Dossier Perfume Review – Legit or Not?

Dossier perfume dupes smell almost exactly like the originals. They use the same quality ingredients, but with a small twist. These perfumes are made with a new spin on proven scents, mainly from popular perfume brands. Dossier makes perfume dupes both for men and women.

This shopping for Dossier perfume review is geared towards the novice fragrance fan. You get excited whenever you get into the fragrance world and you might not have the money to purchase all of your favorite scents at once. This is why perfume dupes or perfume clones exist. Some are better than others.

Even some perfume clone brands such as Armaf can be winners or losers. However, Dossier perfumes tend to attack all major designer perfumes with dupes. Extremely low prices and a no-fuss return policy make these perfumes from Dossier even more interesting.

Dossier perfume reviews say what you get

A 50ml bottle with a nice printed card with notes is what you get in a box of a Dossier perfume dupe. This is already more than you can expect for perfumes that cost less than $30. Dossier perfumes have their branding and marketing done right. It’s already superior to other brands’ presentation skills.

Even the magnetic bottle caps make these Dossier scents seem more expensive.

The list of perfumes from Dossier keeps growing and growing. It seems there’s a new out one whenever you refresh the homepage.

The dossier is a perfume house located in New York. They say they use the same quality ingredients as those in real perfumes.

Most Dossier perfumes are only about 85% to 90% similar to the real deal and this is indeed their strength, not a weakness, as you’ll find out next.

I’m not sure why Dossier perfumes aren’t 100% similar to the original perfumes they’re trying to clone. Maybe this is illegal in the US or elsewhere. Or maybe creating the exact copy is simply impossible as we’ve seen many other perfume houses going down the same route with the same results.

But Dossier perfumes can also feel a bit different and may I say better than the originals in some cases. A fresher version of Aventus sounds good when you pay 10% what you expect right?

Dossier Aventus – does it smell good?

Dossier’s Creed Aventus clone comes with apple, pineapple, and bergamot in the opening notes.

Rose, birch, and patchouli are its mid-accords.

Musk, oakmoss, and amber are the base accords.

This slightly more seductive and fresher version of Aventus from Dossier costs $29 per 50ml bottle.

If you feel Aventus is already too much (not price-wise) this can be the right alternative for you. It has that daily scent feeling. It might also be one of your favorite cologne dupes if you wear it long enough before completely dismissing it becauseit’s not 100% similar to Aventus’.

The same feeling applies to other popular perfume dupes. That Dossier Oriental Oakmoss is another example. This Coco Mademoiselle clone opens with bergamot, orange, and peach. Jasmine Rose and patchouli are its heart notes. Oakmoss, vanilla, and vetiver are its base accords.

This Mademoiselle clone is also worth the hype as it’s as good as it gets for $29.

What makes Dossier perfumes different? All reviewers appreciate the samples

With every shipping (that lasts 1-2 days on average) of these perfumes, Dossier also sends out a small perfume sample. You can spray it on yourself to see if you like it. If you don’t like the perfume, you can simply return the bottle. For these prices, this isn’t a bad offering.

Most reviewers or those who’ve tested Dossier agree this is the most pleasant surprise with these perfumes.

What Dossier perfumes don’t address – is it ethical?

As with all cologne clones, we need to address the elephant in the room. At one point, you will ask yourself if too many Dossier customers aren’t taking something away from the perfume industry. But here’s why this perfume house should not be something perfume brands should be afraid of.

Think about a few famous clone brands that eventually went on to become something else altogether. Take Dacia for example. This brand was making Renault car clones a few decades ago. Look at the brand now as its dominating an entirely new niche with original designs.

Most likely, this is going to be the story of Dossier in the future. 2 things need to happen for this company to become more than a dupe brand.

First, Dossier needs to keep trading strongly for at least 10-15 more years. This is what’s going to get them the know-how many other established brands have.

Secondly, Dossier needs to test out other scent paths as it has done with their perfumes. A good example of this is their interpretation of Tom Ford’s Oud Wood. Dossier’s interpretation is almost completely different, certainly more mysterious, and a bit more intense.

For me, this is where the gold lies. Get into something that is a bit daring and start doing it right until you become the brand that others copy. For most perfume brands, another clone house shouldn’t be a big issue. People buying Dossier perfumes aren’t going to buy your expensive fragrances anyway.

Where to wear Dossier perfumes?

This being said, let’s face the fact that Dossier perfumes are ideal for everyday use. They can be great shopping or going-to-the-mall-fragrances. But they can also be a bit of an intimidating factor in an environment where people know perfumes. This is about 1% of all occasions.

You can wear Dossier perfumes every day for the rest of the year. These perfumes are ideal for the gym, for the office, and even on dates. On the other hand, they aren’t going to be the first choice for a suit and tie event where you should feel a bit more special

Otherwise, all Dossier perfume reviews agree you get more than what you pay for. The ethics problem of perfume clones isn’t invented or solved by Dossier. It’s likely this trend will never go away. But at least you know what you’re getting into and once again, this brand is ideal if you’re just starting out in the perfume world where smelling a lot of perfumes is the biggest asset.