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Are TJ Maxx Perfume Finds and Marshalls Discounted Colognes Legit?

TJ Maxx perfume is ideally discounted for those who love bargain fragrances. Similar discounted perfumes can also be found at Marshalls if you have the time and the energy to keep on looking for that next fragrance to add to your collection on a budget. TJ Maxx perfumes aren’t just your classic supermarket fragrances such […]

Bargain Costco Perfumes You Need To Check Out

Costco perfumes are available to the store’s members. Most perfumes at Costco are fairly priced. Creed Aventus (3.3oz) costs just over $300. But fragrances at Costco change in stocks frequently. Most of the time, you will only find cheaper Costco perfumes when visiting the store. You can also order a Costco perfume online, but you […]

Can Perfume Cause Acne or Allergies?

There are over 100 allergens in perfume that can cause acne. This skin issue is prevalent in people with known previous conditions such as allergies or dermatitis. Both aroma chemicals and botanical cologne ingredients can cause acne. One of the most problematic skin conditions is acne. Some people experience fragrance acne on their face, neck, […]

Does Oxygen Air Exposure Damage Fragrances?

Oxygen oxidizes fragrances making them weaker. Top notes tend to be the first to oxidize but the alcohol in perfume evasporates as well. Perfumes exposed to oxygen for a short period aren’t negatively impacted. Oxygen exposure of cologne happens during the manufacturing process. It also happens slowly through evaporation. If you have a broken perfume […]