Creed Aventus vs Zara Vibrant Leather – Which to Choose?

Zara Vibrant Leather smells similar to Creed Aventus in the drydown. It costs less and it sometimes performs similarly. However, Vibrant Leather lacks the powerful citrusy opening and the smokiness of Creed Aventus.

Zara Vibrant Leather is one of the many Creed Aventus clones. The perfume isn’t your typical Zara perfume that performs poorly or that you simply overlook as a cheap Zara fragrance. It has longevity, a level of class, and versatility unusual even in the most popular cheap colognes for men.

Creed Aventus vs Zara Vibrant Leather – How do they compare?

Some man are asking themselves if Zara dupes are actual fragrance dupes. This is hard to say for sure. However, there are similarities to popular men’s fragrances out there when it comes to shopping at this fashion retail giant. Vibrant Leather is a cologne often associated with Creed Aventus. On paper, these perfumes smell very different. The differences are a lot less obvious when compared scent-wise.

Does Zara Vibrant Leather smells like Creed Aventus?

Zara Vibrant leather smells citrusy and leathery. Its smell resembles the smell of Creed Aventus but without a pineapple not and without a smoky birch undertone.

Vibrant Leather swaps birch for bamboo.

However, the drydown of these men’s cologne is about 60% similar. You can wear both Creed Aventus and Zara Vibrant Leather to the same occasions. Both men’s colognes are made for a dress-up individual rather than for a guy wearing shorts and slippers.

Why choose Zara Vibrant Leather instead of Creed Aventus

The differences between Zara Vibrant Leather and Creed Aventus are vast. The quality of the essential oils represent the main difference. However, once you accept these, there are only a handful of other differences to consider.

  • Price

You can buy Zara Vibrant Leather for about 10% the price of Creed Aventus. You can get 10 bottles of Zara Vibrant Leather for a bottle of Creed Aventus. Very social people and that need to wear cologne every day might be tempted to choose a more affordable alternative and only rely on Aventus for special occasions.

  • Versatility

Vibrant Leather is one of the most versatile leather colognes for men. You can wear it to almost any occasion, particularly if you like to dress well. For the money, it might be a top-seller.

  • A cool factor

Zara Vibrant Leather comes in 2 versions. It has an Eau de Toilette version and an Eau de Parfum version. Both of these smell trendy or modern. Aventus smells timeless. This means a certain crown (typically guys under 20) will always favor Vibrant Leather, no matter the quality of Aventus’ juice.

  • No issues with batches

I’ve recently covered a few common issues with Creed Aventus batches. Many of these batches have varying smells, even if Aventus largely smells the same year on year. Such problems aren’t reported in Vibrant leather since this is a synthetic perfume which always uses the same aromachemicals.

Why choose Creed Aventus (2010) instead of Zara Vibrant Leather (2018)

There are endless reasons why a man would choose Creed Aventus over Vibrant Leather. Many choose Aventus in favor of any other fragrance out there.

  • A unique luxury scent

Birch, pineapple, green apple, rose, and blackcurrant are just a few of the luxury natural notes in Aventus. These are some of the most intriguing smells to one of the best fruity – citrusy – smoky colognes for men out there.

  • Instantly-recognizable appeal

Almost every person that knows perfume recognizes Aventus. Vibrant Leather is sometimes confused with Aventus and you might even get people asking you if you’re wearing Aventus. However, everybody knows you’re wearing Aventus when you’re wearing it. There’s something special about this fragrance that can’t be explained, particularly about how other people react to you wearing Creed Aventus.

  • Natural smell

Aventus smells natural. This is the main difference to a good-smelling but synthetic Zara Vibrant Leather. With sufficient lasting power, this is one of the best natural colognes out there.

  • Projection differences

Performance is similar on Zara Vibrant Leather EDP to Creed Aventus, but only in the first couple of hours through good projection. However, you will need 8-9 sprays of Vibrant Leather to project as good as 1-2 sprays of Creed Aventus.

Lasting power is a real issue as well. Aventus smells good all day while Vibrant Leather start to smell purely synthetic after a few hours or it even fades away completely if you aren’t a heavy sprayer.

Final words

Both Zara Vibrant Leather and Creed Aventus have their place in the modern world of men’s fragrances. However, the differences are vast and the price difference is considerable.

You can use Zara Vibrant Leather as an everyday fragrance as long as you don’t mind spraying it on yourself up to 9 times to give it projection and lasting power. You can spray it less if you’re after an everyday office cologne.

Alternatively, you can spray Creed Aventus on yourself to get compliments and to smell amazing. You only need a couple of sprays (on pulse points) to get this perfume to project heavily.

However, there are other Aventus clones you can choose if lasting power is your main goal. Club de Nuit comes to mind here. Otherwise, you can own any of these colognes depending on your budge to smell mildly similar.


Does Zara Vibrant Leather smell like Cred Aventus?

Creed Aventus has a rich smell that has complexity and longevity. It lasts a long time even when you only spray it a few times on yourself. Zara Vibrant Leather is a simpler version that’s mildly similar to Aventus. You need to spray it heavily on yourself to give it longevity similar to Creed Aventus. But even with extra spray, Vibrant Leather has reduced citruses and smokiness compared to Aventus.