How Many Sprays of Creed Aventus Do You Need?

Creed Aventus is available in 1.7oz (50ml) and 3.3oz (100ml). They provide between 500 and 1500 sprays depending on how long you press the atomizer for.

Creed Aventus is a cologne that lasts. Creed perfumes come with at least 500 sprays per bottle for the 1.7oz bottle versions.

These bottles last a long time even if they are a smaller version since Aventus is applied sparingly with just several sprays.

A large bottle of Aventus can be squirt between 1.000 and 1.5000 sprays. This means you can expect up to 500 applications of Creed Aventus (3.3oz bottle) or 500 days of smelling like Creed Aventus.

This means Aventus easily lasts more than a year. Since you won’t wear it every day, it’s fair to say a Creed Aventus bottle lasts between 2 and 3 years for most men.

How Many Sprays of Creed Aventus to Apply?

Applying Creed Aventus is a story of its own. Men argue about the right number of sprays for this cologne, that’s how good and popular it still is.

Most men recommend applying between 2 and 4 sprays of Aventus on different body parts. Make sure to read the how to apply cologne guide posted a few months back on

After hours of questions and research, I found out social situations where wearing perfume is a bit edgy mostly go with 1 spray of Aventus. This includes

  • Wearing Aventus to school
  • Wearing Aventus to college
  • Wearing Aventus to work
  • Wearing Aventus to a date

Other occasions recommend applying 2 sprays of Creed Aventus, particularly when the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. These situations include.

  • Shopping while wearing Creed Aventus
  • Going to an outdoor date
  • Attending an event

3-4 sprays of Creed Aventus are recommended for occasions where you don’t have to be up close to a person or when you aren’t stuck in a room for an hour or more. This includes the following situations.

  • Shopping
  • Traveling
  • Going to a movie
  • Road trips
  • Parties
  • Clubbing

The general consensus is that you need to wear 2-4 sprays of Creed Aventus unless you’re in school. Those wearing it to work often go with 2 sprays. One on the neck and one behind the neck to leave a nice scent trail.

Now, Creed Aventus projection is very strong. By projection alone, how many sprays of Creed Aventus do you think are needed?

It turns one a single Aventus spray project to 7 – 9 feet. This means you should apply it with caution as it’s a heavy fragrance.

Creed needs to be applied sparingly when you wear Aventus in the winter.

What if you want everybody to know you smell like Creed Aventus?

When you want to make the most of Aventus (why wouldn’t you?) there’s a temptation to overspray. However, when it comes to learning how to apply cologne such as Aventus you need to split the sprays for a long-lasting smell with good projection.

Instead of spraying it 4 times in the same place, you can spray it once on the neck, once behind the neck, and one spray on each wrist.

This ensures you have a nice scent cloud around you without having to resort to more than 4 Aventus sprays, which is overkill.

Heavy perfume sprayers don’t recommend an upper limit. However, given you pay a high price for this cologne it’s best to limit yourself to 4 maximum sprays and even consider people eventually get used to the scent anyway.

How many sprays does Creed Aventus have anyway?

If you’re considering buying Creed Aventus you’re probably wondering about the number of sprays each bottle comes with. Here’s what you can expect from the 2 Creed Aventus bottles.

  Creed Aventus 1.7oz (50ml) Creed Aventus 3.3oz (100ml)
Number of sprays 500-750 sprays 1.000 – 1.500 sprays

How long does a Creed Aventus bottle last?

So if you don’t overspray it how much can you expect Aventus to last? Let’s make a few simple calculations and split its price per spray to see the real long-term performance.

If a bottle of Aventus costs around $400, you can expect a spray to cost a minimum of $0.26 and a maximum of $0.4. This cost can be split to a recommended maximum of 3 years so that the bottles don’t go off. The price of wearing Creed Aventus for 1 year is around $133. It’s not that expensive if you think of it this way. But how much does it last?

1 year – a bottle of Creed Aventus only lasts 1 year if you apply 5 or more sprays each day of the year.

2 years – a bottle of Creed Aventus lasts 2 years when you apply 2-3 sprays each day.

3+ years – a bottle of Creed Aventus lasts 3 or more years when you apply 1-2 sprays of perfume each day.

However, constantly thinking about making your Aventus bottle last 3+ years isn’t recommended.

Keep reading to find out why.

Creed Aventus shelf life – how long does Creed Aventus last once opened?

Creed Aventus has a shelf life between 3 and 5 years depending on how it’s stored. Warmer room temperature will reduce its shelf life to 3 years while lower room temperature and storage away from direct sunlight will make it last up to 5 years.

The expiration date of Creed Aventus is 5 years. The perfume goes off after 5 years even if you don’t use it.

The idea is to wear Aventus if you buy it and not try to make it lasts up to 5 years as its scent will change and the cologne might even go off. However, you also want to avoid over-spraying it given it has high projection and very good silage.


Applying Creed Aventus is one of those special moments for almost any man. This legendary men’s cologne is among the perfect colognes for a one-spray application. You can apply Aventus up to 4 sprays if you want to be in the center of attention.

Applying Creed Aventus is subject to subjectivity or personal preferences. What works for one person doesn’t work for another.

Asking for advice on how many sprays of Aventus to wear doesn’t work if you aren’t asking Aventus owners. Most people associate perfume bottles with the ones they see in stores at a mass-market price.

Aventus is a niche men’s fragrance higher in potency. It’s never a lightweight perfume, even when worn in the summer.


Are 4 sprays of Creed Aventus too much?

4+ sprays of Creed Aventus can become cloying. A single spray can be smelt from a distance of a few feet. Applying it more than 4 times at a time can become overbearing if wearing it indoors.

How much Creed Aventus to wear to school?

It’s only recommended to wear 1 spray of Creed Aventus to school. It’s best to check school policies on wearing perfume first.

How much Creed Aventus to wear to work/office?

Most men wear at least 2 sprays of Creed Aventus to the office. Applying it more than 3 times is surely too much at work given it lasts all day and given it projects up to a few feet away.

How many sprays are 1.7oz?

1.7oz perfume corresponds to 500-750 sprays.

How many sprays are 3.3oz?

3.3oz corresponds to 1.000-1.5000 sprays.

How many sprays is 50ml?

50ml bottles have 500-700 sprays.

How many sprays is 100ml?

100ml bottles have 1.000-1.500 sprays.

Is one squire of Creed Aventus cologne enough?

1 squire of cologne is enough in busy social situations such as school, work, or meetings. The perfume is potent and you can smell it even when only applying it once, preferably on body pulse points such as the neck or the wrists.