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5 Best Middle Eastern Fragrances And Worthy Arabic Perfume Suggestions

Arabian Oud Sehr Al Kalemat Black is the best Middle Eastern fragrance you can get at the moment. It smells completely different from what you might be used to and it adds that potent Arabic perfume scent to your skin that lasts. Popular Middle Eastern fragrances don’t mess around. They are known for strong projection […]

10+ Best Armaf Colognes And Perfumes To Suit All Pockets

The best Armaf cologne is Club the Nuit Intense. The best Armaf perfume for women is  Club de Nuit Intense Women (golden cap).  Tres Nuit and Craze are also popular Armaf colognes that offer a pleasant scent for a very low price. A lot has been discussed and written about Armaf. This oriental fragrance brand […]

9 Best Fragrances For Doctors, Nurses, And Hospital Workers

The best fragrances for doctors, nurses, and hospital workers are inoffensive. Perfumes in healthcare are still banned in many places. But some healthcare positions and some hospitals allow their staff to wear light fragrances. Perfumes for hospitals should come from the light-fresh category. Heavy niche fragrances, spicy fragrances, oud-heavy fragrances, cannabis fragrances, or pheromone perfumes […]