How To Pack Perfume In Carry-On Luggage?

Packing perfume for air travel isn’t easy. Accidents happen and expensive perfumes are wasted all the time. Common solutions to this problem involve packing perfume bottles in clothes. However, these bottles need to be visible and packed in a zipped bag for check-in as seen in our detailed Can I Take Perfume On a Plane guide.

So what can you do? This post explores a few common methods of safely packing perfumes for airplane travel.

Use a 1-quart zipped plastic bag

The first thing to do when bringing perfume in the carry-on luggage is to pack it in a clear zipped 1-quart plastic bag to adhere to transport regulations. Then, you might want to consider extra protection in the form of clothes or other protective objects such as a box.

A good protective method is to bring a part of shoes in your carry-on. You can add the perfume bottle inside a shoe after check-in to have at least some type of protection against shocks that might break the perfume bottle’s glass.

Consider mini refillable travel perfume bottles

Traveling with full-size perfume bottles isn’t always smart. You always have to consider the type of perfumes you use on your trip. Most people don’t need to travel with a full-size perfume bottle.

Investing in refillable travel perfume bottles is the safest alternative. You only carry a few ml of perfume with you which means you save space and you travel light, essential these days when we need more accessories such as phone chargers, make-up, books, and magazines on our trip.

Consider using shoes or clothes for protection

Some type of protection is essential even when packing perfume in the carry-on. Placing the perfume bottle deep among the clothes in the bag is the best protective solution for full-size perfume bottles.

Any soft material that can absorb shocks is going to prevent facing broken perfume bottles in the travel bag.