17 Best Tropical Fragrances For Men To Smell Like The Caribbean Islands

If you like that warm feeling perfumes can offer, the best tropical fragrances for men are what you’re after. There are a few of them to use by day or by night.

If you look for these men’s fragrances online, tropical releases normally begin with Creed’s Virgin Island Water. But there are so many alternatives it might be hard to simply list all of them.

But which makes fragrance tropical in the first place?

Some men say it’s the addition of notes such as rum or tequila. Other men say is the combination of fruity scents such as those of pineapple or mango.

For me, tropical fragrances need to offer that the Caribbean feel which has me daydreaming about my next holiday abroad.

Among the fragrances normally discussed and collected, the following tropical releases include both classic and new perfumes that bring that relaxed vibe right into a man’s hands.

  1. Creed Virgin Island Water

This is a fresh-fruity release that almost every serious fragrance collector already owns. On their website, you’ll see it listed as a fruity release.

But there’s a lot more to it than fruits.

It even includes green aromas which are defiantly not muted.

Tropical wood is present, of course. Ylang ylang, hibiscus, Indian Jasmine and coconut are also there.

When you first spray it on the skin, you’ll mainly smell the coconut and the bergamot. But these top accords certainly start to fade within an hour.

In the summertime, there are not many alternatives that would be better than the Virgin Island Water.

But I know some of my guy friends have also categorized it among the rum fragrances they own, even if I don’t get that boozy aroma myself.

What you need to remember

  • The fragrance lasts at least 5 hours on the skin
  • The men’s 100ml bottle is a good value for a Creed release
  • Feel free to test out the 2ml version if you’re unsure about it

  1. Tommy Bahama For Men Set Sail St. Barts

As far as lime-citrusy fragrances go, they can’t all be seen as tropical. Among them, the Virgin Island Water and the Set Sail St. Barts are often seen as the best.

But the lime opening in Tommy’s release is a bit toned down in comparison.

But there are a few similarities. Unlike Creed’s perfume, Tommy comes with agave, seanotes, lime, and tequila in the opening. I certainly feel its boozy profile here.

Salt, green notes and guava are among its midnotes. Palm leaf, vanilla, and musk are also there as base accords.

But for me, it’s the tropical vibe that sends me straight on an island here.

I’d see it as a lightweight summertime performer for casual men’s outfits. I wouldn’t wear a T-shirt with it necessarily.

Instead, I’d choose the Charlie Sheen button-up style instead.

What you need to remember

  • Available in men’s 15ml bottles
  • Not for you if you don’t like tequila
  • The shape of the bottle makes it a worthy display fragrance
  • A very popular tropical fragrance alongside Virgin Island Water
  • Projection is limited up to 4-5 hours

  1. Pi Neo Tropical Paradise Givenchy for Men

As a fig leaf, palm and lemony scents in its range, this is a stunner. I still remember all the guys getting compliments at the beach while wearing it. Of course, I got it myself and it also works for me, but without the compliments.

Grapefruit and bergamot are its top aromas.

Palm leaf, fig leaf, and aquatic notes are a strong presence for men of various ages.

Driftwood, clary sage, and Virginia Cedar are its base manly accords.

I see it as a tropical fragrance for sure. While not listed, I sense coconut in there also.

However, it is not the type of fragrance you apply in the morning before leaving for the beach. You need to apply it again during the day.

On me, it only lasts around 3 hours, even if I’ve heard some man say it lasts 6 on them.

What you need to remember

  • Very catchy fragrance suitable for extroverts
  • Tropical, citrusy and with a strong fig note
  • An original scent without a doubt
  • 100ml Eau De Toilette competes with the best in the category

  1. Pi Neo Tropical Paradise Givenchy for Men for Men

The woody-aquatic fragrance is what you may choose if you’re looking for a safe men’s tropical fragrance.

Cardamom, bergamot, pepper, and sage are among its accords.

But there are few other aromas which make their way if you pay attention.

Brazilian rosewood, nutmeg, and carambola are also there to make an impact at the beginning.

Sage, tarragon, and saffron take it to the next level. I know I cook using saffron so it’s expensive in any circumstance.

There’s plenty of spice to enjoy here. However, they are not the highest-quality spices. But they work together for men like few do.

If you’re looking for a performer on casual wear, it might be a good alternative for an expensive Eau de Parfum.

However, if you want to wear it at the office, please apply it in 2-3 sprays maximum.

What you need to remember

  • 10-hours longevity
  • Very versatile for casual wear
  • Men can wear it in the spring and in the summer

  1. Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme

Released in 2005, this fragrance is in my collection in its smaller 50ml version. For me, it’s enough to last for the whole summer.

You may already be familiar with it as its easily available in most stores.

Released in 2005 under the signature of Jacques Cavallier (Lancome Poeme, Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet), it has mandarin, orange, and petitgrain top aromas.

Cotton flower, seaweed, and lavender are some of its intriguing tropical accents.

Patchouli, cedar, amber and other woodsy scents complete the perfume.

Its opening is fresh and fruity, as you probably want with some of these men’s tropical scents.

In about 30 minutes, as these accords evaporate, you’ll start to sense that salty vibe.

I see this best on a younger guy, it is why I’m starting to wave goodbye to it. But for the younger men, it has that unique playful character without too many unknowns.

What you need to remember

  • 4-hours maximum longevity
  • It works for younger men
  • More aquatic than tropical
  • Available in various size bottles (50ml and 100ml)

  1. Ambercrombie & Fitch For Men First Instinct

With a buzzy profile, gents can certainly appreciate the tropical release.

While the initial intention was to create an oriental Fougere, many see it as the tropical release missing from their collection.

Melon, tonic water and gin are its unmistakable top notes. This is not a summer release for the faint-hearted men.

Sichuan pepper, violet leaf, and citrus are its tropical fragrance midnotes.

Suede, amber, and musk are the base accords that complete the attractive scent.

While it might be made by a clothing brand, the men’s perfume has plenty of originality.

Now, I don’t really smell all of these boozy accords myself. For me, it’s a simple summertime fresh fragrance.

But its tropical effect is something that is not going to break the bank.

As a result, go for it as a blind buy as a student.

What you need to remember

  • It has a boozy opening
  • 2-hours strong projection
  • 5-hours longevity closer to the skin
  • Very masculine even for a tropical fragrance

  1. Tom Ford Eau De Soleil Blanc For Men and Women

As its name is inspired by the sun, this fragrance is unisex. It has both masculine and feminine aromas.

For me, it has a more feminine note. But I still wear it on special summertime occasions.

I like its aromas and there’s plenty of them.

Coconut is one of the main tropical notes you’ll smell on it for a few hours.

Citrusy-bergamot accords are also present in the formula.

In the drydown, neroli and orange blossom are among the accords which are the strongest. Jasmine, ylang yaang, and tuberose are there also.

Benzoin, amber and tonka bean are very scary and hard to smell among the base accords for me.

What you need to remember

  • Flowery tropical fragrance for men with a feminine profile
  • Only useful for the summer
  • Perfect for daytime use at the pool
  • Made including tropical ylang ylang from the Comore Islands

  1. Guerlain Homme L’Eau Boisee Guerlain for Men EDT

The vetiver mojito has a unique tropical formula. In the opening, there’s that sweet lime scent that so many have hailed it for. Maybe it is the reason it also works for women, not only for the gentleman.

Fresh cut grass notes are also there in the short opening.

Vetiver and mint are also there for men to enjoy and feel refreshed by.

Woody notes and rum scents are also present. If you’re a mojito fan, it certainly has you feeling as if at the beach.

Of course, these boozy accords are not for everybody.

The strong vetiver is also there for a reason.

It is not a tropical option for the younger crowd.

I wear them to the office. Don’t worry, the rum is not as strong as to get questions of sobriety while at work.

What you need to remember

  • An excellent signature fragrance for classy gents
  • Rum gives it a tropical profile
  • Fair price for 6 hours longevity
  • Doesn’t scream ‘look at me!’

  1. Kenzo For Men Kenzo Homme Night

This list can’t go on any longer before adding a night scent. The fragrance is a reformulated version of the Kenzo Homme launched in 1991.

Dominique Ropion (Armani Code Mirror Edition, Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme) starts it with grapefruit, cardamom, and coriander top notes.

Midnotes include wormwood, geranium, Artemisia, and sweet tropical mango.

Tonka bean, guaiac wood, and vetiver are its base notes.

But I also think there are a few aquatic accords in it as well.

The tropical scent is completed with coconut and a salty vibe.

I’m going to keep buying the eau de toilette as it runs out. It’s among the best Kenzo releases.

What you need to know

  • Beast mode projection and longevity
  • Men can wear it at date nights, movie nights, and special occasions
  • Versatile as far as outfits go
  • It gets compliments

  1. Lili Bermuda South Water

As far as underrated tropical fragrances go, the perfume has to be high on the list.

I’d normally keep it to myself but given the type of useless stuff some men get, I can’t help but recommend something else.

After long winters, you need a fragrance to lift up your mood. It has that effect that is borrowed from women’s perfumes.

Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone created the niche fragrance with blackcurrant, aniseed and guava notes in the opening.

They sit on violet, orris root, vanilla, coconut and mimosa midnotes.

Amber and white musk are among its base notes.

What you need to remember

  • Your girlfriend will use it as well
  • Very original
  • Very affordable given its unique DNA for men
  • Long projection through the day for men working 8-hour shifts
  • One of the most under-the-radar options for those who don’t follow the crowd


  1. Mancera Cedrat Boise

I’ve already discussed this fragrance on wordpress-917340-3184335.cloudwaysapps.com. It has a slight tropical feel to it, mainly due to its fruity notes.

Spicy notes, black currant, and Sicilian lemon are among its tropical notes you’ll probably pick up.

But for me, it is a hybrid fragrance. It combines a certain appeal from mass fragrances with scents from niche fragrances.

I’d also recommend buying the 60ml version if you only want to test it out. If you want to use it as a signature scent, which is perfectly fine, you’d be better off choosing its 120ml version.

What you need to remember

  • Aromatic and fruity in the opening but still suitable for men
  • Drydown dominated by cedar notes for men
  • Versatile for a long projection

  1. Polo Sport Ralph Lauren For Men

The classic is made for gents. It has that recognizable appeal. As it was launched back in 2014, you probably already know it. But it also means it’s quite affordable.

Aromatic floral accords are listed for the product. Some of them might not be as prominent as it is certainly my case as I don’t get the Brazilian rosewood in it.

However, its top aromas include aldehydes, Artemisia, lavender, and mint.

Cyclamen, geranium, jasmine, and seagrass are its unusual tropical notes for men’s fragrances.

Sandalwood, amber, cedarwood and guaiac wood are also among its accords.

If other perfumes for gentleman don’t work on younger men, this is not the case here. I say get it if you want to stand out even if you’re in your 20’s.

What you need to remember

  • It has timeless appeal for men of all ages
  • Moderately priced even for young men
  • Perfect to apply on fresh skin after a gym workout
  • 3-hours projection on most men

  1. Guillaume Paris Mojito Chypre Pierre

Made by in-house perfumer Pierre Guillaume, it has me on the fence.

Many young guys I know like it for the beach.

It is even what it states in its description as its made for the Miami beach vibe.

For me, it has a lime-strawberry opening that changes to a pure strawberry projection.

There’s some mint in the background as well.

I won’t be buying it again simply because I don’t like strawberry sweetness.

What you need to remember

  • There’s no sensual moss to be enjoyed here
  • This is a perfume strictly for the beach
  • Too expensive for its low versatility


  1. L’Artisan Parfumeur Batucada

This tropical release is one of the generic aquatic releases you must own at some point. Its note something to revolutionize the fragrance community, but it still works.

It may not have a niche appeal but it opens with lime, mint and sugar cane.

Aquatic, coconut, Tiare flower and ylang ylang are among its midnotes.

In the dry-down, it also turns salty and it’s why I see it as a perfect summertime companion.

With its tropical Caribbean feel, it might be one of the affordable options for men of all ages.

What you need to remember

  • It projects for about 4 hours
  • Very good as a fun summer fragrance
  • A tropical release woman might also love

  1. Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant For Men

I’d be careful to choose the tropical fragrance as my only summertime performer. But as a second or third option, it is interesting.

Some say it does smell like a jungle. Others say this is something only Tarzan would use.

Being already over a decade old in the men’s category, it has made a name for itself. I like it for the splash of spices its tropical fragrance offers.

Citrus and cinnamon accords are in the opening.

Cardamom, pepper, carnation, and nutmeg are among its midnotes.

Mate, benzoin, sandalwood, and vetiver are its base notes.

For me, it’s the sweet ylang ylang that makes it tolerable. I’d even describe it as animalic.

It works on muscular guys, those who hit the gym or those into sports.

What you need to remember

  • It projects for a few hours
  • Made with a primal masculine profile
  • Excellent nutmeg and cinnamon combination

  1. Pierre Guillaume Paris Fidji

This Fiji archipelago has me thinking about holidays and rugby. Its tropical oils are suitable for men and it has a distinct DNA so it’s not something you’ll easily recognize.

Sandalwood, grapefruit, orange, and rum are its accords.

The classic boozy fragrance is surely simplistic but hard to match.

In the drydown, it becomes very sandalwood-orientated scent for men. It is where I don’t like it as it reminds me of Taylor of Old Bond Street releases.

But up to 3 hours, it has that unique appeal. Still, you should be prepared to pay top dollars for this gem.

What you need to remember

  • The woody aromas are mainly sandalwood – a top choice for men
  • Tropical rum scent works well paired the citrus accords in the opening
  • The fragrance has men wearing a very rare 2017 release


  1. Aramis Havana For Men

This is exactly what men read on the bottle, Havana. It has a bit of alcohol present in it as well as that tobacco cologne vibe so many men have grown to love.

Being already over a decade old, the Nathalie Feisthauer (Versace Blonde) release has a multitude of aromas and smells to keep you guessing.

Artemisia, caraway, mandarin, and basil are among its overpowering top accords.

Fir, carnation, tobacco, and cinnamon are its midnotes.

Vetiver, oakmoss, patchouli, and sandalwood are its base notes.

The warm tobacco and musky overall scent in the dry down recommends this among today’s tropical fragrances man can buy cheaply.

If you’re seeking that fresh barbershop scent, it might be one of the few affordable options to go for which are not already worn by every other man on the street.

What you need to remember

  • A beautiful tropical barbershop fragrance for all seasons
  • It projects for around 5 hours
  • You still easily find in its stores today
  • The tropical fragrance comes in 100ml bottles

Final considerations

Among these men’s tropical fragrances, some may prove harder to the source. But only a handful of these are really considered expensive and having them shipped is the best solution for those on a budget.

Debating the problem of tropical accords, men have the choice of their own products to consider. If rum certainly has that vibe, not the same can be said about other notes.

Are aquatic aromas a real must-have in tropical fragrances for men? This is still up for debate.

But another question which arises is if these fragrances are really made to last? Most importantly, should tropical fragrances for men last as long as others?

As seen above with releases such as Versace Man Eau Fraiche, they can be intoxicating at times. If you’re deciding to wear these fragrances to the office or anywhere else indoors, you need to go light on them.

Unlike other summertime fragrances, the tropical formula has very good projection and longevity on men. Even eau de toilette releases last a few hours with these tropical accords.

If you’re building up your own collection, feel free to have a quick look at our best summer fragrances for men list. You’ll find other inspiring releases there.