Best Tom Ford Colognes – Original Unisex Scents for Men And Women

best tom ford colognes

The best Tom Ford perfumes include Tabacco Vanille and Tobacco Oud. They cost between $100 and $300 and they’re often controversial.

While the house has many inspiring colognes I’d like to own such as Tom Ford for Men or Tom Ford Gret Vetiver, I’ve settled on the following names on my journey at this amazing house.

If you look for a few opinions online, you’ll see the colognes from this perfume house are often debated intensely. Those who love them write real poetry describing them while those who shun them mostly can’t explain the high price for what they believe is a weird scent.

I think it is one of those brands where your personality has to be a good match. These colognes are not the average run with the pack release. As a result, I only wear the following fragrances on specific occasions. They’re rarely a daily choice for me.

But even so, I wouldn’t sell any of them. Here are my recommendations on the best Tom Ford perfumes for men and for women.

  1. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

If I could only pick one Tom Ford, it would be the Tobacco vanilla. The cologne just brings these 2 ingredients to the next level.

I must admit, I hate tobacco but I love Tobacco Vanille. I don’t know how this happened but it certainly impresses my nose.

It might not be what you have in mind due to its simplicity but it’s the quality of these 2 notes that are going to impress men and women.

Most people tend to go with the supporting note of dark chocolate or what seems to be dark unsweetened cacao.

Others also get the dried fruit brandy alongside pope tobacco.

Since its rather sweet, I would mainly save it for wintertime.

The man for it? You’ve guessed it, it’s the gentleman in the guy’s club wearing a suit, being confident and smelling rich.


  • Sweet with a dark chocolate vibe
  • King of longevity
  • Made guys who keep it classy
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  1. Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Cardamom, jasmine, leather, patchouli, amber, and moss are found in the legendary scent. This is a type of soft sports car type of leather.

If you’re new to these badboy-type colognes, you need to know their impact may even be more pronounced. For example, Tuscan Leather is a bit rougher around the edges.

But Ombre Leather is the type of soft scent which almost transports you to a sports car’s leather interior. However, you should expect a type of refinement that may only be seen at Tom Ford. Many have copied it with variable degrees of success. But leather scents made right are not the norm with all Ombre Leather copiers.

A powerful combination of leather and jasmine opens up this unmistakable cologne.

Then there’s a bit of smokiness to the fragrances. Some note this smokiness enriches the jasmine. But even others have noted the jasmine note is a bit synthetic and the smokiness balances it out nicely.

Vetiver is present as well. It doesn’t shine too much but it’s there in the drydown to break the cologne’s linearity.

Now, the best comparison I’ve heard is with a manly leather jacket. I do realize public opinion on leather jackets has shifted nearly entirely from the early ‘90s. If you’re a vegan or if you don’t like leather jackets, walk away like a gentleman.


  • A soft Tuscan Leather release
  • Masculine and unpretentious
  • 6-hours projection
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  1. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Your summertime Neroli Portofino is constantly appreciated by Tom Ford fans.

Bergamot, orange, lemon, lavender, rosemary, and neroli are all there.

In the opening, there’s a citrus vibe that goes well for the summer. But the lemons’ opening then evolves into neroli with some background spices to open it up.

This is a type of fragrance which is very linear, without being too complicated.

Some argue it’s too simplistic to make it to the list of recommendations. But there’s certainly sufficient appeal given the cologne has a projection of a few feet. In terms of longevity, it’s also there to return your hard-earned cash.

The fragrance lasts for 4-6 hours and it should be one of the most popular summertime Tom Ford releases for anyone looking to get a bit more accustomed to the luxury cologne house.


  • It smells like fresh soap
  • The cologne has good longevity and projection
  • It remains linear and uncomplicated
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  1. Tom Ford Fing Fabulous

Another polarizing fragrance comes with a name I cannot write. But many of my friends, both guys and girls already use it.

If you can stomach its high price, this can be another bold cologne to make you stand out. If you’re wearing it a party, it’s a matter of minutes until people start turning their heads when smelling you pass by.

Clary sage and lavender are its top notes. Bitter almond, vanilla, leather and orris flower are its midnotes.

Tonka bean, cashmeran, and amber are its base notes.

These notes are harsh on the untrained nose. There’s a unisex appealing about this fragrance but you need to like the following dominating notes to like the fragrance.

Wood, bitter almond and leather are its main notes. However, these are far superior to most wood and leather notes I’ve encountered before.

Now, there are a few things I need to point out here. Its price is eyewatering. Even in a 50ml bottle, it still is very expensive. However, you don’t need to blind buy it. Among the stores I’ve tested it at, it’s mainly found in Sephora.

Another issue here is its performance. At 5 hours, it’s not the worst longevity. However, I think it’s the worst Tom Ford longevity. If only its price would be lower, I wouldn’t have such an issue with its longevity.

Longevity is low to moderate, depending on your skin. But I’d mainly see this as a more elegant cologne anyway.

My final issue with the cologne is its name. Who in their right mind came up with it? I’ve seen many wacky names but they mainly come from unknown brands desperately trying to stand out. You’re Tom Ford, you are not the downtown butcher.


  • Unisex appeal
  • A distinct DNA
  • Low to moderate longevity
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  1. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud

For an extrovert, the fragrance is another masterpiece. 2 heavy notes are the signature here. It polarizes people but for most of its wear, it draws in a lot of compliments.

It announces its presence as soon as you walk into a room.

It’s also sexy and masculine which is very curious as many teenagers love it as well.

Guys who like to stay low profile are certainly not the ones to feel confident about the cologne, especially since it can’t be described as cheap, even with a discount coupon.

If you have a cool attitude, if you like suits or the next best thing, a shirt with a vest, it might be a great combination.

I’d struggle to compliment it on a guy in slippers.

Whiskey, tobacco, cinnamon, and coriander are there in the opening.

Agarwood, tobacco, sandalwood, and patchouli are the best notes.

Which Tom Ford cologne would you buy first? There’s nothing wrong with going with it as your first choice in the adventure that’s going to be this house.


  • 12-hours longevity
  • Medium to low 3-hours projection
  • Highly wearable by those not into strong Tom Fords
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  1. Tom Ford Oud Wood

If you can overlook the limited projection of the cologne, Oud Wood is going to be your transition from Tom Ford winter to a Tom Ford summer with a top springtime choice.

While it doesn’t have the most amazing projection, the cologne is still very masculine.

Compliments can be heard on the right guy, but maybe not as much as with other tobacco releases from the house.

The oud here is not as strong as its name would suggest.

It’s the type of creamy woody oud which is very easy to digest.

Some men would only wear it to special occasions and I can certainly understand why they won’t use it as a daily scent. In some cases, it will simply be about women or men who say they don’t like it before guys set it aside.

But my opinion is that many don’t know exactly how oud smells like and they start comparing it to cleaning products.

It works for every occasion so I wear it at any event I need to be in top shape. From wedding to family gatherings, I’m not sure I would be able to find anything better from the house.

Any guy over 30 can appreciate the gourmand formulation for its unique oriental value.

Mandarin orange, neroli, saffron, nutmeg, and cardamom are in the opening.

Mastic of Lentisque rose, jasmine, orange blossom, and Kulfi are its sweet floral midnotes.

Basenotes include vanilla, amber, and sandalwood.

With a luxury vanilla soap vibe in the drydown, it might be one of the Tom Fords which you might get away with on dates.


  • Made for mature men
  • Projects at arm’s length
  • 8-hours longevity
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  1. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Launched in 2015, Noir Extreme is the child of Noir Eau de Toilette and Noir Eau de Parfum. The winter-fall fragrance has already been named as a favorite scent by a lot of guys.

Spic, creamy and sweet, this fragrance attracts a lot of compliments.

Spiciness with a bit of cardamom is in the opening. But saffron and neroli are also there.

Floral midnotes such as Mastic of Lentisque, rose and jasmine makes it softer.

Amber, sandalwood, and vanilla give the fragrance its wintertime appeal.

The masculine scent projects for about 2 hours. You can smell it on the skin for up to 8 hours.

Since it smells like winter, it’s very comforting. But at the same time, I simply cannot see this being exclusively for men. I think women’s Tom Ford perfumes may include it at any time.


  • Soft, sweet, friendly
  • Better than the original
  • It lasts at least 6-10 hours on the skin
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  1. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Thyme, raspberry, and saffron are in this best Tom Ford perfume’s intoxicating opening.

Olibanum and jasmine make their way as midnotes.

Base notes include leather, suede, and amber.

The masculine cologne is certainly something to consider among your romantic Tom Fords.

It comes with a type of leather that has often been interpreted as luxurious.

On the right guy, the cologne certainly smells like animalic leather with a luxury feel.

But this leather is coated in friendly raspberry and this is why it’s so polarizing.

I’ve never met anyone to tell me they kind of like the fragrance. Most either love it or they hate it. I think it embodies the brand well.

While it bears similarity to Ombre Leather, its formula has been copied in hundreds of other scent.s But nothing comes close it the original and it’s almost hypnotizing ingredients.


  • Up to 8 hours longevity on the skin
  • Up to 24 hours longevity on clothes
  • 5-6 hours projection
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  1. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Released in 2016l, Soleil Blanc or the White Sun is Tom Ford’s summertime proposal. It’s inspired by islands where summer lasts all year long.

For me, fragrance is a popular name. Many ask me if I’ve tried it and this makes me think others like it as well.

In the top notes, there’s acidic bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper, and pistachio.

Jasmine, tuberose, and ylang are its midnotes.

Amber, coconut, and benzoin are among its base notes.

If it would be a drink, it would have to be a pina colada.

This is also what attracts many women to this perfume. It often has them imagining sitting by a pool during the summer enjoying such a tropical drink.

As far as luxurious summertime fragrances go, this has the DNA for it. However, it lacks longevity and projection to be higher on Tom Ford’s best list.


  • Low projection
  • Up to 9 hours in the skin
  • Coconuty summer cologne
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  1. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Can Tom Ford colognes be affordable? Probably not by today’s standards. But Black Orchid is one of the releases of the house which are not as expensive as many fans of the brand expect. Its notes are very good and it might be a top option for those on a budget.

Gourmand top notes include truffle, bergamot, currant and ylang-ylang.

Midnotes include lotus, orchid, and fruity notes.

Sweet vanilla, chocolate, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense, and vetiver are its base notes.

The oriental floral fragrance has inspired many wearers over the years.

However, it’s not the type of floral cologne to men jump to or women adore instantly. I’d say it’s not for everybody.

The cologne may take a bit of time to get used to. I’d say it works well for those who are a bit more mature, educated and even mysterious. These people wouldn’t go for something too generic anyway.


  • A very thought-provoking floral
  • Oriental-floral profile
  • Available in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml
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  1. Tom Ford Noir de Noir

Noir de Noir is part of the Private Blend line of best Tom Ford perfumes which can be used together or on their own.

With a saffron opening, the fragrance adds black rose, truffle and white florals as midnotes. Vanilla, patchouli, aoud and oakmoss are its base notes.

With a luxurious opening, the fragrance has a classy timeless appeal. It works with a large number of other colognes from Tom Ford as a result.

While many see it as a cologne for those 25 and over, I’d rate it as a release for those 30 and above.

With a 2-hours projection, it’s not the king of performers from the popular brand.

However, it remains sufficiently complex and appealing for most men. You also need to consider the scent is something more women gravitate towards especially due to its luxurious rose.


  • 6-hours longevity
  • Made with luxuries rose 
  • Suitable for men and women
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12. Tom Ford Black Orchid for Women

When it comes to the best Tom Ford perfume for her, you need to check out Black Orchid for Women. This is a dark scent that almost all women don’t like in the opening. But only the best Tom Ford perfumes have been put on this list and the secret lies in the drydown.

Truffle, gardenia, Amalfi lemon, mandarin orange, bergamot, jasmine, ylang ylang, and blackcurrant are its opening notes.

Orchid, oriental spices, jasmine, umami, fruits, and lotus are its mid accords.

Mexican chocolate, vanilla, patchouli, incense, amber, white musk, sandalwood, and vetiver are its base notes.

The cold spices here make it one of the best in its class. It can be one of the best Tom Ford perfumes if you like to smell a bit mysterious, maybe even gothic,

Performance on this Tom Ford perfume is astonishing. It lasts up to 18 hours on the skin and up to a few days when applied on clothing.


  • Intense truffle opening
  • Rather mysterious and colder than Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme perfume
  • Very high silage
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Your best Tom Ford perfume takeaway points

  • Based on Tom Ford’s vision, an American designer
  • The first Tom Ford fragrance was released in 2006
  • Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille was released in 2007
  • Ombre Leather was released in 2018
  • Neroli Portofino was released in 2011
  • Tom Ford Fing Fabulous was released in 2017
  • Tobacco Oud was released in 2013
  • Oud Wood was released in 2007
  • Noir Extreme was released in 2015
  • Tuscan Leather was released in 2007
  • Eau de Solei Blanc was released in 2018
  • Black Orchid was released in 2006
  • Noir de Noir was released in 2007
  • Olivier Gillotin is the perfumer behind some of these scents
  • Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances were only limited to stores when launched in 2007
  • Tom Ford meets with leading perfumers a few times per year to test out various colognes personally