Best Lily Of The Valley Perfumes That Smells Delicate

If you’re interested in a lily of the valley perfume, you need to choose wisely. This elegant floral note can elevate the scent of a perfume. But it can also diminish its appeal in certain combinations.

We’ve seen lily of the valley fragrances made by some of the most popular perfume houses. But not many of them managed to place this elegant note in the spotlight.

Lily of the valley perfumes ranked

This article looks into some of the most popular LOV perfumes and why they have made history. Most of them are still available to purchase today. The sweet white floral note of lily of the valley is an interesting addition to most warm weather notes. Vastly seen around the Northern Hemisphere, lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) is an excellent note in the following perfumes for women.

How does lily of the valley smell like?

This floral scent is delicate, fresh, white, buttery, and feminine. It is rarely too strong as it’s often characterized as airy. Here are the perfumes that best encompass this unique delicate scent.

1.     Christian Dior Diorissimo

Launched in 1956, this classic  and best lily of the valley perfume for women is the signature scent for so many. It has been described in multiple ways. But for most women, this is pure lily of the valley in its most appealing form.

Top notes include green leaves and bergamot.

Lily of the valley makes its way in the drydown, followed by lilac, jasmine, lily, ylang ylang, rosemary, Boronia, and amaryllis.

Base notes include civet and sandalwood.

Supporting green notes and fresh accords make lily-of-the-valley as elegant as possible here. This perfume is made for different occasions, particularly during the day.

You can expect the lily of the valley perfume to last around 6 hours on the skin.


  • Classic composition for mature women
  • Arguably one of the best lily of the valley perfumes ever made
  • Affordable given its quality


  • Not ideal for women under 20

2.     Bydero Inflorescence

This excellent floral perfume for women was launched back in 2013. By comparison, it even smells more modern than Diorissimo. But it also comes with a sharp green composition which is highly suitable both for women and men.

With a strong unisex profile, the perfume debuts with pink freesia and rose.

Lily of the valley and magnolia are its mid notes.

Jasmine is its closing note.

This perfume is excellent in the high summer heat (high tolerance for heat is specific to lily of the valley). It has a cold or cooling vibe about it and most believe it can be an excellent performer on the right skin.


  • 6-hours longevity
  • Cool summer composition
  • Linear floral scent that doesn’t change


  • Strong sharp green opening

3.     Penhaligons Lily of the Valley

This eau de toilette is made with vintage inspiration. It has a composition that smells purely like classy lily of the valley. As a result, it works best for formal attire.

Opening notes are geranium, Amalfi lemon, and bergamot.

Mid notes include lily of the valley, ylang ylang, jasmine, and rose.

Oakmoss and sandalwood are its base accords of this lily of the valley perfume.

Soapy and clean in the drydown, this perfume has the potential to teach you about proper LOV compositions the most.


  • It lasts up to 5 hours
  • A bit more versatile than Diorissimo
  • A straightforward composition


  • Not for those who don’t like vintage perfumes for women

4.     Tom Ford White Suede

Linens, suede, white musk, and lily of the valley are the main whiffs you get while wearing this perfume. It’s probably in the top underrated Tom Ford perfumes but it goes the mile.

Thyme and tea are its opening notes.

Lily of the valley, saffron, and rose are its mid accords.

Suede, white musk, amber, sandalwood, and olibanum are its base accords.

This is the type of LOV perfume you choose if you don’t like to draw too much attention to yourself.


  • 6 hours of longevity
  • Very subtle composition
  • Highly suitable for the office


  • Low silage

5.     Frederic Malle En Passant

This is the most delicate lily of the valley perfume on the list. But its soft blooming lilac composition is what makes this the most delicate fragrance you can imagine.

Lilac, aquatic notes, cucumber, wheat, lily of the valley, and petitgrain are its main notes.

Lily of the valley is only a supportive note here. It might work if you have a headache from a stronger LOV perfume.


  • Green composition
  • Intense blooming lilac note
  • Natural ingredients


  • Mostly wearable in spring or summer

6.     Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

It seems that many great lily of the valley perfumes were launched in 2013. This is also the case with this Maison Martin Margiela perfume.

Aldehydes, lily of the valley, and pear are the opening notes.

Rose, iris, and orange blossom are the mid accords.

White musk, ambrette, and Indonesian patchouli are the base accords of this best lily of the valley perfume.

Fresh, clean, and comforting, this perfume is almost relaxing. But it’s not lazy as its uninspired name suggests. There probably is a fresh linen note in the opening which might make some think it gives off the impression of a lazy morning in bed.


  • Perfect with only 1-2 sprays
  • Spring-summer daytime fragrance
  • Comforting and not disturbing to those who don’t love perfumes


  • Not the cheapest fresh linen comforting perfume

Final words

When you’re after a perfume with lily of the valley, you can certainly choose any of the above. All of these have been described with impressive words, but you’ll eventually need to sample them yourself. There’s no particular reason why the vintage compositions are on top of the list apart from the actual women’s recommendations.

Modern lily of the valley perfumes is also worth it. We’ve seen how intriguing fragrances such as Replica Lazy Sunday Morning really are. Many fail to discern all of its notes but most agree it smells impressive.