Does Creed Aventus Ever Go On Sale?

Creed Aventus never goes on sale. It’s always sold at full price. Aventus hasn’t dropped its price for years which indicates it remains a top-selling fragrance. Top sellers aren’t discounted.

Many men are waiting for fragrance sales to get their hands on some of the best smelling colognes. However, Creed Aventus never goes on sale from what I’ve seen over the past few years.

Sure, some retailers might offer the occasional 5% discount when there’s something important going on, such as a store opening. However, Aventus is rarely the fragrance that gets discounted as retailers themselves pay a high retail price for it with a reduced profit margin.

Why doesn’t Creed Aventus ever go on sale?

There are a few good reasons why Creed Aventus never goes on sale. This is not a mass-market fragrance from a designer house. It’s a legendary perfume that leads the market in many ways. A drop in price would indicate some type of lower quality which Creed isn’t willing to associate its image with.

It’s a top fragrance that’s getting more popular

If we take a look at the latest sales we can figure out Creed Aventus is gaining popularity. Peak Creed Aventus’s popularity is in November and December, just as with all other colognes.

However, peak popularity comes with absolutely no discount. You might waste your days looking for those $20-$30 savings, but you won’t get close to these amounts.

Even more, a Creed Aventus fragrance that costs more than 10% less at another retailer has higher chances of being a fake.

Aventus is one of those fragrances you don’t want to save money on. It’s an expensive cologne no matter how you look at it. But there are very good reasons why this fragrance costs as much.

Retailers are unlikely to put Aventus on sale as a top seller

Retailers often discount products that are getting discontinued. In the fragrance world, products that are discontinued might even be sold at a higher price for the last batches. Just look at Dior Parfum.

So it wouldn’t be a mistake to admit retailers want to discount what is not selling or what is about not to sell.

There are no Black Friday deals on Creed Aventus

There are no Black Friday discounts on Creed Aventus. The most popular shopping time of the year comes with absolutely no discounts for Creed perfume fans. Creed perfumes aren’t discounted because they play in a league of their own.

Natural colognes aren’t cheap to produce

Aventus is made with some of the best ingredients and natural notes out there. These aren’t getting cheaper.

In fact, the current global health situation makes common goods more expensive, especially the good ones. Natural essential oils are about to get more expensive. This is why Creed Aventus might even be sold at a higher price this year or the following year.

Creed doesn’t do discounts

Luxury brands rarely do discounts. There are no discounts on Ferraris and there are no discounts on private jet flights. Luxury products are sold at a higher margin no matter the sale period.

Cred Aventus doesn’t go on sale on Christmas or on Boxing Day. Its price is part of its rare appeal, otherwise, everybody would wear it.

How to get Creed Aventus cheaper?

If you can’t afford Aventus there are a few good options to get your hands on at least some of it.

  • Consider decants

Decants are sometimes sold by retailers as part of special promotions. Creed Aventus decants might not last long but they can be the only option to those seeking to smell like Aventus on a budget without going for an Aventus-inspired fragrance.

  • Try buying used Aventus

The market for used Aventus bottles is impressive. You can find it on eBay and similar websites where Creed Aventus fans are always present for that next bargain opportunity.

However, the market for second-hand Aventus bottles is also filled with scams. How many more Aventus scam stories do we need to read-only before taking all the precautions we need to safeguard our hard-earned money?

  • Go for popular Aventus clones

Some of the best Creed Aventus clones smell quite similar. You get a full perfume bottle that smells like Aventus for $50 or even less. This is not a bad deal if you don’t have the budget for an original Aventus.

  • Try Facebook groups and fragrance sharing forums

Facebook fragrance swap groups and fragrance sharing forums are good places to buy used Creed Aventus. A 50% Aventus bottle might come with almost 50% savings which means you won’t need to spend as much on the cologne.

These places are also a bit safer than other marketplaces for old Aventus bottles. However, you should still be very cautious whenever buying from an individual as there’s little you can do to get your money back in case of trouble.


Creed Aventus is not a fragrance that goes on sale. It’s a luxury scent associated with well-off men. You can wear it in all seasons, even in the winter. Retailers are still selling thousands of bottles per year which means they don’t need to run any special deals to sell Aventus.