How to Get Free Cologne Samples Like a Gentleman [No begging]

Everybody asks me how to get free cologne samples and I always respond by ‘get real fragrances, you’ll get plenty of freebies with most purchases’.

The key to getting free cologne samples is to purchase cologne as most sellers give out samples as a marketing tool to hook you into future purchases.

I don’t know about you, but there are a few websites advising men to go into stores and beg for fragrance samples and other freebies.

This is not how a gentleman handles perfumes (the cherry on the cake of a polished outfit and presentation).

You need to build brand loyalty.

When I ordered my first fragrance online, I paid $3 for 3 samples and they sent me 6 samples.

It took me a week to smell each cologne and to understand how they are different. Could I have called them and ask for freebies? Possibly, but that’s not who I am.

1.     Buy cologne and wait for free samples with each purchase

When you buy cologne, you are likely to get free samples anyway. I purchase many of them from Amazon, FragranceX, Notino, and other similar retailers. Most of them have free samples.

I was even in an airplane when the magazine in front of me offered free cologne samples. It’s like they are everywhere yet people tend to look at secrets, fill out hundreds of free online forms, and submit their email address to dubious websites in the hope of a freebie.

In order to build your trust and profile as a customer, it’s best to order from the same place. When you place regular orders at the same retailers, they start valuing your hard-earned money more, or at least they should do this. After your first online order, your email is registered with the cologne seller and they can even send you coupons from time to time.

At first, I thought it was a good idea to pay for cologne samples. I haven’t used most of them.

2.     Use coupon codes after your first order is placed

Take Notino UK for example. They have a coupon code on checkout. Where do you think these coupons come from? They mainly come from their occasional discounts you receive in your email’s inbox after you’ve placed your first order with the company.

If you don’t get any coupon or free samples after placing multiple orders with your trusted retailer, maybe it’s time to shop elsewhere, but I doubt it will be needed.

More cologne samples I purchased that I now get for free.

3.     Consider trading colognes with fragrance fans

You can trade your current cologne when you’re tired of it. There are various Facebook groups you can join to trade your perfume easily by mail with other fragrance fans.

The benefits of following this method? It’s a win-win situation and there’s no begging involved!

Be a gentleman and offer something in return, don’t ask to get free cologne samples.

This is how free cologne samples can look like.

4.     Avoid begging for cologne in stores and build seller loyalty (there are plenty of free samples here)

If fragrance swapping doesn’t work, you can simply buy cologne in stores using some type of customer loyalty program such as a Sephora card. You can use it to get perfume discounts or free perfume samples.

The thing is you won’t get any choices with your samples and it’s not guaranteed the store clerk will give you any at all. Free samples of men’s cologne might not be easy to get with every in-store purchase.

If you’re shopping in brick and mortar stores, you’ll surely get free samples during the holidays or any other busy period around the year.

Why free cologne samples might not be what you think they are

Yes, free cologne samples are genuine. You get the real juice and you can judge it for yourself on what it smells like.

Take it from a person who has hundreds of samples of free cologne, it’s not worth the hype.

Yes, you can smell good wearing different cologne each day. But you don’t take the time to appreciate them as you would when you spend your own money.

Whenever I purchase a fragrance, I read perfume reviews, I have a look at the official notes and I try to understand what I’m getting into. This helps me better understand what the perfume is all about and the amount of work that has gone into it.

When I apply a free cologne sample on my skin, I tend to quickly rate it in my head and never come back to it. This is not because I don’t like them, but because these free cologne samples for men or women tend to pile up. There’s too many of them. After a while, you’ll be trying to get rid of your free cologne samples, believe me.

Free cologne samples can be a good tester option for some men.

How to get free cologne samples and appreciate them properly?

This should be the main question here. You can go down the route of ordering and getting free samples with every purchase. You can choose to use coupons or shop free delivery cologne and use the saved up amount to purchase your own cologne samples.

My recommendation is to limit the number of samples you seek periodically. Make sure you use your sample a couple of days to understand the cologne.

I still remember a free cologne sample I got. It was Rasasi La Yuqawam which I fell in love with. I even skipped using the initial cologne bottle I ordered just to see how it would perform on my skin.

It’s always nice to get free cologne, but it rarely is something more than a free item. You get free yogurt in supermarkets and that doesn’t mean anything in the end. Be a gentleman, stop seeking free cologne samples and they will find you anyway.