13 Best Mancera Fragrances For Men Known As Projection Beasts

Without a doubt, I know the best Mancera fragrances for men from my perspective. I’ve even gone as far as to argue with my friends about my favorites.

I must say, for what it’s worth, I love most fragrances from Mancera.


I do have my favorites.

3 of them are always in my collection and I order them as soon as I see the magic liquid low in the bottles.

When it comes to the whole debate about is Mancera a niche brand I stay out of it. I’m sure there are valid reasons for each side of the argument. But let’s get to the best releases without further ado.

  1. Mancera Cedrat Boise

This is probably the best fragrance from the brand according to user votes. Cedrat Boise is among the favorites for both men and women.

It was my first contact with Mancera’s house.

I was unimpressed on the first spray and immediately tried to compare it to something.

But it was only about 2 hours later that I started to enjoy it. I then spent the whole day smelling my wrists. I was hooked.

The fragrance proved to be one of the best investments for me as well. It lasts very long. Its projection is about 8 hours on my skin.

However, I still feel it on my skin the second day. I even took a shower at the gym and when I still smelled it after I got out. This was on the second day after application.

Here’s what to expect.

Cedrat Boise fragrance has a bergamot and lemon opening. But it’s not the typical citrus vibe, mainly due to the Sicilian lemon note. It gives it an extra Mediterranean vibe.

Black currant and spicy accords are also in the opening and you feel them strong.

A fruity vibe characterizes the drydown. Patchouli and water jasmine are present among these accords as well.

Base notes include sandalwood, cedar, leather, moss, vanilla, and white musk. You will feel all of them. Stay tuned for my Mancera Cedrat Boise review for extras.

  • Cedrat Boise Mancera fragrance is sweet
  • It has a strong Mediterranean vibe
  • You’ll smell it on your skin after 24 hours
  • You’ll smell it on your clothes after 48 hours
  • It gets compliments
mancera cedrat boise
Mancera Cedrat Boise remains the best fragrance for me from this appealing house.
  1. Mancera Red Tobacco

Mancera’s Red Tobacco release is another under-the-radar option with the best performance. I could not believe that I’d ever like a tobacco fragrance until trying it myself.

Its top notes include spices such as saffron, cinnamon, and incense. Nutmeg, white peach, green apple, and Nepalese oud are also there to add a bit of warmth.

Midnotes include patchouli and jasmine.

Among the base notes, you’ll find the friendly tobacco, amber, woody accords, vanilla, white musk, and vetiver.

I like all of these notes, including the M7 Absolu-like oud.

What an excellent choice the fragrance is for the winter months. On my next best list for the colder months of the year, I’ll include it as well.

The manly fragrance also has a boozy quality to it. But such an ingredient is not listed. However, it has that profile.

If you’re not into sweet Manceras such as the Back to Black, this fragrance might be one of the alternatives to consider. 


  • Lovely tobacco
  • A special type of oud is in there
  • Suitable to add warmth
  • I’d see it worn even on date nights
  • Made for the elegant successful man
  • Top silage and projection of 8+ hours
  • Available in 60ml and 100ml bottles

  1. Mancera Black Gold

My only issue with Black Gold is that it’s not as available at retailers as much as Cedrat Boise.

But it’s worth your attention if you’re just starting in the Mancera line.

When I was in your shoes, I was debating the first Mancera purchase between Cedrat Boise and Black Gold. Of course, I ended up buying all of them.

But as Cedrat Boise, Black Gold may also be the only fragrance you own from the house of Mancera as it has that versatile quality to it.

Black Gold is Pierre Montale’s 2017 creation.

But unlike you’d believe from its dark packaging, it’s light, summery, manly, playful and properly-rounded character.

Top notes include citruses, agarwood, lavender, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Aquatic accords, jasmine, violet, rose and patchouli leaf is in there as well.

Base notes include vetiver, wood, leather, amber, and white musk.

How these perform is still up to the type of skin they’re applied on.

It may be hard to pinpoint all of these accords on your skin, as with all Mancera fragrances.

Among the most prominent ones, you’ll smell lavender, cinnamon, and that violet-like accord.

Yes, it’s masculine. But it’s rich.

The perfect fit? It would have to be a special occasion either in the winter or in the fall. I’d also consider it for nights out, opera visits, cinema outings, dinners with your partner, book signings or anything else which brings out your royal side. Find it here on Amazon!


  • Very good on those who love attention
  • Impressive floral, smokey-soapy profile
  • Spicy floral notes come and go
  • Heavy 4-hour silage
  • 10+ hours longevity
  • Probably best on men 25+


  1. Mancera Black Line

I still remember the days when I was reading the fragrance’s name incorrectly as ‘Black Lime’. I was thinking I didn’t need a lime-heavy fragrance.

But there’s no lime in it. There are no citrus notes in it as well.

It’s not woody either. It’s spicy.

The reaction this gets will catch you off-guard, especially if you’re an introvert. But at the same time, as maybe all Mancera fragrances, it is applied frugally and it will last you a long time.

If you’re not a fan of oriental spices, you may first sample the 60ml version before committing to the 100ml larger bottle.

Oriental spices are in the opening.

Rose, patchouli, leather, and amber are its midnotes.

White musk, Guaiac wood, and sandalwood are the base accords.

The fragrance is a spicy perfume but maybe it’s a more mass-appealing Gold Intensive Aoud release. Still, I’d get both, they have their time and place.

When it comes to the quality of the ingredients, they impress even Creed fans.

A woman told me it is indeed the best rose version she ever came across which I second.

However, the fragrance is not unique in the blend, it’s unique in notes’ quality.

Its oriental vibe suits a mature wearer, either a man or an elegant confident woman.


  • Spicy but very smooth
  • A top choice for rose lovers
  • It works well on a mature wearer
  • Projection is strong, but not at the same level as the options listed above
  • It lasts 6+ hours on the skin
  • 2-hours projection

  1. Mancera Sicily

I know it’s wrong to have assumptions, especially in the fragrance world. But I’ve imagined Mancera as a summer brand. Sicily is here to meet my expectations with its invigorating and uplifting formula.

Top notes include fruits, citruses, and heavier accords of apple, peach, and pineapple.

Heart notes include florals as jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, and violet.

Base notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, and white musk.

Before you ask, no, it’s not another Aventus. It has a lemon oil opening which does feel very expensive, but different.

For me, the combination of fruits and florals means women love it as well. But what man would not want to smell like it in the summer sun?

Jasmine and ylang-ylang characterize most of this fragrance’s life. Before it fades away completely, its mainly dominated by musk.

Now, how would you dress as a man with such a floral fragrance? I think it’s best to wear something loose, as you’ll be using it when the sun is at its highest point during the day. Casual shorts or high-collar shirts would work well with it.


  • Excellent fruity-citrusy opening
  • Floral in the drydown with an emphasis on jasmine and violet
  • 3-hours strong projection
  • Its longevity is limited to 6-7 hours but still solid
  • An excellent unisex Mancera

  1. Mancera Black to Black

You simply look at the fragrance and you know what to expect. With a darker appeal, Black to Black may be the right option for the strong man.

The Mancera fragrance is not something teenage boys would feel comfortable as much as with Cedrat Boise.

It comes with a beast projection and you only need one (1) spray to make an impression.

When you spray it on your wrist, for example, make sure you smell it from a distance as it invades your surroundings.

However, having a strong presence is not bad, especially when you know how to leverage the fragrance’s performance to your advantage.

In general terms, it comes with a rose opening and it becomes dominated by strong oud in the drydown.

In detail, you have bergamot, cloves, and saffron in the opening with a blast of oriental spices.

Rose, jasmine, amber and patchouli leaves dominate the drydown in this order.

Leather, musk, and sandalwood are its base notes.

The Mancera fragrance is one of the releases which easily comes out in very cold weather. If you try it in the summer, it can even make you nauseous. However, its within easy reach from October onwards to March. Find it here on Amazon!


  • Very strong oriental profile
  • Made for mature men
  • A rare combination of rose and oud which works
  • Killer projection
  • Bang for your buck


  1. Aoud Lemon Mint Mancera

If we’ve now seen a heavy oud, it’s time for a lightweight oud.

Its February when I’m writing this list. But I can’t wait for warmer weather to try various fragrances and Aoud Lemon Mint is the first one on the list.

If I were to make a gift inspired by the Mancera line during the summer, it would be Aoud Lemon Mint.

The fragrance has a citrusy opening which then switches to a sort of lemon pie which you’d find in a Starbucks.

It works very well as agarwood is hidden as it’s not that strong.

Lemon, mandarin orange, coriander, almond, and pepper are in the opening. Yes, they are probably stronger than you’d expect. You should apply it 30 minutes before leaving the house for the office, uni or the gym as a result. Feel free to check out a comprehensive guide to the best gym fragrances for men I’ve created in the meantime.

Egyptian jasmine, patchouli, and agarwood are its midnotes. I must state that still, it can be a heavy fragrance for the novice. I simply don’t understand why anyone would apply more than 2 sprays of it.

Bottom notes of leather, amber, vanilla, vetiver, and white musk complete its unlikely profile.

The fragrance is not your typical very lightweight summer fragrances. It’s a weird combination that has hints of oriental perfumes and it is something John Varvatos would make but with proper longevity.


  • It needs 30 minutes to settle
  • 11+ hours projection
  • Strong silage, apply sparingly
  • It works for those who’re not particularly happy about oud
  • It turns heads

  1. Wind Wood Mancera For Men

I’ve made a promise to myself to try out more woody fragrances. I think we all have stages in your lives when we are simply drawn towards certain things, hobbies, persons, places or memories. For me, it’s the woody fragrance stage. Hence the love for Bvlgari Man Wood Essence.

Wind Wood is different, however.

In the opening, it is similar. You get than a green vibe which is fantastic, but not on all man. If you’re into nature, hiking, cycling or any outdoor activities, this takes you places.

Vetiver and woody notes then make their way as it settles. I truly think this is a gem at Mancera.

Mandarin, greens, and red pepper are in the elegant opening. Love it and cherish these notes as they begin to make room to violet and patchouli.

Vetiver, cedar, oakmoss, amber, leather and white musk are its base accords.

Its cedar profile is with you at all times. While this is not marketed for winter use, I also see it the right option for all 3 other seasons. It works well during the day and it may be one of the leading options for outdoor nighttime events.

Men who’d wear it? Anyone above the age of 30 would start to appreciate something which is not necessarily among the popular sweet options the house has to offer. Find it here on Amazon!


  • Cedar opening and drydown
  • Oranges and green notes blend well
  • It smells luxurious and a bit mysterious
  • If I were to compare it to a place on Earth, it would be Madeira
  • 10+ hours projection

  1. Mancera Wild Cherry

If you’re looking for that cherry vibe, the fragrance delivers. I wasn’t able to pick up another fragrance that smelled more like real cherries than Wild Cherry.

For me, it’s a bit on the feminine side. But it works on both genders.

It’s also one of those fragrances which are solid throughout the year. Yes, you’ll probably share it with your significant other, but you’ll both be happy.

Wild Cherry has that fruity vibe from the beginning. It almost reminds me of this cherry liquor my grandma use to make.

Bergamot, cherry, and lemon are in its opening.

Heliotrope, orris, jasmine, and patchouli are in its mids. But the cherry note doesn’t fade.

Vanilla and white musk are becoming a bit more present in the drydown.


  • Sweet cherry liquor vibe
  • It has 5-hours longevity
  • One of the leading Manceras for layering
  • Highly erotic

  1. Mancera Deep Forest

It’s now time to think about the wonders of nature. Deep Forest includes some basic elements which have captured the imagination of writers and painters for centuries.

It uses themes of anticipation under orange notes and blossom accords for renascence. Maturity is interpreted with amber accords. However, the cologne is not just poetry, it works for daily use.

Head notes include orange, bergamot, incense, clove, and oud from Nepal alongside leather.

Heart notes include roses, orange blossom, violet leaves, and patchouli.

Bottom notes come with amber, vanilla, vetiver, woodiness, and white musk.

As I said before, the fragrance doesn’t necessarily smell like the forest. It smells like nature, as a whole. You need to be open-minded when using it. However, it’s highly versatile.


  • It includes basic elements of nature
  • Versatile and can be used in all seasons
  • It works for men of all ages
  • Most gentlemen expect 5-hours longevity
  • Suitable for layering


  1. Mancera Instant Crush

Many get the Pierre Montale vibe in the opening. But Instant Crush is different in my opinion.

This sweet mossy fragrance is dry. I’ve already covered it on wordpress-917340-3184335.cloudwaysapps.com (in the best clubbing fragrances post) but I’ll add the calming it effect it has to what I’ve already said. Its sweetness is also impacted by rose.

But it’s not flowery. It just has that hint of rose which makes it come to life.

While in the opening it has summery freshness due to its citrus vibes, it certainly dries down to a friendly sweetness. It may be a Mancera you consider a signature scent as it’s very easy to live with daily. Find it here on Amazon!


  • Very alluring
  • It has a feminine side you can’t ignore
  • Smooth and dry vanilla profile with whiffs of rose
  • Solid projection and longevity


  1. Mancera Auod Exclusif

The Aoud Exclusif Mancera fragrance has is known for its rose impact. It is a must-try if you simply like aoud and other oriental spices.

Most men wear it in the wintertime.

I’d also apply it sparingly for an evening or nighttime occasion.

It’s not a fragrance you purchase to be your only one. It is something you already add to your existing Mancera fragrances for diversity.

Labdanum, pepper, saffron, and cumin have a strong opening.

Rose, violet and Indonesian Patchouli leaf make their way in the drydown.

Oriental notes which include agarwood remain constant until it fades from the skin. 


  • 3-hours projection
  • 11 hours of longevity
  • Opulent, exorbitant and oriental
  • It works in the evening
  • The fragrance should not be your first Mancera purchase

  1. Mancera Aoud Vanille

I’m not sure which category to fit the fragrance in. It may be sweet, but it’s not that typical sweetness normally associated with designer frags.

A friend even described it as a wood covered in vanilla and set on fire.

For me, it has a warm feeling without that same sweetness which I’m beginning to be overwhelmed by at times.

Agarwood, cardamom, black pepper, and saffron are in the opening.

Floral notes are creamy here as well.

Madagascar vanilla, Guaiac wood and sweet sandalwood complete these soothing formula.

Such a combination of wood and vanilla is certainly uplifting. If you’re not having the best day, this can cheer you up for sure. 


  • 6+ hours projection
  • Dominated by oud and vanilla
  • It’s not as sweet as other designer fragrances
  • Not for you if you don’t like saffron and sandalwood
  • Best for winter and fall use

Some of the best Mancera fragrances for men have already inspired those who want to get their noses into the niche market.

Pierre Montale (Pierre-Louis Reppelin), the mastermind behind Mancera and Montale houses creates these unique fragrances with an interpretation of oriental, niche notes and modern accords. If you’re into niche scents, feel free to take a quick look at my best Creed cologne for men guide as well.

On your lucky days, you might find the man in one of the two fragrance shops in Paris. But most importantly, you can get the fragrances in various places yourself.

In an interview, P. Montale said he owned the company entirely. Some believe otherwise and see some investment behind the two companies.

What’s for sure is that Mancera fragrances are now found more than they were before. For me, it’s a major plus as I love the brand myself.

These are just a few of my ideas on the best Manceras. I may add a few or remove fragrances from this list in the future, depending on how I like my new purchases and depending on what’s going to be released next.

If you have one of these or any other Mancer fragrances in your collection, give us a few tips and directions below so that men can start learning from your experience as well.


If you’re looking for fragrance inspiration, why not check my best colognes for men recommendations?