Can You Wear Creed Aventus in The Winter?

Creed Aventus is marketed as a men’s cologne for the summer. However, it can be worn in the winter with the right mindset.

As one of the historical fragrances for men, Creed Aventus is mostly worn in the summer. I smell it on the beach and when going out clubbing. But I also smell it on men (and women) in the winter. So why are there people asking themselves if Creed Aventus can be worn in the winter?

5 Reasons Why You Can Wear Creed Aventus in The Winter

This incredible cologne for men has been made as a one-fragrance collection. It can work all seasons for all events. The following reasons solely address why this fragrance is a spectacular choice for the winter months and for cold weather wear.

  1. The fragranced lasts all day even in cold weather

Creed Aventus is a men’s cologne that lasts all day. Guys report a lasting power anywhere between 7 and 12 hours, sometimes even more. Creed Aventus lasts 24 hours when applied on clothes.

This lasting power isn’t summer-specific. Aventus lasts just as long in the winter. Sure, some notes such as jasmine and bergamot might smell a bit different in the winter (maybe one of the reasons why people associate the fragrance with a different smell per batch variations).

However, this fragrance lasts just as long in the winter.

  1. it’s a fragrance for all seasons and all occasions

Spring and summer are cited as ‘ideal seasons to wear Creed Aventus cologne. However, fall and winter performance is just as good.

My experience with this fragrance is that many don’t expect you to smell fruity (pineapple, bergamot, and blackcurrant) in the winter. There’s an expectation of heavier (tobacco colognes, woody colognes, etc.) to be worn in the winter.

Still, Creed perfumes are typically ideal for all seasons and all occasions. These long-lasting perfumes work wonders in just about any season.

  1. Manly fragrances smell great in the winter

Creed Aventus has a masculine scent. This cologne is known for its top longevity and projection. But it’s also one of the men’s colognes that get compliments.

Manly fragrances like these that embody masculinity are perfect for the winter.

Masculine fragrances and cozy fragrances are the first choices for wintertime wear.

If you don’t like sweet fragrances for men (predominant in wintertime wear) you can easily go for a masculine cologne such as Creed Aventus.

  1. You’ll smell fruity

The fruity smell of Creed Aventus mixed with a rugged birch undertone makes this perfume an ideal choice for the winter as it’s comforting and somewhat inviting.

Everybody loves the smell of fruits. But not everybody loves the smell of tobacco, incense, and or vanilla, typical notes in a winter perfume for men.

  1. it’s a heavy fragrance

No matter what the critics say, Creed Aventus is a heavy perfume. It’s so heavy that some men limit its sprays on the body during the summer just not to smell overbearing.

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This is why heavy perfumes are ideal for winter wear. Creed Aventus is one of the summer fragrances that can be worn in the winter as it has a heavy composition.

Thick and sometimes cloying to those who aren’t used to niche-level cologne quality, thick Aventus is a top performer in cold weather.

Its projection pierces through cold weather and it makes Aventus smell good in temperatures below the freezing line.

Those who don’t think Aventus smells good in the winter typically compare its longevity to Cedrat Boise from Mancera. But the best Mancera fragrances all last long in the winter just like Creed perfumes do. There’s room for both.