5 Best Perfumes For 13-Year-Olds

Some of the best perfumes for 13-year-olds are fresh, uplifting, and easy to wear. Fruity scents and citrusy scents are the best at this age. Dark perfumes and heavy perfumes aren’t recommended for 14 year old girls or boys.

It can be extremely difficult to buy perfume for a 13-year-old. If you haven’t had a child you’re trying to buy a gift for you might as well be looking at headache-inducing choices.

On one hand, everybody seems to recommend cartoon and movie-start-inspired perfumes. But 13-year-olds are more mature than many belief. They already know what smells they like and this can be a good starting point in figuring out the perfume that’s most appropriate for them.

Now, 13-year-old girls aren’t going to love perfumes for adult women. They aren’t going to love perfumes for kids and toddlers either.

As fragrance fans, you should not settle for some cheapie you get out of a supermarket as these can permanently put girls and boys off and never get their interest in perfume sparked again. At the same time, you shouldn’t forcefully grow up perfumes on them if they don’t like them. If they can’t smell your perfumes from your fragrance collection you can always start with the following best light fragrances. These are ideal at 13 and even a bit onwards into late teenage years.

Best Perfumes for a 13-Year-Old Girl

Girls have a wide selection of perfumes they can wear at 13. The problem is many of them could fall for the marketing hype of many artists and movie stars with their perfume. Make sure to read our buying guide below to understand why certain celebrity perfumes might not be the best choice.

1.       Oui Juicy Couture

A simple perfume with floral and fruity notes makes for an ideal best perfume for a 13-year-old. Oui Juicy Couture comes off as a fresh scent that is highly likable.

Girls don’t care about the most expensive perfumes at this age. But they also don’t like to smell bad. The watermelon and the honeysuckle notes are vivid in this fragrance making for an ideal perfume for all occasions. It might be the best perfume for school as well since it’s highly unlikely the scent can offend anyone.

With good lasting power and a dewy amber drydown, it can be the winner for many girls.

2.       Marc Jacobs Perfect

It’s not a big surprise that a perfume that smells like daffodil is a hit with girls. They often have very fond memories of picking these flowers themselves.

Marc Jacobs Perfume smells like a fresh floral shampoo. It has that vibe of the best narcissus perfume with some rhubarb, cashmeran, and a lot of almond milk. It’s neither too fresh nor too dark, representing perfume versatility at its best. Packed in one of the best perfume bottles, this can be a great gift idea for a 13 year old.

3.       Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau so Sweet

This sweet perfume can be that stereotypical perfume for 13-year-olds that doesn’t smell too cliché. 13 years olds love it and they can wear it as the best perfume for 14 year olds as the 3.3oz bottle lasts 2-3 years easily.

A little goes a long way with this perfume. Bergamot and fruits are there at a first sniff. The perfume turns into a daisy scent later on. Uplifting and seen as the perfect best perfume for daytime wear, it can be worn with any outfit.

4.       Chanel Chance

This citrus-floral scent is the classiest option on the list. Linear, likable, and highly complimented, it’s the perfume you get your 13-year-old daughter. As it’s a bit more expensive than the alternatives above, it doesn’t truly suit as a gift for another girl. But it has that quality fun clean formulation you want your daughter to start her perfume journey with.

Best Perfume for a 13-Year-Old Boy

13-year-old boys are just getting started to notice certain smells and perfumes. They often know which best perfumes for men have the most sales and which best-smelling perfume for guys girls love. However, they don’t feel comfortable wearing cologne for mature guys as per a classic definition. Here are some of the top perfumes for a 13-year-old boy they can start with.

5.       Calvin Klein CK One

Calvin Klein makes some of the best perfumes for teens. CK One is a perfume teenagers love. At 13 years of age, boys are just entering their teenage years which recommends the versatile cologne for almost all boys.

This best lemon perfume is combined with green notes and florals such as jasmine and lily of the valley.

It lasts up to 5 hours which should be enough for most boys.

Hugo Boss Hugo Man

Sharp and spicy, this best green perfume impresses boys who want to smell a bit more mature. It features green apple, lavender, sage, fir, and patchouli.

13-year-olds like it because it smells trendy. However, its scent is close to a men’s classic which means boys will wear it through their teenage years.

How to Choose a Perfume for a 13-Year-Old

As mentioned in the opening, choosing a perfume is a challenge for 12-year-olds or 13 year olds even if there are many good options. This age is one characterized by changes in preferences, self-image, and how teens socialize. Here’s what to have in mind when choosing a fragrance for this age group.

Avoid artist-released perfumes

Rihanna perfumes Ariana Grande perfumes are only good for Rihanna fans and Ariana Grande fans. This means 13-year-olds will shun these even if they think they smell good as they don’t want to be associated with the name of an artist they don’t like.

Don’t go too sweet

Sweet perfumes are fantastic for toddlers and kids. However, going overly sweet is not going to cut it at 13. Fresh-sweet and fresh perfumes are best for 13-year-olds.

Consider scents she/he likes

This age is also the time when girls and boys can verbalize the scents they like. It always helps to ask which scents and perfumes they like to avoid buying a disappointing fragrance.

Stay clear of dark perfumes

If there’s one area of perfumes to stay away from that’s with dark perfumes. Some of the best tobacco fragrances and even some of the best boozy fragrances are highly avoidable at this age.


While a bit complicated for those who aren’t sure what boys and girls like, perfumes for 13-year-olds can be highly uplifting. They can also teach girls and boys a lot about perfumery, scent notes, and perfume application or longevity. It doesn’t get more exciting than this to get into perfumes at any age.