6 Best Victoria Secret Perfumes For Ultimate Seduction

The best Victoria’s Secret perfumes offer an appealing scent with a unique seductive spin. Bombshell, Eau so Sexy, and Scandalous are just a few top Victoria’s Secret perfumes that best fit this profile.

If you aren’t sure about Victoria Secret perfumes, you’re probably from Europe. If you live in the US, you are way more familiar with the brand than women across the pond.

However, things are changing and over the past few years, Victoria Secret perfumes are available on most continents.

Before diving into the list of the best perfumes, you need to know these perfumes don’t take themselves too seriously. There might be other brands where the scent has to be by the book, but I feel perfumes under Victoria’s Secret brand aren’t as uptight but rather playful.

6 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes for That Ultimate Seduction


  1. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

The tropical sweet Bombshell is one of the perfumes enjoying very good reactions and high popularity. It’s just at the edge of playfulness as it can be a perfume for women over 20 as it may be a perfume for women under 20 as well.

Its sweetness is rather specific to pink perfumes but it mainly comes from fruits and flowers. Tangerine, passion fruit, strawberry, pineapple, and grapefruit are its leading notes.

Heart notes include jasmine, vanilla orchid, red berries, lily of the valley, and peony. Bottom notes include oakmoss, musk, and woody accords.

The perfume is very strong and I even know women limiting application to one spray only.

If you’re struggling to image the scent, just think about it as the Acqua di Gio for women. Lightweight but still sweet and with strong projection, it has the DNA of a signature scent.

The projection is very strong for about 2 hours. From the second hour onwards to the 5th hour after application, it turns into a pleasant sweet skin scent.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Intense

I was used to various perfumes with ‘Intense’ versions to be somewhat similar to the original. This is not the case with Bombshell Intense. It’s a completely different perfume launched in 2019.

It only features 3 notes of red cherry, red peony, and vanilla.

Fun and youthful, Bombshell Intense is a playful nighttime wear perfume. If you’re seeking for Victoria’s Secret perfume for date night, it might be the first option to consider.

Its sweetness is all that it offers and you need to ensure you like it as it’s not going to surprise your nose with subtle or complex undertones.

When applied to clothes, it lasts about 4 hours. On the skin, the perfume lasts 2 hours with moderate projection. As I understand, the only way to add longevity and complexity is to apply it together with a vanilla body lotion.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Eau so Sexy

This perfume smells like pure whipped cream with apple and citrus undertones. The whipped cream note here is not the best as its dominated by sweetness.

But the sweetness of the perfume is not harsh as it offers a pleasant aroma suitable for young girls. I could see teenage girls wearing this sweet perfume as I could see it on women above 30 as well.

With an intense apple note, the perfume lasts about 3 hours when you spritz it on your hand. Projection is good and it works for date night and traveling (you can take perfume with you on the plane) when you wear casual outfits. Originality isn’t high here as it’s also quite similar to Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Scandalous

The perfume is certainly one that could make it to the best cotton candy perfumes list. It is scandalously simple and yet so many women love its sexiness.

It only features raspberry, peony, and praline notes. It’s very sweet, a bit boozy, and it sits on creamy milky-type undertones which allow it to be liked by so many women.

If you don’t want to risk your blind buy with other Victoria’s Secret perfumes, you might limit your purchases to Scandalous.

Longevity is very good here with 5 hours staying power. Projection is moderate to intense and people will notice it. The very attractive bottle also makes it a good Victoria’s Secret gift idea.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Paris

Made specifically for the 2016 Paris fashion show, the perfume is completely different from what you’d expect from Victoria’s Secret. It isn’t yet another sweet perfume and it has a unisex appeal which means you can share it with your partner.

Dominating notes include cypress, night blossoming jasmine, oakmoss, and cedar. Cypress is intense and the composition mainly recommends the perfume for outdoor events and lifestyles where it outshines all other sweet alternatives on the list.

Its composition is also mostly made for winter and spring wear. You won’t get it to last too long during the summer. However, the perfume lasts all day during the winter months.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Eau de Parfum

The oriental floral fragrance is one of the few I like from the brand. It features cactus, blackberry, pepper, clementine, and cappuccino opening. Hortensia, orchid, camelia, and mimosa are its heart notes. Amber, musk, sandalwood, woods, and blackberry are its closing notes.

If most other Victoria’s Secret perfumes are for teenagers, this one feels more mature and well-rounded. Projection is weak for 1-2 hours but it lasts as a skin scent. If you’ve tried the old version, you could also come back to this one as it has been reformulated, and it’s now a bit better.

How to choose the best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Victoria’s Secret is one of those brands that also make perfumes. For me, it’s not mandatory to smell all of them to form an impression. It’s clear most are sweet and overly sweet. Limited editions and those made for mature women seem to be the exception when it comes to moving away from the traditional cotton-candy or marshmallow perfume vibe.

Types of Victoria’s Secret perfumes

Categorizing the perfumes helps you understand what you get a bit better. You can choose any since they’re a bit more affordable than other designer perfumes.

  • Floral

Floral perfumes include various ingredients such as peony or jasmine. They normally come layered with some type of sweet notes in-between.

You can choose Victoria’s Secret floral perfumes if you are a mature woman or if you need some type of class. You won’t find any class in the overly sweet perfumes from the brand.

  • Fresh

Fresh perfumes such as Paris are very surprising. They can be among the few from the model lingerie manufacturer that can also be worn by men. They show the house can sign off unisex perfumes as well and I think this is going to be something we see in the future as well, especially within fashion shows with new perfume releases.

  • Fruity

Fruity perfumes such as those with vanilla or sugar are certainly what Victoria’s Secret is best known for. All of these perfumes are spectacular on teenage girls and they can even be seen as affordable.

You might even remember your high-school days when everybody was into these perfumes and things haven’t changed all that much.

  • Warm

For the winter months, you should consider warm perfumes such as Victoria’s Secret Paris. Not everybody lives in tropical areas but this doesn’t mean the perfumes aren’t a good match.

Overly sweet perfumes from the brand also work for the colder months as they have a warm cozy effect on most women.

  • Woody

Woody-musk perfumes are an excellent choice for mature women. These notes are almost always not as intense as women expect in Victoria’s Secret perfumes. However, they add complexity and a bit of depth to these perfumes which are often criticized for their shortlist of notes.

Why I won’t buy a new Victoria’s Secret perfume

All is not roses in Victoria’s Secret world and the brand has a lot to do to go back to its glory days in perfumery. A friend of mine once told me Victoria’s Secret is now making mature women perfumes because the teenage girls wearing their creations a few years back are now grown-ups. I’m not sure what to make of the statement as there are still plenty of teenage-type perfumes the brand offers. Here are a few other common complaints women typically have about perfumes.

Common user complaints about Victoria’s Secret perfumes

If some are borderline genius with their simple 3-ingredient compositions, other perfumes aren’t as good. Top complaints include the following.

  • A bit outdated

Many women say Victoria’s Secret perfumes are outdated in scent DNA. I can’t say this is true for all of their scents, but it’s certainly true for some of their perfumes. Even a new bottle of Very Sexy isn’t going to have an impact on how the juice smells like.

  • Overly sweet and only made for teenage girls

The overly sweet candy-like perfume DNAs are not something mature women are after. But then again, is the brand targeting mature women?

If you know you don’t like syrupy perfumes, why even bother here? You may choose one of their limited edition perfumes or simply move on to another brand (Jessica Simpson perfumes are the closest alternative).

  • Short lasting

Staying power is generally not impressive in Victoria’s Secret perfumes. It’s not uncommon to have them fade away from the skin completely after 1-2 hours.

If you’re expecting to have a perfume that lasts all day, you may be limited to Victoria’s Secret Paris. You shouldn’t expect to leave home without a bottle if you plan to wear it at work as you will have to reapply your typical VS perfume throughout the day.

  • Expensive

Some say Victoria’s Secret perfumes are expensive. I certainly think you are paying a higher price for the brand name. I also think this doesn’t apply to all perfumes here.

  • Not original

The scent profile is certainly not groundbreaking and there are hundreds of other original scents you can consider in this price range. However, most teenage girls don’t care for DNA originality as they simply want to smell like catwalk models.

  • Too many reformulations

If you think you’ve seen the worse in perfume reformulations, you haven’t tried out Victoria’s Secret scents. They change often and not by a small margin.

Women who miss their teenage years with VS perfume coming back to them almost don’t recognize them at all. It isn’t worth expecting them to have the same profile as different batches from different years come with visible differences.

I won’t buy one again, will you?

For me, it’s clear only the perfumes listed above are worth trying from Victoria’s Secret. But once you own one, you wouldn’t feel too excited to own all of them as you would with other brands.

My tip is to purchase one and look elsewhere to complete your collection. You can find out more about cotton candy perfumes which are suitable alternatives on wordpress-917340-3184335.cloudwaysapps.com as well.