Dossier Perfume Review – Legit or Not?

Dossier perfume dupes smell almost exactly like the originals. They use the same quality ingredients, but with a small twist. These perfumes are made with a new spin on proven scents, mainly from popular perfume brands. Dossier makes perfume dupes both for men and women.

This shopping for Dossier perfume review is geared towards the novice fragrance fan. You get excited whenever you get into the fragrance world and you might not have the money to purchase all of your favorite scents at once. This is why perfume dupes or perfume clones exist. Some are better than others.

Even some perfume clone brands such as Armaf can be winners or losers. However, Dossier perfumes tend to attack all major designer perfumes with dupes. Extremely low prices and a no-fuss return policy make these perfumes from Dossier even more interesting.

Dossier perfume reviews say what you get

A 50ml bottle with a nice printed card with notes is what you get in a box of a Dossier perfume dupe. This is already more than you can expect for perfumes that cost less than $30. Dossier perfumes have their branding and marketing done right. It’s already superior to other brands’ presentation skills.

Even the magnetic bottle caps make these Dossier scents seem more expensive.

The list of perfumes from Dossier keeps growing and growing. It seems there’s a new out one whenever you refresh the homepage.

The dossier is a perfume house located in New York. They say they use the same quality ingredients as those in real perfumes.

Most Dossier perfumes are only about 85% to 90% similar to the real deal and this is indeed their strength, not a weakness, as you’ll find out next.

I’m not sure why Dossier perfumes aren’t 100% similar to the original perfumes they’re trying to clone. Maybe this is illegal in the US or elsewhere. Or maybe creating the exact copy is simply impossible as we’ve seen many other perfume houses going down the same route with the same results.

But Dossier perfumes can also feel a bit different and may I say better than the originals in some cases. A fresher version of Aventus sounds good when you pay 10% what you expect right?

Dossier Aventus – does it smell good?

Dossier’s Creed Aventus clone comes with apple, pineapple, and bergamot in the opening notes.

Rose, birch, and patchouli are its mid-accords.

Musk, oakmoss, and amber are the base accords.

This slightly more seductive and fresher version of Aventus from Dossier costs $29 per 50ml bottle.

If you feel Aventus is already too much (not price-wise) this can be the right alternative for you. It has that daily scent feeling. It might also be one of your favorite cologne dupes if you wear it long enough before completely dismissing it because it’s not 100% similar to Aventus’.

The same feeling applies to other popular perfume dupes. That Dossier Oriental Oakmoss is another example. This Coco Mademoiselle clone opens with bergamot, orange, and peach. Jasmine Rose and patchouli are its heart notes. Oakmoss, vanilla, and vetiver are its base accords.

This Mademoiselle clone is also worth the hype as it’s as good as it gets for $29.

Dossier Floriental Marshmallow

This perfume that smells like Black Killian Love Don’t Be Shy is one of the best sweet Dossier perfumes. This sweet perfume is impressively similar to Love Don’t Be Shy. It probably resembles up to 90%. Many are also surprised to find out this best marshmallow perfume made by the dupe perfume company lasts the whole day. So a perfume that smells like Killian that lasts a full day doesn’t sound bad at all.

Orange blossom, honeysuckle, jasmine, and orris are its mid florals. Amber, musk, and vanilla are the notes that evaporate last from your skin when wearing them.

With a considerable compliment-getting factor, this perfume smells dewy and a bit like marshmallow and bergamot in the opening.

  • How much do you save?

Savings with this perfume purchase are considerable. You can easily save around $200 by buying this perfume that smells like By Killian instead of buying an original By Kilian cologne. At the same time, most people won’t even notice the difference.

Dossier Woody Sandalwood

Dossier’s Woody Sandalwood perfume is a fragrance that smells like Le Labo Santal 33. As one of the best sandalwood perfumes from Dossier, Sandalwood is certainly another top release that attracts compliments. It smells highly similar to the original Santal 33, even to those who own the original Le Labo.

Orris, cedarwood, violet leaves, musk, and sandalwood are all important notes in this perfume. They make it last longer and they give it that unique scent only Le Labo can create. Almost all Dossier reviews show how good of a dupe this is.

  • How much do you save?

You can expect to save around $150 by buying Woody Sandalwood instead of Le Labo Santal 33. This makes for considerable savings. Even if you buy 2 Dossier perfumes you’d be still saving money. Like most other perfumes from the dupe brand, it comes in 50ml bottles. With excellent all-day longevity, you won’t have a problem using a bottle for at least a few months so there are no good reasons to go for 2 bottles at once. We must also note that Woody Sandalwood is about $20 more expensive than the alternative Dossier fragrance, which means it’s not the cheapest option to get into the brand as a newbie.

Dossier Oriental Oakmoss

Oriental Oakmoss is a perfume that smells like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. This Coco Chanel perfume dupe gets stellar reviews from happy customers. While we all love the best Chanel perfumes they can be a bit pricey. Most people can’t afford to buy a bottle of Chanel every few months which is why many tend to get this Dossier instead.

Bergamot, jasmine, rose, patchouli, oakmoss, and vanilla are just a few of the notes used by Dossier to recreate a famous Chanel perfume. The differences to the original are small, almost insignificant. You might even get a few compliments from people thinking you are earing Coco Mademoiselle if they know the smell. It has a high appeal among women who like to smell good. This best Chanel perfume for women in a Dossier interpretation is hard to overlook even if you own the original.

  • How much do you save?

Savings on this perfume are around $70 compared to the real deal. Chanel is never one of those cheap perfume brands. Chanel perfumes never go on discount either. This is why it might take a long time to save up for Coco Mademoiselle. Instead, you can go down the Dossier perfume dupe route. It will not be the same quality of ingredients but the perfume also lasts all day. A good deal to many Chanel fans.

Dossier Citrus Green Apple

This perfume smells like Dolce Gabbana Light Blue. It has that citrus appeal which makes the fresh Light Blue such a hit even after all of these years. Green Apple is not a Dossier perfume to purchase if you want a dupe as Light Blue is already affordable. However, it’s a perfume that is considerably different when it comes to what you can buy from Dossier as in it has versatility.

Citrus perfumes are ideal with just about any outfit. You can wear it with a white T-shirt, with a suit, or when going to work. Citruses are notes that everybody loves. Jasmine, rose, green apple and fresh lime are just some of the notes you can distinguish in this perfume.

Unlike the other best perfumes that smell like lime and apple, Dossier Green Apple also lasts a long time. You can expect to smell it on your skin for about 8 hours.

  • How much do you save?

You can save anywhere between $20 and $50 by purchasing this perfume instead of the original Light Blue. Savings are minimal, however. You won’t save as much as with other Dossier perfumes. If your purpose is to save more, you can still find better deals from Dossier. On the other hand, Light Blue is the type of perfume that runs out quickly as it’s worn all day. You might still end up saving considerably if you want to smell like Light Blue every day.

Dossier Woody Sage

Dossier Woody Sage is a perfume that smells like Jo Malon Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Jo Malone perfumes are some of the best in the world and this particular release is talked about to this day. Similarities to the original Wood Sage and Sear Salt are about 70%.

The same perfume that smells like the beach vibe is present in this Dossier, however.  Those marine notes and those clary sage notes are also there. Some reviews note that there’s no depth to the earthiness in the Dossier dupe. However, this perfume is still widely similar to Jo Malone’s release. One of the best parts is that it can be a great perfume for couples as it has a unisex smell.

  • How much do you save?

You save around $70-85 with Dossier Woody Sage. While you won’t own an original Jo Malone, you’ll at least get to smell like the beach and like the ocean without having to spend all your savings on perfume. Many of those buying Woody Sage don’t know how Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt smells like as it’s an expensive perfume. This is why this Dossier is rarely compared to the original even by those who buy it.

Dossier Musky Musk

If your budget is too short for the best Juliette Has a Gun perfume you need to consider Musky Musk. This perfume that smells like Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume has that special vibe to it. It’s 90% similar to the original which makes it one of the best-selling perfumes of the dupes brand.

This scent is ideal if you aren’t into florals or fresh perfumes that smell like the ocean. Iso E Super is one of the main stars here and you can expect to smell rather fashionable wearing it. This perfume is ideal for 20 year old women and 25 year old women as well as for teenage girls. It’s not a perfume for 30 year old women or older women either. It has a youthful playful vibe that young ones love.

  • How much do you save?

You save around $80 when buying Musky Musk which is a nice difference. Since this perfume is made for young women who don’t have the finances of established career ladies this can seem a great catch.

Dossier Citrus Neroli

This perfume that smells like Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is ideal for men seeking the best summer fragrance. Tom Ford perfumes are very good but also very expensive. Most guys never manage to buy more than 1-2 Tom Fords given their high price.

However, Citrus Neroli has the citruses and the orange notes in it to resemble Neroli Portofino. This perfume also lasts a lot longer than the original best Tom Ford cologne. This is why it can be one of those hard not to like perfumes from Dossier. However, you should also note that it has a suntan undertone to it which makes it a bit more difficult to wear outside the summer season, not that Neroli Portofino would be more versatile.

  • How much do you save?

You save at least $200 by purchasing Dossier Citrus Neroli instead of Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. This means the perfume is among those special releases that would otherwise make it impossible to wear a perfume that costs more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Dossier Green Verbena

Dossier Green Verbena is a perfume that smells like Creed Irish Tweed. This perfume smells exactly like the original. Creed is in trouble again after Armaf’s latest efforts. Don’t get me wrong, Irish Tweed is one of my favorite colognes for men. The fragrance is spectacular and a form of art on its own. However, most people can’t afford it.

That verbena smell is present in Green Verbena from Dossier as well. Sandalwood, orris, and violet are also prominent notes in the perfume. You can expect this Dossier perfume dupe to last a long time.

It represents a great perfume for men who want to smell fresh. If you love green perfumes and the smell of nature you won’t dislike them either. Dossier did a great job at mimicking Creed’s best green scent. This doesn’t mean you need to compare it to Creed’s perfume as you can simply wear it as it is without making a comparison. It’s a great cheap verbena perfume.

  • How much do you save?

You can expect to save up to $300 if you buy Dossier Green Verbena instead of Creed Irish Tweed. This makes for some of the most considerable savings you can expect from Dossier. I’m sure that this Dossier perfume is overpriced, just like many of its alternatives. But Creed’s perfume is considerably overpriced which still makes it the best buy.

Dossier Woody Rum

Woody Rum is a perfume that smells like By Killian Straight to Heaven. This is perfume legends are born out and it smells amazing. We all know By Kilian makes some amazing perfumes and it’s not hard to see why Dossier decided to make a replica perfume.

This can be one of those unisex Dossier perfumes that suit both men and women. It smells similar to Straight to Heaven which recommends it for just about any occasion, especially dates, shopping, and going out. This is not a Dossier perfume to wear to work as you’d be over-killing it.

  • How much do you save?

You save around $190 with this perfume instead of buying By Killian Straight to Heaven. The savings are considerable but there’s a sensible difference in quality. While Dossier’s perfume lasts a long time, it lacks the nuances and the finesse of a true original By Kilian.

Dossier Floriental Coconut

Floriental Coconut is one of those best cheap coconut perfumes to enjoy all summer. It’s a perfume that smells like Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc, which is just about everything you need to know about it. This perfume is made to be worn in the sun.

Cedarwood, ylang-ylang, and cardamom are just some of the notes you can smell in this perfume. Similarities to the original Tom Ford cologne are high. This perfume also lasts the whole day which makes it ideal for long days of summer spent outdoors.

  • How much do you save?

You save around $200 by buying Floriental Coconut. This perfume with a strong coconut smell is one that you need to know how to appreciate. It’s only worth purchasing in the summer as it starts to lose its long-lasting smell in cold weather.

Dossier Fougere Bergamot

This perfume that smells like Versace Dylan Blue is also ideal for summertime use. As one of the best blue perfumes from Dossier, it tends to get a lot of attention. However, it doesn’t have as many reviews as other Dossier perfumes, mainly due to its smaller savings as Dylan Blue is now frequently discounted. Still, this is a top perfume for the summer and not necessarily a fragrance you buy to make yourself smell like the best Versace perfume for men.

  • How much do you save?

You can expect to save around $30 when purchasing Dossier Fougere Bergamot. This might not be the most considerable amount of money you save. This is why Fougere Bergamot is a perfume to buy with other Dossier fragrances and is not worth the purchase on its own.

Dossier Ambery Vanilla

Ambery Vanilla is a perfume that smells like Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium. Mot Black Opium dupes are rarely as sexy as the YSL perfume. However, Ambery Vanilla is one of those scents that always run out at Dossier as they sell a lot.

This perfume is dominated by a vanilla scent. While this is not the leading best cheap vanilla perfume, it certainly has the affordability factor to it compared to the original.

Still, similarities are impressive in this best perfume dupe. Coffee is an intense note, as is vanilla. This best coffee perfume certainly appeals to women who need to smell great in the winter.

Projection is also very good on the perfume. Its floral notes impress with their intensity. Both the jasmine and the orange blossom notes in them are quite strong. Some would say these floral notes are even too intense in the perfume. However, Black Opium itself is quite intense and not for the faint-hearted.

  • How much do you save?

This perfume is available for about a quarter of a price you can find YSL Black Opium at. It’s sold in 50ml bottles but it should last a long time given it has high potency. You save around $70 on the perfume which is worth it if shopping on a budget.

Dossier Ambery Saffron

This perfume that smells like Baccarat Rouge 540 might be the only way to smell like the best Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume. There are almost endless reasons why you’d want to get Baccarat Rouge 540 given its stellar reviews that are exactly on point. Saffron, jasmine, and oakmoss are present in this perfume, just like in the original. This is a Dossier perfume that gets compliments.

  • How much do you save?

You save hundreds of dollars by buying Dossier Ambery Saffron instead of the famous Baccarat Rouge 540. This perfume is luxurious-smelling, ideal for women who love to dress nice.

Dossier Citrus Ginger

Dossier Citrus Ginger is a perfume that smells like Bleu de Chanel. Some of the best Chanel perfumes aren’t exactly cheap, even if they smell like small works of art. Peppermint, sandalwood, ginger, sandalwood, and vetiver are used in this perfume.

Masculine and highly versatile, this is the best Dior Sauvage alternative from Dossier. Men typically wear it a lot so you can get 2 bottles from the start.

  • How much do you save?

You save around $50 by buying Dossier Citrus Ginger instead of Bleu de Chanel. This can be a considerable difference if you decide to turn it into your signature scent.

Dossier Floral Musk

Dossier Floral Musk is a perfume that smells like Lancome Idole perfume. Ideal for women of all ages, this is the type of perfume that draws attention when you enter a room or a social situation.

Jasmine, musk, pear, and bergamot are some of its most intense notes. The smell is the same as the smell of Lancome Idole. This is great as Idole is one of the best perfumes for weddings where I was first introduced to it.

  • How much do you save?

You save around $70-$80 by purchasing Dossier Floral Musk instead of Lancome Idole. The difference doesn’t even matter when you take into account this smells exactly like Idole. Some Lancome Idole perfume reviews say that scent can’t be cloned. Well, Dossider did it again. Of course, a connoisseur immediately smells that lack of depth in Dossier’s dupe, but most people can’t.

What makes Dossier perfumes different? All reviewers appreciate the samples

With every shipping (that lasts 1-2 days on average) of these perfumes, Dossier also sends out a small perfume sample. You can spray it on yourself to see if you like it. If you don’t like the perfume, you can simply return the bottle. For these prices, this isn’t a bad offering.

Most reviewers or those who’ve tested Dossier agree this is the most pleasant surprise with these perfumes.

What Dossier perfumes don’t address – is it ethical?

As with all cologne clones, we need to address the elephant in the room. At one point, you will ask yourself if too many Dossier customers aren’t taking something away from the perfume industry. But here’s why this perfume house should not be something perfume brands should be afraid of.

Think about a few famous clone brands that eventually went on to become something else altogether. Take Dacia for example. This brand was making Renault car clones a few decades ago. Look at the brand now as its dominating an entirely new niche with original designs.

Most likely, this is going to be the story of Dossier in the future. 2 things need to happen for this company to become more than a dupe brand.

First, Dossier needs to keep trading strongly for at least 10-15 more years. This is what’s going to get them the know-how many other established brands have.

Secondly, Dossier needs to test out other scent paths as it has done with their perfumes. A good example of this is their interpretation of Tom Ford’s Oud Wood. Dossier’s interpretation is almost completely different, certainly more mysterious, and a bit more intense.

For me, this is where the gold lies. Get into something that is a bit daring and start doing it right until you become the brand that others copy. For most perfume brands, another clone house shouldn’t be a big issue. People buying Dossier perfumes aren’t going to buy your expensive fragrances anyway.

Where to wear Dossier perfumes?

This being said, let’s face the fact that Dossier perfumes are ideal for everyday use. They can be great shopping or going-to-the-mall-fragrances. But they can also be a bit of an intimidating factor in an environment where people know perfumes. This is about 1% of all occasions.

You can wear Dossier perfumes every day for the rest of the year. These perfumes are ideal for the gym, for the office, and even on dates. On the other hand, they aren’t going to be the first choice for a suit and tie event where you should feel a bit more special

Otherwise, all Dossier perfume reviews agree you get more than what you pay for. The ethics problem of perfume clones isn’t invented or solved by Dossier. It’s likely this trend will never go away. But at least you know what you’re getting into and once again, this brand is ideal if you’re just starting out in the perfume world where smelling a lot of perfumes is the biggest asset.