How to Make Your House Smell Good? 12 Tips That Actually Work

You can make your house smell good by cleaning it properly, using essential oils, or by growing plants. Alternatively, you can use a cheap fragrance to change the entire smell of a room.

If you already smell good, you will be looking at methods of freshening up the air in your home as well. First, you need to get rid of your bad smells, take out the trash, clean the sinks and connecting drainage, and get rid of possible damp which is a cause of bad odors. Once you’ve followed these steps, you can also consider the following tips for a pleasant smell right in your home.

1.     Use a germ-killing all-purpose cleaner to make your house smell good

You need to clean your home properly and frequently for it to smell good. There are now good all-purpose multi-surface cleaners made from natural ingredients you can use to remove, dust, dirt, and odors from floors and furniture. Most of these cleaners are cheap and you won’t need to invest in any professional cleaner to get started.

2.     Get rid of old clothing and old shoes

Old clothes and old shoes tend to be where the old home smell lies. It might also be present on walls and furniture. Simply painting a room as often as needed and replacing furniture is something to consider when making a home smell good. But these can be expensive processes and you may need to start with smaller tips.

As a result, you need to check which clothes you don’t wear and shoes too old to be truly useful. It takes a lot to simply throw away clothes as you think you might wear them at some point. But you can buy better clothes instead of building large wardrobes with coats and pants you rarely wear and which tend to absorb bad smells.

How to make your house smell good naturally

Natural methods are the best when it comes to breathable air which smells good. There are many types of air fresheners you can use, but none are as healthy as growing indoor plants and flowers.

3.     Add essential oils to your air conditioner

Adding essential oil to your air conditioner is easy and inexpensive. You need to apply 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil to the air filter. Whenever you use your air conditioner, it will cool your home and it will also make it smell fresh and a bit more inviting.

4.     Grow indoor cardamom

You can grow plants to make your home smell good. Not all plants are the same and some aren’t even going to do anything for the smell of your home (example: cactuses). Others smell good and you can grow them throughout the house to change up the entire atmosphere.

Cardamom is a plant that you can consider for your home. It likes humus-rich soils and it needs proper watering to be at its best. Some prefer to take it outdoors during the summer but you can keep it inside the house for the smell benefits. Here’s how cardamom smells like.

5.     Grow jasmine

Jasmine is going to make the air in your room floral and it’s also going to look good in a pot. For the plant to survive in your home, you need to find a warm place for it. Ideally, this would be a smaller room which isn’t too cool during the winter months. This is how jasmine smells like.

6.     Grow ylang ylang

Ylang ylang has a sweet fragrance which makes all houses smell tropical. The plant’s combination of green and yellow colors also make it a good décor options. You can use the plant to improve the air in your bedroom or living room with a floral vibe. This is how ylang ylang smells like.

7.     Grow bergamot

Bergamot isn’t as fragranced as ylang ylang indoors, but you can grow it easier, even from seeds. Together with other plants, it can filter out the air in your home naturally. This is how bergamot smells like.

8.     Replace your carpets

Another top tip you can apply is replacing or washing your carpets. This is where many odors lie and you might even think your carpet is clean when it’s actually filled with dust and dirt particles.

Use essential oils as aromatic alternatives

Essential oils are now readily available at decent prices and they can be used in nearly any room of the house occasionally.

9.     This is how to make your house smell like vanilla

Alternatively, you can use essential oils to make your home smell good. The vanilla essential oil can be used with a diffuser so that your room smells better. The sweetness of vanilla would mainly suit the cold months of the year, but you can try bergamot essential oil for the summer months.

10. This is how to make your house smell like the fall

You can use essential oil blends or pure essential oils to make your home smell like the fall. Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg essential oils are among the top selections to make your home smell like autumn leaves and create a cozy environment when the weather is starting to transition towards winter.

11. This is how to make your house smell like cinnamon

Cinnamon essential oil is the easiest method of making your house smell like cinnamon. Alternatively, you could try baking tasty treats with cinnamon. But a simple essential oil dropper can do the job easier.

12. Use a cheap fragrance

Cheap fragrances are one of the methods used to make homes smell better. There are so many great options that a list would be endless.

Nautica Voyage is one of the favorites in making homes smell better with perfumes. You can also consider various Azzaro perfumes as well as cheap oriental fragrances such as a few made by Armaf to replace the classic air freshener. If you’re a guy, the best cologne for men also to elevate the smell of your home on special occasions.

Your home your cozy place

The smell is more than the scent itself. The right smell of the house can trigger emotions and relaxation feeling. You can use any of the methods above to change up how your home feels. My favorite is always something easy such as using a fragrance that is not too expensive to make my house smell aquatic, one of my favorite perfume scents.