Best Zara Perfumes For Women And Men [Ranked By Smell And Longevity]

If you’re out shopping for a simple cheap fragrance when out shopping, the best Zara perfumes can be an interesting choice. The best Zara perfume is a title contended between Zara Red Vanilla, Vibrant Leather, and Tobacco collection.

Zara fragrances are not revolutionary. There’s no way they could be recommended above many others that don’t come from fashion brands. But this is not because of how they smell.

The biggest concern with Zara colognes is longevity. Most are gone within 20-40 minutes. As long as you can re-apply them through the day, however, you are going to get your money’s worth as most are very affordable.

This article looks into the best Zara perfumes for women and into the best Zara fragrances for men. Let’s see if there’s one that can spark your interest.

Best Zara Perfumes for Women

You might be out shopping at Zara when you notice these perfumes on a special stand next to the till. But should you pick them up? Our answer is yes, and you can even find them online if they’re out of stock at the store.

Zara Boldly Seoul

Zara Boldly Seoul is a perfume launched in 2021. It has that new smell to it and it’s one of the ideal Zara perfumes for the office. If you’re after a Zara perfume for her with a floral scent you’ll love its simplicity.

Violet smell and mimosa smell mix with some musk to create this simple perfume.

I’d argue that these floral smells are somewhat sweet, almost cherry-like in their profile. This is why there’s not as much powderiness in them as expected.

One of the best reasons to buy the Zara Boldly Seoul perfume is to smell like flowers and not like citruses, which can be a hard task to achieve these days.

Zara Magnificently Dubai

If you’re after the best Dubai perfumes you should not look too far if you’re on a budget. Perfumes that smell like Dubai such as Magnificently Dubai from Zara mostly smell of oud.

The note of oud is prominent in this 2021 Zara women’s perfume. There’s a bit of saffron and a bit of nutmeg to make this cozy warming scent truly smell like a Middle Eastern perfume for women.

Leather is the base note that gives this Zara perfume uniqueness. I’m glad to report the perfume isn’t a dupe or that it has sufficient originality to it that you can put it in your shopping basket whenever out buying clothes at Zara.

Zara Elegantly Tokyo

This women’s Zara perfume that smells like flowers tries to encompass the idea of Tokyo in a fragrance bottle. Unique florals and wood notes are a must. However, this scent is mainly floral which makes it ideal for ladies both young and mature.

Lily and jasmine are the most prominent notes of the perfume. Akigalawood is also there but to a very small extent. Some women can’t smell this wood note. However, the perfume is still original and very easy to wear with any outfit.

Zara Ancestral Papyrus

This perfume can be seen as the ideal Green Irish Tweed alternative. It’s one of the few green perfumes for women that I know of. It smells like fresh grass with some aquatic influence making it ideal for spring and summer.

Grapefruit, violet leaves, and papyrus are its only listed notes. However, there’s an elegance to this 2021 release from Zara Women which makes it a must-have if you like to wear elegant outfits. The scent is very unique and it now comes in a premium-feel bottle, typical to many magnetic cap bottles of new 2021 Zara perfumes.

Zara Woman Red Vanilla

Red Vanilla Zara perfumes are known for their everyday versatility. If you’re a young professional woman, this can be your signature scent at work.

It’s often compared to a simplified version of La Vie Est Belle, but this perfume is a bit simpler to wear and its price makes it highly attractive.

Notes breakdown includes blackcurrant, vanilla, patchouli, praline, pear, iris, cassis, and tonka bean.

But this perfume mostly smells like pralines and vanilla with a bit of blackcurrant. The overall vibe is sweet and comforting with a youthful twist.

Zara Wonder Rose

If you’re a bit more mature, you might not jump on the first sweet Zara perfume you smell. This is why Wonder Rose is made for you.

From the start, you need to know the rose here is rather disappointing as it tends to evaporate first.

Red berries rose, and peach is among the top notes.

Violet and cedar are its mid accords.

Vanilla and musk are the base notes.

Their dominant perfume DNA is vanilla, especially in the drydown. But at least in the first minutes, you will smell a bit like a rose which can be a good way to cheer you up every day.

Silage and longevity are low here. You’ll struggle to smell it on your skin after about 1.5 hours.

Zara Femme

If you’d like powdery sweetness, Zara Femme perfume is a no-brainer. This affordable best Zara perfume is one of the favorites for so many women. Vanilla is still the start of the formulation, but there are a few other interesting aromas you can smell here.

Peony and bergamot are its opening notes.

Tonka bean and sandalwood are its mid accords and those responsible for the powderiness.

Vanilla, musk, and patchouli make this best Zara perfume for women last a bit longer than its alternatives from the fashion brand.

This perfume projects mildly for 1.5 hours and it turns into a skin scent for a few hours afterward.

Zara Femme also smells similar to other sandalwood colognes.

Zara Gardenia

The floral Zara Gardenia perfume with its sweet oriental vibe is almost always mistaken for Black Opium. You might like it if you also like how these freesia perfumes smell like.

You can consider this perfume for your nights out or any occasions out of the house when you’re not going to work.

Tangerine, raspberry, bergamot, peach, and lemon are its top accords.

Gardenia and jasmine are its mid notes.

Vanilla, patchouli, cashmere wood, coffee, cedar, and musk are its base accords.

Much of this fragrance is dominated by a hint of oriental spices brought alive by bergamot. But after about 20 minutes, it settles in a simple vanilla-coffee scent that is pleasant to most women. Here are other best vanilla perfumes for women that smell like Zara Gardenia, but are a bit more elevated in scent complexity. Otherwise, you can even wear Gardenia to the gym given it has short longevity. You can always take a look at the best gym fragrances for women if you want a similar scent but with extra longevity.

PerfumeDominant noteBottle sizeConcentration
Zara Woman Red VanillaVanilla100mlEau de toilette
Zara Wonder RoseRose-vanilla200mlEau de toilette
Zara FemmePeony-vanilla30mlEau de toilette
Zara GardeniaVanilla-coffee30mlEau de parfum

Best Zara Colognes For Men

The best Zara fragrances for men are made along the same lines. They represent a simple solution at a low cost. You might think about these as trendy and most can be worn with casual outfits the easiest.

Zara Vibrant Leather

One of the best Zara colognes for men according to its popularity is Vibrant Leather.

Bergamot, bamboo, and leather are its most intense notes.

This has always been seen as an alternative cologne to Creed Aventus. Maybe it’s the combination of bergamot and bamboo that makes men think this is the best pineapple performer.

Whichever the case is, it’s clear Vibrant Leather attracts compliments. It lasts about 5 hours which makes it the best blind-buy you can think of from the brand.

Made with a youthful appeal as all Zara fragrances, Vibrant Leather can be the cheaper alternative to the best fragrances for teenage guys.

Zara Winter Collection

This woody cologne for men has a warming smell. Its aromatic and green which makes it a great choice in the fall and winter months.

The cologne is dominated by green notes and it smells woody from the first spritz.

Bergamot, tangerine, and pepper are its opening notes with some woody influences.

The cologne’s mid notes include eucalyptus and lavender.

Green cypress, amber, cedar, orange blossom, and patchouli are its base notes.

Longevity is very good on this men’s Zara cologne. It can last about 6 hours on the skin if you’re a heavy sprayer, which isn’t bad for Zara.

Zara For Him Black

If you’re after a best winter Zara cologne for men you can consider For Him Black as that mysterious perfect choice that smells manly.

Masculine, warm and spicy, the cologne is among the favorite surprises from Zara. You certainly get more than what you pay for.

Warm cardamom and tingly grapefruit are its opening notes.

Orange blossom is the main floral note in the drydown.

Intense cedar and intense sandalwood notes complete this simple but efficient mysterious cologne for men.

Just like Zara Winter Collection, Zara For Him Black lasts up to 8 hours on the skin with 6-8 sprays.

Zara Vibrant Leather Boise

This is one of those best Zara colognes for men that lasts a very long time. It shares smell similarities with one of my favorite citrus colognes (Mancera Cedrat Boise) and with a deep dark fragrance (Black Afgano). It’s not a direct clone of these fragrances, but it mildly resembles both.

The woody-amber cologne for men is ideal in the winter.

It might just be a shocking Zara men’s perfume due to its 3-hour silage and 6-hours lasting time. This long-lasting Zara perfume outreaches its price.

You will smell of amber, cedar, labdanum, Palo santo, and pure leather while wearing it. Ideally, you’d limit spraying it on the colder days of the year.

Zara Night Pour Home III

If you’re after a cheap Versace Dreamer alternative, Night Pour Home III is the best Zara fragrance for the job. You can consider it as a signature scent, especially in cold weather or during the night due to its note breakdown.

Cardamom and bergamot are among its top notes.

Lavander and iris are its intense middle note.

Amber and cedar are the base notes that give it a cozy feel without making it overly sweet.

You might also like other best lavender perfumes if you like Night Pour Home III.

You can expect this to be among the best Zara colognes for longevity as it lasts 6+ hours on the skin.

Zara Vibrant Leather Oud

One of the best Zara perfumes for him got its name wrong. It should have been Vibrant Leather Wood and everybody would have seen it as number 1 from the brand.

However, this is one that smells very similar to some of the most popular fragrances of the moment. It can even seem like a mix between Creed Aventus, Bleu de Channel, and Tom Ford Oud Wood to some men. You will like Vibrant Leather Oud if you like these best oud perfumes.

It starts with piercing bergamot.

Incense and woodsy notes are there in the dry down.

Weak oud and intense amber are its base accords.

With longevity of 2-3 hours, it can be a top choice for fall, winter, or nighttime fun when you don’t want to spray expensive perfume.

Zara Men Tobacco Collection

If you’re after a gift for your father or your mature husband, Tobacco Collection can be the best choice. This best Zara perfume smells like a mix of rum, tobacco, coconut vanilla, and peony. It might even sound intoxicating to some men.

But for sure, it’s not the easiest to digest for teenagers. But for those over 25, this can be a mature scent that can last 3+ hours, making it a Zara bargain even when not on sale according to plenty Zara perfume reviews. If you like sweet vanilla perfumes you can always choose a more complex best vanilla fragrance for men instead or similar tobacco scents from our recommended best Tom Ford Colognes for men.

Zara Man Gold

If you’re after a sweet gourmand men’s fragrance from Zara, Man Gold needs to be your first choice. This scent mostly lasts around 2 hours on the skin which makes it good for dates or the gym. Some even see it as the cheapest scent to consider among the best cologne for men.

Lemon is its top note.

Praline and cinnamon are its mid accords.

Cardamom and patchouli are its base accords.

For most men, it can be a cheap Black XS alternative without longevity or originality. However, there are better best summer fragrances for men out there.

PerfumeDominant noteBottle sizeConcentration
Zara Vibrant LeatherLeather120mlEau de parfum
Zara Night Pour Home IIILavender100mlEau de parfum
Zara Vibrant Leather OudBergamot-incense120mlEau de parfum
Zara Men Tobacco CollectionRum-tobacco100mlEau de parfum
Zara Man GoldPraline100mlEau de toilette

Other Zara Perfumes Worth Trying

While not in the top 10 best Zara perfumes, these following Zara fragrances have their place in your collection as well. They can be seen as a bit more specialized as follows.

Zara Cashmere Rose

Cashmere Rose is an excellent Zara perfume for teenage girls with a badly chosen name. The rose is a bit inexistent but the good news the vanilla and cherry notes are very good.

Suitable as a perfume for 18 and 21-year-olds, this Zara scent is ideal for those who love a bit of peony and musk. Sandalwood is also present to a lesser extent so you wouldn’t necessarily categorize it as a sandalwood cologne.

So where could you wear it? I would see this as the perfect daytime perfume for teenage girls. You should cross it off your list of clubbing fragrances as it’s simply too sweet, albeit reminiscent of 1 Million cologne to some noses.

Zara The Perfume Smoking

This spicy perfume for men is your best alternative to Spicebomb fragrance. Dominated by dark and spice notes, it almost feels like a cheaper option to Amouage perfumes that are highly Oriental.

Black pepper, bergamot, and nutmeg are among its impactful opening notes.

Frankincense, saffron, jasmine, and star anise are its mid accords.

Sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar offer it that woodsy perfumes for men vibe that makes it highly appealing to guys who love formal attire.

Peppery but still fresh as most Zara perfumes, The Perfume Smoking is less smoky and more sandalwood to some noses, including mine.

It doesn’t have the boring linearity most Zara perfumes have and if you spray it on your wrist in a Zara store you won’t have a clear idea of how it reacts in the drydown as it changes to its smoky name and nature only after about 30 minutes. On the other hand, you can walk around the store for half an hour to see if you like what it becomes on your skin.

As a sandalwood fragrance for men, this might not be as unisex as other Zara perfumes. It has a masculine appeal that cannot be overlooked.

Zara Black Amber

This perfume is also highly deceiving in name and even in packaging, such as most Zara scents. However, it doesn’t mean it smells bad.

To me, it’s the embodiment of a perfect perfume for a 15 or 16-year-old. Its sweetness just works wonderfully as a perfume for girls. On the other hand, you don’t need to get your hopes up about the amber here as there’s only an impression of amber not a real amber note in it.

Mandarin orange, passion fruit, Tiare flower, musk, and vanilla are its main notes.

The sweetness of passionfruit and vanilla are dominating. The Tiare flower note would be next in line for potency.

If you’re a teenage girl looking for an affordable best vanilla perfume for women this might be it. Teenage girls also love Victoria’s Secret perfumes and this scent is along those lines as well, with a bit more sweetness to it.

Zara Man Blue Spirit

If you’re after a best men’s summer cologne that is also cheap you need to smell Man Blue Spirit. Yes, it smells synthetic, it lasts 2-3 hours, and everybody is wearing it. However, it’s a no-brainer for the money and a versatile option for any summertime outfit.

Blue Spirit can resemble a perfume dupe or a copy of multiple other summertime colognes. However, its apple, orange blossom, and cedar notes make it highly versatile for guys of any age. From 16-year-old teenage guys to 20-year-old and even 30-year-old guys, this perfume is ideal for everyday wear.

You should cross it off your list of long-lasting perfumes for men as this perfume fades away quickly. On the other hand, you don’t need your men’s cologne to last long when you’re using it as a date fragrance, for example.

Zara W/END Till 3:00 AM

Who is responsible for naming Zara perfumes? This scent sounds very complicated to ask for at the counter. However, it smells OK for what it is.

Pineapple and bergamot are its opening notes.

Lavander (check our lavender perfumes guide if you like the note) and violet leaf are its mids while cedar is its base note.

This perfume has been said to be a Black XS copy. It might be the case. However, I find it weirdly similar to my Armaf Club Intense (check out our best Armaf colognes nominees).

Simple and elegant, this perfume is not sweet. This is why men who like fresh perfumes and not sweet find them appealing. It’s not original in any way, but it works for what it says it does, aka, staying up late and being a great going out scent.

Zara Tuberose

Zara – where is the tuberose in this perfume? There’s no elegant tuberose note in this perfume. However, it is a very good sweet cotton candy perfume. A better name would have been Zara Pink Sandalwood Candy.

Sandalwood, vanilla, musk, chassis, mandarin orange, pomelo, and lemon are its main notes.

Ideal for teenage girls, this perfume serves the purpose of being a scent for the young woman into fashion and trendy clothes. Uplifting and joyful, it only lasts a bit on the skin.

If you don’t care about originality, longevity, or even naming, this perfume is your sweet scent for women you can reach for in multiple spritzes as it’s quite affordable.

Zara Violet Blossom

Where can you find perfumes that smell like Poison Girl? At Zara. Violet Blossom is a feminine scent from Zara. It’s one of the rare perfumes for women at Zara that can be worn after the age of 30. It comes with an elegant tonka bean that dominates the smell.

Magnolia and cherry blossom are masterfully blended and it turns out into a unique scent with a mass-appealing formulation.

Longevity isn’t bad for a Zara perfume. With 4 hours of good skin projection, this long-lasting perfume for women.

If you love tonka bean or magnolia perfumes but you don’t have the budget to buy the best, Violet Blossom is a worthy alternative.


Zara perfumes are neither original nor spectacular. However, they serve an important role which is to make young people smell good. You get a perfume that smells trendy for a low price. However, my recommendation is to step away from these perfumes as there are better options out there.

Zara perfumes are nice to talk about with your friends that are wearing them. But you don’t need to be a fragrance expert to find something better or even cheaper. Feel free to browse for better alternatives.