How Many Sprays is 1ml? [Testing Perfume Sprayers]

1 ml of perfume is the equivalent to 12 sprays on average. Depending on how hard you press the perfume pump, 1ml can equal 8 to 15 sprays.

1ml of perfume can be hard to test out if most perfume samples are 2.5ml. However, if your 1ml perfume samples

1ml = how many sprays? Let’s look at a few examples

In my testing, 1ml of perfume is about 9-10 sprays. I tested 2 perfumes, both from Armani. But as I understand, most perfumes out there come with around 12 sprays/ml.

The atomizer has an important role here and it’s important to understand not all of your 1ml samples are going to last the same.

In truth, old perfumes from Hugo Boss might get about 4 sprays per ml. This type of large atomizer spray capacity is mostly seen in Creed fragrances today which get around 8 sprays per ml.

Short-lasting fragrances don’t necessarily require more sprays per 1ml. (Neroli Portofino is an exception as it requires 15 sprays to fill a 1ml perfume sample).

How many sprays of perfume are there in a bottle?

With these averages in mind, let’s see exactly how many sprays are there in a bottle.

30ml – 12 X 30 = 360 sprays

50ml – 12 X 50 = 600 sprays

75ml – 12 X 75 = 900 sprays

100ml – 12 X 100 = 1,200 sprays

If you apply 5 sprays from a perfume bottle of 100ml, you would get enough perfume for 240 days.

How many sprays are there in a perfume sample?

Most perfume samples are about 2ml. You can test out the number of sprays per 1ml by spraying your perfume directly in an empty sample bottle. My tests show 24 sprays of Roberto Cavalli Uomo per 2ml, which equates to 12 sprays per 1ml.

Is a 1ml perfume sample enough?

You typically get 2-3 wears from 1ml perfume samples. This also depends on how strong the scent is, of course. This should get you a few dabs of perfume. Since most samples with sprayers are a bit larger, 1ml samples aren’t typically made for spraying.

How many sprays are there in 2ml samples?

If you want to purchase a standard 2ml sample, you are going to get about 24 sprays out of it. The good news is that there’s no risk of spillage with these samples compared to 1ml samples that you dab on your skin.