Can a Woman Wear Dior Sauvage? Is It Unisex?

Women can wear Dior Sauvage even if the fragrance isn’t unisex. It has appeal among women because it smells sexy and sophisticated. It has an elegance about it that most women love even if it’s a masculine scent in essence.

Women are sometimes discouraged about wearing Dior Sauvage. But there shouldn’t be any limits on what to wear in the fragrance world as everybody has personal preferences.

Sauvage is far from being the most polarizing scent out there. Some people even compliment tobacco-smelling colognes without actually liking the smell of tobacco. The perfume world is complex and Sauvage is a sophisticated perfume that attracts both men and women.

Can a Woman Wear Dior Sauvage?

Women can wear Dior Sauvage if they like fresh spicy perfumes that smell sexy. There’s a masculine twist to the formation of the fragrance but its fresh nature sometimes sees it as a good perfume for women. Here are a few reasons why you might want to buy Sauvage as a woman.

It smells fresh and spicy

Fresh spicy perfumes are timeless. Everybody wants to smell fresh. Fewer women want to smell sweet, floral, or mysterious. This is why fresh perfumes dominate the market by a wide margin. Spicy perfumes are also very popular.

A fresh-spicy combination attracts women when it comes to perfumes. It’s the type of combination that demands attention but isn’t hated.

It has bergamot in it

Women like citrusy perfumes. Bergamot perfume, lemon perfumes, and lime perfumes have a long history in a collection of women into fragrances. Some of the most complimented perfumes by women have citruses in them. Look at Sauvage or Cedrat Boise. These perfumes have refreshing citruses in them.

The perfume lasts long

Dior Sauvage lasts long. Women are interested in perfumes that last long since the early days of perfumery.

The problem was that many fresh perfumes simply didn’t have any lasting power. This is why Dior Sauvage was such a hit. It was a long-lasting fresh perfume woman had been waiting for in a while. Sure, there were others out there with this scent profile, but they weren’t as easy to get.

Other women love it

Women like the smell of Dior Sauvage maybe more than men. Other women discuss it all the time. This sparks interest. The fact that other women are validating a product is a type of influence that cannot be overlooked.

It’s made by Dior

Women appreciate Dior more than men as a brand. Dior is a type of brand many women aspire to since their early teenage years. This is why it has a certain name resonance women simply cannot ignore. Dior has solid brand recognition among women to the extent they are using products released for men, that’s how good they are (you can find out more about Why is Dior Sauvage So Popular in our latest post).

Is Dior Sauvage Unisex?

Dior Sauvage isn’t unisex. It has a fresh spicy scent with a masculine interpretation. The perfume is marketed exclusively for men. Women wear it because it gets a lot of compliments and because it smells good.

It’s the unprecedented level of compliments that drew more women towards Dior Sauvage. It had a lot of discussions around it.

But mature readers might remember the story was a bit similar in the old days. Dior Eau Sauvage was the original Sauvage. It was more masculine than the new Sauvage. However, some women wore it even back then. This indicates a type of perfume DNA that shows you can wear a man’s perfume as a woman even if it’s not a unisex perfume.


It’s almost mandatory to wear Sauvage as a woman into perfumes at a given time. It’s going to be a new experience that steps out of your comfort zone. Some women might not like it given its obvious masculinity. But you can at least sample it in stores to see if you might be missing out on one of the best fragrance releases of the current century.