Giorgio Armani My Way Perfume Review

It’s time to give this Giorgio Armani My Way perfume review a try. Released in 2020, My Way perfume is a fruity white floral fragrance that mainly smells like tuberose. You will like its scent if you’re the type of woman looking to smell floral, a bit sweet, and like stepping out fresh out of the shower.

This new floral perfume was highly expected among women who love floral perfumes for the summer. My Way reviews show just how much anticipation has been seen in this designer perfume, but it’s expected from Armani fragrances.

My Way presentation

The bottle of this perfume looks fantastic and it exudes some type of elegance that is in congruence with the scent itself. The egg-shaped cap looks like one of those expensive Faberge eggs you can find in expensive London stores such as Harrods. The thick bottle bottom makes the perfume feel heavy in your hands which might spike anticipation further.

Giorgio Armani My Way perfume is available in 30ml, 50ml, 90ml, and 150ml bottles.

Giorgio Armani My Way perfume notes

Unlike with other perfumes, you won’t get disappointed with the scent after seeing such a luxurious perfume bottle that almost looks royal. Bruno Jovanovic and Carlos Benaim are the noses responsible for this excellent Armani perfume for women.

  • Top notes here are orange blossom (that tends to linger on a bit longer than expected) and bergamot.
  • Tuberose and jasmine are its potent heart notes.
  • White musk, vanilla, and cedar are the perfume’s base accords.

Tuberose is the main star of this perfume as it seems today. If you don’t like the intense smell of tuberose, this won’t be the perfume for you.

However, if you like tuberose you can find this perfume quite versatile. We’ve seen before that Armani colognes for men are also highly versatile and this is seen in the brand’s perfumes for women as well.

The orange blossom opening backed by spicy bergamot makes this perfume an excellent choice if you want to smell fresh. This pairing is not unique to Armani but it has proven its worth in perfumes that smell like orange blossom. You can also see this is a true perfume that smells like bergamot, at least in the 30 minutes after the initial spray.

Things tend to change in the drydown. Tuberose becomes very intense as the perfume settled. If there would be such a categorization of tuberose intensity, this note would be a 9 out of 10 where 10 is the most intense tuberose perfume for women as interpreted here.

Indian jasmine is a nice addition to the limited pallet of heart notes in the perfume but it plays a supporting role here rather than a primary role as in jasmine perfumes for women.

Vanilla is quite potent as well.

Madagascar vanilla (one of the few remaining types of natural vanilla) is used in this perfume, although I’m not sure it’s a natural note. However, it gives this perfume an elegant sweetness which makes it a tuberose perfume for women rather than a unisex composition.

White musk is supportive as is cedar.

However, this scent is sweet like a fruit, not like sugar.

This is what gives My Way perfume a certain maturity.

My Way Giorgio Armani previews feared this would be a perfume for teenage girls. This isn’t the case here as its sweetness is toned down and completely different from sweet cloying perfumes that mimic sugar.

As a result, My Way perfume is ideal for special occasions, for the office, or even for date nights.

How long does Armani My Way last?

Giorgio Armani’s perfumes are known to last. My Way is the type of perfume that lasts around 8 hours which makes it a worthy choice for all women.

While it isn’t the cheapest Armani perfume, My Way goes the mile and it delivers.

You can wear it all day without reapplying it which further recommends it as a women’s perfume to wear at work.

How much does Armani My Way perfume cost?

The perfume costs as much as you want it to cost as it comes in so many sizes. Giorgio Armani My Way samples start at around $39. But I believe this to be a safe blind buy if you understand these notes. Since there are just a few notes in this perfume for ladies, it’s clear you can’t go wrong with it.

Where the scent does well

  • My Way smells like a white floral perfume with intense tuberose
  • This perfume is highly feminine and elegant even if it’s not the most complex fragrance
  • It has the potential of being the perfect 1-perfume collection
  • A fresh smell that works wonders at any age
  • You can dress it up and you can dress it down with various outfits
  • Recommended for the office
  • It tends to attract plenty of compliments
  • Impressive longevity for a spring-summer perfume for ladies

A few complaints

  • Tuberose-centric scent
  • Not the most original note combination
  • The bergamot note lasts too long


Giorgio Armani My Way is not a perfume for the masses. You either love it or you hate it, mainly through its intense tuberose note. You know what you’re getting into if you’ve experienced such intense white floral perfumes before.

My Way perfume does a good job at bringing tuberose to modern times even if it’s not the most memorable perfume that smells like tuberose. If you like to dress nicely if you love days spent outdoors in the sun, and if you value a generally feminine presentation this is the right perfume for you.

My Way also projects strongly so you need to temper your sprays. On average the perfume projects up to 3 feet away which is just at the edge of ‘too much. While for some this is an issue other women find it’s just the right perfume to put them in the center of the attention.