Best Versace Perfumes For Women [Ranked]

The best Versace perfumes for women are Crystal Noir, Eros Pour Femme, and Oud Oriental. Up to 45 Versace perfumes for women have been made since 1981 but these stand out today as best-sellers.

If you’re talking about the house of Versace you know that women expect a chic appeal even with its perfumes.

Many believed things were going to end in 1997 with the passing away of Gianni Versace. But the Italian house went further and it’s going strong today.

During my trips and holidays, I often like to see what other people wear and how they like to smell. Crystal Noir and Bright Crystal are often among their favorites. Here’s a list ranked by popularity.

  1. Versace Crystal Noir Eau De Toilette

I’ve already covered this coconut best Versace perfume for women on this website. Even today, it remains something women ask me about.

Some women asking my opinion on certain perfumes go as far as to name it for me just to find out what I think.

The sensual perfume comes with ginger, cardamom, and pepper.

Orange blossom, peony, gardenia, and coconut are its mid accords.

The perfume’s base accords include sandalwood, musk, and amber.

With smooth-spicy notes, the perfume is worn year-round. Some of its best interpretations have been made during the colder months, however.

The coconut note here is very high-class and distinct. However, I wouldn’t say its dominating. No note is truly above others.

It’s going to be characterized as sensual by many and I get it. If only one perfume can be enjoyed by women, this one would be it.

The coconut vibe might be tropical, but there are a few nuances of it. For example, it often comes with the same sensation of being in the woods during the fall with a relaxing scent.

But what I like the most is how these balanced accords work. The longevity of this perfume is around 10 hours according to my partner. Projection is limited to around 2 hours and I think it offers plenty for its low price.


Versions Released Sizes
Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette

Eau de Parfum

2004 30ml




  1. Versace Bright Crystal

With a fruity-floral profile, the perfume is one of the spring-summertime favorites. Some even see it as a gourmand.

Now, if you don’t like fruits such as pomegranate, it might not work for you.

But even as a man, I like its fruity opening. It includes Yuzu, pomegranate, and aquatic notes.

Lotus, peony, and magnolia are its kid accords.

Musk, amber, and mahogany are its base notes.

Fresh florals dominate its opening. Inviting and mesmerizing, these floral notes are something many women and girls resonate with.

Magnolia is intense in the opening, as are the aquatic notes.

In the dry down, a lot of these floral notes with the magnolia accords start to fade away. As a result, ambery-woods remain present on the skin.

Tender and feminine, the scent is perfect for applying later in the day. During the day, its floral notes are welcoming and summer-like. Later in the evening in the drydown, warm woody notes make their presence felt.

Women going on dates cannot miss this perfume, especially since it’s not very expensive.

Its longevity is around 5 hours, depending on your skin. Silage is weak but you wouldn’t want it any other way for special nighttime events.


Versions Released Sizes
Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette

Eau de Parfum

2006 10ml






  1. Versace Eros Pour Femme

This new version of the original 2014 version and is now even better. Its interpretation is more crowd-pleasing and I think it’s a safe blind buy as a result. Dominated by fruits and flowers, it’s inviting from the first sniff.

Its opening notes include Sicilian lemon, Mandarin orange, white currant, raspberry, and clone.

Jasmine, freesia, magnolia and orange blossom are among its mid accords.

Woody notes, ambroxan, musk, and patchouli are its base notes.

Its eau de toilette version is among the best. Good silage means women can expect a few compliments here and there.

With plenty of fresh citruses and fruity notes in the opening, it’s similar to a summer drink. As an EDT, I’m still impressed by how much it lasts.

On your skin, this perfume lasts up to 10 hours. It remains on clothes until the following day.

Among all of these notes, I think raspberry is the most intense.

If you don’t like raspberry, you can simply move along as it comes with a common sweetness.

If you also ask a few female friends, you’ll see that most agree with me when I say it’s better than the first Eros.

A few associations have also been made, as with all perfumes. Some say it’s a warmer version of Yellow Diamond. Other women say it smells like Fresh Sugar Lemon,


Versions Released Sizes
Versace Eros Pour Femme


Eau de Toilette

Eau de Parfum

2016 30ml



  1. Versace Versense

Freedom, movement, and freshness have been the main words used to describe Versense. With a Mediterranean appeal, it’s rated highly by many women. It even includes Mediterranean notes to give it a more special summertime appeal.

As it also comes in body spray and perfumed body milk, it can last long. I’d buy it together with these 2 products to keep it on the skin a bit longer.

It debuts with sweet notes that include bergamot, pear, citruses, fig and green mandarin.

Mid notes include narcissus, lily, jasmine, and cardamom.

Olive tree, musk, sandalwood, and cedar are its base notes.

Its distinct bergamot chypre opening makes it a bit different than many women expect when reading its description.

Its drydown is dominated by woods, musk, and mild floral accords.

It has a certain sharpness in the opening. But its strong citrusy opening is somewhat toned down a bit by the fig notes. Olive tree also gives the perfume a delicate upper-class feel.

With a certain soapiness to it in the drydown, it’s not sweet at all. If you’re looking for a Versace perfume which is not sweet, it has to be one of the top candidates.

If you’re looking for good citrus perfumes, it might also be among favorites.

On its own, the perfume can last on the skin for about 4 hours. The first 2 are characterized by moderate projection.

But it can also last longer.

If you use it in combination with the Versace Versense body lotion and gel, you get about 7 hours of longevity and slightly better silage.

Versions Released Sizes Combines with
Versace Versense


Eau de Toilette


2009 30ml



Versace Versense Body Lotion 200ml

  1. Versace Yellow Diamond Intense

Inspired by crystals, Yellow Diamond is another top Versace perfume for women. It includes sweet floral notes. But its sweetness is not overpowering. Anyone looking to get into summertime perfumes is going to find it welcoming.

While some women use it late during the summer and in early fall, I think it also works for springtime wear.

Its citrusy opening is not going to last too long as in other best Versace perfumes for women. What’s left in the drydown are floral notes where mimosa comes with femininity and an excellent accord transitioning into soft woodiness.

Opening notes include neroli, bergamot, pear, and Amalfi lemon.

Floral mids include mimosa, African orange flower, freesia, and water lily.

Base notes include musk, wood, and amber.

While there’s no vanilla in this scent, it’s interpreted as sweet. Here’s how women describe it to me. Most women say its citrusy opening fades away very quickly. I think that’s true for multiple Versace perfumes.

The florals start to make their way within 20 minutes. Depending on skin type, they can be rather playful or plain sweet. As a result, I think this perfume might be interpreted a bit differently in the drydown compared to others. But at the same time, it can be one of the playful scents which work with a summer dress or any casual outfit like a white T-shirt and jeans.

In crystal-diamond branding is right here. Many women say they feel like they sparkle while wearing it.

I’ll also leave my opinion on packaging here. I see its bottle and cap as inspired designs. Some perfumes are just fairly represented by their bottles and this is the case here.

The yellow-golden color of the juice also makes it feel a bit more luxurious. This can also be seen in its price but if you shop around, you’ll now find good deals for it. You may even sample it in any perfume shop.


Versions Released Sizes Combines with
Versace Yellow Diamond Intense Eau de Toilette


2004 50ml


Versace Yellow Diamond Body Lotion 200ml

  1. Versace Dylan Pour Femme

This blue perfume has been launched in 2017 with the efforts of Calice Becker and the backing of Donatella Versace. It’s not the most expensive formula on the list and not many expect something spectacular.

But for its price, I think it’s one of the most unique Versace perfumes. To me, its drydown reminds me of honey, even if it doesn’t include honey. But my initial mistake was to sample it on a piece of paper. If you’ve ever put honey on a piece of paper, you know it smells like nothing. But it comes alive on your skin.

It’s exactly what happens with Dylan Pour Femme. This fantastic perfume comes with interesting notes. If you don’t mind its limited longevity, you’ll have a blast. Its quirky bottle is going to make an excellent Instagram story as well.

Granny Smith apples are dominating its opening. Other initial notes include black currant, clover, forget me not, and shiso.

Rosehip, rose, white woods, peach, and petalia are its mids.

Patchouli, styrax, musk and white woods are its base notes.

Silage and longevity are limited here. You may only get up to 4 hours of longevity regardless of your skin type. It’s on the weaker sides of Eau de parfum formulations.

But the people behind this best Versace perfume for women perfume said they wanted to create something unique to represent both youthful and mature confident women. They achieved this when not too many people expected them to take it home.

Its apple shampoo-like opening transitions to very ripe peach drydown with a bit of musk. It represents a fantastic offering that could still be improved with future reformulation.

As a small caution, I’d stay away from applying it on white clothes. Its oily formula might stain it.

Versions Released Sizes Combines with
Versace Dylan Pour Femme


Eau de Parfum


2017 30ml



Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme 1.7 oz Shower Gel

  1. Versace Bright Crystal Absolu

With a lighter profile than Crystal Noir, Bright Crystal is better suited for summertime wear. Many women search for Versace Crystal Noir vs Versace Bright Crystal threads. But I think they’re not opposed to each other as they complete each other. You can simply own both.

Among familiar notes, you’ll find the pomegranate-magnolia duo here. But the coconut is gone and that soothing profile is gone as well. Light, floral, with moderate silage, the perfume is something you can certainly consider as a safe blind buy.

While it is a crowd-pleaser, the perfume does have its problems.

For example, its strong alcohol blast in the opening delays the notes from making their way to your nose. I think alcohol balance here is wrong, even if the notes themselves work well together.

In the opening, there’s yuzu, pomegranate and water notes.

Lotus, peony, and magnolia are its mid accords.

Musk, mahogany, and amber are its base notes.

The frosted yuzu opening which many were expecting here is a bit delayed. I’d say that if you’re on the edge and trying it out in a store, you might even skip it based on first impressions.

But if you leave it settle for a few minutes, the notes start making their presence felt as some of the alcohol evaporates.

For up to 5 hours on skin or clothes, it’s the type of perfume you choose to beef up your collection as its not necessarily the most inspired first Versace purchase.


Versions Released Sizes
Versace Bright Crystal


Eau de Toilette


2006 10ml





  1. Versace Versace Woman

Made for the vivacious confident woman, Versace Woman is a sweet floral perfume. It’s suitable for anyone looking for a bit of sophistication, which is not always easy to pull off.

Its floral opening includes jasmine leaf, bergamot, and rose.

Plum, raspberry, cedar, and lotus are its mid notes.

Musk and amber are its base accords.

Made to offer impressive longevity, the scent is going to be on your skin for 12 hours.

In this time, you’ll slowly get to transition from floral to fruity notes. But even after 3-4 hours, you’ll still get hints of refreshing jasmine leaf. For anyone looking to invest as little as possible in a Versace perfume and get the most for the money, it is the right choice.

Silage is a true beast here. I’d advise you to go light when applying as you’ll choke people out with more than 3-4 sprays.

It’s very affordable price sets a standard that is very hard to match by other perfume brands. For a low price, women get strong silage with class-leading longevity. I’d say it’s a worthy choice both for young girls and for mature women.


Versions Released Sizes
Versace Versace Woman


Eau de Parfum


2000 30ml



  1. Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental

The sweet oud-vanilla fragrance is a true performer. You need to have patience with it, as with any artistic oud. After about an hour on the skin, all of its notes come to life.

Made in a collaboration between famous perfumers, it has that confusing vibe for sure. But here’s where it stands out.

As a feminine version of Oud Oriental, it starts to be interpreted as to its scent and rightfully so.

Its presentation is world-class. With a premium box and an excellent bottle with Greek art, it represents a top product for those who like to have their perfumes on display.

A lemon citrus note is there in the opening. But it’s not the lemon fruit as much as it is the lemon blossom. Pomegranate is also there as in other Versace perfumes.

With a clean drydown, it comes with heliotrope, violet, and patchouli.

Vanilla, leather, and woody notes are present in the drydown.

As a luxurious perfume, it’s not necessarily something to wear on a date. But for work or uni classes, it can work very well.

Its longevity is in a class of its own. With 12+ hours of longevity and mild silage, its ready for work even when having to go through the longest shifts.

Many women can experience the scent for days when they perfume their clothes. As some women note, it even stays on clothes after getting them out of the washing machine if heavily sprayed.

Of course, it also costs a bit more than the average best Versace perfume for women alternative. But it can be the special oriental scent to consider for certain occasions.

The good news is this incredible perfume is not more affordable than ever. According to PriceSpy UK, it’s now at a third of its initial price.

Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental UK

  • 2015 – £120.00
  • 2016 – £80.00
  • 2017 – £80.00
  • 2018 – £73.00W
  • 2019 – £59.99
  • 2020 – £59.99

Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental NZ

  • 2019 – $100.00
  • 2020 – $115

Its UK price is lower compared to its the US and New Zealand prices. Sure, 5 years ago, it was really expensive. But today, you can find it at a very good price given its performance.


Versions Released Sizes
Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental


Eau de Parfum


2014 100ml


  1. Versace Vanitas

With a summertime tropical profile, the perfume is one of the options for hot summer days. Its simple formula only includes lime, freesia and Tiare flower.

Tonka and Virginia cedar are among its midnotes.

Its interpretations have been already discussed over and over again. A woman even told me she felt like taking a bath in gardenia after using it for the first time.

Its silage is weak to moderate at best. For longevity, it could have been better. You can expect up to 5 hours of skin longevity. After 2 hours, it mainly turns into a skin scent with barely any projection.

Its performance is why the perfume is low on my list. However, it is very easy to love and women who only want 1 summertime perfume are going to find the perfume interesting.

Its price is around 30% higher now but I do believe it’s going to be found at a better rate once the summer is over.


Versions Released Sizes
Versace Vanitas


Eau de Parfum


2011 30ml



Final considerations on the best Versace perfumes for women

As you can see, some of these best Versace perfumes for women are truly unique. I know pricing is personal but I also find them affordable for what they offer.

In terms of age restrictions, you shouldn’t care too much what other women recommend. Most of these perfumes have been made to appeal to a wide group of users and they are very easy to wear.

In terms of availability, you are always going to find best-sellers in any perfume shop. You can test them out yourself. But as a group, they can be among the safest blind buys for women. If you’re also looking for a gift for your partner, check out my best Versace cologne for men list.

versace perfumes for women

Otherwise, you can also order small 30ml samples for most of these perfumes and test them out yourself.

While there have been rumors of discontinued best Versace perfumes for women on a couple of them, I wouldn’t worry too much either. Most new releases from Versace are good, even if they are not as frequent as many would expect.

It seems that there’s always something good around the corner. No matter how many critiques Donatella V. gets, it seems she has got it right in how confident women wear these perfumes.

To an extent, having people talking about your products without even buying them speaks about their popularity. For sure, most of these perfumes are already very popular.