50 Best Summer Fragrances For Men Of Character

I’ve finally found the best summer fragrances for men. Like you, I’ve been looking everywhere for recommendations. I’ve looked online. I’ve looked in stores.

I’ve even ordered test perfumers to see which of these scents was most summery. Summer is just around the corner. Like me, you should already be saving a bit to get your hands on your favorite scent. You might be saving a bit more for niche fragrances.

But a designer cologne should not be too expensive. Summer fragrances for men are baffling. Fruity ingredients, fresh notes, and even floral accords are popular for the hot weather. But in the sunny season, all of them come alive.

  1. Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette

As soon as I walk in a Sephora or a similar store, I can smell this aroma on someone. If I don’t smell it, a store clerk will offer to sell it to me. You know why.

Here, the summer perfume for men is unmistakable. Some have even gone so far as calling it the ultimate scent for versatility. Sincerely, it might work just as well for the hot months of June, July, and August as it can work during the colder months of the year. You won’t be the only person in the room wearing Sauvage. But you shouldn’t care. It’s just what so many men need.

It has a complex citrusy formula. It’s blended with spices like pepper. It brings out all other ingredients in the formula. But what was Francois Demachy trying to achieve? The man behind a dozen Christian Dior, Tiffany or Acqua di Parma releases wanted something more than pepper.

Inspired by open spaces, this is the profile of a midsummer scent. Geranium, lavender, vetiver, and patchouli make up its mid notes. Ambroxand, cedar, and labdanum are among its base ingredients.

Takeaway points

  • One of the most popular perfumes of the past few years
  • Top choice for those who only need one scent
  • Not as unique as many would like
  • Its Eau de Toilette is balanced compared to the Eau de Parfum

  1. Prada L’Home Water Splash

Daniela Andrier did an amazing job here. She inspired those seeking the ultimate warm weather aroma. The fragrance is powdery, woody, and floral. Cardamon, mandarin, and neroli are among its top notes.

A smooth iris scent can also be distinguished at times. It has that watery opening its name suggests. But the iris-amber projection lasts up to 4 hours. I would re-apply it somewhere mid-day just to ensure it keeps its projection. Based on a cedar and sandalwood base, it has the right versatility for all men. Its clean soapy profile makes it suitable for office wear.

Students may also wear it freely to university. Often seen as the best summer cologne for men, it can be a signature scent as well. But I also like the ingredients which feel high-quality. I don’t even worry about having to reapply it during the day based on its 150m bottle.

Takeaway points

  • Strong water-fresh opening
  • Highly versatile for professionals
  • Suitable for citrus-loving fans
  • Patchouli and iris give it at least a hint of mysteriousness

  1. Dolce Gabbana Light Blue Intense

I like such a combination of seawater and citrus. The Light Blue Intense immediately sent me to the ocean, waves, beaches, and everything that comes along.

The fragrance works. Made by Alberto Morillas (one of my favorites), it comes with a bit more depth than I anticipated. Of course, it has only been added to improve its longevity. A friend also told me that he smelt marigold on this and that it was a hit.

However, I only distinguished the note in the drydown. However, it’s after the initial 30 minutes after its application that I noticed the seawater note cool down a bit. It made it a bit more laid back. Projection is moderate to good. Some people rate it very highly at 12 hours.

A good chunk of them also considers it long-lasting up to 8 hours of projection. On my skin, it only lasted a bit over 4 hours.

Takeaway points

  • Solid seawater, citrus, and juniper combination
  • Incredible amber wood and leather base
  • Good to a very good projection on most men
  • Natural after its synthetic opening

  1. Lacoste L’Home

Michael Girard, the man behind 1 Million and Azzaro Pour Homme Night made the masterpiece. I had high hopes. I wasn’t wrong. It was is an inspiring release.

Many see it as a fruity option. But I had to include it among summer fragrances for the days when the heat is high. While cardamom, black pepper, and ginger have been seen together before, it has its DNA.

The fragrance even includes rhubarb which reminds me of tasty British pies. Hugo Boss Red is another instance where I felt the rhubarb influence. But Lacoste integrated it a bit better. As a result, it’s hard not to like the scent.

Bergamot, jasmine, almond, and leather complete the formula. But it’s how they work together that appeals to me. If you have an active lifestyle, it might be the right choice. You can wear it both to the gym and the office. But it is outdoors that its formula shines.

However, I would apply it an hour before going to the gym or any other indoor spaces for it to show its maximum attractiveness.

Takeaway points

  • Average projection, typical to a summer fragrance
  • Unique DNA adds originality
  • Slightly more affordable than others
  • A livable alternative to the rhubarb-based Sundrunk from Imaginary Authors
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  1. BVLGARI Man Black Cologne

Alberto Morillas, the man behind the masterpiece fragrance once said he views perfumes through the eyes of children. With historic names under his signature (Acqua di Gio, CK One, Givenchy Pi, a.o.) the perfumer tells the story of Man Black Cologne.

The Man Black Cologne for men has the versatility of it. During the spring, it brings out essential floral notes men missed through winters, such as tuberose or orange blossom. Its top notes of citrus, greens, and rum also make it an interesting choice during spring.

But on cooler summer nights, its amber base makes is debut as well. As it has year-round versatility, I’d also see it as a signature scent. 3 to 5 sprays project to an arm’s length for long hours. Up to 6 hours might be achieved in its formula.

Takeaway points

  • Suitable as a signature scent
  • Works for all seasons
  • A spicy-rum formula to stand out during the warmer months
  • Underrated elegant aroma

  1. Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum

Made by in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser and released in 2014, the fragrance has men debating the use of cherry notes. Some don’t see it as a summer scent due to the cherry-almond combination.

But lavender, thyme, and rosemary change its profile considerably. With a powdery opening, the fragrance has a sweet profile. A bit of tonka gives it a pleasant formula that some would rate as timeless. Including a leathery base, it is the type of formula that is not overpowering.

Considering its subtle ingredients, it manages to offer a product that may be used during the fall as well. But how long does it project? You can expect a projection of up to 3 hours on the fragrance.

The fragrance’s sweet aromatic profile suits both younger and more mature men. Students and professionals may rely on it, especially since it’s not overpowering. Top 10 men’s summer perfumes usually include it for its versatility.

Takeaway points

  • Available in 50ml and 100ml bottles
  • Created by Thierry Wasser, a perfumer heavily involved in traveling and sourcing new oils
  • Essential cherry notes
  • Suitable for tonka bean and almond fragrance fans

  1. Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo

The new version of the original Acqua di Gio is a hit. If you’re looking for a sexy summer smell, it is certainly among the top options. For many, it has that Acqua di Gio DNA which is always a good thing given its success. However It seems it’s improved over the original version quite a bit.

I know guys at my gym wear it a lot. It suits a more mature crowd and it offers those aquatic notes which remind of summer. It’s fresh. It lasts for 5-6 hours. Given it’s a summer release, its performance makes it a strong option for those who are carefully looking towards their spending habits. The fragrance also has an incense opening.

At first, I was a bit unsure about it. But after about a week, I began to love it. Of course, you won’t be the only fellow wearing it. Other dudes are buying it in large quantities. You can test the summer fragrance yourself. Just pull out a bottle of these in the locker-room and someone will name it in seconds.

Rosemary, geranium, and sage add some extra sweetness to the original. The added longevity makes it a good signature scent. The long-lasting men’s summer fragrance is a crowd-pleaser for sure.

Takeaway points

  • Available in 40ml, 70ml, 125ml, and 180ml versions
  • Suitable for the beach and professional use
  • Highly-appreciated by master perfumers
  • Marketed with a truly aquatic commercial

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum

The fragrance is Dominique Ropion’s creation as a summer must-have. I like the guy because he made some of my Issey Miyake favorites. But Y Eay de Parfum has all the right high-temperature notes.

It mixes ginger, apple, and lemon. Geranium, sage and pleasant juniper berries are added to balance its top notes. The base notes are woody indeed. Tonka, amberwood, and cedarwood are used to give it a more mature profile.

Who is it for? Sons, husbands, and other types of dudes love the fragrance. While it’s not necessarily unique, it appeals to many. It’s why I name it among possible signature scents, not only for the summertime. However, its performance diminishes during cold summer evenings. During the day, you can expect a project higher than 7 hours.

Takeaway points

  • Like his favorite author (Georges Perec) Dominique Ropion made a classic with a spin
  • Highly suitable in the warmest weather and direct sunlight
  • A hit for any blue perfume fans
  • A good option for men tired of Sauvage

  1. John Varvatos Artisan Pure

Do you thin floral perfumes are right for men? Are they right in the best summer fragrances men today appreciate? I certainly don’t see an issue selecting these notes.

An artisan might make you think about some traditional locations in rural settings. But Artisan Pure is a typical beach fragrance that is certainly underrated. But John Varvatos fragrances don’t last long you might say. Well, it’s one of the good ones. It lasts longer than most of its J.V. alternatives.

The guy who made it, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, certainly hit a mark here. Mandarine, clementine, marjoram, and thyme are all distinguished in its opening. Ginger is among its mid notes, a solid spicy option for sunny days. Orris root and amber give it a heavier feel just to make it last longer. The ideal outfit for such a fragrance?

A high-collar shirt, maybe a sports jacket as well. Jeans or formal pants rock it as well. Here, the petitgrain floral-fruity scent gets very good performance. The fragrance projects anywhere between 4 to 6 hours. If only I’d get my hands on other J.V. fragrances that’d last as long.

Takeaway points

  • Excellent floral and fruit notes blend
  • Arguably the best John Varvatos performer
  • Affordable for what it offers
  • Suitable for casual-formal summertime outfits
  • Often seen among the top 10 summer colognes in various collections
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  1. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake

Still considered a new release as it was launched in 2018. Not many know about it as a result. But men does it work. Top summer colognes need to include it. Its top notes are spectacular for the summer.

Kiwi, cypress, grapefruit, and pineapple remind of tropical times when I used to sit on the beach for the entire holiday week. If I wear to compare it to something friends know better, it would have to be the breazy summer Bvlgari Aqva. But it has a fresh aroma that puts it on top.

The pineapple-nutmeg combination doesn’t ruin its freshness. It might be why I see it on the younger man. It suits someone with a playful personality. Of course, you need to like kiwi and pineapple. But who (Aventus) doesn’t?

Takeaway points

  • Made by Alberto Morillas (enough said)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Playful fruity profile
  • Suitable for casual summer outfits
  • The top projection for 2 hours, the medium projection for 3 more hours

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale

The cheapie is a good fresh aromatic Fougere. Used during the day, it can be a significant choice based on its fresh profile. But how does it smell like? There’s an aquatic note you can feel once applied on the skin.

It is a mix of fresh citrus ingredients which certainly remind of that Mediterranean vibe. In the drydown it becomes a soapy pleasurable formula. But the soapiness has some hints of lavender, which works on men, regardless of what many would believe. Including tits ambroxan and tonka beans base, it also lasts a bit longer than others.

Most report it to the project for up to 5 hours. Those who say the fragrance lasts up to 7 hours are exceptions. But if you like that smell as you’ve just come out of the shower, it might be an option for you.

Takeaway points

  • Affordable daily scent
  • Includes refreshing summer water and lavender notes
  • Fantastic performance in very high temperatures
  • Only suitable for summer and spring use

  1. Versace Versace Pour Homme

While the fragrance was launched back in 2008, it remains valuable today. If you’re looking for compliments, you might find them here. With its impressive performance, it lasts more than expected. Getting 6-7 hours of strong projection is possible, which is very rare for summer fragrances.

It is still a manly fragrance, even as its dominated by warm weather accords. There’s a pleasant soapiness about it in the opening. Neroli and orange leaf oils make it shine when the heat is the highest. Roasted tonka, musk and amber complete is rather sweet profile.

A friend of mine even said it felt spicy and woody. But there’s a good combination of basic notes. It won’t gain any originality points, but as a crowd-pleaser, it’s still worth its money.

Takeaway points

  • Sexy profile that gets compliments
  • Top summer silage as it lasts up to 8 hours
  • Generally sweet (based on neroli)
  • Slightly geared towards formal outfits

  1. Valentino Uomo Acqua

Do you like green tomatoes? It yes, then the fragrance’s unique frag is one of the possible options for the hottest months of July and August. If you’re like me, you always value originality, even if you won’t fish for compliments left and right. The notes here are impressive.

Mandarin and Green tomato remind me of Napoli and Santorini. Its summer midnotes of safe and patchouli at that depth to these top notes. Iris and leather give substance and change it a bit to a floral profile in the drydown.

Launched back in 2017, the fragrance is the type of scent you either like or you hate. But does it last? This is what you want to know the most. While many see it as a Dior Homme copy, I think its 4-5 hours projection and unique notes make it a valuable option.

Takeaway points

  • More aromatic than the original
  • Good projection in the summer sun
  • Made for those who like ‘risky’ scents
  • Not the first option, but a good flanker

  1. Creed Millesime Imperial

The king is in the house. Many rate it as a niche fragrance. Niche fans say it’s too mainstream. It has a love-hate discussion around it. For me, its Siciliy in a bottle. It reminds me of southern Italy, mainly due to its very salty profile.

Its salty note is even stronger than its sweet fruity notes. But even if it was launched back in 1995, these accords remain valuable today. There’s plenty to talk about in the mids. Iris, mandarin, Sicilian lemon, and bergamot are among the mid notes to enjoy during the summer breeze.

Musk and woody note complete is a rounded profile. It’s simple, linear. But at the same time, it’s luxurious. If you’re ready to pay its price, it’s hard to believe it will disappoint as one of the best Creed cologne for summer.

Takeaway points

  • Perfect for a summer day at the beach
  • It works for summer casual and office wear
  • Very luxurious, as expected
  • If you can’t pay the price, go with Armaf CDN Milestone instead

  1. Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua

One day I was visiting my parents. To my surprise, I found an Invictus Acqua empty bottle in the bathroom. I proceed to question my father as I didn’t know he was into fragrances. He told me ‘What, I liked it in the store, I now need another one’.

This is how good the crowd-pleaser fragrance is. You might even get away with it as a single choice in the upcoming summers.

Top notes include yuzu (Japanese citrus), grapefruit, and violet leaf. Seawater, violet leaf and ambergris and a bit of pepper make it what it is. Offering 2-3 hours projection, it still lasts on the skin up to 8 hours. It’s complex and its something women love. Enough said.

Takeaway points

  • A fresh and mature version of the original Invictus
  • Described as having a salty profile
  • A hit with women
  • A summertime staple
  • You won’t be the only one on the beach wearing it

  1. Parfums de Marly Percival

It’s not often than I see the Percival among the best summer fragrances for him suggestions. But it’s getting there. The unisex fragrance is another excellent niche choice.

It is still very masculine even if women can wear it. But what about the price? Yes, it’s more expensive than others. But its 8-hour performance is better as well. Its ingredients are a must-try for any man. The fragrance’s rather new formula is based on ambroaxan, but you will be able to smell other notes as well. Geranium, bergamot, and lavender make the fragrance right for the summer.

Cinnamon, coriander, and jasmine are there as well. But the bottom notes got me completely mesmerized. Balsam fir, cedarwood, and amber wood are among its bottom notes. I know Parfums de Marly gets a lot of positive attention. It’s sometimes not fully deserved.

But it is not the case with Percival. Parfumes de Marly house always teleports me down memory lane. The fragrance is also personal, so I can’t share the specific memory here.

Takeaway points

  • Excellent stand-out profile
  • It gets a lot of compliments from women
  • Made with interesting ingredients as North America Balsam fir
  • A projection monster for the summer


  1. Givenchy Gentleman

Gentleman fragrance based on aromatic citrus is another French option for the summer I love. Nathalie Lorson (Bentley for men; Encre Noir) and Olivier Cresp (Light Blue; L’Eeau D’issey Absolute) did such an interesting job here.

In 90F degrees (30-Celsius), the fragrance becomes a silent performer. It doesn’t announce is a presence like Versace Eros and it is why I like it.

The summery scent has been launched in 2019 and it will probably be with us for a while. With its lemony opening, it’s truly made for men. Your wife will not steal it. I’d say it works well for a mature man in his late 20’s. A suit might be the right dress code for it, albeit it works well with a casual button-up summer shirt as well.

Takeaway points

  • Rosemary, iris, and vetiver to love
  • Average projection of 3 to 4 hours
  • Sexy both during the day and for evening walks
  • Not for those who love complex scents

  1. Dior Eau Sauvage

The reason why I chose it over Dior Higher is completely subjective. It just feels better for me. The citrus-dominating fragrance is not a beast. However, it is a timeless release.

It means it works for all occasions and it has good versatility in all types of outfits. Rosemary, caraway, fruits, basil, and citrus compile its complex top notes. Carnation, orris wood, and sweet patchouli are among its atypical summer midnotes.

Vetiver, oakmoss, and amber are felt in the drydown. The aforementioned fragrance is made for the charismatic man. However, if you wear it in the winter, it will come with that barbershop smell.

Takeaway points

  • Proven attractiveness over the years
  • A solid alternative for the expensive Aventus
  • 2-4 hours projection with 2 sprays
  • Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme Chanel

  1. Chanel Egoiste Platinum

Such an old-school scent flies under the radar today. I see it as the go-to option for office workers, especially during June, July, August, and early September The woody floral metallic notes scent-wise are seen as a good option for mature men. 4 sprays are going to last 8-12 hours, making it money well spent.

In terms of the notes, you can expect petitgrain, neroli, lavender, and rosemary to make its top notes refreshing. Galbanum, sage, jasmine, and geranium makes up the floral mid notes. Cedarwood and sandalwood complete the base notes of Egoiste, one of the best Chanel perfumes.

Takeaway points

  • Old scent reformulated with the times
  • An excellent choice for the office
  • One of the longest-lasting Chanel scents
  • High price (go with Armaf Legesi if on a budget for a similar scent)

  1. Bentley Momentum Unlimited

The current ambroxan formulation might sound familiar, but I ensure you it has a unique DNA. It won’t easily get recognized even by those who love scents. Suede leather, musk, and ambroxan make up a woody aromatic atypic summer formula.

Vetiver, cedar, and sandalwood are also there. Cardamon, green apple, and grapefruit bring up the formula with a bit of sweetness. However, they disappear quickly. Launched in 2018 under the signature of Michel Almairac (Gucci for Homme; Christian Dior Fahrenheit) the scent also comes in a fantastic bottle.

The price for 100ml is also great. With 5-hour longevity, it might be another undervalued daily scent.

Takeaway points

  • Young, stylish, and professional
  • Works in all seasons not only during the summer
  • One of the best presentations for the money
  • Not for exclusive niche fans

  1. Versace Eros

What a beast. It works very well for the younger man and it might be the main reason you’ll see it in the gym, university or at daydreaming high-school guys. It has a sweet profile with some green apple, mint, and vanilla. We’ve seen such a combination before.

Tonka bean and amber are there as well. It works for clubbing. But it also works at the office. I’d see it as a go-to option for late summer or summer evenings Prepare to get a lot of compliments while wearing it.

Takeaway points

  • Inspired by Greek Gods and the son of Aphrodite
  • Sexy, young and energetic feel
  • Linear scent profile that rarely changes through the day
  • Available in 50ml and 100ml bottles
  • Formulated by Aurelien Guichard (Gucci Guilty, Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male)
  • Above-average longevity in best summer fragrances male performers category
  • You shouldn’t wear it to the office

  1. Montblanc Explorer

The Explorer perfume gets a lot of hype. Some love its others feel it’s too similar to Creed’s Aventus. But everybody knows it. Its leather-wrapped bottle is instantly recognized.

Launched in 2019, it comes with bergamot, French sage, and pink pepper top notes. Vetiver and leather are there as well. Patchouli, cocoa, ambrofix, and akigalawood (also found in John Varvatos Dark Rebek) are present as well.

Takeaway points

  • It lasts up to 5 hours with strong 2-hours projection
  • Most will confuse it with Creed Aventus
  • An affordable summer option works for the younger crowd

  1. Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme

Such an aquatic summer Fougere fresh scent is an excellent choice. If you only want one for the summer, the fragrance needs to be among the top options. It’s not the type of release to reinvent the wheel. But the fragrance is very affordable for what it offers.

Water, bergamot, citrus and fig leaf are among its opening notes. Summer scents for men usually have 3 of the 4 notes. Patchouli and violet leaf are then seen in the midnotes. Pepper is also strong here. Saffron, tonka bean, and incense complete its multi-dimensional profile. Unlike the Eros, the fragrance works for office use.

Takeaway points

  • Excellent for the young professional (25+)
  • Slightly more affordable than some expect
  • Considerably more complex than the Versace Eros
  • Great starter for those who want to get into fragrances
  • Not for clubbing

  1. Aqva Pour Homme Atalntiqve Bvlgari

A friend once told me specifically not to go for the Aqva Amara and to try it instead. I’m happy I listened. The fragrance’s citrus, lemon, and bergamot summery formula works for sunny days.

There are a bit of sage and aqua notes that add saltiness to the opening as well. As these ingredients begin to dry down, you’ll also notice ambergris, apple, and incense. Some compare the fragrance to Sauvage, but I say it’s quite different. Jaques Cavallier did an interesting job here.

A fairer combination with be to Dylan Blue, but the perfume is a lightweight alternative. As a result, the fragrance wears well with roomy summer outfits. With at least 4-hour daily projection, the citrusy-salty fragrance formula is another good choice. Who should stay away from it? If you’re more into floral notes and you hate marine notes, it might not the right fit for you.

Takeaway points

  • Very lightweight yet durable
  • Available in smaller bottles also (30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml)
  • Recognized crowd pleaser
  • Aquatic and salty

  1. Tom Ford Mandarino

For me, the Mandarino formula comes with some of the most interesting top notes for the warm season. I see it as one of the best Tom Ford colognes for summer. In the opening, you might distinguish tarragon, min, and grapefruit.

There’s also added blackcurrant and lemon. Shiso, sage, orange blossom, coriander, and black pepper are its summer mids. Clover, musk, labdanum, and vetiver show up in the drydown. Mandarino fragrance has to be one of my favorites.

The fragrance’s unique DNA makes it very attractive. For sure, it is not made for the masses. However, its price, even at 50ml puts it in a select area where its competitors are also very unique. I’d also stay away from it if I’d be looking for a full day performance.

Takeaway points

  • Very expensive on its 100ml version, go with the 50ml
  • It is purely made for those who don’t go with the crowd
  • Its wearer would have to be a professional
  • Great for summertime dates

  1. Amouage Silver Cologne 

The perfume is one of my favorites from Amouage. The Silver Cologne has that unique spin of warm weather ingredients. But unlike others, its projects 6-9 hours. One of best summer niche fragrances males ca dream of. It is a beast.

However, it is a costly beast as it costs more than double of other fragrances listed here. And it has plum. I still can’t believe how underutilized this note is. Among others, you’ll also smell orange blossom, orchid, heliotrope, rose and warm ylang-ylang.

Amber, patchouli, and incense are also here. It’s complex. It’s refined. It’s luxurious. It works for me. Those who don’t like it say it smells like a barbershop’s fragrance, however.

Takeaway points

  • Very good performance for a summery release
  • Certainly not a crowd-pleaser
  • The fragrance has a luxurious aroma
  • One of the best performances among summer fragrances

  1. Penhaligons Castile

It is a neroli-based formula. With the background rose, it is very simple and very elegant. I see the fragrance on a confident guy, someone who’s not afraid to step up when needed.

Its top notes of orange blossom and petitgrain last up to 2 hours. In the drydown, rose is felt exquisitely with a very small hint of citrus. Musk dominates the base notes. Based on 4-6 hours of longevity, it won’t waste your money either. But for me, it’s personal. I want all the Penhaligons perfumes in my collection.

Takeaway points

  • Very simple rosy-musk profile
  • Spray it when the temperature is the highest
  • Mainly suitable for collectors
  • Not necessarily a compliment magnet

  1. Beach Hut Man Amouage

Beach Hut Man is a golden ensemble. Apart from its quirky bottle, it is nearly a 10/10. Its biggest drawback is the higher price. But if you can stomach it, you might be getting something to remember. To this day, I’m intrigued by how well it lasts on my skin.

It projects for 12 hours. Somedays you even feel it after taking a shower as well. Mint, galbanum and orange blossom are its opening scents. Ivy, moss, and vetiver follow soon. Patchouli, myrrh and other woody notes complete is the foundation.

However, don’t be fooled by its name. It doesn’t smell like the beach. The fragrance smells like a beach Hut during the summer.

Takeaway points

  • Impressive projection and longevity
  • Minty masculine freshness
  • A very good compliment getter
  • You’ll also get away with using it during the fall

  1. Zoologist Dragonfly

The Dragonfly perfume is poetry. But I must admit I’m in love with Zoologist perfumes. I love it and I hate it. I don’t hate the gragrance for what it is, I hate it because I don’t like insects But at the same time, I can’t look away.

I still stare at the bottle from time to time while wearing it. Its creator, Juan M. Perez said in an interview that he wanted to juxtapose a pond, water, lotuses, and an iris flower, without the classic aquatic feel. I think he did it. It is indeed like a garden in the summer sun right after the rain has stopped. There are 2 problems to think about, however. Its price and its niche appeal.

Takeaway points

  • Includes rain notes, heliotrope, peony, aldehydes, lotus, iris, clover, and papyrus
  • It scores highly on the originality scale
  • You won’t stop talking about it to your fragrance fan friends
  • If your wife finds it, she’ll take it

  1. Aoud Blue Notes Mancera

Launched in 2015, the fragrance is available in 60ml and 120ml bottles. You’ll want the 120ml version, believe me. Best men’s summer perfumes have a lot to learn from it. It has beast performance.

While it’s technically not made exclusively for the summer, the fragrance has an aroma and longevity to worth every penny. Green notes, fruity notes, and citrus notes come out first. Patchouli, violet, orris root, ylang-ylang, and rose are its floral midnotes.

Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood, and guaiac wood are its base notes. The fragrance has a blue scent, regardless of these ingredients. Projection is impressive as well, anywhere up to 12 hours.

Takeaway points

  • No strong oud smell
  • Plenty of sweet notes to enjoy
  • Very good projection during the day
  • The mesmerizing effect in the evening
  • Attracts compliments left and right

  1. Diptique Eau de Sens Eau de Toilette

Olivier Pescheux did a very good job of balancing the fragrance. It is strongly dominated by orange, its various forms. Juniper, patchouli, and angelica complete its simplistic formula. Its oranges profile makes it suitable in extreme weather.

It works both during tropical warm days and during the winter when the orange scent stands out even more. Its price might be high, but you can expect longevity anywhere between 6 and 8 hours.

Takeaway points

  • Not too sweet
  • Orange blossom is balanced by juniper and angelica
  • A serious alternative to the more popular Tom Ford Neroli
  • The presentation isn’t special

  1. Bond No.9 The Scent of Peace For Him EDP

Dominant noted include juniper berries, musk, the omnipresent pineapple. The bond comes with sweetness from its fruity notes. But for me, it’s true to its name. It’s peaceful and soothing. The fragrance promotes a state of calmness, which is not what I’m known for.

In the drydown, vetiver, cedar and musk become overly dominant. Among its drawbacks, you need to consider it for casual wear only as recommended by FragranceSpotter. However, its 10+ hours performance is worth the investment.

Takeaway points

  • Not in direct competition with Aventus
  • The first couple of hours are impressive
  • Powdery in the drydown

  1. Kilian Straight to Heaven

Launched in 2007, the fragrance is a heavier frag suitable for summer nights. Can it be the best men’s niche summer fragrance? Let’s find out. If you’re going out to a restaurant, to a romantic walk, or visiting friends in the evening, it might be a good option.

You don’t need more than 2-3 sprays to make its presence felt. Best summer male fragrances don’t need to be applied in heavier sprays, typically. The fragrance includes fruits, nutmeg, rum, vanilla, mint, musk, and jasmine. The fragrance also works during the autumn season.

However, it’s very divisive. It is probably among the most divisive formulas I’ve tried. Some love it while others hate it. But for summer evenings, it works.

Takeaway points

  • Sweet, rummy, a bit mature
  • Works well for summer nighttime wear
  • It projects up to 4 hours
  • Too deep for those who lack a bit of mystery

  1. Imaginary Authors Saint Julep

This summer cologne for guys has my attention. Launched in 2017, Saint Julep fragrance is inspired by Mississippi mint fields. The fragrance combines magnolia, tangerine, mint, rum, aqua, and ambergris and sugar. In the drydown, most of these notes fade away.

Mint and the sugary sweetness is what remains. Its projection is going to be around 3-4 hours if you’re lucky. As you pass the 6-hours mark, you will only feel the mint and the sweet sugar on your skin whenever there’s a light breeze.

Takeaway points

  • Unisex formula
  • Very creative and inspiring
  • I see the fragrance worn by professionals like teachers, painters, or other artists
  • If you’ve made melted sugar drinks before, you’ll go back to memory lane

  1. Maison Margiela Under the Lemon Tree

The masculine summer fragrance might not look like much, but its scent is inspirational for the summer. But you need to look past behind its over-simplistic packaging. Lime, cardamom, petitgrain essence, coriander, and green tea are among its essential oils.

Cistus absolute, white musk and cedarwood dominate its base notes. Saint Julep is also a scent that promotes or offers the idea of relaxation. If you’re having lunch with your partner out on the terrace, it might be the ideal setting for you wearing it. The fragrance’s unisex profile is a big plus as well. The fragrance’s main limitation is its longevity. It’s why it can’t be too high up on the list of the best summer perfumes for men.

A maximum of 4 hours may be expected from it. Now, its price is a bit unjustified. I think that if you don’t like its notes, you may be better served elsewhere.

Takeaway points

  • Strong summer bergamot profile
  • It is one of the summer daytime wear releases from the brand
  • Projection is good, at least while it lasts
  • You won’t feel like under a lemon tree after an hour in the dropdown

  1. Calvin Klein Eternity Air

I could not overlook Calvin Klein here. You shouldn’t either. Even if some of these perfumes might be found in superstores, they work well for their value. Eternity Air is a summertime festival. The fragrance deserve its spot among the best summer men’s fragrances.

The fragrance includes water and ozone notes, a very true blue fragrance. Juniper berried, mandarin, lavender, violet leaf, and green apple are among its summary notes. Ambergris, patchouli, and seaweed are the fragrance’s base notes.

For me, the fragrance works well among the best spring and summer colognes. Of course, these notes don’t last too long. You may only expect longevity for up to 4 hours. But as any fragrance fans know, owning a CK is a must. While it is completely different from the original Eternity, it might as well be the inexpensive option for the hot days of the year.

Takeaway points

  • Not generic at all
  • Very smooth, not as spicy as its Eternity alternatives
  • Works well for any patchouli lover


armaf club de nuit summer fragrance
One of my favorite summer fragrances – Armaf Club de Nuit

  1. Armaf Club de Nuit

We can’t ignore a decent Creed Aventus fragrance. CDN from Armaf is one of my favorites. But the fragrance doesn’t have the dominant pineapple Aventus has and it seems subjugated by citrus to me. I must say, it’s one of my favorites. One of the best Armaf perfumes for summer. I wasn’t expecting much given its low price.

It was also my first product from Armaf. When I first sprayed the fragrance on my writs, I hated it. Then I let it sit for an hour while working on my computer. After an hour, it truly came to life. The projection was intense. A single spray filled out my office space.

I began to love it. Then I applied 2 sprays to my neck. The fragrance was better now that I knew what to expect. In the drydown, it shines like few manage. Jasmine, rose, patchouli and vanilla are distinct, like they don’t work together, but in a good way. I know it sounds weird. Then my girlfriend came home from work. I sprayed the fragrance on her and it was different. The fragrance changes on different people, in different weather, and at different temperatures.

The fragrance’s silage is probably the best from my collection. Its longevity averages 12+ hours. You will still feel the fragrance on your clothes 24 hours after application. I now only apply a single spray and I hit the gym. I don’t know why, but my higher body temperature makes it smell even better.

When you think its evaporated, it starts projecting again. It is a true lemon chameleon. Words of caution are needed as well. The fragrance has a very strong perfume, be careful not to over-apply the fragrance if you work in an office. As for me, I can’t wait for summer to try it out as I only got it in wintertime.

Takeaway points

  • Impressive longevity and projection
  • Applied in 1 or maximum 2 sprays on the skin during the summer
  • Much more appreciated by women than by men
  • The fragrance constantly changes according to temperature and weather
  • Apply with caution due to its impressive silage
  • Don’t believe the reformulation myths, it’s still too good for its price
  • A few points have to be deducted for versatility, it can’t be your only scent

  1. Antonio Banderas Mediterraneo

Such perfumes need a better bottle. Its poor presentation is certainly keeping people away from it. It was certainly my case until I’ve tried it. Made by Rosendo Mateu (Zara For Him), this frag includes vetiver, bergamot, pepper, and ginger.

Its overall profile comes out as citrusy-peppery. Truly one of the best colognes for hot weather. Some compare the fragrance to Versace Pour Homme. But it isn’t quite fair due to its poor longevity. The fragrance only lasts about 2 hours on the skin. It is the type of fragrance you apply to go out for a coffee, a quick meeting or to classes.

Takeaway points

  • Fresh, peppery and ready for the sun
  • Suitable for short meetings
  • Very affordable
  • Unfortunately, it has poor longevity

  1. Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Cipresso di Toscana

Launched in 2004, it’s very complex formula is full of green notes and it includes a watery opening. Rosemary, petitgrain, sage, and citrus are among its top summer notes. Pine tree and Lily-Of-The-Valley are combined with lavender for that mountain floral midtone profile.

Patchouli, silver pine and cypress are then added to the formula. If you’d like to compare the fragrance to another, it would be to Chanel Egoiste Platinum. But the perfume has a more toned down profile were its natural ingredients shine more.

If you live in busy metropolitan areas, it is the choice to have when you start to miss nature walks. As one of the best men’s fragrance for hot weather, it will remind you of Tuscany. Takeaway points

  • Very natural feel including just a few synthetic notes
  • Applied in very small quantities
  • Suitable for any outdoor activity
  • The fragrance is not for you if you don’t like lavender

  1. Rasasi Kun Mukthalifan Men

Orange and lemon are combined in an intense fragrance. The fragrance comes in an unmistakable presentation that wouldn’t indicate anything orangy about it. Amber, spices, sandalwood, and musk complete its profile. It has an oud vibe about it, however.

For me, it works well out on the beach. If you’re out playing volleyball or simply walking and relaxing on the beach, it is an inexpensive option to consider. Of course, there’s an oriental vibe on the frangrance as well. Takeaway points

  • An affordable option for spicy cologne fans
  • Suitable for the beach
  • Strong oriental impact
  • Not a crowd-pleaser

  1. Jo Malone London Basil & Neroli

The fragrance debuts with green basil. Cedar enhances the natural basil attar to a new level. Neroli, vetiver, and white musk complete the simple formula. While the summer fragrance is only a few years old, it’s been a while since Jo Malone launched a basil-centric product. Of course, such a fragrance style is not for everyone even if its seen among the top summer men’s fragrances. You need to like simple straightforward scents to love this one. On most people, it lasts 4-5 hours and it was my case as well. Takeaway points

  • Basil and basil only
  • The very simple profile, suitable for formal events
  • The fragranceworks best on formal outfits such as a suit
  • It is the Orient Bambino of the scents’ world – simple yet original

  1. Lalique White Lalique For Men

The creation of Christine Nagel (Karl Lagerfeld Men, Jo Malone Amber & Patchouli) is citrus aromatic. Its bottle looks exactly how you’d expect the bright scent to smell like.

Fresh and liner, it is the type of fragrance I wear with polo shirts. For me, it is still good, but not as daring as Encre Noir. I like it for all types of formal meetings. Going to the office wearing it is certainly something nobody would have any problems with.

Elemi, training, lemon leaf and bergamot open its summery floral scent. Nutmeg, violet, cardamom are in the mids. It is here that the white pepper brings them out better. The cedar base ties everything together in a unisex formula. But if you ask me, the fragrance has a bit more feminine than masculine in it.

Takeaway points

  • Very good for casual to formal wear
  • 5 hours average projection
  • Everybody knows the fragrance
  • It becomes even more pleasant in the summer wind
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  1. Dior Homme Sport

As you already expect from Dior, it comes in both 50ml and 100ml versions. I’d recommend you to try out the smaller version if you already have another summer scent to rely on. If it is your first for the hot weather, go for the 100ml version.

This being said, let the ginger flower and citron open it up very originally. Iris, green notes and cedarwood make the circle complete. To me, it represents a woody iris formula. In terms of performance, it won’t impress, however. Consider yourself lucky if it projects for more than 3 hours. Takeaway points

  • Very nice-looking packaging
  • Dior quality from start to finish
  • Simple and very classy
  • The fragrance falls a bit short in longevity

  1. Keneth Cole Black

This is sold as Black. I postponed buying it for months. But it is bright, summery and not dark at all. Its opening is filled by citrus notes, mint and ginger. It reminds me of Club de Nuit in the opening. Nutmeg, exotic wood, cedar, and incense are its base notes. Such a fragrance remains a staple. It even lasts up to 7 hours.

Takeaway points

  • Citrusy-spicy profile in the first couple of hours
  • It turns sweet afterward
  • The smell remains unique
  • Its time is starting to pass now

  1. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

If you’re a Vetiver fan, it is one of the summer fragrance options you can’t regret. The fragrance is now reformulated and available in both 50ml and 100ml versions. Sage, orange blossom, nutmeg, pimento, vetiver, and amber make the fragrance what it is.

For me, it has that classy smell that works for a formal shirt. Itis why I can’t recommend it in casual scenarios. It’s a scent to take to the gym. But if you like vetiver and if you dress up often, it might be just what you’re looking for.

Takeaway points

  • Excellent sage and orris root release
  • All summer ingredients are toned down for vetiver
  • A top choice for the classy gentleman
  • It doesn’t win any points for versatility

  1. Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche

Channel’s fragrance for the summer seems like a lemon cake in a bottle. It is due to the combination of citrus and vanilla in the opening. An excellent choice among the best spring summer fragrances. The fragrance has a sweet character and a cheerful profile. It means ladies love it.

But gents, there’s plenty of tonka bean, amber, and sandalwood in it to doubt your choice. Yet, the fragrance remains fresh during the day in the sun. 5-6 sprays will last through an 8-hour work shift. It is a people pleaser and as a result, expect to be questioned about it here and there.

Takeaway points

  • It smells like a lemon cake
  • Most suitable as a summer signature scent
  • Its longevity could be improved

  1. Hugo Boss Reversed

As it’s seen the market in 2018, it is quite new. The fragrance for summer makes its way under the radar. But for me, such a fragrance has to be one of my favorites. Calabrian bergamot, rosemary, and Haitian vetiver make it what it is.

As you’d expect, there’s a lot of citrines in the scent. However, there’s not too much depth in it. It is the main reason it is perfect for a sunny day. It will offer that fresh shower gel experience. However, you should not expect it to win any points for originality, longevity or compliments.

Takeaway points

  • Very light and bright
  • The fragrance instantly lifts your mood
  • Your wife or girlfriend will bathe in it

Honorable mentions

The following summer fragrances are already in my collection. For the reasons listed below, I won’t be purchasing them again. However, they are still very popular as I smell them in various locations even outside the summer months.

  1. Jean Paul Gaultier Popeye

With aldehydes, the fragrance for summer feels synthetic to me. However, most around me swear they love it. It also includes neroli, mint, a few types of sage, vanilla and tonka bean. This summer classic will surely have your muscles flexing on the beach.

It has a playful character that I like. It’s the harsh opening which is not to my liking. However, it does a fantastic job at 8-hour longevity and it has to be mentioned here. It is still one of the best summer scents for men with plenty of character.

Takeaway points

  • Bubbly energetic feel
  • Sold in 125ml bottles
  • Very good summer longevity
  • A true compliment-getter
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  1. Elysium Roja

A friend once told me he replaced Bleu with this. Intrigued, I proceeded to the nearest shop. It is a true niche performer. Maybe too complex to put into words, it has that quality which I often associate with Amouage, but it has an identity of its own. Best summer niche fragrances fans generally praise it. The opening is complex. On a citrus background, it parades bergamot, galbanum, Artemisia and thyme. Mid notes are a combination of fruits, wild fruits, and floral notes.

Among them, you will notice green apple, juniper berries, black currant, jasmine, rose, and other similar notes. Ambergris, labdanum, vanilla, and benzoin are among its base notes.

Complex, rich, flavorsome and almost reminiscent of certain foods, it is certainly worth the money. It might be a niche release, but it’s a bit more affordable than some other house brands. You will see it among the best summer cologne Basenotes praises.

Takeaway points

  • You’ll be the only one at the office wearing it
  • Hard to recognize even to cologne fans
  • It turns heads on the street
  • Longevity is limited to 2-3 hours

  1. Xerzoff Nio

The fragrance is a mix of vetiver, neroli, and citrus is made for the hot days of July and August. I don’t like its sold in small 50ml bottles for what seems to be a high price for such a small bottle. The 100ml version might work better.

However, I guess you’ll have to compromise if you want the fragrance. Its unisex appeal has women asking about it nearly every time I wear it. Some guys ask about it as well. But women even ask me if I have it on me to share, which is rare indeed. Soon after the summer citrus drydown, the fragrance shows a pink pepper, cardamom, jasmine, and patchouli profile.

Even for me, it’s very close to perfection. However, I also understand it’s far from a crowd-pleaser. It’s not that I don’t value it, but it has serious competition to get higher on my list.

Takeaway points

  • The very strong citrus profile
  • The fragrance is something Xerzoff fans cherish for its popularity
  • Highly valuable when walking in the sun
  • Not as popular as it should be
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As you can see above, the best summer fragrances for men impress everyone. Even if you don’t like these, you still appreciate what they bring to the table.

From my own experience, I know there’s no way I could only pick one. But if you could pick only one, which one would it be? Let us all know below. Also, there are many other mentions I could not include in it list as its getting too long already.

Have I left anything out? Share your gem below.   A friend of mine also told me many lightweight gym fragrances might pass as summertime fragrances as well. Here’s my post on what I think the best gym fragrances for men are and many of them have that fresh, soapy or aquatic vibe you might be after as well.