Dior Sauvage Doesn’t Last? Here’s What to Do

Dior Sauvage sometimes has limited performance when it’s applied to dry skin. Its Eau de Toilette version tends to last a bit less than Eau de Parfum, Parfum, and Elixir versions.

Some men raised the question of Dior Sauvage not lasting more than 2 hours. This is a common issue with some truth to it. Most of the issues with Dior Sauvage’s lasting smell can be explained through Eau de Toilette concentrations applied in just a few sprays. These bottles need to be sprayed a bit more.

Why doesn’t Dior Sauvage last on you?

Dior Sauvage that doesn’t last might be an Eau de Toilette concentration. Another plausible cause is using a fake Dior Sauvage bottle as counterfeit Sauvage doesn’t even last 2-3 hours.

Here are some of the main reasons why Sauvage doesn’t last.

You are applying Dior Sauvage EDT frugally

How many Sprays of Dior Sauvage should you apply? Most men apply 3 sprays in the summer and 4 or more sprays in the winter. Make sure you apply more sprays when you wear it outdoors compared to the number of sprays you apply when wearing it indoors.

You have olfactory fatigue

Olfactory fatigue is common when you spray Dior Sauvage on your neck and chest. Your nose eventually becomes blind to the smell of Sauvage but others might still be able to smell it on you. It’s best to ask others if they can smell it.

Your Dior Sauvage is fake

One of the common reasons for poor lasting Dior Sauvage is using a fake perfume. Fake Dior Sauvage is highly common on the market. Make sure to buy your perfume from a reputable seller to eliminate the risk of buying fake perfume

Your skin is too dry

Dry skin is sometimes problematic for lasting power with Dior Sauvage. Dry skin is common in the winter or places with constant cold weather. You can apply a skin moisturized after getting out of the shower to make Dior Sauvage last longer. This method should make it last at least 6 hours to the point you’ll have to wash it off to get rid of the smell.

You’re spraying it on clothes

You might think Dior Sauvage lasts longer when applied to clothes. Only a few notes of Sauvage persist on clothes as the perfume needs pulse points on the skin to project and for others to smell it. Make sure to read our guide on How to Apply Cologne to learn more about proper places on the body to apply Sauvage.


Issues with Dior Sauvage not lasting are generally tied to its Eau de Toilette version. This perfume has limited lasting power compared to the Eau de Parfum version. The problem is that Eau de Parfum Sauvage smells a bit different. This is why it’s best to check which of the issues above apply to your situation to find the root of the problem.