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Best Fragrances to Layer – Mix These PerfumesFor A Unique Scent

Best Fragrances to Layer

The best fragrances to layer include Jo Malone, Amani, and Aqua di Parma. Some perfumes such as those made by Jo Malone are specifically blended for layering and the manufacturer recommends mixing them. Others are mixed accidentally or experimentally with different results. Perfume-makers are either fine with perfume layering or they’re against it. A traditional […]

Chanel Allure Homme Sport vs Dior Homme Sport [Versatility, Scent, And Projection]

chanel allure homme sport vs dior homme sport

The debate of Chanel Allure Homme Sport vs Dior Homme Sport needs to be settled. Both of these fragrances smell amazing and you won’t be wasting your money here. However, there are differences you should know about, especially when investing in such expensive perfumes. You’ll find these scents under the sports fragrances category. I think […]