9 Best Tommy Bahama Colognes Still Worth Buying

St. Barts is the best Tommy Bahama cologne. The Atlanta-based brand is also known for other successful maritime-themed perfumes for men and women. Most of these perfumes are affordable and fresh, perfectly suited for days of summer.

Tommy Baha is a US-based activewear company making tropical fragrances for men and women. This brand is known for its affordable colognes and men all over the US talk about it. Most of its perfumes are made with synthetic notes, but given their price, they can be an easy choice for a casual outfit on a summer’s day.

Why are Tommy Bahama colognes popular?

The following colognes can be found in stores and online. You can apply them liberally given they are affordable and easy to find. Here are 3 reasons  why these colognes are so popular

  • Tropical scent for holidays and days out

Tropical colognes have been around for a few years. There’s almost no summertime holiday you can go on without thinking about cologne. Tommy Bahama is specialized in these types of perfumes and a few of them are actually good.

  • High affordability

Most Tommy Bahama colognes are affordable as most reviewers show. For the price of 2 cups of coffee, you can get a cologne that lasts the entire summer.

  • Fun and easy to wear

Not all colognes need to be complicated. This simplistic carefree approach makes these scents quite fund to wear, which is always important when preparing for the sunny days of the summer.

1.       Tommy Bahama St. Barts

Similar to a coconut-smelling fragrance, St. Barts is a summertime men’s scent worth trying. It resembles Creed Virgin Island Water but it comes off as a bit synthetic. However, it’s a few times cheaper than Creed’s fragrance which makes it a good no-brainer.

The mojito perfume inspiration lingers on with this scent from the opening to the drydown. Part of this interpretation can be based on its boozy cologne notes.

This Tommy Bahama cologne for men starts with lime and tequila, two scents that go well together. Sea notes or aquatic notes are also there together with agave which you can smell.

Salt, green notes (similar to grass), and guava are its heart notes.

St. Barts cologne also comes with tropical palm leaf, musk, and vanilla to offer its saltiness a bit of balance.

You’d expect this perfume to underperform. However, it lasts around 4-5 hours on the skin.


  • It projects for up to 3 hours
  • Ideal for men
  • Mostly wearable in the summer
  • Similar to Virgin Island Water from Creed
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2.       Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue

This Tommy Bahama cologne review recognizes the importance of Maritime Deep Blue in the brand’s lineup. This perfume has been described as smelling like the ocean, which is certainly not a bad scent in the summer.

During the summer, you might not be thinking about aquatic spicy fragrances. But spices are spectacular in the high heat, just look at all of the popular oriental colognes for men.

Maritime cologne comes with a touch of spicy bergamot with another aromatic slightly spicy notes such as rosemary in the opening. Juniper and cardamom are the obvious supporting notes here.

The drydown of this fragrance is floral, but you still get the salty background with them. You will smell water lilly, freesia, geranium, and orris root as heart notes.

Moss, cedar, patchouli, and musk are its base accords.


  • Salty and a bit sour, just like the ocean
  • It lasts around 5 hours on the skin
  • Suitable for outdoor wear at the beach or sports
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3.       Tommy Bahama Martinique

Slightly less floral and a bit soapier than St. Barts, St. Kitts, and Maritime, Tommy Bahama Martinique is a simple fragrance you can enjoy both as men and as a woman. It makes you smell clean and slightly aquatic.

All of its notes are highly generic. If you’re familiar with the smell of Calvin Klein One, then you know what to expect.

Water notes, lavender, bergamot, and musk are its main notes.

While not listed, seaweed, spices, and woody notes are also present here. This perfume is highly generic as it also resembles Nautica Voyage and other maritime perfumes. But for what it’s worth, all of those are very popular.

The problem with Martinique Tommy Bahama cologne is that it doesn’t last too long. If you want to smell fresh just like out of the shower for the entire day, you will need to take it with you to the beach or to whatever outdoor event you have planned to reapply the fragrance through the day.


  • A fresh scent for men who don’t like floral colognes
  • It lasts up to 4 hours on the skin
  • It might last longer when applied to clothes
  • Similar to Davidoff Cool Water and Nautica Voyage
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4.       Tommy Bahama St. Kitts

If you need a tropical Tommy Bahama perfume for men that isn’t sporty or that isn’t too aquatic, St. Kitts is the best option. It is also less soapy than Martinique and this makes it a leader when it comes to its overall versatility during the summer.

St. Kitts high heat cologne for the mean is easily one of the top releases from Tommy Bahama. It has a special Caribbean vibe that transports you almost instantly on a beach sipping from a coconut.

Start fruit, mandarin orange, and bergamot are its refreshing tropical opening notes.

Watery notes are also present in its heart notes but they aren’t as aquatic as in other Tommy Bahama fragrances. Cedar and salt complete the fresh tropical mid notes list.

Driftwood, ambergris, and musk are the base notes that give it a special sexy appeal.

The only real drawback St. Kitts has is its longevity. It lasts a bit less than Versace Dylan Blue, even if it can be compared to this fragrance.


  • It lasts up to 3 hours on the skin
  • A bit more tropical and less soapy than other Tommy Bahama colognes
  • Suitable for men
  • Pleasant driftwood note interpretation
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5.       Tommy Bahama for Him Original Cologne

Released in 2013, Tommy Bahama for Him is one of the colognes with a tropical vibe that adds a bit more fruits to the sent composition. Fruits are also present in the 4 fragrances mentioned above, but in this cologne, it’s all about the more potent notes, also wearable in the spring.

Watermelon is one of the main opening notes. While synthetic, the note has been highly praised by critics, especially for a cheap cologne. Tangerine and pear are also composing the smell of the opening together with spicy ginger.

Violet leaf and spicy coriander are its mid notes. There’s also a faint note of Tiare flower in its heart notes.

Amber, Australian sandalwood, and tonka bean are its dewy, sweet, and spicy base accords.

Generally, you’d expect this cologne to last more. But it only lasts for about 3 hours with just a few sprays. If you spray it more than 10 times, you can expect 7-8 hours of longevity.


  • Tropical fruity cologne for men
  • One of the best watermelon interpretations
  • A sweet summer men’s cologne
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6.       Tommy Bahama for Her

This mandarin-musk fragrance with vanilla and praline is the first Tommy Bahama perfume for ladies on the list. It doesn’t smell pretentious but it smells nice. As Tommy Bahama colognes for guys, it also comes at a low price.

Honeysuckle, mandarin, and apple are its opening accords. Mandarin tends to shine out the most even if the floral notes such as honeysuckle are also distinguishable in the right weather.

Florals such as honeysuckle, heliotrope, and gardenia make up its mid accords.

Praline, vanilla, patchouli, and musk are its intense base accords. Praline tends to be a bit overwhelming but it adds a distinct smell of sweetness to the perfume.

Made for women of all ages, it can be wearable in spring and summer and certainly a perfume to wear at work.


  • Sweet Tommy Bahama perfume for ladies
  • Very potent gardenia note for an affordable ladies’ perfume
  • It turns from fresh to sweet in the drydown
  • It lasts for 2 hours on the skin
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7.       Tommy Bahama Martinique for Women

Tommy Bahama’s Martinique for Women is different than Martinique for men. It has a sweet scent composition that recommends it for any season.

This perfume is comprised of raspberry, mandarin orange, and red apple in its opening notes. It has a pleasant fruity opening that can be interpreted as sweet.

Floral notes such as tiare flower make up its mid accords.

Musk and vanilla are its base accords.

Overall, this perfume is fruity with a musk base which also makes it sexy and a suitable date night scent for women. You can also consider it as a pleasant perfume for teachers, or as a perfume for lawyers or anyone else working close to others.


  • Highly recommended as a signature scent
  • Fruity and musky perfume for women
  • Not necessarily recognizable as a Tommy Bahama cologne
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8.       Tommy Bahama Compass

Compass is a soapy cologne for men. It doesn’t have lasting power, otherwise, it would be higher up the list. Still, in some cases, you don’t need lasting power. Think about a date or a sports game, it’s made for such occasions.

This cologne debuts with lemon, grapefruit, and violet.

Pimento, lavender, and aromatic sage make up its potent and rather vintage mid accords.

Attractive ambergris, cedar, tonka bean, and labdanum are its base notes.

All of these notes blend well together. You might even get a few compliments while it lasts. However, you should not see it as a cologne to smell for more than just a few hours.


  • Rare pimento cologne that smells good
  • Highly aromatic but generic
  • It lasts about 2 hours on the skin
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9.       Tommy Bahama Maritime Journey

Maritime Journey is your choice if you’re after a good unisex Tommy Bahama cologne. It has just a few fruity notes in favor of floral and spicy-aromatic accords.

It starts with cardamom, lavender, and green apple.

Coriander, violet, and wild orchid are its main heart notes.

Moss, clearwood, and cedar are its potent base accords.

This perfume lasts around 3 hours and it’s very easy to wear. Similar to Nautica Voyage, this Tommy Bahama cologne for him is the right choice in any weather.


  • Fresh unisex cologne
  • Made with plenty of lavender and coriander
  • Recommended as a summer’s woody cologne
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Tommy Bahama Cologne Season
St. Barts Summer


Maritime Deep Blue Summer


Martinique Men Summer


St. Kitts Summer


For Him Original Summer


For Her Summer


Martinique for Women Summer


Compass Spring


Maritime Journey Summer




Tommy Bahama colognes have a very low price. With tropical DNA, this is not necessarily bad. Many people have something to say about their longevity. But you wouldn’t want your cologne to mix with summertime sweat during the day as you have to take a shower anyway.

While at the beach, you might also enter the water which also begs the question of why you’d need an expensive cologne on such occasions. For how these fragrances smell, there’s no point in looking elsewhere given just how affordable they are.