Fake vs Real Dior Sauvage – How to Spot a Counterfeit?

Fake Dior Sauvage has faded box coloring, cloudy cellophane, and square barcode fonts. Real Dior Sauvage has deep box coloring, clear cellophane, and spaced-out barcode fonts.

You can spot fake Dior Sauvage thorough smell longevity. While counterfeit Dior Sauvage can smell similar to the original Dior Sauvage perfume, it only lasts a few minutes.

Dior Sauvage is the most counterfeit perfume out there. It’s also one of the few fake perfumes sold with a magnetic cap. Fake Dior Sauvage fragrances can smell 80-90% similar to authentic Dior Sauvage.

While it’s always best to buy perfumes from reputable sellers, you might want to know how to differentiate between fake and real Dior Sauvage yourself. Here are the main differences.

Clouded cellophane indicate a fake Dior Sauvage

Clouded or brushed cellophane is specific to fake perfumes. You can recognize most perfume boxes when they’re wrapped in cloudy cellophane.

Authentic Sauvage boxes are wrapped in clear cellophane.

Furthermore, you might even notice overlapping cellophane parts that aren’t seen on the original version of the perfume.

The cellophane problem is highly specific to fake Dior fragrances as well as to fake fragrances in general as seen in our How to Tell if Creed Aventus is Fake or Real post.

Faded box colors indicate a fake

The next step is to examine the box itself. Original Sauvage boxes come with dark gray on the edges and deep blue coloring for the rest of the outer box. Fake Dior Sauvage fragrances come with light gray on the edges and light blue on the rest of the box.

This can be associated with cost-cutting for fake fragrances made with less ink when the box is printed and personalized.

A fake fragrance box always has faded colors, at least in the case of Sauvage.

Square fonts are seen on fake Sauvage boxes

There aren’t many differences between an original and a fake Sauvage when it comes to the printing at the bottom of the box.

Carefully compared, the bottom of the boxes give up their secrets in the end. The fonts used for fake Dior Sauvage barcode numbers are crammed and square. These numbers are spaced out and the fonts are rounder on the original box.

Small differences can also be seen on the bottom of the perfume bottle itself. Fake Dior Sauvage perfume bottles have highly visible writing on the bottom while the original has faded writing and clear batch code printing.

Original Sauvage bottles are darker in color

If you can open a box of Sauvage before buying it there are further differences to note. A fake bottle comes with a light blue color while the original bottle has a deep blue coloring.

The light color of the fake Sauvage almost makes it look like a bottle of Versace Pour Homme while the original Sauvage bottle design has deep colors that resemble Bleu de Chanel more.

Lighter bottle caps are fake

Caps tend to give out the fakes in perfumes. Fake Dior Sauvage perfume bottle caps are some of the best, however.

Both original and the fake Dior Sauvage bottles have magnetic caps. However, the fake bottles are made with cheap lightweight plastic. Measurements show an original Dior Sauvage bottle cap weighs around 0.24lbs while fake Dior Sauvage caps weigh around 0.13lbs.

Original Dior Sauvage atomizers are shorter

Atomizers are good on both fake and authentic Dior Sauvage bottles. However, there are differences in how they are made.

Original Sauvage atomizers are short and highly precise. Fake bottles of Sauvage come with tall atomizers that are also precise. There’s a clear height difference between them.

Fake Dior Sauvage has an intense smell that doesn’t last

Both fake and authentic Sauvage fragrances smell nice. The opening is peppery and authentic in the fakes.

The smell is the main difference between fake and real Dior Sauvage. Fake perfumes come with a fresh smell of Sauvage that fades away in 20 minutes. Original Dior Sauvage smells potent for hours at a time.

Fake Sauvage smells highly synthetic. The smell of chemicals dominates its overall scent. Original Sauvage has a deep scent that’s layered.

Price differences indicate fakes

Dior Sauvage is one of the most popular fragrances on the market. However, you should not buy a Sauvage that seems too cheap to be true.

Prices for Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette and Dior Sauvage Parfum remain high for a reason.

If you buy the perfume 50% cheaper it’s a clear indication that the fragrance is fake.


One final aspect to consider if you think your Dior Sauvage perfume is fake is to ask yourself who sold the perfume to you? New vendors are sometimes known for selling fakes.

Vendors without clear business identification and clear return policies are also likely to sell fakes.

You should only buy Sauvage from trusted retailers. These retailers are always the same. You know the perfume store chains in shopping malls and the online vendors that get all the credit when it comes to perfumes.

Places such as eBay have been known for being an attraction to those who sell fake Sauvage. Some vendors here even use original bottles with watered-down juice inside just to make a quick scam sale.


It’s always wise to look at the differences listed above to stay away from the many fakes Dior Sauvage perfumes out there.

I’ve seen this perfume sold everywhere from shopping malls to the corner of the street and even on public transport.

Most of them were fakes.

I’ve also seen a few Sauvage bottles in stores that seemed fake. However, you can always tell which Sauvage is fake when people start complaining its smell fades away in a couple of minutes.

A Sauvage that doesn’t last at all is not authentic

You should always pay attention to lasting power. While you can become blind to its smell if you continue smelling it you can always ask a person next to you if they can smell it on you after an hour or a couple of hours. A negative response signals a fake.

Most importantly, fake Dior Sauvage bottles aren’t made with as much attention to detail. You don’t even need to smell it to tell the differences between the original and a counterfeit perfume.

Poor cellophane wrapping is the first indication of fake perfume. Overlapping corners are a sign. But cloudy cellophane is always a sign of a fake Dior Sauvage bottle.

Further investigation reveals faded colors on the box which are sometimes ‘sold’ as a box that has been sitting out in the sun or under a light bulb in the store.