5 Good But Cheap Vanilla Perfumes That Last

Some of the best cheap vanilla perfumes are long-lasting. You can mostly find these fragrances online at discounted rates. Cheap vanilla fragrances are made for those who love the smell of vanilla and who need to wear it every day.

The best cheap vanilla perfume is sometimes difficult to find. The reason? Vanilla is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world. As a result, it can be complicated to replicate natural-smelling vanilla with synthetic compounds used in almost all cheap perfumes for women and all cheaper perfumes for men.

A best-budget vanilla fragrance is not an impossible find, however. There are a few classics in this space as well as a few hidden treasures when it comes to making you smell like vanilla. Affordable quality vanilla perfumes can be found in our rank below.

5 Best Cheap Vanilla Perfumes

The best budget vanilla fragrances below are all competitively priced. These perfumes are ideal for just about any man and woman since they cost as much as two cups of coffee. You can use them on their own or as best vanilla for layering.

1.       Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Cologne


This cheap vanilla cologne for men is an ideal unisex choice. While marketed as a manly vanilla perfume, it’s suitable for women as well. This cheap vanilla fragrance that lasts long has a surprisingly low price which puts it first on our list.

Some spices are present in this fragrance which means the vanilla in it has a radiance. You can wear it to almost any social occasion and you can expect the perfume to last up to a few hours on the skin with 3-4 sprays.

Characterized by that sweet warm vanilla scent, the cheap perfume for men is ideal for compliments. It certainly goes beyond its price.

Get it here at Cremocompany.com

2.       Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot


This cheap vanilla perfume for women is as affordable as the good ones get. It comes with a mixed fruity nuance to the vanilla. Apricot is added to its formula. While it can also pass as the best apricot perfume, it manages to offer a unique smell to its vanilla.

The vanilla in this affordable perfume is more aromatic than sweet. This makes it the ideal vanilla perfume for women over 20 and over 30 as teenage girls prefer sweeter vanilla fragrances.

Affordable and very aromatic, this cheap vanilla perfume for women is ideal for all-day wear. Surprisingly, it lasts all day on the skin which recommends it as an office perfume or as a general vanilla perfume for work.

Get it here at comptoirsudpacifique.us

3.       Molinard Vanille Patchouli


This is the most complex cheap vanilla perfume on our list. Still highly affordable for its all-day lasting power, the fragrance is ideal for both men and women. You can consider it if you want to smell like vanilla and not just wear a vanilla perfume for layering.

Blended well, the fragrance has a compliment-getting factor. It shines in cold weather where the inviting vanilla smell and the added aromatic sandalwood make it perform and smell its best.

The perfume is also large. You get 75ml of concentrated eau de parfum formulation which recommends it for just about any person looking to smell like vanilla all year.

The patchouli in this perfume also gives it a bit of maturity and playfulness. A cheap vanilla perfume with a herbal twist is welcomed in a world where we can smell more than 20 notes in a complicated vanilla perfume.

Get it here at fragrancex.com

4.       Lavanila Vanilla Sugarcane


This best organic perfume for women impressed with its sweet aroma and affordability. As one of the best cruelty-free perfumes, it only features a handful of natural ingredients such as sugarcane, mandarin, vanilla, and Madagascar vanilla.

This best vegan perfume for women comes off sweet. Its sugarcane note overpowers the vanilla but blends well with it. This is why it’s a more sugary interpretation of vanilla compared to Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot and Molinard Vanille Patchouli. The perfume shines when it comes to longevity as well.

A combination of just a few natural ingredients, a cheap price, and a divine scent of vanilla make it a must-have. This is also the longest-lasting Lavanila perfume.

Get it here at lavanila.com

5.       CK Obsession


Amber, vanilla, bergamot, basil, mandarin, and green notes are just some of the few ingredients that make this best Calvin Klein perfume for women that love sweet perfumes. This cheap vanilla perfume is a classic interpretation where vanilla meets an equally-potent amber note for dewiness.

Powerful and sexy compared to other cheap vanilla perfumes, this shines as one of the ideal long-lasting perfumes on a budget. We’ve seen some of the best perfumes under $50 simply struggle to get any type of memorable olfactory experience countless times. It’s worth revisiting Calvin Klein perfumes for women simply to find such hidden gems.

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Why Wear a Cheap Vanilla Perfume That Last Long?

Cheap vanilla perfumes that last longer have their place in your collection. Natural vanilla perfumes cost about 5 to 10 times as much as the fragrances listed above. This is why it’s worth getting one for your fragrance-loving personality. Here are a few other reasons to consider these cheap perfumes.

  • Smell good on a budget

Smelling good on a budget is never as easy as many perfumers think. If you want to smell like vanilla you don’t need to fork out hundreds of dollars. Instead, you can choose one of the proven cheap perfumes that last long. They might not be as original as luxury vanilla perfumes, but they work for everyday use.

  • Vanilla is universally-recognized

The smell of vanilla is universal. People from all over the world easily recognize it. This scent is sweet, aromatic, and exotic. It works wonders for compliments and to make you smell appealing. It also has a relaxing nature that’s hard to ignore.

  • Some of the best cheapies are vanilla-based

While there are many great cheap perfumes out there, these made with vanilla tend to impress the most. You can wear cheap vanilla perfumes to almost any occasion without heavily investing in top designer fragrances.

  • It can be a great perfume for couples

Vanilla is a unisex scent. This is why cheap vanilla perfumes are some of the best perfumes for couples as they’re easily shared. This means savings keep on coming if you plan to use perfumes in a couple or a household. Otherwise, you can also choose from our ranked best vanilla perfumes for women and the best vanilla perfumes for men.


Some of the best affordable vanilla perfumes surprise even the experienced perfume collectors. These can last hours and even a full day. Most importantly, they replicate the vanilla smell well, which is what most people expect from them.


How do I smell like vanilla?

You can smell like vanilla by using a good cheap vanilla perfume that lasts long. Such perfumes are made with a dominant vanilla note and they make you smell sweet and alluring the whole day.

What is the best cheap vanilla perfume?

Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Cologne is the best cheap vanilla perfume that lasts long for men. Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot is the best cheap vanilla perfume that lasts long for women.