Dior Homme Sport vs Dior Homme Cologne

The Dior Homme line is almost impossible to overlook as a fragrance lover. But if you’re pondering between Dior Homme Sport and Dior Homme Cologne, you need to know the differences. Apart from different perfume ingredients, they also have different performance.  Let’s see what they have to offer.

Dior Homme Sport – how does it smell?

Francois Demanchy’s 2012 creation is different from the previous formula. It starts with grapefruit, pear, lemon, and blood orange.

Geranium, nutmeg, and pink pepper are its midnotes.

Vetiver and sandalwood are its base notes.

Citruses, spices, and sandalwood are what it’s all about here.

Dior Homme Cologne – how does it smell?

There are always some types of expectations when it comes to how cologne should smell like. Most of these are met by the top notes in Dior Homme Cologne.

Bergamot, grapefruit blossom, and musk are the notes of the cologne.

Very natural especially in the opening, the cologne is a perfect summertime fragrance where the bergamot cuts through high heat easily.

Dior Homme Sport vs Dior Homme Cologne

While these fragrances are different, you might be interested in purchasing just one of them. The following section explains where each is superior.

Scent [Dior Homme Cologne]

With top ingredients and a fresh appeal, Dior Homme Cologne smells the best. Very simple in its composition, it’s the type of no-nonsense fragrance you wear during the summer.

Longevity [Dior Homme Sport]

By its nature, the bergamot in Cologne makes it last a bit less. Dior Homme Sport can even last up to 8 hours with a silage of 4-5 hours on some wearers.

Projection [Dior Homme Sport]

With moderate to high projection, Dior Homme Sport is an amazing purchase from this perspective. Dior Homme Cologne is also very solid, but it starts to settle after about 1 hour which means you might have to reapply it during the day.

Compliments [Dior Homme Sport]

Dior Homme Cologne does get you compliments, but it’s not made for this purpose. You might find its smell similar to other citrus perfumes. On the other hand, Dior Homme Sport is a true compliment beast.

Versatility [Dior Homme Sport]

Dior Homme Cologne can be your summer signature scent. But if you seek versatility or if you only want to use 1 fragrance at a time, Dior Homme Sport proves a bit better. Both during the day and the night, this fragrance seems to work for any occasion.

Timelessness [Dior Homme Cologne]

Since the early days of cologne, the bergamot-citrus-based formulas were highly appreciated. If you seek a fragrance with a timeless appeal, Dior’s Homme Cologne can be your first choice.

Dior Homme Sport vs Dior Homme Cologne Winner
Scent Dior Homme Cologne
Longevity Dior Homme Sport
Projection Dior Homme Sport
Compliments Dior Homme Sport
Versatility Dior Homme Sport
Timelessness Dior Homme Cologne


The winner [Dior Homme Sport]

Without the debatable iris of the 2012 version, the new Dior Homme Sport seems a bit more crowd-pleasing. The blood orange is a star of the fragrance backed by sandalwood, vetiver, and nutmeg. It seems the fragrance is wearable to more occasions that its Cologne counterpart. Still, both are highly rated today.