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Can Perfume Cause Acne or Allergies?

There are over 100 allergens in perfume that can cause acne. This skin issue is prevalent in people with known previous conditions such as allergies or dermatitis. Both aroma chemicals and botanical cologne ingredients can cause acne. One of the most problematic skin conditions is acne. Some people experience fragrance acne on their face, neck, […]

Does Oxygen Air Exposure Damage Fragrances?

Oxygen oxidizes fragrances making them weaker. Top notes tend to be the first to oxidize but the alcohol in perfume evasporates as well. Perfumes exposed to oxygen for a short period aren’t negatively impacted. Oxygen exposure of cologne happens during the manufacturing process. It also happens slowly through evaporation. If you have a broken perfume […]

Does Cologne Evaporate?

Cologne can evaporate around the sprayer in low-quality atomizer bottles. The way the atomizer is installed on the bottle dictates if a perfume evaporates. Some low-quality atomizers allow perfume evaporation. Airtight quality atomizers prevent perfume evaporation. Over a long period of time, you can see your perfume levels dropping inside a bottle even without spraying […]

Does Cologne Freeze?

Cologne doesn’t freeze near the typical freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius, 273 degrees Kelvin). Most types of cologne come with a minimum alcohol content of 80%. Their high ethanol content prevents fragrances from freezing at these temperatures. The higher the alcohol content, the lower the freezing temperature of perfume is. Pure […]