The 10 Best Perfume Adverts to Get You Into Fragrances

Perfume ads haven’t changed much from their humble beginnings. Attraction is one of the main themes you can see in these perfumery advertisements. Some fragrance houses spend a lot on them and this is why many are coordinated by real movie directors.

There are hundreds of good ads to look at but you can start with various ad genres by watching the ones below.

CK One by Kelvin Klein

Kate Moss was the voiceover for this iconic perfume advert. The video features people from different walks of life. The perfume was made to be versatile and this is why it featured various people, both men and women. Needless to say, the perfume was a hit.

Her, Fragrance for Women featuring Cara Delevingne by Burberry

Burberry has a long list of interesting and cinematic adverts. Advertising Her, these ads feature photos of Cara Delevingne around London. The idea here is that she looks very stylish without even trying and the perfume is like the cherry on the cake for this chic modern look.

Train de Nuit – Chanel N°5

Jean-Pierre Jeunet was the man behind this mesmerizing 2011 Chanel advert. It takes place in Istanbul when a man and a woman trying to reconnect after first meeting on a train. The reconnection theme is very popular in the best perfume adverts as also seen in Lacoste’s following advert.

Lacoste Timeless Film (2017)

Lacoste’s Timeless Film is probably the most expensive ad ever filmed by a designer house also making fragrances. It’s also the most similar to a real movie and it features the same reconnection theme seen in the Chanel N°5 perfume ad. It was filmed in Budapest train station, Kyiv, and Southern France with excellent special effects and cinematography.

Kenzo World

Margaret Qualley is seen dancing full of energy after smelling Kenzo World. The advert has been appreciated by critics and you can find it online today. You can also purchase the perfume if you want to take part in the artistic experience of the ad.

Lacoste Magnetic Fragrances For Men and Women

Many perfume ads have nothing to do with the perfume themselves. But Magnetic Fragrances does a very good job ad popularizing Lacoste L.12.12. perfume. It features 2 sporty characters on rooftops each holding a bottle of perfume.

Note di Colonia Collection Acqua di Parma

Viriglio Villoresi was the man behind the classic ad featuring 5 Acqua di Parma perfumes from Noti di Colonia V series. It looks completely different to all perfume ads and it can win points for originality from all perfume lovers.

Colonia Pura Acqua di Parma

The cologne ad is maybe the only one featuring the theme of family. In a world where individualism is high value, the perfume commercial shows a different side of fragrance, with classic Italian inspiration. Unfortunately, the commercial ends a bit abruptly.

Trussardi My Name

Gabriele Salvatores, the Italian Oscar Academy Award-winning film director was behind this beautiful ad. Set in Milan, it follows the main female character as she reaches some type of special location featuring multiple My Name perfumes on display.

Emporio Armani Stronger for Him and Stronger for Her

This perfume ad stars Nicholas Hoult and Alice Pagani. The theme of love and attraction are the start of the ad. Towards the end, the omnipresent train in perfume ads makes its way to the screen.

Final thoughts on perfume adverts

can be inspiring and they all have different degrees of success. Those who afford to get famous models or TV stars tend to push these ads the most. But there are many good ads which don’t get too much attention. It’s still interesting to see how the visual arts can be used to interpret scents.