How to Spot a Fake Chanel Perfume?

Fake Chanel perfumes typically come in faded color boxes. The glass of the perfumes isn’t as polished as on original perfumes. Poor character legibility on the text printed on the bottles is a clear indication of a fake Chanel perfume.

This is a short guide on fake Chanel perfumes. Here’s how to determine if your Chanel perfume is fake or real.

Fake vs real Bleu de Chanel

You can recognize fake Bleu de Chanel perfumes by a lighter box color, brushed bottle glass, and poor printed characters readability on the bottle.

  • Lighter box color

Fake Bleu de Chanel boxed come in a lighter color. Real Bleu de Chanel has a rich box color that almost appears black.

  • Brushed bottle look

An original Bleu de Chanel bottle has a smooth reflective glass bottle. A fake Bleu de Chanel bottle isn’t as polished, its glass almost looks brushed.

Faded characters on the bottom of the bottle

Bleu de Chanel characters on the bottom of the bottle need to be white. These appear fuzzy on fake bottles and sharp on original bottles.

  • Smell

Fake Bleu de Chanel perfumes have a similar smell but this scent fades away quickly. If your Bleu de Chanel perfume lasts less than a couple of hours it might be a fake perfume.

Fake vs Real Chanel Mademoiselle

You can recognize fake Chanel Mademoiselle perfumes by their off-white box color (it needs to be pure white). These fakes come without a batch number (bottom back) on the bottle and with a rich pink-red juice color (it needs to be faded).

  • Off-white box color for the fake

Box coloring is the first sign of a fake Chanel Mademoiselle. Most fakes aren’t made with a pure white color as they use an off-white or a darker white.

  • No batch number on the bottle

Batch numbers are printed on the back of Chanel Madmoiselle on the lower side. The number might be missing completely from the fake Chanel.

  • Poor alignment on cap ornaments

There are 2 golden parallel ornaments on the cap of Coco Mademoiselle. These rarely line up properly on fakes.

  • Deeper juice colors

All fake Coco Mademoiselle perfumes have a rich juice color. The real or the original Coco Mademoiselle juice has a subtle faded color.

Fake vs Real Chanel No 5

You can recognize a fake Chanel No 5 perfume by its rich color juice. The liquid inside the original Chanel No 5 has a lighter champagne-like juice color. The boxes of fake Chanel No 5 perfumes are also rarely of pure white color.

  • Off white box color

The yellow-tine white box color of a Chanel No 5 is the first sign of a fake Chanel perfume. The original comes with a pure white box.

  • Lightweight cap

The fake Chanel No 5 perfume has a lighter camp compared to the original cap. You can’t know it’s a fake until your hold or weigh the original cap.

  • Dark juice color

Dark juice color is specific to fake Chanel No 5 perfumes. The original Chanel No 5 has a lighter color of a subtle nature.

Fake vs Real Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

You can recognize a fake Chanel Chance Eau Tendre perfume by a faded box coloring and poor readability on the bottle’s printing. The characters on the bottom of the bottle are refined and legible on the original Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

  • Lighter pink color on the box

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre comes in a pink box. This color is faded on most fake perfumes and vivid or more realistic on the original Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

  • Faded characters on the bottom bottle

There’s a metal-like label with basic information attached to the bottom of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre perfumes. This is where you can spot fakes the easiest. These characters are faded on fake bottles. The characters on the original bottles are characterized by good legibility and deeper grooves.

Fake vs Real Chanel Coco Noir

You can recognize fake Chanel Coco Noir perfumes by the intensity of the black color on the box and bottle. The more faded the black looks the higher the chances of a fake Chanel perfume are.

  • Brushed box

Brushed black coloring on the box is an indication of a fake perfume. Real Chanel Coco Nori has deep black coloring.

  • Faded black glass bottle

The black color of the original Chanel Coco Noir needs to be reflective. It has an almost polished look. Faded black glass bottles are an indication of a counterfeit Chanel perfume.

  • Poor character legibility on the bottle

The printing on the bottom of the perfume needs to be legible on the Chanel Coco Noir perfume. It’s a sign of a fake perfume when the characters appear fuzzy.