Can I take An Unopened Box of Perfume On a Plane?

Carrying perfume on a plane is subject to tight Transport Security Administration regulations. While many new and unopened perfumes are allowed on planes some people often ask if unopened perfume bottles are allowed on planes in return.

Before proceeding with your perfume in your carry-on you should also know some local airports have their own rule when it comes to liquids and perfumes. It’s always worth calling their customer service in advance.

Are open perfumes allowed on planes?

Open perfumes are allowed on planes if the bottle has a maximum of 100ml (3.4oz). The liquid inside the bottle can be less than the bottle’s capacity. The perfume bottle needs to be packed in a transparent quart-size bag for travel.

Open perfume bottles can be transported in the carry-on and the checked-in luggage.

What if I open a perfume after check-in?

Perfume is sometimes cheaper in duty-free shops encountered after airport check-in. You can open perfumes bought after the check-in to try them out and put them in the carry-on bag.

Do perfumes need to be sealed for airplane travel?

Perfumes don’t need to come in their original cellophane wrapping for airport transfer as seen in our Can I Take Perfume On a Plane post. US travel rules require placing liquids such as fragrances and deodorants in a quart-size clear plastic bag for check-in. It doesn’t matter if the perfume bottle is open or not. You should take the bottle out of its perfume box to save space when traveling.