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List of Perfume Discounters That Sell Fragrances Up to 50% Cheaper

Some of the most popular perfume discounters that sell fragrances at a discounted price include Fragrancenet and FragranceX. Amazon also sells fragrances at good prices and it can be on our list of perfume discounters. Europeans should alternatively consider special deals at Notino for the fastest shipping. Have you ever wondered how much this fragrance […]

The Controversy Behind the Smell of Musk

The smell of musk compares to the scent of a deer with unpleasant faecal undertones. The Musk smell comes from a mating gland of the male deer and it has a dirty animalic profile with ammonia undertones, especially in high concentrations. In small concentrations, musk smells sweeter and much more versatile as a base note […]