Buying Cologne on Amazon – Busted Myths

Buying colognes on Amazon is safe as it benefits from a transparent system of reviews and a proper vendor selection process. The leading online retailer sells cologne directly to the user as well as through smaller sellers on the marketplace. However, Amazon doesn’t accept returns (in favor of full refunds) on cologne sold by third-party sellers as each vendor sets a personal return policy a store within a store.

It has been often said fragrances on Amazon are fake. There have also been rumors of colognes of lesser quality being sold here by reputable sellers. But these claims are false, unstained, or simply not informed. Amazon has multiple policies which allow them to sell perfumes directly and through smaller sellers who set up stores on the platform. Most of these orders are fulfilled by Amazon distribution centers.

Buying cologne on Amazon the right way

Amazon is an online marketplace where you can buy cologne from the vendor or from other accepted smaller sellers. You can be recognized which cologne is dispatched by Amazon by verifying the ‘sold by’ badge on the right side of the screen on the product’s page. Other sellers are presented with ‘sold by Company Name’ here. An Amazon perfume can also be genuine when sold by other vendors but the chances of buying a fake cologne are higher when purchasing from a small vendor without a track record in the form of product reviews.

Proven Amazon cologne claims

Some claims about Amazon fragrances are true while others are false. We’ll also see claims that are partially true in the following section of the article.

  • Amazon ships directly from large warehouses

Amazon’s fragrances are dispatched from large warehouses quickly. Some of the fragrances sold by smaller sellers on the platform are also fulfilled by Amazon which means they are shipped from Amazon warehouses.

Your colognes can come from any part of the world and it’s recommended to check the estimated delivery date before placing an order. Amazon sellers can come from all continents even if the warehouses of the online retail giant are mainly in a few select large cities around the world.

  • Some brands run their own Amazon stores

It’s believed some brands have their own online stores on Amazon. For example, you can see a product page has the tag ‘Brand: Christian Dior’ under the Dior cologne’s title. Does this mean the cologne is sold directly by Dior? Most likely not, as you still need to look at the ‘sold by’ tag at the right side of the screen (when shopping on the website’s desktop version).

  • Amazon cologne reviews are legit

Most Amazon colognes are real. There used to be a time where the fragrance reviews here were too good to be true but the platform is doing a top job at simply selecting real from fake cologne reviews here.

Ambiguous Amazon claims

Some claims can be misinterpreted and the advent of online forums makes them become something they are not.

  • Colognes sit in Amazon warehouses in bad conditions

Amazon cologne certainly sits in good warehouses with controlled conditions. All cologne sold by the brand has a sell-by date which the retail adheres to. If a cologne comes dusty it doesn’t mean it’s past its sell-by date or that it’s a fake cologne. A rough transport can lead to a damaged fragrance box, which isn’t necessarily the fault of the seller.

At the same time, there is an atomized system that prevents products from being stored after their expiration date which means all colognes on Amazon are kept in good conditions. Some would argue the retailer is the world leader and properly managing stocks.

False Amazon cologne buying and selling claims

For some reason, myths about Amazon cologne shopping continue to exist. They are mostly told by those who’ve never bought colognes here.

  • Colognes on Amazon are cheaper

Amazon is not a cologne discounter. You cannot see it simply as a discount fragrance retailer. While you can always find a good deal here, it’s often true that its prices are in the same range as what you can find at other retailers.

  • Amazon sells discounted cologne and old stock cologne

Old stock cologne at favorable practices is the gray market of cologne. This isn’t the case with Amazon stocks but rather with other online retailers. Stocks here are mainly representing best sellers as well as new fragrances with a decent collection of indie perfumes and niche fragrances to choose from. Amazon is not responsible for buying a certain type of cologne stock.


Is it safe to buy cologne on Amazon?

It’s always safe to buy cologne on Amazon. In fact, the top-tier customer support team here is going to answer all questions you might have sooner than with any other retailer. It’s not that fragranceX, alt.fragrance, Costo, Dossier,, or fragranceNet don’t have good customer service, it’s that Amazon invests millions in perfecting the online shopping experience.

Are colognes on Amazon fake?

Amazon colognes aren’t fake and the online retailer is doing a good job at keeping fakes away from its platform. While some of the fragrances here can be sold as dupes, quick response to disputes keeps bad sellers from sticking around too much. The old days where you could simply sign up on the platform and start selling with no questions asked are long gone.

Final tips on fragrance buying

As with any purchase from any online retailer, you need to exercise good judgment. The system of reviews is the best transparency tool you can use when purchasing perfumes on Amazon. Simply reading about the experience of other customers on a specific product is a form of validation and an extra assurance that your purchase is genuine.