of this blend is open to interpretation, much like most Initio perfumes. Some find this sexy perfume to be very sensual. Others find it mostly smooth. This final category of people might think it’s smooth as the typical harsh tobacco note in perfumes is very subtle here and probably well-blended beyond expectations.

Comforting and lightly spicy,  this is the type of perfume you choose if you like sweet orientals.


  • It lasts 24 hours on the skin
  • Generally boozy
  • Complex tobacco opening with a sweet boozy drydown


  • ‘Too oriental’ for those note into niche fragrances

2.     Initio Oud for Greatness

Oud for Greatness by Initio was launched in 2018. Many consider it the best oud perfume, but it’s more than that. It features saffron, nutmeg, and lavender in its top notes. Oud is the star of the drydown. Patchouli, ambergris, and musk are its base accords.

This perfume is neither masculine nor feminine. You will try to categorize it yourself only to realize there’s no point to this approach. It smells sexy and it elevates this attractive sensual scent on almost any person.

Oud is not very heavy here. While oud is the dominant note in many oriental fragrances, it’s very well blended here.

This is certainly the definition of a stand-out perfume. If you like to be in the center of attention, this is for you. A bit too bold for some men and women, this perfume comes with beast mode projection and you will be noticed in a room even when only applying 2 spritzs

When you don’t follow rules and when you create your path in life, you will need a perfume to match your lifestyle. Oud for Greatness rises to the expectations of such a person.


  • Soft oud note
  • 10+ hours longevity on the skin
  • 48 hours longevity on clothes
  • Very high projection


  • Hard to pull off in hot weather

3.     Initio Blessed Baraka

Initio’s Parfum Prives Blessed Baraka is a true luxury perfume. This niche cologne is unisex as both men and women wear it. Some say it leans slightly towards the masculine side. But there are plenty of women wearing it as well.

The scent itself is powder, characterized by amber and sandalwood of a luxurious interpretation in the opening. Musk and amber dominate its drydown.

If you ask people to describe what else they smell in this perfume, some will also say oud is in it. Others argue a hint of ISO E Super is also in there. A couple of reviewers point out the amber is mixed with a tea note. Several people have also compared it to Parfums de Marly Carlisle.

But this Alberto Morillas’ Blessed Baraka is unique. The amber here is quite addictive.

You will smell this amber note on your skin for around 8 hours. Longevity characterizes all the best Initio Parfums.


  • A warm comforting amber scent for fall and winter
  • Powdery and musky quite distinct in high heat
  • Controversial though opulence and (some) indistinguishable notes


  • You can skip it if you own Parfums de Marly’s Carlisle

4.     Initio Rehab

Rehab is yet another popular perfume from Initio that seems like a combination of Spicebomb and 1 Million. It stands out with simplicity and it starts with lavender and bergamot.

Cedar, vetiver, patchouli, and tobacco are its mid notes.

Sandalwood, guaiac wood, and musk are its mid accords.

Not overly sweet due to the spicy bergamot citron, this perfume is not loud but rather polite. It would wear well for a mature gentleman. You can offer it as a gift as a perfume for a 30-year-old, 40 years old or 50-year-old man or woman.


  • 12 hours of longevity
  • Strong lavender note
  • Rejuvenating effect on men


  • Reminiscent of Tobacco Vanille

5.     Initio Psychedelic Love

This perfume is also true to its name as it reminds the wearer of comforting love.  Psychedelic notes of myrrh and benzoin are also found here.

Released in 2017, Psychedelic Love opens with ylang-ylang and bergamot.

Mid notes include heliotrope, hedione, and rose.

Myrrh, benzoin, and sandalwood are its base accords.

Suitable for both men and women, the best unisex fragrance from Initio turns heads. It’s strong but not too strong. It also lasts a bit less than other Initio perfumes. But with 5-hours skin longevity, it still covers almost any occasion with moderate projection and decent longevity.


  • It smells mysterious
  • Myrrh and sandalwood offer a tobacco vibe
  • Very smooth blend
  • Highly congruent with its name


  • A bit similar to Tom Ford Black Orchid

Final words

Some of the best Initio perfumes have been detailed above. You can safely blind buy them if you love niche perfumes as these are as good as they get. Alternatively, you can consider an Initio perfumes sample set or trying them out in high-end perfume stores.

For the best prices, you will need to look for them online. However, I think the sense of occasion they offer with their mysterious scents is worth saving up for. You will mostly see a 5% discount around the holidays or on sale, but these will always be premium perfumes.